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About foreign athletes choosing Russia

An Hyun Soo (Victor An), Roy Jones, Vic Ivan Wilde, Jeff Monson, Christian Noboa, Ariklenes Ferreira (Ari). What unites all these people besides the fact that they are professional athletes? What unites them is that they either have already received Russian citizenship, are either preparing to receive it, or express an active desire to become citizens of the Russian Federation. And if the question of why the representatives of the Slavic sports fraternity (figure skater Tatiana Volosozhar, snowboarder Assol Slivets, skier, born and raised in Slovenia, Alexander Glebov, etc.), expressed in their time the desire to get a Russian passport, is not particularly acute (everything so it is clear), then the situation with representatives of foreign countries looks very entertaining.

The fact is that for many years we managed to get used to the fact that athletes usually leave Russia, often accepting foreign citizenship, and here everything is exactly the opposite - foreigners come with the intention to get a Russian passport. And after all, these foreigners are not at all painters and handlers of paving slabs from the sunny Central Asian republics, which would be easily explained, and often outstanding representatives of the sports environment, whose names are known far beyond the countries in which they were born.

Well, it’s possible to explain everything with Vic Wilde and Victor Aom: it’s clear that Mutko jumped in on the Sochi Winter Olympics, awards, bonuses, housing - the athletes accepted the offer to perform as part of the Russian team. And Vick Wilde also has a Russian beautiful wife - an athlete ... However, not everything in this case is measured by money, square meters and beautiful wives. There is also something that is pushing the athlete to decide on a change of residence, lifestyle, to obtain citizenship of the country to which the authorities of your country, to put it mildly, have a specific attitude. So where does this impulse come from? Where did he come from Roy Jones or Jeff Monson? ..

To understand this, you need to refer to the words of foreign professional athletes expressed in an interview with various media.

Jeff Monson (quote TASS):
When I get Russian citizenship, my dream will come true. I already feel Russian, and I will soon become official. After I receive Russian citizenship, I will open my school or several schools of MMA. I want to give back what people have been giving me here for years.

Roy Jones (quote
I will learn Russian. I want to speak so well in Russian that you understand me without any problems. I think it will take about a year. I hope that next year I will speak like a Russian. I respect the open Russian people, Russia.

For your information:

Jeff Monson (nickname Snowman) is an 44-year-old American athlete performing in mixed martial arts. The world champion in jiu-jitsu, two-time winner of the ADCC wrestling tournament. Currently lives in Florida USA. Simultaneously with the application for Russian citizenship, he announced that he was going to move to the Crimea.

Roy Jones. 46 years. American boxer, world champion in three weight categories. 12 September 2015 was granted Russian citizenship by presidential decree No. 454.

From the decree:
In accordance with clause "a" of Article 89 of the Constitution of the Russian Federation, I decree:
Satisfy the application for admission to the citizenship of the Russian Federation Jones Jr. Roy Levesta, born 16 January 1969 in the United States of America.

About foreign athletes choosing Russia

After information about obtaining citizenship of the Russian Federation or about the desire to obtain it by American (and not only American) athletes, confrontation on the Web became apparent. In a number of cases, compatriots (Russians) said: they say, what do you believe in this Jones and Monson? .. No, they say, they have no tender feelings for Russians and Russia, this is all solely because of the promotion of sunset their careers are professional athletes. Can we accept this? Hardly. There is no point in arranging a “daisy” about whether they love us with fiery love or do not love, if only because from love to hate and from hate to love, as you know, one step ...

But about the "PR" can speculate. Well, even if foreigners wake up in Monson, Jones, Vick Wilde and others. The desire to further promote themselves to foreigners, does this have something “criminal”? Politicians are often satisfied with much more energy-intensive PR, forgetting after the elections both about these promises and about the fact that they are politicians in general, and not wiping pants on leather chairs. These sportsmen don’t claim and don’t need political laurels (tea, not Gaidar and not Saakashvili ...).

Each of them does his job, and in fact he does excellently, and much more effectively than many politicians advertising Russia, creating its positive image. Is this not a variant of that very policy of soft power, when one speech (even if not a fight, but a regular interview) of the renowned Roy Jones, famous all over the world, can be an excellent hook for “storytellers” from CNN or Voice of America?

