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By birth

We drank for the queen / For our sacred house / For our English brothers / (We don’t understand each other) / We drank for the universe / (The stars will go down in the morning) / So we will drink - rightly and duty! / For those who were born here!

By birth

Here they are - the Anglo-Indian officers of the time of Kipling.

And it was so that once these lines were written by Rudyard Kipling in his poem “By the Right of Birth”, describing, in general, the typical and everyday scene for the British colonial troops: British officers sit and drink! Toasts are made and ... they regret that they were born here in India, that the breadwinners were their local, native women, that in the end it was difficult for them to understand their English brothers. Well - at one time Kipling experienced this for himself. In India, he was the Sahib Raddy, with whom the native servants wore like a written bag for his golden hair alone. His mother sent him to study in England, where, in a private British school, he was first whipped and then put in a corner. The boy got sick, he felt such a shock. In India, he could walk in the park and shout: “Out of the way, angry Ruddy is coming!” And here ?!

In Soviet times, Kipling was the “bard of British imperialism”, but if you think about it, he was a very clever and real patriot of his homeland, during the Anglo-Boer War he opened gyms and shooting clubs to prepare young Englishmen for his harsh military service. And it was just in the mouth of the officers of his poem Kipling put his vision of the problem of migrants: “The fathers carried their faith and labor to foreign lands. They submitted to him, but children are rightfully born here! ”

And today, the same problem arises here in Russia, and the problem is very acute. Some believe that migrants from the former republics of Central Asia are taking jobs away from Russians. Partly - yes, but this is only partly. Because the "aliens" are used in jobs that do not require high qualifications and, accordingly, low-paid. It would seem, well, they worked a little, got the money, some of them were returned back to the country's economy through illegal “giving” and extortion, and this seems to be even good. But the fact that it is good, it only seems that way!

At one time, the economy of the USSR rose to the workers of the GULAG. It was a cheap labor force that brought unprecedented wealth to the country - wood, ore, coal. They were not paid "northern", they did not build warm housing, they did not take oranges, but were fed with balanda, so the profit from their use reached hundreds of percent. No wonder the first serious crisis in our economy began precisely with the closure of the last GULAG camps. Instead of “slaves of conscience”, workers needed to be paid. And pay in full!

Today is about the same. The use of relatively cheap labor of migrants increases the rate of profit for employers, but not by increasing labor productivity and improving its quality, but solely by intensifying it. That is, it is as if, instead of a hydraulic hammer, we would beat scrap iron before smelting by means of a pig-iron woman, which would be lifted up by some people “from there” by the ropes.

That is, new technology in a number of industries and construction is not introduced, because migrants are invited for hard work. Finishing - yes, Russians work there. But in reality, we have more and more everything, as Mayakovsky wrote about it: “Black does the black work, white does the white work!” What is this racism? No - just the economy! In Spain, negros also work in the gardens, not the Spaniards themselves - I saw it with my own eyes. They sweep the streets in the resort villages too, and now the Spaniards clean storm sewers with the help of some clever car. But what will happen when those of the migrants who at least somehow take root here with us, the children begin to grow up? They have traditionally a lot of children. We can all see already many women walking in the streets of our cities in long dresses and embroidered trousers with wheelchairs, and there is one baby-baby in them, and some one or two more are traded next to them. By the way, in overpopulated India, which has already surpassed China in terms of population growth, there is only ... 2,47 child for one woman! Since in order to stabilize the population, it is necessary to have two children per family, it means that all this giant increase is accounted for only this small tail in 0,47! And now their women have this “tail” more than ours, therefore, children with a specific eye cut on the streets of our cities will have more and more time.

Again, there seems to be nothing wrong with that, but ... “by birth right here!” - this should not be forgotten, so in the end, they will tell you that they are Russians. Russians, whose mentality is such that they do not recognize the majority of Russian culture, do not know the Russian language, but ... they claim a better life than their parents! That is the problem, and every year it will be only sharper!

Today, the children of migrants in the same Moscow in those schools where there are more than 30% in their classes seriously affect the quality of education of Russian children. Teachers have no time to work with them according to the program, because the children of migrants do not speak Russian, and therefore half of what they are taught is not understood. The quality of education of the titular nation suffers, which means that more “black labor” will be needed, therefore, labor productivity will drop even more! But then, having somehow finished school, many of them - and why are we worse ?! - they will go to our universities and we will also have to teach them, because they pay, they are ready to pay for education, but they will not receive quality anyway, or we say, they will receive it, but not all.

