Kiev gets rid of the last claim to greatness

Kiev gets rid of the last claim to greatnessThe missile cruiser "Ukraine" was the last sign that put Ukraine itself in a row of highly technologically advanced states. This ambitious project has once indulged the aspirations of those who dream of a “new Slavic empire” that challenges Muscovy. There is no more money for these ambitions, and the cruiser’s fate is determined.

Another attempt to sell the long-suffering missile cruiser “Ukraine” more closely resembles the agony of the shipbuilding industry — the former pride and present headache of the Ukrainian state, which during all the years of independence has failed to give its own mind to the great heritage of the USSR.

"Broken piece"

In early September, the Ukrainian Navy’s online mouthpiece “Fleet of Ukraine” published an interview with its commander, Vice Admiral Sergey Gayduk, in which he shared the ministry’s plans for the fate of the main naval "Long-term construction" of the country - the missile cruiser "Ukraine". Once it took Soviet specialists only six years to build this miracle of military engineering. But for the Ukrainian statesmen and a quarter of a century it was not enough to save the Nikolaev shipbuilders from the need to observe how the fruit of their labors rusted and decrepit at the factory berth. Despite the fact that huge amounts of budget funds were spent on the creation and subsequent maintenance of the ship.
Vice-Admiral Haiduk, deciding not to be original, repeated the thesis that had been previously heard about the need to sell this still-floating “suitcase without a handle”. “The cruiser“ Ukraine ”is a piece broken off from the state,” said the commander of the Ukrainian navy, explaining his words by saying that 80% of ship armament (as well as navigation equipment) are of Russian origin, while in Ukraine nothing like produced. In addition, even in the case of the completion of “Ukraine”, the fleet’s modest capabilities are not capable of ensuring the deployment of a ship of this class — it needs an escort group of several frigates or destroyers. After the loss of the Crimea, Haiduk’s office does not have the required infrastructure of the base.

Indeed, even the current militarized Ukraine is too tough for this “broken piece” with a displacement of 11 500 tons, equipped with the Fort anti-aircraft missile system (naval analogue of the land-based C-300), the anti-ship missile complex “Basalt”, five-pipe torpedo tubes, XNUM - millimeter artillery systems of the main caliber and other "lethal force". By and large, it is not needed for Russia either - due to the absence of those tasks for which the cruiser was created during Soviet times, and because of obsolescence (after all, the project has been for more than 130 years). Not to mention the fact that, in the present state of Russian-Ukrainian relations, such a transaction is in principle impossible.

Cruiser of bad luck

The “Ukraine” missile cruiser turned out to be the most unlucky among its “brothers” on the 1164 Atlant project - the Moscow (Black Sea Fleet), Varyag (Pacific Fleet) and Dmitry Ustinov (North Fleet) cruisers that were part of the Russian Navy. created to combat enemy aircraft carrier units, attacking coastal targets and providing air defense of the ships' connections.

From the very beginning, it didn’t work with identification: it was pledged in 1984 in Nikolaev at the Shipbuilding Plant named after N. 61 of the Communard as “Komsomol member” (the namesake of the K-278 nuclear submarine that drowned in the Norwegian Sea in April 1989), after a couple of years he was given the name Admiral Lobov right on the stocks. Interestingly, in the same factory, the same type of cruiser Admiral Navy Lobov, named after Semyon Lobov, a long-time commander of the Northern Fleet (which the ship entered after it was built), was launched at the same plant. But after the death of USSR Defense Minister Dmitry Ustinov, the Politburo perpetuated his memory at the expense of others simply by renaming "Admiral Fleet Lobov" to "Dmitry Ustinov." The name of Lobov was ordered to "drag on" the next ship of the 1982 project.

