Military Review

New military harbor in Novorossiysk

Very soon the first submarine will arrive in Novorossiysk. This will be possible thanks to the opening of a new military harbor, built by Spetsstroy of Russia.

Last week I visited Novorossiysk at the invitation of the Federal Agency for Special Construction (Spetsstroy) (, an organization created in 1951 to build Moscow air defense facilities. Now Spetsstroy is engaged in the construction of military facilities throughout Russia from the Arctic to the Caucasus and is leading dozens of huge construction projects at the same time. One of the largest is Novorossiysk. They build both the headquarters of the Navy and the new multifunctional port, in which all types of ships in service can be based at the same time. fleet. Now the construction of a grandiose object - a military harbor with moorings for submarines is nearing completion.

The most difficult and expensive in this construction is almost two and a half kilometers of the pier, which protects the harbor from the outside from the storm, and from the inside it is a pier.

The thin strip of the pier is actually more than 15 meters wide.

On the side of the open sea, the pier has this form.

On the inner side, on the pier, there are cushioned structures with mooring fenders.

The pier consists of separate platforms mounted on piles. The depth is quite large, so the height of the underwater part reaches 50 meters - from the 15-storeyed house!

Watch a video about harbor construction and pile construction.

Inside the main harbor there is another submarine harbor.

For their mooring used huge round fenders.

That's how they look on land.

View of the submarine harbor.

To make this shot I took to the air on this little Robinson.

Construction is going very fast.

For loading structures used floating crane.

There is a pouring concrete.

There is very little time left before the launch of the harbor. Very soon, the first diesel-electric submarine will come here. You will learn about it from News.

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  1. aszzz888
    aszzz888 20 September 2015 07: 30 New
    Good selection, thanks and appreciation +.
    This is a modern naval base!
    And such a base fits the latest weapons, and apparently it will be so.
    1. aktanir
      aktanir 20 September 2015 07: 54 New
      we have always been able and still can build large-scale objects, this pier is impressive of course, I can imagine how much money was slammed for it, but it turned out great
  2. Zebus
    Zebus 20 September 2015 07: 36 New
    There is a pouring concrete.

    Do not pour concrete! sad They are laying it! laughing
    1. a housewife
      a housewife 20 September 2015 08: 26 New
      Stack the asphalt!
    2. The comment was deleted.
    3. Ivan Ivanych
      Ivan Ivanych 24 September 2015 08: 03 New
      poured into the throat. and concrete is really laid
  3. SeregaBoss
    SeregaBoss 20 September 2015 07: 44 New
    Quote: Zebus
    There is a pouring concrete.