In the United States, where, for example, some of my former students study, no one indulges them in poor knowledge of English: you don’t know the language - these are your problems, don’t learn. Since Soviet times, we have formed a very tolerant attitude towards foreign students, especially from countries "following the socialist path of development." Well, the student does not know the language well, and God bless him. Learn! The main thing is to pay for study. We are accustomed to “feed” the “fraternal peoples”, to help the “destitute”, seeing in this a manifestation of proletarian internationalism. In the end, the "farm ended", but the tolerance remains!

But now another problem has arisen: “generic tourism”. Yes, yes, do not laugh! Many women from the East in the last month of pregnancy come to us and give birth here. According to official data, in Moscow every fourth newborn is from Central Asia, in St. Petersburg every fifth. And many mummies are immediately refused, they get into orphanages, receive Russian citizenship, real estate - as well! So the increase in the birth rate, about which we talk so much, is by no means due to the Russians.

That is really going to Moscow to give birth to several hundred thousand women from Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan per year. Is free! Because this is our law! And why not use it? We are clean, doctors are good! And the fact that their women with tuberculosis end up in wards with ours is the cost of "production." And again, the data of the Moscow government suggests that 5 billion rubles from the budget is spent on medical aid to migrants, including for childbirth. And what do we end up with? Fatherlessness from orphanages, which is not socially adapted, and is good ... well, what serious can it do, just do a dirty job and still ... reproduce!

That is, friendship is friendship, and you need to take money from these countries for obstetric aid and in this way fill the budget losses!

Because the real problem today on the planet Earth is ONLY ONE, but very serious and terrible. No, this is not a global warming, not a global cooling and not the notorious aliens from space, who have taken on our appearance and live among us! This is an uncontrolled increase in the birth rate of the population of the planet, which has already exceeded 7 billion people and everything is growing and growing, first of all, at the expense of some countries in Asia and Africa. And it may happen, after all, that someday we will have the last mug of fresh water and the last fuel canister “for three” and ... what kind of “brotherly help” and tolerance will we then remember? No, then we will remember the “law of the jungle” and we will not get away from this if measures are not taken today! Ahead of us is “The Age of Hunger and Murder” - as Ivan Efremov wrote about this in his prophetic novel “The Hour of the Bull!”

By the way, the end of the poem at Kipling is very impressive: “We will stretch the cable from Orkney to Cape Horn / Forever and ever and this day / This is our land (and we make a tight knot) / This is our land (and we will take it with a loop) / We are the ones who was born here! "
Pay attention - a loop!
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  1. strelets
    strelets 25 September 2015 06: 50 New
    Definitely yes. Enough to feed those who do not even know the language, will not benefit society. They must be assimilated so that the next generation already considers themselves Russian.
    1. Bayonet
      Bayonet 25 September 2015 07: 05 New
      Quote: strelets
      They must be assimilated so that the next generation already considers themselves Russian.
      Assimilation (Latin assimilatio - assimilation) in sociology and ethnography is the loss by one part of society (or a whole ethnos) of their distinctive features and their replacement with those borrowed from another part (another ethnos). So the next generation will no longer be Russian, there will be no Asians - there will be some kind of Russians! request
      1. Nuar
        Nuar 25 September 2015 10: 20 New
        so what? Who now bears such Russian names as Svyatopolk, Slavomir, Miroslav, Peresvet? and how many people bear originally the Greek names Stepan, Barbara, Maxim, Vasily, Gregory, Eugene?

        What is wrong with assimilation?
        1. Bayonet
          Bayonet 25 September 2015 15: 00 New
          Quote: Nuar
          Who now bears such Russian names as Svyatopolk, Slavomir, Miroslav, Peresvet? and how many people bear originally the Greek names Stepan, Barbara, Maxim, Vasily, Gregory, Eugene?

          What is wrong with assimilation?

          I just don’t understand, where are the names and what does they have to do with assimilation? At least you call the Russian Lumumba - he will remain Russian, but if the father and mother are of different bloods, then this is another question. smile
          1. Nuar
            Nuar 25 September 2015 17: 31 New
            Dunce (no offense will be said). The “Russian worldview” of a person is determined by his upbringing, if you call the Russian Lumumba and tell him about the greatness of Gabon, why did you suddenly decide that he would be “Russian”?

            Quote: Bayonet
            I just don’t understand, where are the names and what does they have to do with assimilation?
            despite the fact that the community, now called Kievan Rus, was a feudal state, with pagan beliefs. Moreover, different for different tribes of the Slavs.