The fact that an American citizen, and a well-known citizen - an athlete (and not one, and not just an American) preferred Russia to the States - is, if I may say so, extensive trolling both for the States and for all those who are fighting with a liberal head about shouting the wall “From here it’s necessary to bring down!” Or dump, then they will dump, but not far away, keeping the red book of the Russian passport in your pocket. As an example, the actor Anatoly Pashinin, who pours mud in buckets, but the passport remains with him ...

And with regard to the interest of foreign athletes in Russian citizenship, you can use a catch phrase: one is an accident, two is a coincidence, three is a pattern ... And if this pattern not only does not play against Russia, but brings its own advantages (recall at least three Olympic gold medals Korean Victor Ana, who brought Seoul to hysterics and mass trials in the style of "How did we miss it?"), then, as the modern youth says, thumbs up.
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  1. Wolka
    Wolka 17 September 2015 05: 42 New
    I am not opposed to giving Russian citizenship to foreigners by presidential decrees, but unfortunately we often forget about those Russians and their families who, for years, as they say on a common basis, have been trying to acquire Russian citizenship after returning to Russia from the national republics of the former USSR, and these people sometimes no less well-deserved than the newly arrived "Russians" ...
    1. victorsh
      victorsh 17 September 2015 06: 32 New
      I do not agree with you. For several months I was an employee of the VUS in one village council. The Russians who moved to us from Kazakhstan received citizenship during 5-6 months, it is more difficult with Ukrainians, but also no more than a year. The draft age and “reserves”, unlike some of ours, were registered for 3-4 days after obtaining citizenship. I’m not personally watching PR. I’ll agree that it’s enough to open Roy’s boxing school in any city JONES-coach himself ROY "and here's the PR.
      1. Kilo-11
        Kilo-11 17 September 2015 09: 47 New
        Kazakhstan, Belarus, and get Russian citizenship according to a simplified scheme, and you ask the FMS how long it takes to receive Russian citizenship from Turkmenistan or Uzbekistan, Ukraine or Azerbaijan. All foreign actors and athletes receive our citizenship for several dozens days, and people living in the Donbass all go with passports of the city of Ukraine, well, they are not well-known actor-athletes and the people of Donbass are apparently not very Russian, unlike the inhabitants of the Crimea. You can push the DNR-LNR, in accordance with the Minsk agreements, back to Ukraine or not to push, but the people of Donbass should get the city of the Russian Federation, at one time the citizens of Abkhazia and South Ossetia were given our citizenship and nothing, well, think about a pin .. we’ll introduce the next sanctions, we’ll survive it.
    2. Vladimir 1964
      Vladimir 1964 17 September 2015 10: 36 New
      Quote: Volka
      I am not opposed to giving Russian citizenship to foreigners by presidential decrees, but unfortunately we often forget about those Russians and their families who, for years, as they say on a common basis, have been trying to acquire Russian citizenship after returning to Russia from the national republics of the former USSR, and these people sometimes no less well-deserved than the newly arrived "Russians" ...