    Do not pour concrete! sad They are laying it! laughing

    Yeah, I would have looked how you put it in a reinforcing web, according to yours and plaster is smeared and not applied.
  4. Monster_Fat
    Monster_Fat 20 September 2015 08: 27 New
    About the military base in Novorossiysk. In fact, the base was there before the Second World War, and of course it was during the war and after the war ... BUT, people weren’t fools then, and the Novorossiysk Naval Base didn’t get development for several very serious reasons: 1) there was already a base in Sevastopol with a developed infrastructure for storing ammunition, fuel and lubricants, maintenance and repair of all types of ships, 2) an extremely inconvenient Novorossiysk bay, open to all winds, 3) there is no way to separate the trade and military zones , 4) there is no way to safely store ammunition; 5) the Novorossiysk-seismic zone with possible earthquakes up to 8 points, which does not allow building large underground structures in fragile marl soil. All these reasons are still valid. I always wondered, where are our military going to store the ammunition of warships in Novorossiysk? At the former headquarters of the 18th Army? Or hollow adits along the coast? But the entire coast has long been occupied by private buildings, etc.? The biggest plus of the Sevastopol base is that everything is compact there over a vast territory: spaced bays deeply cutting into the coast where different types of ships can be based, for which you need different types of your own infrastructure, a rugged, hilly coast where you can build anything and hide from unnecessary eyes, ammunition and fuel and lubricants can be hidden in deep adits which are easy to cut in a soft but durable Inkerman stone, etc. And what about Novorossiysk? The base is being built within the city. Yes, although there is a industrial zone, but the city is around. Residential buildings are already 100 meters from the base. The city itself is supported by mountains and can only be built on a narrow coastal strip. Digging in the mountains will not work as it is on what Novorossiysk is a young, fragile marl rock, and earthquakes are not uncommon there. Just one road that goes to Novorossiysk and runs along the coast. This road is narrow and clogged with vehicles at any time, and how are they going to deliver ammunition, supplies and everything necessary to the base on this road? The base itself is located in close proximity to the oil berths and Sheskhariss tank farm owned by Lukoil: the proximity of huge oil storage facilities and a military base with ammunition is like storing gas and matches in one place. Nowhere to repair ships in Novorossiysk. A large shipyard, which was completely looted there during the Soviet era and lost almost all of its territory on which scrap collection points and a container terminal are now located, and where are our military going to repair ships? The huge trading and forest port in the Novorossiysk Bay near the base is also not good, since continuous trade traffic on the one hand always affects the operation of the naval base, on the other hand makes it impossible to control possible spies and saboteurs. The Novorossiysk bay itself is open to winds both from the sea and from the mountains. Moreover, during the “boron” hurricanes that happen there quite often, it is practically impossible to carry out any loading and unloading activities in the port, to launch ships at sea, etc. that is, the base will be paralyzed for this time. All this was well understood in Soviet times, and therefore in Novorossiysk there was only a small naval base at the bottom of the bay at the mouth of the Tsemess river, where the ships of the border service and the protection of the water region were based and that was all. The construction of a large naval base in Novorossiysk was started in our time due to the loss of Crimea and Sevastopol.
    1. pv1005
      pv1005 20 September 2015 08: 51 New
      If you do not take into account that KRYMNASH (which we only dreamed about recently), then where do you propose to deploy a naval base?
      1. wanderer987
        wanderer987 20 September 2015 09: 04 New
        With the collapse of the USSR, the Black Sea Fleet lost its base in Poti where during the Second World War the fleet forces were evacuated, moreover, much remained in Ukraine, and the geography of the Krasnodar Black Sea coast was not the best place for fleet bases.
    2. wanderer987
      wanderer987 20 September 2015 08: 55 New
      What is built in Novorossiysk and whether it is still at the stage of final construction must be brought to completion. Those who were in Novorossiysk in late autumn or winter know what kind of wind there are, literally knocks people down with the wind, experienced this “pleasure” on themselves and during this period the city literally freezes, and there’s nothing to do with technology and more ammunition is out of the question. The NLMB is needed only as a reserve-based area for KChF forces and assets, all the more so since Crimea was returned to Russia, now we need to release funds for the repair and modernization of the Sevastopol and other plants, and there is also a serious personnel reserve for both workers and other specialists.
    3. silver169
      silver169 20 September 2015 09: 53 New
      You forget that in Novorossiysk not the main, but the auxiliary base (for submarines). The main base is still in Sevastopol.
    4. nnz226
      nnz226 20 September 2015 10: 28 New
      The main thing is not even the above, but the geographical location! Sevastopol is already Russian! And going from Sevastopol to the Bosphorus is several times less than from Novorossiysk. There are no nuclear ships (to which extra 800 miles are not a hook) in the Black Sea Fleet and will not be. And what will the DPL do, chapaya from Novorossiysk to the Bosphorus, to go on patrol to the Mediterranean, burning a fuel supply at the transition ?! Then stomp in Tartus to refuel ?!
      1. Vladimirets
        Vladimirets 20 September 2015 14: 33 New
        Quote: nnz226
        which extra 800 miles is not a hook

        And what, from Novoross to Sevastopol 800 miles? request Two bases are still better than one, you don’t have to put all the eggs in one basket.
        1. avt
          avt 20 September 2015 16: 01 New
          Quote: Vladimirets
          Two bases are still better than one, you don’t have to put all the eggs in one basket.

          good What else Admiral Lazarev was thinking about, it’s actually his idea to have a base in Novorossiysk. Well, naturally, Crimea with an extensive basing system, not only in Sevastopol, it can not replace in any way. But the addition to the Black Sea Fleet is very valuable! good
      2. Pavel Gusterin
        Pavel Gusterin 20 September 2015 16: 52 New
        nnz226 "And to go from Sevastopol to the Bosphorus is several times less than from Novorossiysk."