            When Russia accepted Orthodoxy, a nation was formed. The basis of the union was not vassalism, but a commitment to religion and nation. Cossacks already fought not for the prince, but for the Orthodox faith and the Russian land. And the change of names was not the cause, but was a consequence of the partial assimilation of ancient Russia with Byzantine culture.
            Quote: Bayonet
            Assimilation (Latin assimilatio - assimilation) ... - the loss by one part of society (or a whole ethnic group) of their distinctive features and their replacement with those borrowed from another part (another ethnic group)

            That is, religion has changed, the economy has changed. way (handicraft developed, God forbid, under the influence of the Byzantines), and yes - names changed, but listen to you like that it has absolutely nothing to do with it.

            In your first post, you write about some sort of Russians. So I ask. Why do you think this will be bad? Russian culture has absorbed a lot of good from many nationalities inhabiting Russia. And new people - can bring something good to the culture.

            But they must be assimilated, not to let migrants go, just so that they create hotbeds of tension.
            1. saygon66
              saygon66 25 September 2015 18: 14 New
              - The trouble with the “Russians” (What a nasty thing!) Is that people who grew up in a different cultural environment never (I say this as a person born, raised, and lived in Central Asia), can never completely merge with the indigenous population ... to I’m thin, or for good - I don’t know ... but never! Kipling writes about these people - the British, the "white sahibs" - for the Indians, in the metropolis they became people, if not of the second grade, then exotics - for sure! Tarzans and Mowgli ... The British from the former colonies, the "pied noar", the Russians from the former republics of the Union - they all bear the stamp of a foreign culture ...
              - Particles of this culture are like smallpox: a person will be ill, but traces will remain for life ...
              1. kalibr
                25 September 2015 18: 45 New
                You wrote it well about smallpox, very clearly!
                1. saygon66
                  saygon66 25 September 2015 19: 11 New
                  - Surprisingly, there are still people who sacredly believe in internationalism! America is no longer a "melting pot" of peoples, there are no Union republics, Europe is choking on a "multicultural culture," "Russian with Chinese are brothers forever!"? recourse
                  _ "When a Stranger knocks on my gate
                  He is angry or kind - I do not understand in any way
                  And how many love in his heart?
                  And how many pepper in his blood?
                  And God that grandfather commanded him
                  Does he honor today - I don’t understand!
                  - Father told me - and I believe my father!
                  The end must match the end ...
                  Let there be grapes from a single vine!
                  Let all the vegetables from the related ridges be!
                  Live, well, children, on sinful earth
                  As long as there is bread and wine on the table! "
                  R. Kipling.
            2. The comment was deleted.
            3. Bayonet
              Bayonet 25 September 2015 18: 21 New
              Quote: Nuar

              So BALBES and no offense? Well then you are a fool (no offense will be said)
              Quote: Nuar
              In your first post, you write about some sort of Russians.

              Well, here you are straining with humor, meaning something blond with slanting eyes - the result of the assimilation of Asians. hi
      2. kalibr
        25 September 2015 17: 56 New
        Oh, they put something down to you again ... Well, okay ... And what for you?
        1. Bayonet
          Bayonet 25 September 2015 18: 22 New
          Quote: kalibr
          Oh, they put something down to you again ... Well, okay ... And what for you?

          For company! smile
  2. parusnik
    parusnik 25 September 2015 07: 27 New
    In Soviet times, Kipling was the "bard of British imperialism."... Why was he he remained this bard .. No doubt, the bard is good ..
  3. inkass_98
    inkass_98 25 September 2015 07: 44 New
    During the change of orientation from the worldwide brotherhood to the survival of their own nation, Kipling becomes very native and understandable. "The White Burden" has not been canceled, take the very Afghanistan, tired of wars. When our veterans came there and traveled around the places of their service and battles, local saxauls, remembering the real actions of the Shuravi, and not Amer’s tales, asked - what, did you return? Do you start building schools and hospitals again?
    As for migrants, I can say the following: only a Russian map can help in the repatriation of Slavs to their homeland. I understand that it’s hard to live in the countries of Central Asia, but we don’t need their drugs or illnesses, which we forgot about back in the days of the USSR. And quotas for work and permanent residence should be strict. The migration service must simply be forcefully raped for each case of illegal granting of citizenship to migrants. And it comes to the ridiculous: me and my children, who never left the country, or even the region for the purpose of living, had to prove that I was a Russian citizen, my wife was not given a passport for two months when exchanging from Soviet to Russian for a far-fetched reason, and some Ashot / Kanat with a bundle of dough, who arrived in Russia two days ago, receives citizenship in two days.
    Z.Y. The other day I will change my passport, look at this circus, how much I will have to prove that I am not a Papuan.
    1. Kilo-11
      Kilo-11 25 September 2015 13: 03 New
      If it’s not difficult, be sure to share how the passport change took place, thanks earlier. The FMS should not just “force” it, but put officials of this service for the longest possible time for each case of selling the passport of the city of the Russian Federation to representatives of the countries of Central Asia and the Caucasus. the head of the Federal Migration Service, Mr. K. Romodanovsky / has been in office for 10 years / he has been reporting at a government meeting; etc. Mr. official is lying, my friends had difficulty, naturally, for taking bribes, to participate in this program, we thought it would speed up citizenship, but alas, citizenship is only in 5 years in the usual way. people, and not Ashot / Kanat, received a passport of the city of the Russian Federation, moreover, as soon as possible. By the way, another athlete from the United States, apparently, as soon as possible will become the city of the Russian Federation. But the Russian people are from Donbass, from Central Asia and the Caucasus at best receive a residence permit. Not fair at least!
  4. Jääkorppi
    Jääkorppi 25 September 2015 07: 55 New
    Gulag Archipelago? Enough of writing fables already.
    1. Severomor
      Severomor 25 September 2015 10: 51 New
      Quote: JääKorppi
      Enough of writing fables already.

