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Neva PKB patented "Vikramadityu"

Nevskoye PKB patented the project of the aircraft carrier Vikramaditya built by Sevmash on the basis of the Soviet aircraft carrying cruiser Admiral Gorshkov. Flotprom.

A patent for an industrial design of a ship was registered by the Federal Institute of Industrial Property (FIPS) in July of this year.

The patent lists the elements of the aircraft carrier, which distinguish the "Vikramadityu" from other ships of the same class, designed by other design bureaus. These include the “flight deck X-shaped with intersecting at an acute angle between the runway and the landing strip; runway with springboard over the entire width of the nasal tip; two start lines of the runway, equipped with restraints; optical landing system and the post of head of landing, made in the form of superstructures and three aerofinishers; the cargo area to the right of the island superstructure, as well as the mast, which stands behind the setting. ”

The former chief designer of the ship, Boris Shmelyov, confirmed to the newspaper’s correspondent that “the image attached to the patent features exactly the aircraft carrier transferred to the Indian Navy in 2013 year”.

FlotProm Help: The aircraft carrier Vikramaditya was built on the basis of the heavy aircraft carrier cruiser Admiral Gorshkov through deep modernization at the Sevmash enterprise. The ship was handed over to the Indian Navy in November 2013. An aircraft carrier can carry up to 34 aircraft, including the 24 fighter MiG-29K / KUB, Ka-28, Ka-31, Sea King, Chetak and Advanced Light Helicopters (ALH) helicopters. The length of the ship is 285 m, deck width is 60 m, full displacement 45400 t, maximum speed of 32 knot, cruising range with 18 nodes reaches 7000 nautical miles, crew includes 110 officers and 1500 sailors. "
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  1. fox21h
    fox21h 21 September 2015 15: 06 New
    I thought it was done a long time ago, but better late than never. Our insure that the Indians go the way of the Chinese?
    1. oleg-gr
      oleg-gr 21 September 2015 15: 08 New
      His works must be respected. They did it right.
    2. Air Force captain
      Air Force captain 21 September 2015 15: 14 New
      Their achievements must be recorded and legitimized ... otherwise, it will take 20-30 years and the Indians will say that Vikramaditya is the brainchild of Indian engineers based on the teachings of Vimanik Shastra .. .. In general, there are no documents, didn’t you come up with. And the Memory, as they say .... 20 years of new history and children grow up believing that their ancestors dug the Black Sea
      1. MIKHAN
        MIKHAN 21 September 2015 15: 22 New
        Finally, Russia realized that in this world there is nothing to hope for an honest word .. Everything should be legally formalized (especially inventions) .. How many profuca already .. Well oh well! Well done! hi
        1. severyanin
          severyanin 21 September 2015 22: 17 New
          Quote: MIKHAN
          Finally, Russia realized that in this world there is nothing to hope for an honest word

          Russia, or rather those in power, DID NOT UNDERSTAND ANYTHING, having sold in 2013 one of their last aircraft carriers !!! The experience of “Minsk” and “Varyag”, which now “Liaoning”, unfortunately, did not teach anything ...
      2. Jan Ivanov
        Jan Ivanov 21 September 2015 15: 24 New
        And we will also demand money from us that we did it without an appropriate license)
      3. lelikas
        lelikas 21 September 2015 15: 25 New
        Only cross lanes and jumps and even freestanding mats - all this has long been used on aircraft carriers around the world - so it's just a patent .....
        And no one will build the same, only if the Chinese from the casino back ....
      4. vell.65
        vell.65 21 September 2015 16: 04 New
        That's right, because the “Kalashnikov” went around and you can’t make any complaints. request
      5. Maksus
        Maksus 21 September 2015 16: 14 New
        And after 20 years according to our laws, just the patent expires. But these 20 years we will have, you never know what.
      6. severyanin
        severyanin 21 September 2015 22: 12 New
        First of all, SUCH SCALE IS NOT NEEDED to be sold abroad, even to Indians, even to Chinese! So what, what did they patent? The idea is to cut down the "dough" from India or China, if they want to repeat it, because we ourselves will build such ourselves in the near foreseeable future? I consider it utter greed, stupidity or betrayal to sell such ships! I’m minus the article and I consider the fact of sale a national disgrace !!!
    3. The comment was deleted.
    4. Deniska
      Deniska 21 September 2015 16: 08 New
      But I honestly regret that this ship entered the Navy of not our country and not under the name "Admiral Gorshkov"! No matter how it would be, now we have 2 ships of a similar class. And one, for example, could calmly be sent to the shores of Syria.
      1. Andrey NM
        Andrey NM 21 September 2015 18: 08 New
        If everything had been done right, then in addition to Kuznetsov (formerly Tbilisi), there would have been Kiev, Minsk, Novorossiysk and Baku. And what would they be called now - this is another question, not so important. And this is for two hundred additional deck-based aircraft.
  2. marlin1203
    marlin1203 21 September 2015 15: 07 New
    We wouldn’t be hurt by such navramadity in the fleet ... soldier
  3. Now we are free
    Now we are free 21 September 2015 15: 10 New
    The Nevsky Design Bureau has patented the project of the Vikramaditya aircraft carrier built by Sevmash on the basis of the Soviet aircraft carrier cruiser Admiral Gorshkov.
    The decision is certainly correct, although the Vikramaditya is now an Indian aircraft carrier, but the Nevsky Design Bureau now has the right to build an aircraft carrier according to its design. You never know if India wants to take and build itself from the heels of such ships in order to avoid additional expenses ... I generally keep quiet about China ...

