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One day in the life of the head of the Republic


The city of Snow, located in 70 kilometers from Donetsk ... The eternal pain of this Donbass town will be 15 July last year, when as a result of air strikes of the Ukrainian army, the punishers smashed a residential building at Lenin Street, 14. And on the contrary - the building of tax inspection was completely destroyed. There were dead and wounded.

Such a powerful bombardment could not leave other buildings without damage. Snezhnyansky Center for Social Rehabilitation of Disabled Children is located very close to the destroyed houses. As employees say, in their institution then all windows were knocked out, the gym was damaged. The consequences of this are still felt by the children - although the windows are inserted again, but they are blowing heavily.

September 17 and the guys and employees were a little worried - they were waiting for the distinguished guest, the head of Donetsk People's Republic, Alexander Vladimirovich Zakharchenko.

From this institution, priceless gifts were received at this children's institution — various equipment, trainers, computers.

When the head of the Republic entered the hall, he did not want to sit in the chair of the guest of honor specially reserved for him, and sat down on a modest chair next to the children.

In gratitude for the gifts, the children prepared a small concert program for Alexander Vladimirovich.

Especially everyone was touched by a boy in a wheelchair who read poetry and then became one of the performers of the original dance. Yes, yes, wheelchair dance.

Zakharchenko called disabled children heroes. “I imagine how hard it is for you,” he said.

The children presented a small souvenir in the form of a pomegranate tree to the head of a young state and wished that the grenades should grow only in trees.

But Alexander Zakharchenko’s visit to Snezhnoye didn’t stop at the rehabilitation center. He then drove to the Snezhnyanskhimmash plant. The labor collective was waiting for him there.

Acting director Tatyana Anisimova told reporters that the majority of people working at the plant are currently on unpaid leave. The whole problem is that there are no orders. Relations with Ukraine are broken, and with Russia they are not established yet. Of course, the hope of the enterprise is connected precisely with Russia. However, about a hundred people go to work to keep the plant at a minimum. They perform their professional duty, even despite the delay in wages.

Anisimova added that Snezhnyanskhimmash was seriously injured as a result of the shelling of the Ukrainian army - the glazing, the roof were damaged, the valuable equipment was damaged. “We were shot three times,” she said.

And indeed, although a year has passed, and traces of raids are visible - so far instead of many windows - plywood.

The Head of the Republic thanked the employees of the company for their work, after which he held a meeting with the work team behind closed doors, asking the journalists to leave. He said that he wanted to discuss specific problems with employees.

The working day of the head of the Donetsk People’s Republic did not end there. He went to the city of Dokuchaevsk. Our journalistic group could not get there. According to the Donetsk agency News, Zakharchenko took part in the first in stories Republic primaries. They identified a candidate for mayor of the city from the movement “Donetsk Republic” - he became Alexander Kochanov. Let me remind you that the local elections in the DPR will be held on October 18.

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Elena Gromova
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  1. ZAGOD
    ZAGOD 18 September 2015 07: 26 New
    Thank God the wife’s parents didn’t spend the night at home. They live on the fourth and ended up in the apartment on the fifth floor.
  2. Volga Cossack
    Volga Cossack 18 September 2015 07: 57 New
    Hold on to Donbass! We are with you! Blow out! tea for good reason all this!
    1. padded jacket
      padded jacket 18 September 2015 13: 58 New
      Zakharchenko well done - man! Good luck and patience to all residents of Donbass who, with their boundless courage, show us all an example of how to confront enemies and murderers. In the person of the nationalist government of Poroshenko (Valtsman), Groysman, Yaytsenyuk which is controlled by the regimes of the USA and Israel.
  3. Mountain shooter
    Mountain shooter 18 September 2015 08: 18 New
    Zakharchenko was not afraid to climb under bullets in Debaltseve. Faberge has it all right. It seems with compassion too. Oh, how such a man is uncomfortable in the political alignment of effective managers. Courage to you and wisdom, Zakharchenko.
  4. Nagaibak
    Nagaibak 18 September 2015 09: 00 New
    And what Zakharchenko already runs without a cane?))) Well done.)))
  5. baltika-18
    baltika-18 18 September 2015 09: 39 New
    Report from the series "Glavdobkluy Ordilososia and children." That Lena loot I steer. Pechalka .....
    But what about your beloved Syria and Assad? Who did you leave him for? How do we now find out the whole "truth" from there? crying Ali Donetsk "truth" is now more expensive?
    1. padded jacket
      padded jacket 18 September 2015 14: 03 New
      Quote: baltika-18
      Report from the series "Glavdobkluy Ordilososii and children".

      baltika-18 to you that today a little shekels have been given in such a way that you "spray with saliva"? Or is it all a consequence of the aggravation of the situation around the territory temporarily controlled by the Israeli regime? lol
      1. baltika-18
        baltika-18 18 September 2015 17: 39 New
        Quote: quilted jacket
        baltika-18 to you that today it is not enough shekels

        You ask this question better than Mr. Gromova, or I don’t know how they are there. Drop the address of your email in a personal email. Give your home address, come to visit, see if I get shekels or something else.
        1. padded jacket
          padded jacket 18 September 2015 18: 59 New
          Quote: baltika-18
          I’ll give you my home address, come to visit, look at the shekels I receive or something else.

          Do you really think that I have nothing more to do as soon as I go to the addresses given to me by unknown Internet users?
          By the way, in the same way, "figures" from Israel wanted to give me the addresses "tearing shirts on their chests" and "shouting" come to us in Israel, we will "figure it out" lol
          Honestly funny.
  6. Baloo
    Baloo 18 September 2015 20: 17 New
    Colleagues, what does this mean fake:

    ... It is reported that the niche "Somalia" in the structure of the Armed Forces of the self-proclaimed DNR will be occupied by the newly created Republican Guard, the ceremonial presentation of the banner of which took place on September 18 at Lenin Square in Donetsk.
    Immediately after this, Givi announced the termination of submission to Alexander Zakharchenko and the beginning of the formation of Somalia as an independent combat unit.
    “Somalia” will no longer be engaged in the protection of DNR facilities, and, in fact, sent itself into “free swimming”. The further prospects of an elite military unit have not yet been announced ...

    In the face of the enemy it is necessary to rally, and not make vague statements. All the same, the information resources of the Donbass need to be more efficient and accurate, so as not to allow the yellow press any insinuations. hi
    1. Tanais
      Tanais 18 September 2015 20: 42 New
      Quote: Balu
      Colleagues, what does this mean fake:

      So what does it mean those marches that sounded yesterday in the square, during a conversation with the author of the article by phone (Elena was in the square) ...

      And as for the question ... Well, as far as I know, Somalia, as an assault unit, has never actually been involved in “protecting DNR objects” ...

      Undoubtedly a fake ...
      1. Baloo
        Baloo 18 September 2015 20: 58 New
        Thank you, my sofa is thousands of kilometers from the Donbass, but the news from the Donbass can not leave anyone indifferent.
        All the same, I would like to be more aggressive, in the good sense of the word, in protecting the interests of Donbass in the information resources of Donbass. hi
        1. Tanais
          Tanais 18 September 2015 21: 00 New
          Quote: Balu
          All the same, I would like to be more aggressive to the information resources of Donbass, in the good sense of the word, protecting the interests of Donbass.

          Everything is so ... But so far we are only learning. Stuffing bumps, but learning ...