      It also caught my eye .... Bullshit of course, but the grain was thrown and sprouted
      At one time, the Soviet economy rose to the workers of the Gulag.

      no numbers, no links ... so ... the economy has risen on convicts and that’s it !!!!
      1. kalibr
        25 September 2015 17: 17 New
        All figures and references in serious scientific journals - Questions of history, Homeland. You do not read them? But in vain, acquaintance with archival material is a useful thing.
        1. dimosh
          dimosh 26 September 2015 02: 10 New
          The economy of the USSR in Stalin's times grew by 10-20 percent per year. Question: if it is so easy to disperse the economy at the expense of the slave labor of agricultural enterprises, then why will the United States not? Some prisoners will have more of it today than Stalin. And prisons are all private, interested in profits. And the economy is a mess. But it would seem - cut the prison economy to the fullest, and get a 20-percent increase in GDP every year. But no.
          Or did Stalin somehow use the wrong convicts, or are you really stupid?
          By the way, does the Chinese economy also eat at the expense of prisoners?
          How many questions, how many questions ...
          1. Cat man null
            Cat man null 26 September 2015 02: 27 New
            Quote: dimosh
            The economy of the USSR in Stalin's times grew by 10-20 percent per year

            Quote: Attributed to Churchill
            Stalin accepted Russia with a plow, and left - with an atomic bomb

            Perhaps the point is precisely that from the “plow” to the “atomic bomb” it is still easier to grow than from the “lack of own electronic components” to “the availability of our own, competitive in the world market ..."

            At the same time, note that these components can be stupidly bought, while stupidly sold oil, for example wink

            Z / to can build a railway, dig a canal, cut down a forest. This is not in demand now, full of technology that makes it faster and better.

            Z / to can not work in high-tech industries. That is why your proposal to the Americans .. will not work.