        Sevastopol-Bosphorus = 530 km, Novorossiysk-Bosphorus = 810 km. That is, not at times, but about one and a half times.
      3. The comment was deleted.
    5. xtur
      xtur 20 September 2015 11: 24 New
      each problem has a name, surname, middle name - in the sense it has a specific technical solution, the only question is consistency and the will to solve problems. They began to stretch the bridge over to Crimea, and it seems like a tectonic fault there, or whatever it sounds from the point of view of geology.

      Although not immediately, but over 20 years, all problems can be resolved in sequence - most importantly, the fleet must have more than one base in the World Cup
    6. Michael - 235
      Michael - 235 20 September 2015 21: 12 New
      I agree with you one hundred percent, but the start of construction was a necessary measure. After the return of Crimea, Sevastopol regained its rights as the main naval base. But here, after all, most of the money has already been invested and abandoning such a large construction was absolutely impractical.
  5. Gardamir
    Gardamir 20 September 2015 08: 45 New
    Has anyone heard of the Novorossiysk boron? The construction of a naval base there is a waste of money.
    1. AdekvatNICK
      AdekvatNICK 20 September 2015 12: 10 New
      Bora is a short-term phenomenon and far from every year. As a resident I say.
      1. wanderer_
        wanderer_ 20 September 2015 12: 38 New
        this is true, sometimes it will blow, but this is not constant .... but in general the structure is grandiose, there is something to be proud of.
      2. a housewife
        a housewife 20 September 2015 21: 38 New
        Those who did not live in Novoros think that every wind of the forest, even a sailor.
    2. pv1005
      pv1005 20 September 2015 12: 33 New
      Quote: Gardamir
      Has anyone heard of the Novorossiysk boron? The construction of a naval base there is a waste of money.

      Heard. But you, dear, have heard that for 170 years (since 1845), despite the boron, a trading port has been operating in Novorossiysk? Apparently during this time no one realized that they were throwing money away. Or are civilian ships more resistant to wind and waves than warships?
      1. Gardamir
        Gardamir 20 September 2015 12: 55 New
        trade port
        but the port is military, and photographs of ruined ships as a result of bora. You can search the Internet yourself. the military port should be the most protected, including from bad weather
        1. AdekvatNICK
          AdekvatNICK 20 September 2015 13: 30 New
          you know ... well, it's pointless to argue. Of course, you know better and possess information better than our main command that started this project. You can see on the couch what the people responsible for the object don’t see and don’t know. Only you can tell the difference .