In the 1993 year, after the division of the Black Sea Fleet, the new “Admiral of the Fleet Lobov” became Ukrainian property. Not yet completed (75% readiness with 600 million dollars spent on building), it awakens delusions of grandeur among the first persons of the state, who see it as the invincible Navy flagship. After a categorical refusal to offer the Russian side to sell it at a reasonable price, the ship is once again renamed, predictably calling it “Ukraine”, after which the next decade will be marked by unsuccessful attempts to make the fairy tale come true.

Despite ambitious plans, the project is frozen until 1998 due to lack of funding. Then President Leonid Kuchma on the eve of the presidential elections resumes completion, bringing the level of readiness to 95%. In his presence, the flag of the Naval Forces of Ukraine was hoisted above the ship, and the first crew began to keep the watch on board (for all the following years it will be disbanded and reassembled several times). From that day on, Ukrainian political heavyweights became the rule of good form to visit “Ukraine”, promising during their visits her soon joining the battle formation. But the unhappy Karma of the cruiser did its job: every prime minister or defense minister resigned very quickly after being on his deck.

Budget Killer

By the beginning of the two thousandth the wrath of maritime rule had ceased to obscure the heads of the captains of Ukrainian statehood. Soberly assessing their place in the global world, they had to realize that Kiev not only could not afford it, but simply had no reason to have such a toy on its contents. The “aircraft carrier killer” (as they once christened the “graduate” of the 1164 project) turned into a fighter of those budget crumbs that the Ukrainian state was ready to spend on defensive needs.

In turn, the officials of the Ministry of Defense tried to dispose of the funds allocated to the "killer" at their discretion, not to rush to pay the plant for supervision, that is, to maintain the basic life support systems in operation - engines, electronics, heating. The fleet crew was also significantly “optimized”, which never felt seven feet under the keel. Instead of units according to the staff list of 508, its number was reduced to seven people, the main task of which was to protect the facility from marauders.

Then the next head of the Ukrainian Cabinet of Ministers, Anatoly Kinakh (himself a Nikolayevets, and in the Soviet past - the shipbuilder) and voiced for the first time a seditious thought about the possible utilization of the unpromising “long-term construction”. At the beginning, this idea in the spirit of “Overton windows” was expressed in the sense that “we should not allow such a thing to happen at all.” But soon the next MO commission, which arrived in Nikolaev to assess the condition of the ship, was no longer so categorical. Moreover, the experience of cutting unique military equipment under the watchful supervision of representatives of the US Embassy "utilizers" in uniform was not to take (enough to recall history with the destruction of the strategic bombers Tu-160).

After all the calculations, the idea of ​​a “dismemberment” was still decided to be abandoned. By that time, the world community had already ceased to pay for the voluntary disarmament of Ukraine, and the cost of cutting a cruiser with its own forces exceeded once and a half times the estimated revenue from the sale of scrap. In this regard, on the horizon of opportunities loomed the only acceptable option - the sale.

Strategic "scrap metal"

“Russian Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov, fascinated by the upcoming deal on the French Mistrals, responded with a counter offer - willingness to receive Ukraine only free of charge”

The option with the sale seemed so attractive that the Ukrainian “effective managers” were also able to push the unique warships for a pittance. All of the same Nikolaev, from the harbor of the Black Sea Shipbuilding Plant, on the morning of June 2000, went to a long journey (to the port of Macao) the heavy aircraft carrying cruiser Varyag, two years earlier bought by Chinese offshore company Chong Lot Travel Agency Ltd for 20 million dollars ( exactly by weight, at the price of scrap - at the cost of the finished order of 3 – 5 billion dollars) as the base for a floating casino. In China, the "casino" was released from shock weapons, after which three years ago it was solemnly taken into the Navy of the People's Liberation Army of the PRC as the first Chinese aircraft carrier called "Liaoning".
Neither Ukraine’s pride nor the Americans, who after the Kolchugi scandal (mobile radar stations allegedly shipped to Iraq) and the murder of journalist Gongadze, firmly took Kuchma by the throat, would have allowed the Russians to sell the Ukrainians to the Russians in a similar way. By the way, they would not have given it to China and India, about the possibility of a deal with which the Ukrainian media periodically still write. The same "Varyag" Turkey under pressure from the United States for more than two years did not pass through the Bosphorus. "The process has begun" only after China returned the US EP-3 US Navy reconnaissance aircraft to the US, together with the pilots.