      The fact is, Dear Volka, that ordinary people do not increase the ratings of both the country and the authorities are understandable. And they are expensive for the authorities, but these with the loot will come.
      Incidentally, I am absolutely not against the actions of the authorities regarding. specified in the article, this is really a good advertisement for the homeland.
      But the question raised by the colleague really has a place to be, and the program of returning compatriots, spread by the authorities, turned out to be another zilch. Not everywhere, I do not want to insult all the leaders, I know life stories where everything happened great. But nationwide alas ....
      1. amirbek
        amirbek 17 September 2015 13: 30 New
        someone will later say that they were all born not far from yellowstone ...
    3. voffchik7691
      voffchik7691 17 September 2015 19: 23 New
      I can confirm from personal experience: Over the course of FOUR years, I have been seeking Russian citizenship. And for these 4 years I just didn’t listen to it. From insults to "you’ll get a passport now, and then you will start demanding housing!"
  2. Alexander Romanov
    Alexander Romanov 17 September 2015 05: 55 New
    In the 90s, people dreamed of living in the USA and Europe, something has changed in this world.
    1. kostella85
      kostella85 17 September 2015 06: 34 New
      Kremlin propaganda in action !!! :-)
      1. anti-Semite
        anti-Semite 17 September 2015 16: 27 New
        is that bad? should be what, washington?
        1. kostella85
          kostella85 17 September 2015 18: 23 New
          For TUGODUMOV: "Kremlin propaganda in action !!! :-)" is sarcasm and irony !!!
    2. rafaelich
      rafaelich 17 September 2015 07: 06 New
      Vaschet, he is a drunk and violent ...
      1. abrakadabre
        abrakadabre 17 September 2015 10: 21 New
        So what? It is in their tolerant country he is violent. In our country, instead of long boring trials in court, a couple of times when drunk, he grabs good lyuli for a riot and quickly becomes polite. It is faster and more intelligible in terms of education.
        1. Kasym
          Kasym 17 September 2015 16: 05 New
          And in my opinion everything is back, remember at least Rastrelli (father and son). The whole point is in the long run, if they felt it here for themselves, why not try it !? Moreover, there is support from the authorities! And the country (RF) has all the prospects in order to become equal in the world leaders with the USA. Well, probably already looked at the country and all these Western tales "leaked into the toilet." hi
  3. BecmepH
    BecmepH 17 September 2015 06: 13 New
    Monson has long had a sickle and hammer tattoo on his body, USSR. He went out to the battles with the Russian flag under both our anthem and our songs. It has been for many years. So talking about PR is stupid in relation to “Snowman”.
    1. Bazilevs81
      Bazilevs81 17 September 2015 06: 53 New
      Yes! He is interested in politics and knows what's what, who is a dirty adversary and is ready for dirty tricks and who is honestly fighting.
    2. The comment was deleted.
    3. lukke
      lukke 17 September 2015 10: 22 New
      I am convinced that he is an anarchist), but I want to say the following regarding them (Roy Johnson and Jeff Monson): at first I thought that obtaining Russian citizenship is for them such a PR project coupled with the possibility of receiving dividends from business projects (opening boxing schools and struggle in Russia), and then I asked myself the question - would I really not go to such a school? even if Roy or Jeff remained American citizens? would you send your sons? He answered immediately to himself, given their skill - he went and sent. So be that as it may - I am for such people to be our citizens, or just work for us!
    4. The comment was deleted.
    5. NEXUS
      NEXUS 17 September 2015 11: 56 New
      Quote: BecmepH
      Monson has long had a sickle and hammer tattoo on his body, USSR. He went out to the battles with the Russian flag under both our anthem and our songs. It has been for many years. So talking about PR is stupid in relation to “Snowman”.

      But for me it’s great when such people relate themselves to Russian culture and Russia as a whole. They are far from being stupid people and are ready to benefit our country. What’s wrong with that?
      1. NEXUS
        NEXUS 17 September 2015 12: 01 New
        Quote: NEXUS
        And for me it’s great when such people relate themselves to Russian culture and Russia as a whole.

      2. Russian Uzbek
        Russian Uzbek 17 September 2015 14: 14 New
        Steven Seagal - CIA agent ... true retired
  4. The comment was deleted.
    1. Alexander Romanov
      Alexander Romanov 17 September 2015 06: 44 New
      Quote: Tra-ta-ta
      ..and only then will you feel what it means to be a citizen of R \ F ..!

      Aha, like life with legs apart. for a dumb photo minus.
      1. Tra-ta-ta
        Tra-ta-ta 17 September 2015 06: 54 New
        Alexander, if you understand everything .., then the photo is not "dumb" ..!
  5. kobussubok
    kobussubok 17 September 2015 06: 23 New
    But there must be control over them. Who knows, did they come of their own free will, and what are they going to do besides sports, in particular, in Crimea? Although, I believe and hope that they are truly from a pure soul and with good intentions ...
  6. kostella85
    kostella85 17 September 2015 06: 36 New
    They would still deprive some citizenship ... It would be very good.
  7. Vadim12
    Vadim12 17 September 2015 06: 37 New
    And it would be nice if the whole liberal riffraff and the rest were dumped. And everyone is welcome - welcome!
    1. amirbek
      amirbek 17 September 2015 13: 36 New
      Do you want a Russian passport ... what is the problem ... 2 years in hot spots serve .. and get a passport and breathe freely
  8. strelets
    strelets 17 September 2015 06: 41 New
    It should be so. We are just not used to it.
    1. NEXUS
      NEXUS 17 September 2015 12: 04 New
      Quote: strelets
      It should be so. We are just not used to it.