          It’s just surprising, can even every ship build warm boxes in the mountain? climatic events, if not the first, then the second, certainly were discussed.
          1. Gardamir
            Gardamir 20 September 2015 17: 41 New
            you know at all.
            I know. I am an oceanologist
            1. Polovec
              Polovec 20 September 2015 21: 57 New
              Did you buy a diploma in the transition? I ask this question by reading your comment. Amateur.
              The base is built at the VChB, an oceanologist. What is he talking about?
        2. pv1005
          pv1005 20 September 2015 13: 31 New
          And let the warships be protected, including from bad weather, in the base and at sea do not go. stop And then suddenly the bad weather, still drowned. belay Then it’s just money down the drain. hi
        3. a housewife
          a housewife 20 September 2015 21: 40 New
          Yes you? (To Gardamira).
        4. The comment was deleted.
    3. zulus 58rus
      zulus 58rus 20 September 2015 20: 27 New
      And in the north in Arkhangelsk, what's the base in warmth and chocolate? I heard ice there as it happens sometimes.
    4. a housewife
      a housewife 20 September 2015 21: 36 New
      Have you heard about boron? Or personally watched? How many times? What is the most dangerous thing about her?
  6. Sergey-8848
    Sergey-8848 20 September 2015 08: 52 New
    Spetsstroy does not need advertising, because he gets the objects not through tenders with kickbacks, and the quality is on top. But the video is nevertheless good, precisely from the advertising series.
  7. yuriy55
    yuriy55 20 September 2015 08: 57 New
    Grand construction. Actually, this is how it should be: safety and quality.
    As for the "boron". Over the ocean (and we have noticed in some areas) tornadoes rage. However, this does not interfere with the construction of airfields and air traffic throughout the territory ... This is because probable calculations of structural strength allow ... wink
  8. kav669
    kav669 20 September 2015 09: 35 New
    A wonderful movie, the grand construction of VMbaza
  9. Pavel Gusterin
    Pavel Gusterin 20 September 2015 10: 05 New
    The Novorossiysk base began to be built in the event of the withdrawal of the Black Sea Fleet from Sevastopol, which became very likely during the reign of Yushchenko. And after the return of the Crimea, the Black Sea people had such logistical resources that now God himself ordered an increase in the composition of the Fleet.
    1. wanderer_
      wanderer_ 20 September 2015 12: 52 New
      Yeah ... Yushchenko then dreamed, it was on his order that the personnel of the Navy was changed, they were recruited from the western regions of Ukraine, and there were very few from the southeast. And under Yushchenko they tried to change the attitude towards the Black Sea Fleet, but they didn’t take into account the human a factor, of course, people serve on different ships and under different flags, but they all live nearby and are friends of families. What kind of hostility towards Russians can one speak of? Especially Sevastopol has always been Russian. Yes, and now Ukrainians live and no one humiliates or insults anyone. .Live as Slav brothers good
  10. Sergey-ZEV
    Sergey-ZEV 20 September 2015 10: 23 New
    The answer of the city dweller: Regarding the construction of the base. 1. The construction of the base began when Crimea was Ukrainian. 2. Regarding the bay, this time the Japanese specialists chose this place for the construction of the oil terminal for over 30 years and nothing. 3. In many countries, trading and military ports together and no one bothers anyone. 4. Warehouses for ammunition already exist for 60.5 years. Read the history of the city. The strongest earthquake in 70 years. There are no cracks in the houses of destruction. Regarding the wind, yes, we have boron but strong winds happen every 3 -4 years old, and people are blown away by gusts especially between houses where a wind tunnel is created but the townspeople are used to it and try not to go there. Wind at 35 is the norm. There are two roads to the city from Krasnodar through the pass and towards Sochi along the coast. Trucks with goods they go in any weather and someone doesn’t complain, you just need to think with your head. The city grows in the direction of Myskhako and Borisovka places where the shaft is mostly built there is a private sector but low-rise buildings are cleaned They’ve built houses and built high-rise buildings in their place. A battalion’s battalion division was transferred there from the old base at the mouth of the cement in about 50 years from the center of the bay where there is now a torpedo boat monument passing them to the border guards.
    1. Ramzaj99
      Ramzaj99 20 September 2015 11: 15 New
      Plus you Sergey-ZEV and a new title))). And thanks for the comprehensive information, first hand))
    2. The comment was deleted.
    3. Monster_Fat
      Monster_Fat 20 September 2015 15: 40 New