In addition, the same anti-ship complex "Basalt" has a range of 550 km, while international rules prohibit the export of missiles flying farther than 300 km. However, Russia simply did not have time to deliver the missiles themselves to Ukraine before the collapse of the Union, and then did not do this because of the competition resulting from geopolitical transformations. But the placement of missiles with a shorter range significantly reduced the cost of the cruiser for potential customers.

By the middle of 2000, the Chinese were already closely involved in reworking the Varyag, buying heavy aircraft-carrying cruisers Kiev and Minsk from the Russian Federation (later redeveloped as entertainment centers), and India acquired its own aircraft carrier, Vikramaditya, created on the basis of same Russia TAKR "Admiral of the Fleet of the Soviet Union Gorshkov." This did not add to the commercial attractiveness of the “aircraft carrier killer” that had grown up at the factory berth.

After pro-American Viktor Yushchenko became the president of Ukraine in the wake of the "orange revolution", negotiations in the Russian-Ukrainian format also lost their relevance. Already in September 2005, then defense ministers Sergey Ivanov (now the head of the presidential administration of the Russian Federation) and Anatoly Gritsenko concluded that it would not be expedient to complete the construction of a cruiser due to the lack of need for this military ship for the armed forces of both countries.

But the famine is not an aunt, and in July 2008, the former Prime Minister and Minister of Defense in the government of Tymoshenko, Yuriy Yekhanurov, announced his readiness to sell Russia the unfinished missile cruiser “Ukraine” due to the fact that there was nothing to do in this Black Sea. ” As a particularly attractive for the buyer argument, Yekhanurov even hinted at the likelihood of a ship basing in Sevastopol: “Yes, if this would fall within the scope of the contract. But the fact is that if you imagine yourself even a little bit, this cruiser should work in the ocean. He has such dimensions. ”

Start Prices

However, after the attack of Georgia on South Ossetia, during which the Georgian side against the Russian Air Force used the deployed from Ukraine together with the crews of the Buk air defense system, the sides preferred to forget about all the progress in the negotiations on the cruiser. A return to this topic occurred in the short period of "thaw" that took place after the signing of the "Kharkiv agreements" between the new Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych and the Russian President Dmitry Medvedev in April 2010 of the year. After that, Mikhail Nenashev, Chairman of the Subcommittee of the State Duma of the Russian Federation on Military-Technical Cooperation, told the press that “Ukraine” could be accepted into the Russian Navy. “We need this ship,” said the Russian deputy, stressing that the signed agreement on the prolongation of the basing of the Russian Black Sea Fleet in Ukraine opens the way for reaching concrete agreements on the purchase of a cruiser.
A month later, Ukrainian Defense Minister Mikhail Yezhel said at a meeting of the Verkhovna Rada that after the construction was completed, the missile cruiser Ukraine could be handed over to the Russian Federation. And in July of the same year, the Ukrainian parliament declared its own decree on assigning the name "Ukraine" to the Admiral Fleet missile cruiser, no longer valid.

Then the usual Ukrainian whistle began with a revision of the previously agreed conditions. People’s Deputy from the Party of Regions Oleksandr Kuzmuk, who at the beginning of 90, being Minister of Defense, promised to make Ukraine the flagship of the Ukrainian Navy, justified the sudden appetites: “Russia needs to create five to seven aircraft carrier groups. And ships of this class (aircraft-carrying cruisers) in the open spaces of the Soviet Union were built only in Nikolaev, there is no more such shipyard. Does this not open up prospects for us? Now you can look at the problem with the Ukraine cruiser in a different way.