          2. kalibr
            26 September 2015 09: 35 New
            Dmitry! Let's start from the end. The Chinese economy is fattening through REM. American convicts are not used on logging - there’s nothing to blame, on coal mining - they don’t mine, they don’t dig channels. Copper, zinc, and lead are not mined. Cheap labor - tanned scruffs and sweaty backs - Puerto Ricans and Mexicans. And yet another time - human rights, a high level of automation. At that time it was different.
  5. Pissarro
    Pissarro 25 September 2015 09: 08 New
    The author of the traditional Russophobic tale about the Gulag in the article for what purpose stuck it incomprehensibly.
    In addition, the thesis that a Central Asian refusenik in a Russian orphanage threatens our culture is ridiculous, as he is not a bearer of his culture, alien to Russian. The cultural level of a one-month-old Central Asian in our orphanage is zero and as a result he will not be another culture other than ours
    1. dmb
      dmb 25 September 2015 09: 52 New
      With all my rejection of the author’s life position. in this case, he is partly right. The labor of prisoners was really used quite widely, and not admitting it means lying to oneself. But the author was "forged" from the "Communists" into liberals. exactly in the 1991 year (well, when the history of the Communist Party of the Communist Party was ceased to be taught) now it simply cannot write differently, and therefore it is silent about the real labor enthusiasm that allowed for industrialization and reduces everything to the Gulag. Actually, this "reforging" led the author to the camp of gentlemen who paint the "bright future of mankind" exclusively from the perspective of theorists, whose ideas were fueled by the notorious Adolf Aloizovich and his associates. They even tried to translate these ideas into a practical plane, for which most of them actually hung. But the author of Efremov completely dragged in vain. Dear Ivan Antonovich, he was a convinced communist, and in The Bull Hour he writes about the society that exists today, and unlike socialism. according to Mr. Shpakovsky is more progressive.
      1. kalibr
        25 September 2015 17: 30 New
        Well it’s good that at least "partly"! Now you still have to read the academic journal Voprosy istorii - there are links to archives for every figure and fact and the "Homeland" - there you can find out in detail how much zinc, copper, coal ... gold, timber, was "raised" and what this contributed to the economy of the USSR. And then it will be "partly". In "Bull Hour" a society is written which, fortunately, does not yet exist! But it may well appear ... soon! It matters only what he wrote, and whether he was a communist or not, in this case it does not matter.
        1. dmb
          dmb 25 September 2015 18: 51 New
          Would you be so kind as to name the articles in the academic journal you mention that refute my comment. “Academicians a la Pivovarov, please do not mention because of really confirmed doubts about their objectivity, and high academic degrees, too. Efremov in the same and other works writes not only about the society of the ideological scholars on Tormans, but also the victorious communist society on Earth, or do you see capitalism in it based on the victims of the Unified State Examination who you read, reading only comics?
          1. kalibr
            25 September 2015 20: 01 New
            Who told you that they read only comics? We conducted a study in a grammar school in Penza and I was surprised what different books students read. Tech students read less, yes, but not just comics, by no means. About the victorious communist society on Earth, let's not, huh? And I will not call you articles. See for yourself! I didn’t hire a teacher. Under each article it’s indicated who, where. I did not even hear about Pivovarov and who he does not know. It seems that in Voprosy istorii I did not meet this surname. And I do not refute your comment at all. I wrote that you learn more - that's all. "Questions of history" and "Homeland". And here it is customary to refer more and more to livjornels and u-tube. This is not serious.
    2. kalibr
      25 September 2015 17: 18 New
      You want to say that highly educated and cultured people come out of modern orphanages? Do you wish your daughter such a husband?
    3. Down House
      Down House 25 September 2015 22: 37 New
      Quote: Pissarro
      The author of the traditional Russophobic tale about the Gulag in the article for what purpose stuck it incomprehensibly.

      Apparently, everything was written for her sake!
  6. Riv
    Riv 25 September 2015 10: 04 New
    In many ways, the author is right, but far from everything. In the 20s, the problem of street children was so acute that it had to be solved with the help of the Cheka. That is, an essentially punitive body with unlimited powers. Homeless children were collected in boarding schools, they grew up and turned into quite normal workers and employees. After the Great Patriotic War, too, orphans remained unmeasured. They were brought up, educated. One of the founders of the city in which I live grew up in an orphanage.
    That is, the problem is solved. In fact, it is not even a problem, if solved in a Soviet way.

    And nonsense about the Gulag ... Well, this is not being treated. :)))
    1. kalibr
      25 September 2015 17: 23 New
      You want to say that the White Sea-Baltic Canal did not dig 800 thousand convicts? Many were even awarded for their hard work and prematurely released ... But all the same, convicts.
      1. Uncle VasyaSayapin
        Uncle VasyaSayapin 25 September 2015 18: 21 New
        Well, yes, how would the economy develop without the White Sea Canal? It is still the basis of the Russian economy. Okay, they would write DneproGES, Magnitogorsk, Kharkov, Chelyabinsk, Stalingrad, Kirov Tractor, Nizhny Novgorod, Yaroslavl Automobile, Stalin Plant. And then Belomorkanal. If not for the paparos, who would have remembered him.
        1. kalibr
          25 September 2015 18: 50 New
          Eight hundred thousand of which, according to official figures, two hundred died ... They remembered! And then its significance was great at that time, otherwise they would not have been built, right? Then it became less, but it’s not about that, right?
      2. Bayonet
        Bayonet 25 September 2015 18: 45 New
        Quote: kalibr
        You want to say that the White Sea-Baltic Canal did not dig 800 thousand convicts?