  9. chikenous59
    chikenous59 17 September 2015 06: 59 New
    It will take 10-20 years, Arabs will rule in Europe, in America the economy will stall, in the Middle East war ... And in Russia? And in Russia, as always, it will be calm and safe! Moving quietly)) But in such numbers as in Europe, these "refugees" we do not need!
  10. SeregaBoss
    SeregaBoss 17 September 2015 07: 00 New
    In any case, these guys are good or bad, we need people, we need to increase the country's population. And if these guys are also athletes, I’m only for! And all the cocaine-hashish elite tries over the hill!
    1. abrakadabre
      abrakadabre 17 September 2015 10: 24 New
      Who is younger with money, a very active life and world fame - such will open his own sports school ... How many guys can such a coach bring up. With the general and widespread rise in healthy patriotism, this is an even greater plus.
      And what about the same Monson in an open troll of sanctions for the Crimean theme. This is propagandistic Klondike through not only official politics, but also popular diplomacy.
  11. Shiva83483
    Shiva83483 17 September 2015 07: 06 New
    As an example, the actor Anatoly Pashinin, who pours buckets of slop on Russia, but the passport remains with him ...
    It’s high time to lose the fuck of citizenship. Let her ignite with Gorbunkov there on her “nanny” ... she died, she died.
  12. Tatar-in
    Tatar-in 17 September 2015 07: 15 New
    I absolutely do not mind if my children will be coached by Monson or Jones, I’m an athlete myself and I know that if my child does not become a great athlete after training, then the door opens on which side to learn and the core will be with him. Better are such "settlers" than black cloaks with a loophole in front of their eyes, who can also teach children, just not what they need. And yes, I agree partly PR, but PR is playing into our hands.
    1. shonsu
      shonsu 17 September 2015 12: 20 New
      This is US PR in the first place.
  13. Seriomilander
    Seriomilander 17 September 2015 07: 17 New
    Or maybe everything is much simpler, and the matter is in taxes, because athletes and actors are not poor people, and taxes in Europe and the USA are different from ours? For example, in France there is a tax on TV (a payment once a year), which even pays to pay, but in our country, own it for free!)) ... For example ....
    1. SRC P-15
      SRC P-15 17 September 2015 09: 00 New
      Roy Jones himself told Putin that having a Russian passport, it will be easier for him to travel between countries - he will not need to apply for a visa, etc. So there is also a simple business calculation. Now, if all these "settlers" renounced their previous citizenship, then this would be a completely different "question".
      1. shonsu
        shonsu 17 September 2015 12: 17 New
        and that is why he chose the Crimea for living? zone under us sanctions. complete nonsense.
    2. shonsu
      shonsu 17 September 2015 12: 18 New
      a distinctive feature of our people is not to look at their own benefit, but to consider someone else's. why? hi from the USSR? )
  14. bionik
    bionik 17 September 2015 07: 35 New
    It's all show off, it's like putting on a T-shirt from Putin and wherever in Washington. Look at who sympathizes and applies for R. G. these are world-famous sportsmen and sharks, Roy Jones, Jeff Monson, Depardieu, Stephen Seagal , Mickey Rourke, Fred Durst, Stephen Tyler, Sami Naseri and others, if ordinary Americans would ask R.G. that’s another matter, and so it’s all PR.
    1. Stirbjorn
      Stirbjorn 17 September 2015 09: 07 New
      Nobody will write to you about ordinary Americans
  15. Naiman
    Naiman 17 September 2015 07: 44 New
    I may be a little wrong, but pricking Motherland on her foot is not comme il faut. I'm jarring. Let there, wears a T-shirt. Such things are pricked on the chest! Under the heart. I don’t know, I didn’t like this action
  16. PValery53
    PValery53 17 September 2015 07: 50 New
    Although Monson has a too brutal appearance, his soul gravitates toward Russia. DostOin (Russian citizenship).
  17. Woolfy
    Woolfy 17 September 2015 08: 24 New
    Not everything is as rosy as the author described. But everything is absolutely nice
  18. Pagan
    Pagan 17 September 2015 08: 49 New
    Citizenship of Russia should be a privilege. And we trade like a bunch of radishes in the bazaar. For all these actors, athletes, it's just PR, and we drool with pride
    1. SPACE59
      SPACE59 17 September 2015 11: 14 New
      Take Monson for example, he started talking about his sympathies for Russia quite a long time ago, has good relations with Yamelyanenko, and Fedor is a worthy person and I think he understands people. So in this case, PR has nothing to do with it.
      Depardieu, in my opinion, did not immediately conceal that he received citizenship for the sake of more modest taxation. And here the matter seems to be not in PR.
    2. shonsu
      shonsu 17 September 2015 12: 13 New
      a distinctive feature of our people is not to look at their own benefit, but to consider someone else's. why? hi from the USSR? )
  19. evil partisan
    evil partisan 17 September 2015 09: 11 New
    Monson, Roy Jones - this, of course, is good, but it's more PR. But now, almost in large numbers, promising athletes of Olympic sports are fleeing quite a bit from Ukraine to Russia. Why doesn’t anyone write about this? I am still surprised: how can they maintain a fairly high level of sport there in Ukraine? Although ... Sport of the highest achievements is also a showcase of the country's success. For the sake of this, money is not a pity. Well, or almost not a pity. Well, or very sorry, but it is necessary ... sad
  20. YohanPalych
    YohanPalych 17 September 2015 10: 06 New
  21. Kirk
    Kirk 17 September 2015 10: 32 New
    Monsou - respect and respect, I have been following his career for a long time. PR is not forbidden to anyone, but Monson does not need this.
  22. Pak_c_TonopoM
    Pak_c_TonopoM 17 September 2015 10: 38 New
    Great job. Even if it is a business project, PR, etc. as you say, then think about why not the citizenship of England, Germany, etc. This means this delicate calculation, involving them for the development of Russian sports. Plus anti-promotion of Western agitation. An excellent move by our authorities.
    1. dmb
      dmb 17 September 2015 13: 00 New
      And you do not assume that in England, Germany, etc. they are simply not needed by anyone and are not interesting? And here the next Udmurt or Chechen “master” not only gives a fur coat from a gentleman’s shoulder, but also gives an apartment. Particularly loud “patriots” I would like to ask what is the name of the person who defended, defended the honor of his country, put his hand to the tit under her anthem, and when the more capable and young came, he suddenly “burned with love” for a completely different country. Personally, I (apparently due to improper education) have no decent words for such.
  23. sieras
    sieras 17 September 2015 11: 07 New
    I'm sorry I'm not an athlete. also would apply for citizenship.
  24. Kaluzhanin
    Kaluzhanin 17 September 2015 11: 13 New
    What's the catch? I personally do not understand why the famous / eminent citizens of Europe and America needed Russian citizenship. PR? In the third / fifth tribe Russian? Loves, respects Russia? All this is somehow sweet, in my opinion. I can't believe it. So Gerard Depardieu immediately said, if my memory serves me, that in France taxes are high, and so he dumped. But these actors / athletes from what come to us? If I know correctly, then with US law you won’t run away from taxes, they will find and put them in prison. So they should have another benefit, again, the American exchange program? Sports schools will open in Russia - well, we will take our children there - well. Where will the schools be? In Moscow, in St. Petersburg, and how many schools will open in Norilsk?
    1. Nasty
      Nasty 17 September 2015 23: 35 New
      PR, not PR ... everything that goes to Russia’s favor is bad, right? In Norilsk, Kirov, schools will not open, yes. But there will be. No matter where. The main thing is in Russia! And imagine, Ivan Ivanovich Ivanov, representative of the Russian Boxing School Roy Jones :). Ahrenitelno!
  25. Burivad
    Burivad 17 September 2015 11: 29 New
    I wonder if these comrades, having Russian citizenship, will begin to buy land ??? He obtained citizenship and bought his own land there, here and there ... Then he will need his brother, mother-in-law ... and they will probably have money for such a thing. Or maybe the homeland will help if it’s not enough for a couple of areas.
  26. shonsu
    shonsu 17 September 2015 12: 02 New
    and why do not deprive citizenship of people like Gaidar, who pour mud on Russia and all Russian?
  27. 35lisment35
    35lisment35 17 September 2015 13: 10 New
    Yes, everything is clear, they don’t do it out of love for Russia, but they’re doing their business here (I recall the income tax 13%)
  28. Grigorievich
    Grigorievich 17 September 2015 14: 21 New
    Quote: 35lisment35
    Yes, everything is clear, they don’t do it out of love for Russia, but they’re doing their business here (I recall the income tax 13%)