A different perspective “on the problem with the cruiser“ Ukraine ”began to be evaluated by Ukrainian business people almost in 4,7 billion dollars - against a billion with a little declared by Yekhanurov in 2008 year, which the Russian side called a transcendental proposal. A year later, the then Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation, Anatoly Serdyukov, enthusiastic about the upcoming deal on the French Mistrals, responded with a counter offer, willing to receive Ukraine only free of charge, to claim Kuzmuk.

Fate is not fooled

And now, in September, 2015, in the light of economic problems, Vice-Admiral Sergei Gaiduk takes the usual step: announces the sale for five years as a legally nameless cruiser. What is encouraging, unlike its predecessors, it does not at least voice the number of desired profits, logically suggesting that the unbridled fantasies of Kiev sellers may scare away potential buyers even further.

It is noteworthy that Haiduk calls the Leninskaya Kuznitsa Kiev shipbuilding plant as the main contender for the disbursement of funds received in the event of a sale, but not the enterprise where the object of sale was produced. Motives inspire respect. First, the Leninsky smithy belongs to Petro Poroshenko - officially and to the whole country he denied the business of the president of Ukraine (to whom, if not to him, to dispose of the proceeds of the transaction without prejudice). And secondly, the Plant of the Name of the Communard 61 (the first city shipyard "Nikolaev Admiralty", laid down in 1787 by the Most High Prince Grigory Potemkin-Tavrichesky and laid the foundation for Nikolaev itself), which was once the cradle for the legendary battleship Potemkin, today represents a miserable sight, releasing instead of large anti-submarine ships and missile cruisers stoves for the ATO warriors. Where is he to go with Poroshenko's "Forge".

However, the Black Sea shipbuilding plant, built a century later by the “Kommunarovtsy” - the former “Naval” —with tsarism, also participated in the creation of “Potemkin” (installation of the main steam engines, boilers and artillery towers) and the world's first underwater mine layer “ Crab". Under the Union, together with the Severodvinsk Zvezdochka, he was the largest supplier of ships for the needs of the Soviet Navy. Among its products are the current flagship of the Russian Navy, the heavy aircraft-carrying cruiser Admiral of the Fleet of the Soviet Union Kuznetsov (as well as the earlier TAKR Kiev, Minsk, Novorossiysk, Admiral Gorshkov and Varyag). As well as the first Soviet nuclear aircraft carrier Ulyanovsk, which was able to compete with the American Nimitz on equal terms, and the NITKA training complex rehabilitated last year in Crimea, designed for pilots deck aviation techniques of takeoff and landing on the deck of an aircraft carrier.
Today, the ChSZ’s huge production areas are tearing apart grain traders who liked the factory ports because of their developed infrastructure. But the distributors of scrap do not favor the company. The strategic reserves of the metal, which allowed it to work at full capacity for five years offline, were exported abroad at the beginning of 90-x - along with machine tools with numerical program control, from the mutilated appearance of which the Turk purchasers were initially perplexed.

So, Ukraine, with Vice-Admiral Haiduk’s light hand, who started another sale of a cruiser that once bore her name, will have to get rid of not only the annoying and burdensome property maintenance costs, but also the last signs that put her in a number of highly developed in the technological sense States. She has to take another step down - to the category of territories where the social bar of the population is not governed by the level of education, intellectual abilities and achievements of citizens, but by the size of the club and the physical capabilities of its use. In the end, it was not for nothing that Coelho wrote so respected by the “enlightened class” that every nation deserves its unique destiny.
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  1. +35
    16 September 2015 05: 45
    Selling "Ukraine". Well, very symbolic))
    1. +17
      16 September 2015 06: 20
      Rather, "Ukraine" is for sale.
      1. +1
        16 September 2015 16: 51
        Quote: VseDoFeNi
        Ukraine "for sale.