        And the Volga-Don - exclusively "Komsomol"! smile
        If the construction of the White Sea-Baltic Canal and the Moscow Canal was carried out exclusively by prisoners, the Volga-Don Canal was declared to the whole world as the All-Union Stalinist Komsomol shock building. Three categories of builders took part in the construction of the canal - German prisoners, Soviet prisoners and civilian employees. In addition to this, troops were also involved.
        During the construction of the canal, about one hundred and sixty thousand people passed through Soviet prisoners. They were divided into two categories - political and criminals. Political people did not enjoy any privileges, while criminals spent a day serving three days for the fulfillment of the plan at one hundred fifty percent, a day for two - at the completion of one hundred and twenty percent.
        German prisoners of war on the canal were fed better than Soviet prisoners.
        The hardships of the canal construction are already evidenced by the following fact: each construction area had its own cemetery. And these cemeteries were by no means empty.
        Once my neighbor Uncle Kolya (now deceased) talked a lot about this "Komsomol construction", he worked there on a dredger. hi
      3. Severomor
        Severomor 28 September 2015 10: 28 New
        Quote: kalibr
        You want to say that the White Sea-Baltic Canal did not dig 800 thousand convicts?

        As always, the magic of large numbers. The more the more "more truthful." More than 126 thousand at the same time did not find. Killed about 13 thousand. Of course this is also a tragedy, but not 200000. Probably you have other sources.

        Threat. Yes, and also the number of convicts when the canal was built
        1930 - 179 000
        1931 - 212 000
        1932 - 268 500
        1933 - 334 300
        ..... almost a million in total))), but that's all, and the sample for 4 years, the channel was built 2 !!!
  7. bandabas
    bandabas 25 September 2015 10: 12 New
    But Rudyard Kipling became a classic. Enough "The Jungle Book" and "Fairy Tales just like that." Of course, I did not read the rest. Childhood. And in my memory a lot of phrases from Soviet cartoons like - "And we will go to the North. And when we return, there will be nobody. Neither there will be a frog, nor its bones. Hehehehe ..." and of course- "We are one blood, you and me. " But now I’ll try to miss the gap, I’m interested.
    1. Pissarro
      Pissarro 25 September 2015 12: 56 New
      Reading Kipling it can be seen, for example, that the eternal Russian threat as a scarecrow for the West in the 19th century did not differ from the 20th and 21st centuries. Kipling laughed at this in a Ballad about a royal joke
      Forgotten by God, impatiently embraced
      Vali Dad rode back to the capital,
      To full Durbar, where the whole courtyard was,
      And the Tsar had a conversation with the Leader of the War.
      He pushed a thick crowd with his shoulder
      And what I heard about, told about that.
      Red Leader smiled - neither give nor take
      So mother laughs at the babble of her son,
      But the one who laughed laughed in vain
      Before the face of the King, dark as death.
      It’s not good when you come to Durbar
      Vote about the war, as if a fire.
      To a blossoming quince on an old shaft
      He took him away and said there
      "They will praise you again and again,
      As long as steel follows blood
      Russian comes with a war ahead.
      You are careful. So you wait!
      See that you don't fall asleep on the tree
      Your guard will be short-lived.
      Russian is coming, you say, on us.
      He will probably be here in an hour.
      Wait, guard! And you envy the guests
      Call my people louder. "

      Is it decent, is it wise, so I repeat
      To speak of his enemies to the King?
      The guard, so that he does not run away, guards
      Twenty bayonets - around the trunk.
      And the color fell like snowflakes, white
      When, with a shudder, he looked down.
      And by the will of God - he is great alone! -
      Seven days over fate he was master.
      Then he went mad; according to people
      He hopped a bear among the branches
      And then a sloth, and fell down,
      And, moaning, the bat hung.
      A rope loosened around the arm
      He fell, and his bayonets caught him.
      Is it decent, is it wise, so I repeat
      About the enemies of the King to speak to the King?
      We know that Heaven and Hell are hidden
      But the gaze does not penetrate the soul of the King.
      Who heard of gray overcoats, friend?
      When the night goes, everything is gray around.
      Great things, two as one:
      Firstly, Love, secondly, War,
      But the end of the war was lost in blood -
      My heart, let's talk about Love!
    2. kalibr
      25 September 2015 17: 53 New
      Be sure to read his KIM novel. This is a book "about scouts" and what !!!
  8. Taoist
    Taoist 25 September 2015 10: 35 New
    Well, Kipling is known as the "old lady". But in fact, to create an empire over which the sun did not set, it was necessary to have both will and courage ...

    A little out of the abyss appeared the vastness of the earth
    (“That's right!” Said the sapper),
    Lord God created the Engineer
    Her Majesty's Engineering Troops
    With the content and rank of Minesweeper.

    And when there was a flood and a fierce monsoon,
    This is Noah designed the first pontoon
    According to the engineer’s drawing
    Her Majesty's Engineering Troops
    With the content and rank of Minesweeper.

    Having worked in the damp, we burn the sun,
    Old Noah became hopped, which wouldn’t be with him,
    If he lived among engineers
    Her Majesty's Engineering Troops
    With the content and rank of Minesweeper.