      The points. 1. The base began to be built when Crimea was Ukrainian, but ... in fact, the construction itself did not exist until 2010. At the site of this project were ready-made excellent, concrete berths of Yuzhmorgeo, together with their small factory and warehouse complexes, which were safely removed from this place, moving the office itself to Gelendzhik. 2. Japanese ... but not Italians? They chose a place for deep-water bulk berths in the Sheskhariss area for the following reasons — quite far from the city and it is easy to directly lay a pipeline from strategic oil storage facilities located in the Grushevaya Balka area to this place. Then these storages were far from the city, behind the pass, deep in the mountains and were surrounded by triple protection. Now, huge additional oil storage tanks have been built right next to the quays, on the shore. One aimed shot from a grenade launcher at them from a passing car and a scribe is enough. The base is located less than 1 km from these repositories.
      3. Military and trade ports exist in some countries together, but who told you that they do not interfere with each other? Interfere. And how. This is a necessary measure. 4. Ammunition depots exist in the area of ​​Koldun Gory and in Raevka. But these are limited warehouses for air defense and landing. And besides, this is where the hell. Deliver ammunition from there and carry it through the city ... Well, well.
      5. The strongest earthquake was not in the 70s (4,9-5,2) points, but in 1967 (or in 69?), 6,7-7,1 points. Then in the city there were destruction, but insignificant as there were no high-rise buildings. However, in the Methodius district, many adobe houses were partially destroyed and damaged. But the strongest was in the 18th century (I don’t remember a year) more than 8 points that destroyed the fortress of Sudzhuk-Kale, which stood in the area of ​​"Spit" (on the site of the "Memorial"). The last earthquake this summer was 3,9-4,1 points in the region of Anapa and Utrish. Strong wind "Bora" up to 40-45 meters per second, happens several times a year. And every year. Even this summer, a little weaker-25-30 meters, but he blows, and often blows. If large ships at that time were defending on a long-distance raid in the area of ​​Gelendzhik and Divnomorsk, then the naval base should always function, despite the bad weather. Any crane loading operations should cease with a wind of 20 meters per second, therefore, no reason to think about any normal functioning of the base with such a wind. The road to the city is actually ONE. And in the base ONE. Yes, you can drive through Krymsk and Pear Balka and then through Pereval-but, only one road leads to the city of Novorossiysk and the base. And EVERYTHING constantly complain about its workload. It comes to the point that taxi drivers refuse to take passengers from Gelendzhik to Novorossiysk and back at peak hours. The city is really growing towards Myskhako, where there is already no place. It remains only to bankrupt wineries and uproot vineyards, which is done. In the direction of Borisovka, the city can grow, there is enough space, but there is one big "BUT" - there is no water in the city! Absolutely not. Water comes only from the Neberdzhaev reservoir and partly through the Trinity pipeline — which “grabbed” the city of Gelendzhik. Therefore, water flows into houses only on a schedule of 3 hours in the morning and 3 hours in the evening and that’s all.
      1. spiolist pas harp
        spiolist pas harp 20 September 2015 20: 18 New
        Quote: Monster_Fat
        additional huge oil storage tanks were built right next to the berths, on the shore.
        I didn’t see huge ones on the shore, a large volume is across the road, towards the mountain. By the way, since the 70s, buses with children traveled past an open oily sump. And nothing, everyone is alive and well request
        Quote: Monster_Fat
        Deliver ammunition from there and carry it through the city ... Well, well.
        It seems to me that here another problem should be more worrying: problematic through the whole city fast to transport large volume. Apparently, for this there is a bypass road, closed to civilians.
        Quote: Monster_Fat
        The last earthquake this summer was 3,9-4,1 points in the region of Anapa and Utrish.
        This year, my relatives did not mention any earthquakes. We do not know the layout of this base. While there are no deep recesses in the mountains, Novorossiysk “earthquakes” can not be afraid at all.
        Quote: Monster_Fat
        Strong wind "Bora" up to 40-45 m / s ... blowing, and blowing often.
        I'm wildly sorry, please explain to me, not far away, what kind of wind is the "bora"? In Tsemess Bay, the strongest, it seems, are the "sailor" and the Nord-Ost. repeat
        Quote: Monster_Fat
        large ships at that time were defending on a long-distance raid in the area of ​​Gelendzhik and Divnomorsk
        If during the "sailor", then I agree. In the area of ​​the serpentine on Gelendzhik, and so enough scrap.
        And if during the Nord-Ost, few people leave the bay, there is no reason. They “cling” to the seaport - if it starts to blow, then the wind itself will “throw” it out of the bay towards Gelendzhik (not Kabardinka).