    So he will open his business with us, invest his money and pay taxes to us. For God's sake, let them come more, the country is big, everything will fit.
  29. Geser
    Geser 17 September 2015 14: 57 New
    On the one hand, it’s good that famous people get our citizenship, before it was hard to imagine. But still, our government forgets about ordinary people, our compatriots living abroad, who wish to return and become citizens of our country. Only now it is much more difficult for them to obtain our citizenship than for any celebrities and those who have a thick wallet. Yes, of course, ordinary people receiving citizenship do not do such an advertising campaign as celebrities, do not PR Russia. They fulfill the most important thing - they increase the demographic situation in our country. In general, the following rules should be added to obtaining citizenship: 1. To repeal the law on dual citizenship, if you receive a Russian passport, you must refuse the passport of another country. 2. For robbing Russia, insulting our country and taking any action against Russia to deprive Russian citizenship. It is worth abolishing dual citizenship - and many of those who have it will decide to refuse a Russian passport. This way you can identify unreliable people and get rid of them. I am sure that the whole pro-Western liberal party, many of which have long had dual or even triple citizenship, will decide to leave. So the air without them will be cleaner.
  30. Nasty
    Nasty 17 September 2015 23: 13 New
    Quote: Naiman
    I may be a little wrong, but pricking Motherland on her foot is not comme il faut. I'm jarring. Let there, wears a T-shirt. Such things are pricked on the chest! Under the heart. I don’t know, I didn’t like this action