        already commonplace
    2. The comment was deleted.
    3. +17
      16 September 2015 06: 44
      And the cruiser was correctly named; it perfectly illustrates the fate of the state of Ukraine with its existence. Well, the wrong country was called Honduras, what can I do. request
      1. +8
        16 September 2015 08: 00
        .... undoubtedly a country of fools exists .... laughing
        1. +8
          16 September 2015 08: 10
          Not sold to us, not used by ourselves. Just like with apples "I'll eat what I can, I'll bite the rest" laughing
      2. WKS
        16 September 2015 12: 47
        Ships like people, each has its own fate ...
      3. +1
        18 September 2015 18: 28
        Quote: Cheshire
        And the cruiser was correctly named, it perfectly illustrates the fate of the state of Ukraine with its existence

        At one time, Hitler ordered to rename "Deutschland", as he feared that "Germany" would be flooded. And Ukrainians are not shy about selling "Ukraine"
    4. +5
      16 September 2015 10: 25
      Today, from one bad e-mail (Ukrainian) to the mail of our university, a strange distribution began (text below) who will say what for what? why and what a fig, or else maybe where it was too:
      ==================== Beginning of the insert text ============================ =
      It is very surprising that you, as a scientist, that is, a person who should be able not only to receive, but also to analyze information from different sources, have completely relied on your TV. Okay, a simple Russian man in the street who is used to blindly believing in television (even the most ridiculous nonsense about the bloodthirsty fascist-Bendera people as the whole population of Ukraine) can put anything into the brain from blue screens.
      But you are a scientist, and at least questioned some of what you hear. And why is it that someone suddenly and persistently makes us (almost already made) enemies ?!
      We bring to your attention that the civilian population of Ukraine is killing all the evil spirits that have flown from Russia under the guise of fighters for the Russian world and in defense of the "oppressed" Russian-speaking population of Ukraine. The TRUE truth, which you do not want to hear, is that the Russian military, together with the scum from the crime, artificially create a picture for the same Russian television (for example, shelling a peaceful village from a position between the units of the Ukrainian army and a herd of thugs (which your television heroically calls militias ).
      And then you carry 200 Russian children, servicemen, deceived "volunteers" into Russia for burial "quietly" with a load. BUT MUCH more often you burn them "on the quiet" in mobile crematoria or buried them in Ukrainian soil.
      Here, in Ukraine, the head of your state personally implements the technology that was first described perfectly by Mario Puzo in The Godfather (we recommend that you read it carefully to understand the "classic" provocation: I will create an unthinkable problem for you and then I will solve it myself). No matter how offensive it may sound to you, this is the mentality of your beloved leader of your state (and in fact a bandit with the brains of a gopnik).
      DO NOT Crawl into OUR country, do not carry a "hum convoy" full of weapons, fuel for armored vehicles, etc. Just a little time will pass, the Russians will be sincerely surprised: "Really, we, it turns out, were deceived, we did not know what was really happening", etc. It is enough to take a quick glance at the entire Soviet history - what happened to the attitude to the "leaders" of the nation?
      Of course, everything that is written here now you perceive as nonsense. We have no doubts about this (given the level of brainwashing of Russians by Russian TV and the media, it would be naive to hope that this letter will change your attitude to everything that happens). But at least think about it!
      And, finally, as a scientist (that is, a person who knows that "the criterion of truth is practice"), come to Ukraine to visit, to our editorial office. We will be happy to meet you, show you how beautiful and hospitable the country of Ukraine is! We all here calmly speak and communicate in Russian, and nationality is not important to us!

      Sincerely, the entire editorial staff
      ================================ End of the insert text ================ ===========
      all punctuation and stylistics of the original are FULLY preserved.
      Something ofigel I am from such impudence !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      If anyone needs an e-mail of these bad people, write to the PM I will send)))))
      1. +3
        16 September 2015 12: 20
        Of course, everything that is written here, now you perceive as rubbish ,,
        so take it. Do not be lazy, answer, but it's better ..... ignore it.
      2. +12
        16 September 2015 12: 22
        Something like this .....

