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Analytical program "However" with Mikhail Leontiev 16 September 2015


With military technical assistance from Syria, Russia is implementing Putin’s initiative to fight against the “Islamic State” - no “fight against terrorism” is possible without Syria, since it is the Syrian army that is the main force opposing Islamist jihad. This is in some way contrary to the inconsistent position of the United States, which created a coalition against ISIS, periodically luring Russia into it, but continuing to stupidly overthrow Assad and delicately avoid causing significant damage to Islamist forces.

"Sometimes such a thought creeps in, that, probably, there is still something in the tasks of this coalition, in addition to the stated goal of fighting ISIS. I can say, I hope, I will not let anyone down, some of our colleagues from countries that belong to the coalition, they say that they have, there is even information about where exactly at the moment, the positions of certain ISIS units, and the commander of the coalition, of course this is the United States, does not consent to the blows, "said the head Foreign Ministry Sergei Lavrov.

The delicacy of the Americans is understandable if we recall that the Islamist structures, from which the Islamic State had suddenly suddenly emerged, were created, armed and funded by the United States and their Arab allies to fight Syria and Iran; that the overthrow of secular regimes and the subsequent slaughter and chaos were part of the redesign of the “Greater Middle East”, developed by the Pentagon 15 years ago and promulgated by Colonel Peters back in the 2001 year; that the Americans directly oversaw the current Caliph ISIL Ibrahim al-Badri.

There are simply Pentagon documents, recently officially declassified. The British Guardian cites a US intelligence document dated August 12 of the year, in which the prospect of al Qaeda and Islamic State-controlled territory in Eastern Syria is practically welcomed. In stunning contrast with the public statements of the time, the Guardian writes, the document defines al-Qaeda and ISIS as the main force of the Syrian insurgency. Establishing Islamist control over this territory, according to the Pentagon, is exactly what the forces supporting the opposition want in order to isolate the Syrian regime, which is viewed as a strategic direction of Shiite expansion.

Shiite expansion is, in fact, Iran, a deal with which Obama has now pushed through against the resistance of Israel and the Republicans. Recall that Syria in general came under the American distribution only as an ally of Iran, the fight against which has now lost all meaning for Obama. "Spoons were found, but the sediment remained." The demand for the surrender of Assad is a stupid personal vendetta covering a colossal propaganda campaign depicting the Syrian leader as the source of hell.

“Managing Wildness” is the name of the jihad manual, published by Xu’mx’s al-Qaeda’s 2004 manual. In fact, this is a guide on which the actions of the Islamists in Syria and Iraq were built. The strategy involves three phases. The first is, in fact, the formation of that “wildness” itself, it is some kind of human jungle, when legal authority is overthrown, every right field is absent. The second phase is the control over “wildness”, when jihadists save the population from chaos and restore order based on the dwelling. And the third is the statement of the Islamic state. The method of jihad is unlimited, maximally public violence, unlimited terror as a way to demoralize the enemy.

The state of savagery in the Middle East is a product of the conscious activity of the United States, who acted there as a partner and rival of the Islamists in "control of savagery." There is an understanding that the competition is lost. And so Russia needed. And the actions of Russia are also an attempt to rid our pale-faced brothers from schizophrenia, which makes their policies in the region not only indecent, but also completely meaningless.

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  1. Stanislas
    Stanislas 17 September 2015 05: 47
    "Managing savagery" is probably "managing chaos" in English to Arabic.
  2. Barakuda
    Barakuda 17 September 2015 05: 48
    Well done man. It seems that the "high" position did not spoil him.
    1. Andrew
      Andrew 17 September 2015 06: 46
      I agree, I would like to listen to him more, for example, at Solovyov's with the participation of "Ukrainian political scientists" and our liberals ...
      1. meriem1
        meriem1 17 September 2015 08: 40
        Quote: Andrew
        I agree, I would like to listen to him more, for example, at Solovyov's with the participation of "Ukrainian political scientists" and our liberals ...

        It is hardly worth the time you spend !!! They do not know how to listen. They constantly interrupt and get angry when they interrupt them. The scammers they drive from Roman Babayan, for example ... Just beyond! They poke their nose into the facts. ... They yell that they need to study and understand everything. Such ... micro Psaki. Substitution of concepts ... so their favorite thing. They will begin to speak the truth only when the loop in the wind sways.
        1. Sirocco
          Sirocco 17 September 2015 09: 35
          Quote: meriem1
          They will begin to speak the truth only when the loop in the wind sways.