    And when there was a collapse with the Tower of Babel,
    It was dexterous citizens in their hands,
    And not in the hands of an engineer
    Her Majesty's Engineering Troops
    With the content and rank of Minesweeper.

    And when the battle was under the hill of the Jews,
    The son of Navinin ordered the sun: "Stop!"
    Because he was a captain
    Her Majesty's Engineering Troops
    With the content and rank of Minesweeper.

    Stopped laying straw in the brick -
    Our part was the first to do it,
    This is the business of gentlemen of engineers
    Her Majesty's Engineering Troops
    With the content and rank of Minesweeper.

    Because since then, from war to war
    The pages of history are full of us,
    From the very first lines - engineers
    Her Majesty's Engineering Troops
    With the content and rank of Minesweeper.

    We always pave roads for them,
    Through the thicket of the jungle we are driving trains
    According to the custom of the engineer
    Her Majesty's Engineering Troops
    With the content and rank of Minesweeper.

    With a land mine and a mine they send us forward
    And the fact that the infantry attack takes
    Engineers will explode first
    Her Majesty's Engineering Troops
    With the content and rank of Minesweeper.

    With a pick and a spade they send us back
    Digging trenches for those brigades
    What did the engineers call
    Her Majesty's Engineering Troops
    With the content and rank of Minesweeper.

    Fully laid out under guard working,
    We knead mud for these heathens,
    And then they send engineers to the rear
    Her Majesty's Engineering Troops
    With the content and rank of Minesweeper.

    We dry the swamp, blow the cliff
    And they are flying downhill from paths
    And inform the engineer
    Her Majesty's Engineering Troops
    With the content and rank of Minesweeper.

    We build them wells, bridges, hearths,
    Telegraphs - and enemies cut the wire,
    And for this they scold the engineer
    Her Majesty's Engineering Troops
    With the content and rank of Minesweeper.

    And when we return and there will be peace
    Out of envy, they will not decorate apartments,
    Designed for engineers
    Her Majesty's Engineering Troops
    With the content and rank of Minesweeper.

    We build barracks for them, they shout,
    That the colonel is a sectarian, extravagant and married,
    Offending us engineers
    Her Majesty's Engineering Troops
    With the content and rank of Minesweeper.

    There is no gratitude in them from time immemorial,
    The stronger our help, the more they
    Harassing us engineers
    Her Majesty's Engineering Troops
    With the content and rank of Minesweeper.

    What infantry? Man holding a rifle!
    What about cavalry? So horse racing!
    It's all about engineers alone
    Her Majesty's Engineering Troops
    With the content and rank of Minesweeper.

    Artillery is too heavy
    Only we alone do business
    Because we are engineers
    Her Majesty's Engineering Troops
    With the content and rank of Minesweeper.

    No doubt, you won’t give sniffs for others
    (“That's right!” Minesweeper said)
    And only one case is good - this is ours,
    Our name is gentlemen, engineers
    Her Majesty's Engineering Troops
    With the content and rank of Minesweeper.
    1. kalibr
      25 September 2015 18: 51 New
      I also like this poem by sappers. And also the Code of Ethics.
      1. saygon66
        saygon66 25 September 2015 19: 25 New
        - Well, here is Mary Gloucester!
    2. saygon66
      saygon66 25 September 2015 20: 04 New
      - "Mary’s children live easily - to the credit they were born good ...
      And the children of Martha went to work - and the heart, which is alien to peace ... "
      R. Kipling, "Children of Martha"
  9. iouris
    iouris 25 September 2015 12: 20 New
    As in the English film: the beginning is intriguing, there is no end. The problem is not the empire, but the empire. The USSR existed because private ownership of the means of production and the exploitation of man by man was prohibited. Therefore, today many do not understand how these soldiers from Central Asia, and even such a Chechen as General Dudaev, could fight in Afghanistan with their "co-religionists." In fact, the Soviet Army in Afghanistan did not solve (at least directly) the tasks set by transnational corporations. This Afghans could only appreciate after the arrival of the United States and its allies. The problems began not by chance when the USSR began to transform into a “normal democratic state” based on private property, which, however, first had to be captured and retained (and survived).
    Religious and national contradictions are based on the exploitation of man by man, which, thanks to the achievements of modern "scientific management", is brought to the limit of the possible.
  10. EvilLion
    EvilLion 25 September 2015 14: 13 New
    At one time, the economy of the USSR rose to the workers of the Gulag. It was a cheap labor that brought the country unheard of wealth - wood, ore, coal.