        Probably, all this reasoning is a transfusion from empty to empty. The biggest positive thing about this base is the second “egg basket”.

        Dear Novorossiysk (turned to life, now we are, it turns out, fellow countrymen by name laughing ), please tell me about the "boron" and please future visitors of the city, when will the overpass be completed there? From it the same shore will be better seen? wink
        1. a housewife
          a housewife 20 September 2015 22: 03 New
          What is Bora? In essence, the same northeast, but special. Most often with warnings - a beard hangs over the ridge even before the wind. White blinding clouds "spill over" the ridge, like milk that has escaped, without rising to the sky and flying away. Then the wind just falls on the city. Does not blow evenly, but beats in gusts. In high-rise buildings, he twists and hits from different sides. In this case, it is not very cold, but even with a plus, you can get frostbite. Slate flies, everything that is not hidden, not tied flies - boxes, bags, underwear, glass. For ships, the most dangerous thing is icing. There were cases when boats turned over and sank near the pier. Usually everyone lifts anchors and go from the bay to an external raid. There the wave is smaller and there is no icing. Such a boron does not happen every year. Usually lasts 3, 6, rarely 9 days. It is not for nothing that the Greeks settled the god of winds Boreas here with a long white beard.
          1. spiolist pas harp
            spiolist pas harp 20 September 2015 23: 48 New
            Quote: housewife
            In this case, it is not very cold, but even with a plus, you can get frostbite.
            Thank you for the clarification. hi
            I felt all this on myself more than once, but more often from the opposite side. In Kabardinka, you don’t feel much discomfort, but on Mayak, gloves to the railing froze for 15 seconds winked
            In the 80-90s they always called simply "a strong Nord-Ost." The name "Bora" was first seen here. repeat

            Irina, the base from Sheskharis, from above, is practically not visible?
            1. a housewife
              a housewife 21 September 2015 01: 47 New
              From above - where? Do not understand the question. On the picture? Or from the pass, from the Seven Winds? Or off the highway? I don’t live there now, although I visit every year, I have my mother there, in general, all my relatives and girlfriend. Unfortunately, I missed this year. But maybe I’ll come on New Year’s, I’ll look. I’m generally living there on Paratroopers. From a scythe to look far.
            2. The comment was deleted.
      2. a housewife
        a housewife 20 September 2015 21: 51 New
        Sorry, not every Nord-Ost is a bora! Water - depending on which area. For some reason, there have been no water disruptions on the Paratroopers for about 10 years. There may be a problem with ammunition, but the port is so huge that against its background the base is simply lost.
  11. Old26
    Old26 20 September 2015 12: 02 New
    Quote: Sergey-ZEV
    A division of patrol ships was transferred there over the old base at the mouth of the cement in about 50 years from the center of the bay where there is now a monument to a torpedo boat passing them to the border guards.

    Where is the TCA (No. 341) on the embankment in the 50s, there was a division of SKRs? Thank you, I didn’t. I was in March, I wanted to get to Kutuzov, but there was no time
  12. 123321
    123321 20 September 2015 14: 03 New
    A great film about the construction of the Navy base in Novorossiysk:
  13. Pcorda38
    Pcorda38 20 September 2015 15: 15 New
    Why Novorossiysk? ... This does not seem to be justified!
    Russia currently has the wonderful "facility 825 GTS" of Balaclava. It should be better for submarines ... from 7 berths (if I remember correctly)!
    Much safer and strategic from the Crimea!