          Here I do not quite agree with you, yes, there are those that only the grave will correct, but most of them, as they say, keep their noses in the wind.
          Tested on Classmates.
  3. The comment was deleted.
  4. Gunsmith
    Gunsmith 17 September 2015 06: 13
    The states have completely lost the Middle East. All that is left to them is to do nothing. In my opinion, the Obama administration, and he himself, are the most mediocre in US history.
    1. Maaslo Sallonen
      Maaslo Sallonen 17 September 2015 06: 36
      Why are the mediocre? Very talented. They achieve their goals consistently, without incurring practically any losses financially. Everything as taught: divide and conquer. In a word - reptilians without a moral anchor.
    2. The comment was deleted.
    3. Altona
      Altona 17 September 2015 09: 53
      Quote: Gunsmith
      The states have completely lost the Middle East. All that is left to them is to do nothing. In my opinion, the Obama administration, and he himself, are the most mediocre in US history.

      The most surprising thing is that the United States does not need a victory in this war, conflicts of high intensity are needed (as long as there are some resources) ... These wars can easily be stopped by stopping financing, which for some reason does not stop ...
  5. Ruswolf
    Ruswolf 17 September 2015 06: 37
    Americans need war like air!
    This is writing off your debts!
    Pulling others into your debtors!
    And for war you need an enemy! "If there is no enemy, he must be invented!" But the Americans do not know how to think, so they simply create it with the name of an ally so that the world community is silent. Then they declare them an enemy and pretend they are fighting.
    He who lives fighting the enemy is interested in keeping the enemy alive.
    F. Nietzsche

    The problem with the Americans is that situations they always get out of control. This is where the plan # 2 starts to find the culprit! This is usually the weakest!
    They just forget that it’s dangerous to swim on a rubber boat near the shore. Since it is filled with empty air, and such a swimming can always become a normal PNR!
    1. kirpich
      kirpich 17 September 2015 08: 59
      So, the funds spent on armaments must be somehow justified. Here they are trying their best to drag Russia into the armed conflict according to their scenario. BUT! It doesn’t come out, for some reason, even though you crack.
  6. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 17 September 2015 06: 43
    The state of savagery in the Middle East is a product of the conscious activity of the United States, which acted there as a partner and competitor of the Islamists in "managing savagery."

    As they say, comments are superfluous. Everything to the point.
    1. Ruswolf
      Ruswolf 17 September 2015 09: 29
      The State of Wildness in the Middle East Is a Product of Consciousness in the United States
      As they say, comments are superfluous. Everything to the point.

      Gennady! hi
      I remember the old joke:
      1 September. In the first-grader class, a tenth grader sits.
      They tell him! Go to your class!
      And he answered:
      You yourself are fools! I'm the smartest here!

      So it turns out why striped developed nations and states.
    2. The comment was deleted.
  7. olimpiada15
    olimpiada15 17 September 2015 06: 58
    ISIS coalition created to
    1) in order to pretend that the West is fighting against Ig, but not to destroy Ig.
    2) The involvement of Russia in the coalition is necessary in order to control the situation and the goal of paragraph 1) was guaranteed to be achieved
    3) the ongoing attacks on Assad and Russia for his support is a method of preventing the destruction of the IG
    4) it is important for states to prevent the formation of forces to destroy Ig
    The creation of information hype to cover the true goals of the continuation of the war states is simply necessary.
  8. koksalek
    koksalek 17 September 2015 07: 24
    Aifonchik the traitor at one time leaked Libya, a mattress puppet
    1. Gardamir
      Gardamir 17 September 2015 08: 10
      Who are you talking about? About who will the Russians choose in the next presidential election?
      1. Barakuda
        Barakuda 17 September 2015 08: 17
        Most likely it will. Alternatives to Medvedev are not yet visible ..
        1. Ruswolf
          Ruswolf 17 September 2015 09: 36
          Most likely it will. Alternatives to Medvedev are not yet visible ..

          Valery! hi
          I think that GDP understands the same and understands what could be.
          No wonder he reduced the term of the presidency in 2008 and increased in 2012.
          Maybe you won the time to find a new receiver ?!
          IMHO! hi
        2. The comment was deleted.
        3. Asadullah
          Asadullah 17 September 2015 10: 06
          Alternatives to Medvedev not yet visible

