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Good PR and real business

A single voting day has passed in Russia. And in a year there will be new elections. And ten years ago and twenty years ago, the elections were also ... And there was a PR at the elections, which I would like to tell you about today. Well, for starters, I note that even in 1941, elections to the New York State Municipality were held in the United States, and it was then for the first time that Communist Peter V. Kochchioni, an Italian-American, won. Prior to that, he participated in elections since 1936. Moreover, according to the RR system - “proportional representation”.

Good PR and real business

American strikers near the White House 1926 year.

It is believed that this is the most democratic election system (which is why it is not used anywhere - ha ha!), The essence of which is that your vote is distributed in proportion to the number of candidates, therefore it is not lost. That is, now you voted not for “that” and that's all - you lost your voice. And people vote "for sure", and they also say that "they counted everything for us." And with the PP system - the first voice to one, the second to another, the third to the last, to someone - 0. And the winner is the one who scored the maximum not by all calculations, but by the number of candidates! But even under such a system, Kochchioni did not win. It is just amazing to read what kind of fraud the American candidates have been involved in, just to win. But the "Committee for Fair Elections" vigil very seriously. That is, it was a real fight who wins! Well, the “who” as a whole was decided by the voters, although it is generally accepted here that everything was decided and decided by money and power. Not all...

May Day demonstration of the American Communists in New York at 1935

Now here in our elections, passions do not rage like in the 90s. But then even at the regional level there was nothing in the elections of the governor! For example, we chose in Penza at the beginning of the 90s the governor of a certain Kavlyagin. He worked, worked, and as a result, Penza was in fourth place in the Russian Federation from the end! Among all the subjects of the federation and the people were, of course, dissatisfied. At the next election, he was confronted by V. Bochkarev, a strong business executive and ... in order to overcome him, Kavlyagin decided on an amusing PR move - to publish "for himself" the newspaper "Club of Governors and Mayors." If someone suggested this to him, then he was clearly not his friend. And if he invented it himself, then it is not surprising that then everything fell apart. The fact is that the newspaper was for number XXUMX and color !!! This is at the beginning of something 1! Color! Without specifying the place of publication at the end, the list of members of the editorial board ... The address was some, but some kind of obviously left. But there they advertised him very well. Moreover, the members of the Federation Council Egor Stroyev, the governor of Kamchatka (it borders on Penza only in a dream!), The president of Kalmykia, Dagestan - in a word, people are respected and live quite far away. But the last page finished me off most of all: the temple, then our high priest and his remark, saying that Kovlyagin is pleasing to the Lord! Well, who, who invented it? He threw away a lot of money and just messed up, people are not fools, or rather, not all! “- Why is #90?” - they began to ask. Where is the output? Why did they start with Kovlyagin, why are the "praises" so ... distant? And much more!

But V.K. Bochkarev rented the newspaper “Novaya Gubernskaya Gazeta” - b / w, a seemingly familiar, democratic one, in which, by the way, they asked about this “color miracle” ... And who won the election? It is clear who! People did not forgive the current governor of this stupid, colorful and vociferous newspaper!

And then the presidential election began, and it just so happened that Yeltsin and Zyuganov went nostril to race in the nostril race. In such cases, there is no better means than PR! But it is important to be able to use all of its tools! And one of the tools is research. So we decided to conduct a study in the city: what color, smell, taste, animal, plant, car one or another candidate is associated with. Against the background of the articles “vote, vote, vote,” “vote for the Communists, buy food for the last time,” an article about the tastes and preferences of voters would be conspicuous, wouldn't it?

And the results were collected and processed. And it turned out that Yeltsin is most associated with oak, the color is black, the car is ZIL, the animal is a bear ... Zyuganov is red (blood), the smell is appropriate, the plant is poppy ... General Swan is white, the animal is swan ... Zhirinovsky is brown, Yavlinsky - green, apple, apple tree, taste sour!

Here it is - the method of subconscious comparative associations how it works! What we see on TV, then we write directly from the subconscious - a black suit (black color dominates over all others!), A solid tree, a true Russian beast, and so on. With brown color that is associated? That's it! And can sour meat go to the presidency? And the bird, and even white ... Only one respondent wrote that "Zyuganov smells like cat urine, and Zhirinovsky is leaded with gasoline."

And these two phrases were placed in the title of an article about elections in one of the most popular Penza newspapers! What can be objected? The right of the author! Honestly it was written - one just wrote! And all the other indicators were written in text and given in graphs. But ... who in the newspapers considers graphics? How do they read them? Across from right to left and in a hurry! But the title is remembered and repeated! And it works best on the subconscious - short, memorable "thoughts" expressed by others! These are the basics of information manipulation of people, the basics, we can say. But it works well. Even better than the administrative resource!