    P.S. In general, it would be time for the Russian Federation to develop a full-fledged aircraft carrier of its own design (albeit not the same mastodon as US aircraft carriers of the Gerald Ford class, but still) and not finish the good old Soviet aircraft carriers.
    1. DarthVedro
      DarthVedro 21 September 2015 15: 42 New
      Russia will not be able to build. It's not about the means, but about the system. Ivan Gren is under construction for 11 years, and an aircraft carrier for the Indians - please, quickly and at a normal price. Fort FM put chinas - so easily, and let the government order smoke bamboo. Putin's Russia can’t build anything, and it’s not even about money, it’s about the effectiveness of the system, which is at the level of the feudal Russian Empire, or even lower
      1. ssergn
        ssergn 21 September 2015 17: 19 New
        How much do you smoke nonsense? wassat
  4. The comment was deleted.
  5. ia-ai00
    ia-ai00 21 September 2015 15: 14 New
    The aircraft carrier "Vikramaditya" impressed with its power! yes
    Just do not understand what kind of name he has, and what does it mean? request
    Maybe they called him that in India?
    1. Engineer
      Engineer 21 September 2015 15: 17 New
      Vikramaditya or Vikram (Vikramâditya = vikrama - ledge, step, strength, courage, from the root kram - to step + vi and âditya - the sun) - one of the most famous names of Indian history, King Ujayini in Western India, on the northern slope of the Vindhya ridge. This name, like the name of Caesar in Europe, became a symbol and title, and many subsequent rulers appended it to their names.
      1. superoper
        superoper 21 September 2015 15: 19 New
        more to us though
      2. ia-ai00
        ia-ai00 21 September 2015 15: 56 New
        Alexander Vladimirovich, thank you for your face! yes
  6. Boa kaa
    Boa kaa 21 September 2015 15: 22 New
    Now, if a country (Brazil, Venezuela, Egypt, etc.) wants to build something like this, it will be necessary to pay the Nevsky Design Bureau for the right to use the patented know-how. We are head over heels in capitalism, it’s time to crush * partners * with their own rules.
    It remains before the AMs to patent the E / M catapult, so that life does not seem to them honey!
    1. Afinogen
      Afinogen 21 September 2015 15: 33 New
      Quote: BoA KAA
      Now, if a country (Brazil, Venezuela, Egypt, etc.) wants to build something like this, it will be necessary to pay the Nevsky Design Bureau for the right to use the patented know-how.

      What is Brazil? What are you talking about? One desire is not enough. Even now we cannot reproduce such a thing. And besides, this project from which the aircraft carrier was redone to the old Indians.

      "Admiral Gorshkov" to remake what it was.
      1. severyanin
        severyanin 21 September 2015 22: 20 New
        Quote: Athenogen
        "Admiral Gorshkov" to remake what it was.