    1. The comment was deleted.
    2. AdekvatNICK
      AdekvatNICK 20 September 2015 15: 53 New
      Are you a military expert? you better understand than the main command?
      1. Gardamir
        Gardamir 20 September 2015 18: 00 New
        what is the main command?
        How long do you think it took from the development of the project to the completion of construction? It is possible that the main command then was called Anatoly Eduardovich. In confirmation of my statement, read and try on today's realities, nothing has changed in a hundred years.
    3. Ramzaj99
      Ramzaj99 20 September 2015 19: 14 New
      Quote: PCorda38
      Russia currently has the wonderful "facility 825 GTS" of Balaclava. It should be better for submarines ... from 7 berths (if I remember correctly)! Much safer and more strategic from the Crimea!

      When I was in Sevastopol, I asked the military the same question.
      Firstly, modern submarines, they can’t fit under the ground stupidly because of size (they have grown since the time of the first diesel engines.)) To expand this is a huge amount of money, it’s cheaper to dig a new one.
      And secondly, this base is well known to our sworn friends, they all clambered there for a long time and absolutely legally with the permission of the previous authorities removed the whole topography there, in other words, the tomahawk will fly there a couple of centimeters with an error)))
    4. The comment was deleted.
  14. gcn
    gcn 20 September 2015 17: 49 New
    I used to think why Novorossiysk is inconvenient for the military, after the photos it became generally clear.
    1. a housewife
      a housewife 21 September 2015 01: 50 New
      The city was especially uncomfortable for the German military! good
    2. a housewife
      a housewife 21 September 2015 01: 50 New
      The city was especially uncomfortable for the German military! good
  15. Sergey-ZEV
    Sergey-ZEV 20 September 2015 18: 29 New
    I answer again. Two roads Anapa-Krasnodar-Novorossiysk and Sochi-Gelendzhik-Novorossiysk lead to the hero city of Novorossiysk. I have lived on the earthquake for 35 years on the ninth floor and everything is fine. The wind of the north-east boron occurs due to the temperature difference outside the pass and the city is warmer by the sea , the wind blows in gusts but not constantly 45 meters. Regarding taxi drivers in the winter, snow fell once a dachshund triple element I traveled the whole city for work in the all-weather season in 2014-2015 the snow lasted three days. The port did not work last winter for four days because they transmit the storm and in fact the wind is not strong and everyone is working. On the supply of ammunition, the question is why all the amphibious assault ships and escort ships were bunkered and loaded by EVERYONE in the port of Novorossiysk and went to Syria. I watched the columns more than once. Now I love Sevastopol very much, but as far as I can remember, the warehouses are not at the pier and the road goes through the city. Once again I repeat with a healthy head, you can carry everything.
    1. feokot1982
      feokot1982 22 September 2015 16: 26 New
      You do not know, did Galitsyna's cottage survive this construction or destroy it?
  16. IAlex
    IAlex 20 September 2015 18: 44 New
    I’m certainly not a builder, but on what will the rockets and torpedoes for ships be delivered along the outer wall of the ships of 30000 tons, there aren’t even rails and cranes ...
    Yes, and what will happen if a missile or torpedo with 200 - 400 kg of explosives, 15 meters on piles gets into it, it seems to me very little ...
  17. L10n77
    L10n77 20 September 2015 19: 04 New
    Quote: Gardamir
    you know at all.
    I know. I am an oceanologist

    And I lived there for 20 years and the boron is terrible only on the Internet, well, the trucks are on the highway, but where the military port is, it is almost not felt, and it lasts a maximum of 3 days, only when the bora goes, the port is precisely protected from attack, so since aviation and missiles cannot be used, and deck artillery - well, this still needs to be approached to the firing range.
  18. sergei.84
    sergei.84 20 September 2015 21: 12 New
    Thanks to the author! Everything looks solid. If, during my urgent (76-79 SF), in new berths, the ship could connect to shore electricity, fresh water, steam, then now I think even more so. It’s enough to change or replenish one berth for ships and one for boats. Another thing is that an enterprise that revises (what I don't know how to call it correctly) ship missile systems and sends them to ships should be as close as possible.
  19. Katukov
    Katukov 21 September 2015 16: 02 New
    Eh NVMB almamater dmb 06 on the video my ship 426))))