Later, in 2001, I met in St. Petersburg one head of a large PR agency, and he, in turn, told me how his company in one area brought a person to power. There was a joke at all. Three people went to the polls - an independent but poor candidate, a communist, and “of the brothers”! And they decided at the agency that the "poor" would win, we supposedly could afford it. We came to him, they all told, they explained ... And it turned out that he had enough money only to ... send his wife to rest in Bulgaria! It was on this and built his entire election campaign! Publicly shown on TV, as he escorted his wife to Bulgaria to rest and ... everything! And competitors get rid of themselves: “I stole only to Bulgaria,” “I couldn’t send my wife to the Canaries,” “I'm afraid to fail!”, And so on. A “firm” him: do not answer it, rot your line. But the opponents do not lighten up - after all, they have nothing more to write about! “Ivanov sent his wife to Bulgaria”, “Ivanov is afraid of losing and with shame sent his wife to Bulgaria”, “You cannot vote for Ivanov. He is poor! Just enough money to send a wife to Bulgaria! But our candidate ... "

And it turned out that instead of three information flows hitting different directions, only two remained and both were beating one target: Ivanov, Ivanov, Ivanov ... And what did he do? “I sent my wife to Bulgaria!” And people began to say: look what they reproach - and he, knowing the love of his wife! I would kill a lot, send to the Canaries. “I was in Bulgaria - the chicken is not a bird, Bulgaria is not abroad! A normal man, damn it! ”Did anyone remember the candidates' programs? No, there is no such habit in our people for “it” to study and compare. And when the voting day came and the people took the ballots in their hands, they remembered one thing: “This is what Ivanov? The one who sent his wife to Bulgaria! ”“ Good person, caring. And everybody is scolding him - it means really for the people! ”And the majority voted for whom? For Ivanov, who ... sent his wife to Bulgaria!

Logo of the United States Communist Party 1919

However, the same Peter V. Kochchoni in the United States went to the polls, preparing much more seriously. Since the illiterate Negroes and all sorts of emigrants had to vote for him, pencils with his name were ordered - “Look and write without mistakes - Peter V. Kocchioni”! They ordered the song to the composer with these words: “We will write in the bulletin, we will write Peter Kochchioni’s name in the bulletin, there is work for all of us for us, milk for our children!” Komsomol members from the American Union of Young Communists ran around the city and sang this song , memorized her in circles in the Negro ghettos, handed out pencils and taught them to write! They ordered canoe caps with an inscription around: Peter V. Kochchioni, badges with his portrait ... Following the pattern of “conversations by the fireplace” by President F. Roosevelt Coccioni, spoke on the radio in 15-minute broadcast: “What do I want to do for the city?” And called for vote yourself!

As a result, two technologies of coming to power were developed: the American, based on the technology of the American elections, and our Russian (more effective), taking into account the mentality of the Russians and based on the JAN effect - the development of Professor Zhmyrikov A.N. Good is technology. You pay a certain amount to the appropriate professional or agency and ... everything! Success is guaranteed on 80-90%. And as you see, very little depends on the candidate himself.

However, there is always BUT! So Kochchioni used all the methods of American PR and the Communist Party gave him money, and could not win the elections even in the RR system! And won, you know when? In the 1941 year, in the winter, when everyone saw that the USSR did not intend to submit to Hitler, that the USSR was fighting and smashing the fascists, despite all the pessimistic predictions in the newspapers: “The Soviets will last until September, October, November ... December ...” And they not only kept but also beat the Germans! That is, doing real things! It was for this that Peter V. Kochchioni was voted on. And our victories turned out to be the best PR for him!

Logo of the Union of Communist Youth USA.

This article could have been completed, since the conclusion from it is obvious. But I can’t deny myself the pleasure of telling about how Peter V. Kochchioni took revenge on all his enemies and persecutors from other parties, being elected. His first speech, other deputies prepared to boo: it was clear to everyone that he would begin to put forward his communist doctrines and then ... In a word, in the nearby stores they bought all the squeaky toys “go away, go away”, inflatable tongues and pipes.

And here he is in the stands. “While our soldiers and sailors reflect the aggression of an insidious enemy, their salary is low and about 30 dollars per month. And travel by public transport is about one dollar to get from New York to end. I suggest for soldiers and sailors in uniform to make travel free! Please put the proposal to a vote. ”

Later emblem of the US Communist Party.

The eyewitnesses later wrote that silence in the hall was such that it was heard how a fly was beating against the glass. Then he heard the tramp of shoes. This, without waiting for the results, some reporter ran into the telephone room, followed by another, and the hall at that time came down with a thunder of applause. No one could even think that after 7 December 1941, oppose such a proposal. It would mean putting an end to your political career forever! And everyone voted "for"!

Communist bench of the American working press. Above editions the inscription "Second front now!"

And Kochchioni soldiers and sailors were already waiting on the street. They picked him up and carried him down the street, loudly singing: “This is the name of work, our children have milk!” And by the way, free milk (a glass a day!) Kochchioni also knocked out of the legislators in his next speech. Well, and dragged him down the street after that in his arms ... right - American housewives, whose husbands fought with the Japanese and the Nazis. They pounded in pans and pans, paralyzed the movement, but the police seemed not to notice. Patriotism, however!

After the victory at Stalingrad, the second communist ... Paul Henderson, a negro, became a member of the municipal council. Here is how! So PR is, of course, power. But politicians also don’t forget about real affairs!
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  1. venaya
    venaya 23 September 2015 06: 26 New
    Once participated in what is called an election as an assistant.
    So much dirt !!! I still can’t move away from terrible memories, a colleague after that himself asked to the appropriate hospital for recovery (he’s just a cool psychiatrist himself, he knows this). But what to do, not to choose? It’s so clear that it will be worse.
  2. Shiva83483
    Shiva83483 23 September 2015 06: 44 New
    As for me, the image does not replace the essence, but replaces it. This is the whole game, the substitution of everything, for the sake of their sick, manic fantasies of a nation of international outcasts and pariahs ...
  3. parusnik
    parusnik 23 September 2015 07: 52 New
    And our victories turned out to be the best PR for him!... as I hear the word election, I immediately remember the film Election Day and the song of the same name ..