        1. The comment was deleted.
        2. +2
          16 September 2015 13: 46
          Quote: skifd
          Something like this .....

          And here they say that in Russia the people became impoverished. I think that the oligarchs never write this.
      3. WKS
        16 September 2015 12: 51
        Quote: I am
        Today, from one bad e-mail (Ukrainian) to the mail of our university, a strange distribution began (

        Crazy people are everywhere, but in Ukraine they are still not being treated, but rather cultivated.
      4. +5
        16 September 2015 19: 01
        Well, that's the stuffing into the military review, so unobtrusively, but everyone will read.
        1. 0
          18 September 2015 17: 35
          Meanwhile, the Russian fleet should be considered. Ships age technically, but morally, most are already out of date. Russia needs a new battleship fleet, because only a battleship can compete on an equal footing with a nose.
      5. 0
        18 September 2015 21: 12
        Been in the Zhytomyr region. And not only there. Figeyu from your insolence. Together with stupidity. Grow your dill silently. I don’t invite guests to Russia. There are enough refugees from your promised places.
  2. +29
    16 September 2015 05: 55
    All this is sad. How many labors and thoughts have been spent. sad Born in USSR.
    1. +4
      16 September 2015 06: 52
      An absolutely correct move, why finish building the cruiser of yesterday? time, under what strategy is he sharpened? two, no money, three, a completely rational act .. At one time, we also didn’t get rid of the "greatness" in such a way that the poor children are in front of us ..
      1. +5
        16 September 2015 11: 47
        Well, how some of our naval commanders and officials "got rid" of the "unnecessary" with all the weapons and secret equipment - the hair still stands on end ...
    2. +4
      16 September 2015 09: 37
      Quote: Barracuda
      All this is sad. How many labors and thoughts have been spent. sad Born in the USSR.

      request As you call a ship, it will sail. We see how and where Ukraine is sailing, the cruiser only confirms the proverb.
  3. +5
    16 September 2015 05: 57
    But it was in Nikolaev that the "Admiral Kuznetsov" was built. Oh, such a country was dismembered ...
    1. +28
      16 September 2015 08: 06
      Quote: VseDoFeNi
      Eh, such a country was dismembered ...
      1. +1
        16 September 2015 08: 38
        In the photo there are two true Leninists. At one time I read the newspaper Pravda, and they wrote about them there. Glory to the CPSU, heiress of the CPSU (b) and its Leninist nationality policy. Comrade Gorbachev, Shevardnadze, Yakovlev, Kravchuk, Yeltsin and many other leaders of the CPSU, did a lot with their party for destruction, did a lot to destroy the "prison of peoples". All of them should be placed in the mausoleum next to Lenin.
      2. +1
        16 September 2015 10: 02
        So they are all drunk ...
        1. 0
          16 September 2015 13: 25
          Quote: ytrish
          So they are all drunk ...

          Well then laughing
  4. +2
    16 September 2015 06: 04
    It’s even simpler to say the Ukrainian government sold its state with the same name. There will now be a different name.
  5. +2
    16 September 2015 06: 05
    Phrases sound strange next
    The Ukraine missile cruiser was the last sign that put Ukraine itself in a number of highly developed states in the technological sense.
    ... explaining their words by the fact that 80% of naval weapons (as well as navigational equipment) are of Russian origin, while in Ukraine nothing of the kind is produced