    Probably, there was already the only free big place :). Exchange for "little things", apparently did not want to.
  31. forester
    forester 17 September 2015 23: 21 New
    These are people with a name and are recognizable all over the world and Russian citizenship is a delicious spit in the mug of an exceptional monkey
  32. CRASH
    CRASH 18 September 2015 00: 56 New
    Normal people, in line, stand for citizenship for 5 years, but then some shitty people did it in 1 day, where is the justice? Let's give them 20 room apartments in Chechnya, and choose them as governors. Sorry, but the stars of the 90s do not give a shit about Russia and others, when they were popular, but now no one writes about them, and they don’t need anyone, so why not do the same thing on the basis of "bad PR, PR" principle. Do you disagree? Where does Gerard Depardieu now live? That's right, not in Rush, not in Chechnya, he fled from the taxes of France, just like everyone else.
    Be proud, be proud of our blacks and French, they have accepted our citizenship, actresses, and not a single scientist of world renown has accepted our citizenship, think again of patriots, what are you proud of.
    1. Tatar-in
      Tatar-in 18 September 2015 08: 24 New
      What 5 years are you talking about? I was born in the USSR, by the will of "fate" in 90 I became a citizen of another state - Kazakhstan, decided to move to Russia, bought real estate, started working, for 4 months I received Russian citizenship in turn order. Maybe parasites and parasites get it for 5 years. Many from Ukraine came as refugees (I know because of the specifics of the work), within six months who wanted to receive citizenship, who do not want and so get in there.
      And if famous people come to receive citizenship, even at the sunset of a career, and they are not poor, and now they will pay taxes to our treasury, I do not mind at all ...
      1. Scraptor
        Scraptor 3 December 2015 23: 15 New
        Probably because you are not Russian.
  33. Reptiloid
    Reptiloid 18 September 2015 17: 52 New
    If foreigners, moreover with a name, go to us to P.M.Zh., then they set their country (---), and ours ++++ !! Let them go !!
  34. Sineva
    Sineva 18 September 2015 17: 57 New
    What are you proud of? The fact that every shushary was accused of Russian citizenship, and to his compatriots hell was biting?
    But how many Russians cost to receive it.
    Shame !!!
  35. Idiot
    Idiot 12 January 2016 19: 03 New
    I saw Monson at the Sochi railway station, he went to Krasnodar. Colorful man: October, rain dripping, all warmly dressed. And he stands on the platform in shorts and slippers, some jacket is slurred. I recognized him from the tattoo of a sickle and a hammer on his leg. He came over, said hello. I show my thumb, they say respect, Jeff. And he was not even surprised, he was smiling, he patted me on the shoulder. Then some guy led him to the carriage. In general, a very positive person.