        This is not "Gorshkov", you are cunning, this is "Novorossiysk". Add-ons and weapons are different
  7. Alexander 3
    Alexander 3 21 September 2015 15: 26 New
    You don’t have to scatter your engineering decisions correctly, otherwise someone will copy and oblige us to pay for ours.
  8. Roman 1977
    Roman 1977 21 September 2015 15: 28 New
    The main problem of our shipbuilding in terms of construction, it is precisely because of this, the Algerians refused to export the corvette of the project. 20380-project 20382 "Tiger" and preferred the Chinese, because the construction period of the corvette for our Naval Forces is 7-8 years, and the Chinese for the Algerians having signed a contract for the construction of three corvettes of the C28 project in March 2012 of the year, the first was launched on August 16 of the year 2014. The head corvette was supposed to be delivered to Algeria via 38 months after the day of signing the contract (that is, in May 2015 of the year), and the remaining two — presumably, with an interval of six months each — thus, it seems, the implementation of the contract comes with some delay. To date, the second and third Cornells of the C28 project with Alternate 921 (launched 6 February 2015 of the year) and 922 (Launched on 31 July 2015) under construction for Algeria are under construction at Hudong Shipyard afloat.

    For the time being we build 2 TFR pr. 1166.1 for Vietnam (approximate deadline for 2017 and 2018) from large ships, and 2 diesel submarines 636.1 HQ-186 Khánh Hòa ("Khanh Hoa") laid 01.07.2013, launched on XUM XUM , 28.12.2014 June, sea trials began. The approximate date of the transfer of 8-2015 and HQ-2016 Bà Rịa – Vũng Tàu (“Vung Tau”) was laid down by 187, the approximate term is 28.05.2014-2015.

    Also, under our license, the Vietnamese build the RCA Ave. 1241.8 with the 8 th anti-ship missile X-35 Uran. However, there are problems here, as the Vietnamese have already ordered the 4 of the Dutch corvettes of the Sigma 9814 project, of which the first two will be built in Holland, and two in Vietnam.
    Algeria also ordered 2 DEPL pr. 636.1 (tentative transfer date 2018 year)
    From the CIS countries, Kazakhstan planned to purchase 6 RTOs of the 21632 Avenue Tornado, but the deal did not seem to take place. Kazakhstan also ordered the 2 raid minesweeper pr. 10750E. The first is laid 31.07. 2014 of the year. Delivery is planned for 2015. The second is laid in 2014.

    So not much ...
    1. Deniska
      Deniska 21 September 2015 16: 21 New
      Yes, since the end of the millennium, our industry has been in the ... e! But at least we are building something, I hope this will give some impetus ...
      1. The comment was deleted.
      2. gjv
        gjv 21 September 2015 19: 03 New
        Quote: Deniska
        at least we are building

        Today, September 21, the newest submarine of the Black Sea Fleet B-261 "Novorossiysk" [lead project 06363] arrived at its permanent location in the new freshly built naval base in the city of Novorossiysk
  9. Aleksandr69
    Aleksandr69 21 September 2015 17: 16 New
    But it is interesting if India (with its modernized armed forces) wants to support Russia in Syria, what will the mustache say? wink the british are certainly silent, otherwise they will receive a slight injection from the colony on their streets
  10. Mera joota
    Mera joota 21 September 2015 19: 54 New
    A patent is good when it is claimed, but in the world ship pr.1143.4 existed in a single copy, the meaning of this patent?
    1. severyanin
      severyanin 21 September 2015 22: 23 New
      Quote: Mera Joota
      meaning from this patent?

      Cut the dough, that’s the meaning and sole purpose of “capitalism" ... As they say, "the loot conquers evil" ...
  11. ARES623
    ARES623 22 September 2015 06: 21 New
    Quote: severyanin
    Cut the dough, that’s the meaning and sole purpose of “capitalism" ... As they say, "the loot conquers evil" ...

    Somehow you are disparaging about money. Can you eat from the sun? For this, as you call, people work loot and families support. And your protection from the external and internal enemy for this loot is carried out. I think it is necessary to respect the work of others and those funds that you most likely do not earn.
    1. severyanin
      severyanin 22 September 2015 20: 52 New
      Quote: ARES623
      And your protection from the external and internal enemy for this loot is carried out.

      I, dear, just do that, that you and people like you are defending.
      Quote: ARES623
      I think it is necessary to respect the work of others and those funds that you most likely do not earn

      So I about the same !!! Why, for example, does not a single state in the world trade in atomic weapons or full-fledged huge aircraft carriers (this is exactly what Vikramaditya became after it was remade)? Because these are weapons of a STRATEGIC scale !!! Well, in our fleet, these aircraft carriers like amers would have been like uncut dogs, but no, for the sake of BABL, we’re ready to take off the last am Regarding the question of money and respect for the work of the entire Soviet and Russian people, do you know that under the contract India received it for FREE, paying only for the costs of modernization? For such contracts to the wall should be put for treason! am