    You can not read further, the clinical author does not own the slightest information about the Gulag economy and about history in general.
    1. kalibr
      25 September 2015 17: 32 New
      That is, wood, ore and coal were not mined there? And then what was mined there, enlighten ...
    2. kalibr
      25 September 2015 20: 04 New
      Do you seem to write about airplanes? And already judge "about history in general"?
  11. The comment was deleted.
  12. timyr
    timyr 25 September 2015 15: 25 New
    Russia can exist as long as it accepts strangers, making them its own. On the example of Rome you can see. While the Romans accepted everyone: Italics, Gauls, Spaniards making of them Romans giving citizenship, Rome stood. As the Romans began to yell that the Chechens, the Goths, were pinching us there. So Rome ended. The walls will not hold strangers. It is necessary to cross the borders and all who are inside their own.
    1. saygon66
      saygon66 25 September 2015 18: 41 New
      - Let me disagree with you ... Rome was such as long as the Citizens of Rome and all the rest existed! The first was something to be proud of and what to fight for, the rest was something to strive for ... Rome collapsed under the pressure of barbarians (I almost wrote refugees! smile ) precisely thanks to the distribution of imperial citizenship - he would have disappeared without war, being dissolved in the hordes is ready, etc.
      1. kalibr
        25 September 2015 18: 59 New
        Rome collapsed because the Romans drank wine from lead vessels, water from lead pipes (plumbing) and adored the metallic color of their hair - combed with lead combs! In the found bones of lead in 10-15 times more than normal, And in soft tissues how much was it? And lead poisoning primarily affects the reproductive organs. "Women do not give birth to children," wrote Roman historians, but they simply could not! And the moment came when Rome simply had no one to defend!
        1. saygon66
          saygon66 25 September 2015 19: 17 New
          - Kli-ni-ka! How disgusting it is! What a gray prose of life! What an abomination of everyday life! Great Rome fell victim to its gastronomic addictions! crying Choke on! Immediately!
          1. kalibr
            25 September 2015 20: 07 New
            You understand that it was not me who invented it, although, yes, it sounds ... more than corny! And the samurai degenerated because of ... a white mercury-containing cream that their women smeared to have white skin on their faces and chests. Samurai fed their children themselves ... babies licked their whitewash with their mother’s milk and gradually degenerated! It is proved!
  13. colotun
    colotun 25 September 2015 15: 36 New
    The songs of our regiment died down, sonorous hooves were knocked out, the bottom of the bowler was punched in bullets, the young market nurse was killed. There are few of us left - we are our pain. There are few of us and not many enemies. We are alive as long as the frontal goal, and perish the paradise road. Hands on the shutter - head in longing, but the soul has already taken off like. Why do we write with blood in the sand? Our letters are not needed by Nature. Sleep yourself brothers, everything will return again, everything should be repeated in nature - and words and tears, and love and blood, time will not be reconciled. (The authorship of the words in this famous Okudzhava song is attributed to R. Kipling)
    ALEA IACTA EST 25 September 2015 19: 02 New
    Relocating to Russia should be allowed only by the best. Russia does not need hands, but brains!
  15. saygon66
    saygon66 25 September 2015 19: 39 New
    When the funeral patrol leaves
    And the kites will fly away
    Comes about dead take a report
    Wise hyenas squad.
    For what he died and how he lived -
    They don’t care.
    Get to the meat, bones and veins
    They need it while it's dark.
    The war has prepared a feast for them,
    Where you can eat without interference.
    Of all the defenseless creatures of the earth
    Dead man is defenseless all.
    butts, stinks of aphids,
    The child kicks.
    But the poor dead soldier of the king
    Can not raise his hands.
    Hyenas stick their fangs in the sand
    And champ and growl.
    And now soldier’s shoes
    Towards the moon stick out.
    So he came into the light, soldier, -
    No friends, no one.
    Some hooded eyes stare
    Into his empty pupils.
    Hyenas and cowards and brave men
    They chew without any fancy,
    But they do not blur the names of the dead:
    This is the business of people.
    1. kalibr
      25 September 2015 20: 10 New
      ... And at sunset, young John repeats the same morality:
      beware you should hang in red uniforms
      and sweet-headed old people, no less dangerous!

      Kipling wrote good poems, they themselves lie on the tongue!
      1. saygon66
        saygon66 25 September 2015 20: 38 New
        - Really! For a long time I believed that the words
        For each question - a definite answer:
        "We have a machine gun - but they don’t have it ..."
        belong to him, but alas!
        1. kalibr
          25 September 2015 20: 47 New
          "Kim" novel, "Kim" read, if not read ... Have great fun!