          This is an alternative to Putin is not visible. Whoever he is, in any case, he will drown in his shadow. From that there is no particular desire (from normal people), everyone wants to be in their place. It is necessary to create control mechanisms, and not pray for the leader. The leader does his job only once.
  9. fn111
    fn111 17 September 2015 07: 34
    If Russia gets into Syria, they will bomb something out there in the desert, put them under control for a time, the IS, will baptize them into a moderate opposition, and will harshly run into "bloody Putin" for supporting "bloody Assad"
    1. marlin1203
      marlin1203 17 September 2015 12: 21
      Anyway, both are "dictators", so why waste time on trifles laughing once more, once less ...
  10. Name
    Name 17 September 2015 08: 15
    "Wildlife Management" wassat - yes-ah, let's see; FROM THE SIDE. With "some" participation.
  11. oracul
    oracul 17 September 2015 08: 30
    Not sure wildness can be controlled. But the Americans have their own idea of ​​such an action: they have seen enough of Hollywood fairy tales - blockbusters and horror movies, where the handsome movie hero is cracking down on out of control wild power. And wretchedly misunderstood that life is not a gathering on the couch with popcorn and a television picture.
  12. kartalovkolya
    kartalovkolya 17 September 2015 10: 42
    There is nothing new in American politics, because they inherited from the Anglo-Saxons everything the most vile, disgusting and wild, and the main thing is to make the whole world "dance to their tune", but it looks like those times are passing and whether they want it or not, but they will have to put up with it (and if a hot war is unleashed, then the end will be the same for all)! And after all, the "democratizers" do not learn anything: they gave birth to Hitler (with the goal of destroying the USSR), and as a result, everyone loses except the inspirers from the United States, and now all the characters are the same. But this time the result may be different: the number of dissatisfied and dissenting people is growing, and meanwhile Russia is being reborn and gaining strength capable of stopping the Anglo-Saxon madness and finally bringing some order to the world! But let's not rush, let's wait for what our PRESIDENT will "bring" to the UN and then we will draw conclusions! And I would also very much like to hear the opinions of the respected Anatoly Wasserman on this issue!
  13. MuadDib
    MuadDib 17 September 2015 10: 59
    But what about the gas pipe from Qatar and B. Assad’s refusal to conduct it through Syria? Is this not one of the reasons for the turmoil in the ATS?
    And one more thing: in the background are three monitors. On the far right show cooking spaghetti. Is this some kind of hint?
  14. roskot
    roskot 17 September 2015 11: 06
    Obama steers. One with cookies, the other with bananas.
    Gathered to the Middle East.
  15. koksalek
    koksalek 17 September 2015 13: 34
    Quote: Gardamir
    Who are you talking about? About who will the Russians choose in the next presidential election?

    Horseradish bald him in the State Department in his place. And choose a worthy leader
    1. Volzhanin
      Volzhanin 18 September 2015 23: 27
      This is how to choose a worthy, when in any election we are offered to choose from nerd, insignificance and cattle?
  16. LCA
    LCA 17 September 2015 21: 21
    The US leadership should not hope that if the statehood of Russia is headed by a “man” or “lady” who are more susceptible to consulting services from the US special services, the “progressively minded world community” and their periphery in Russia, than V.V. Putin, then US global politics will solve one of the milestone tasks of building PaX Americana, after which he will be able to tackle the "right civilization" of the "wrongly civilized" peoples of China, India, other states, and thereby complete the biblical project of globalization.

    The problem of Russia's illiberalism does not boil down to the seizure of state power by the "siloviki" led by V.V. Putin and the "protection" of their business, but is of a completely different nature.

    Those. even more erroneous and dangerous than believing "in the power of the bad king Putin", not to understand the following:

    1. All the regional civilizations of the planet are characterized by the peculiarity of the ideals of society, and Russia is one of the regional civilizations that has developed over the past few centuries in the form of a multinational state, and accordingly it has its own ideals of civilizational development.

    2. The bearer and implementer of the intrinsically characteristic ideals of any regional civilization is not this or that politician, not historically established statehood, but ultimately the social psychodynamics of the totality of the peoples that make up this regional civilization.

    These or those politicians and historically established statehood can be in conflict with these ideals, or more or less fully and successfully act in accordance with them.

    And politics and statehood are always a consequence of psychodynamics in one of two options for its implementation:

    - non-resistance to the action of psychodynamics and political actors external to it (in this version, the statehood of post-Soviet Russia arose, alien to its ideals);

    - the implementation of their own definitely appropriate algorithms aimed at the embodiment of their own ideals.

    It is in the combination of civilizational ideals and their carrier and implementer that the problem lies in the principle of the ineradicable illiberalism of Russia.
  17. nikolaev
    nikolaev 18 September 2015 11: 43
    It seems that everyone seemed to have agreed that Putin's trip to the General Assembly was inevitable. From the point of common sense, this is ALMOST the same as a trip to Hitler's headquarters during Stalin's Second World War. And now there is a war, only another, therefore "almost", therefore, the actions of opponents may not be so open, but at the same time no less effective. As then from Stalin, so now depends on Putin in Russia and the whole world too much to take risks.
    Add to this a number of "oddities" in recent events and media (for example, the lull on the Ukrainian front - as if froze, after full preparation for a large-scale offensive, which for some reason the entire "civilized world" does not "notice" and seem to be afraid "breathe" so as not to frighten off "luck"; the second oddity: a famous person, whose image has significantly dimmed, they are trying to return him by frequently reporting in the media about activities and friendships and trying to erase a dark spot in the biography - the drain of Libya, not talking about obvious betrayal , but about the deceit by the insidious West of simple-minded Russia, and so on - you can't say everything, so as not to let the gin out of the bottle - maybe it will!