    How to combine it?
  6. +19
    16 September 2015 06: 06
    Sorry, sorry ...
    But jumps and jumps do not bring to good (((
  7. +6
    16 September 2015 06: 07
    The cruiser "Ukraine". It is symbolic.
    As you name the ship, so it will float. "
  8. +4
    16 September 2015 06: 11
    I had to sell. Now only third world countries need this old stuff. About the ambitions of the Nikolaev shipyard! There is a huge plant in Kerch. There the father-in-law worked as the chief metrologist during his tenure. The Kerch "Zpaliv" spanked frigates like cans. So let them wash and cry quietly in the corner. Chew dill, do not carry bags!
  9. +2
    16 September 2015 06: 14
    the history of this ship, this is a miniature story of the whole of modern Ukraine ...
  10. +3
    16 September 2015 06: 15
    If you want to ruin the country, give her a cruiser. smile
    To whom "Ukraine", for cheap! Almost for nothing!
    To whom "Ukraine"!
    To whom "Ukraine"!
    1. +7
      16 September 2015 06: 17
      Quote: Andrea
      If you want to ruin the country, give her a cruiser. smile
      To whom "Ukraine", for cheap! Almost for nothing!
      To whom "Ukraine"!
      To whom "Ukraine"!

      To the Mistral, to the Mistral?
  11. +1
    16 September 2015 06: 25
    Ukraine behaves like a "dog in the manger": I won't eat it myself, and I won't give it to others ... This once handsome man, now looks like a rotten egg, looks monumental but in fact is unusable ... "Everything is in scrap" - slogan for modern ukraine .. and when there is nothing to break, what will they do, because in order to break it is necessary to build first ... and they have not learned to build anything in 25 years ...
    1. +3
      16 September 2015 06: 41
      Quote: awersa
      Ukraine behaves like a "dog in the manger": I won't eat it myself and won't give it to others ..
      Not a pure crest dog.
      I don’t eat something by biting. They bit me and broke my teeth. laughing
      There is still much that they grabbed, but could not swallow.
      It’s funny if it weren’t so sad. And you don’t learn anything, they grab everything you need, you don’t need it.
      So they are eager for Europe, not realizing that Europeans do not need Ukrainians, they really need a territory and a market.
  12. +1
    16 September 2015 06: 29
    Quote: svp67
    Phrases sound strange next
    The Ukraine missile cruiser was the last sign that put Ukraine itself in a number of highly developed states in the technological sense.
    ... explaining their words by the fact that 80% of naval weapons (as well as navigational equipment) are of Russian origin, while in Ukraine nothing of the kind is produced

    How to combine it?

    And as well as all the statements of the leaders of the Kiev junta. Logic in their words you will not find.
  13. +1
    16 September 2015 06: 30
    Country ! which has its own fleet - this is the country !!! . it’s your own.!, and the military is all the more so. Lord of Ukraine. - You are real! , - they ruined their country ... -?
  14. +2
    16 September 2015 06: 31
    “It is noteworthy that as the main contender for the development of the funds received in the event of the sale, Gaiduk calls the Kiev shipyard“ Leninskaya Kuznitsa ”, and by no means the enterprise where the object of sale was produced. Motives inspire respect. Firstly, the "Leninskaya Kuznitsa" belongs to Petro Poroshenko - the president of Ukraine who has officially renounced his own business all over the country (who, if not him, impartially dispose of the proceeds from the transaction). And secondly, the 61 Communards Plant (the first city shipyard "Nikolaevskoe Admiralty", founded in 1787 by His Serene Highness Prince Grigory Potemkin-Tavrichesky and laid the foundation for Nikolayev himself), which once became the cradle for the legendary battleship Potemkin, today represents is a pitiful sight, releasing instead of large anti-submarine ships and missile cruisers stove stoves for ATO soldiers. Where can he compete with Poroshenko's "Forge".>

    And it immediately becomes clear to whom the money will go from the sale of "Ukraine" I apologize for the pun. hi
  15. +2
    16 September 2015 06: 37
    Yes, it’s a pity the work of thousands of shipbuilders, and so everything went on.
  16. +6
    16 September 2015 06: 49
    The fate of the cruiser "Ukraine", a mirror image of the fate of the "state" Ukraine.
    Today, the Ukrainian fleet is in operation of 6 ships:
    - the flagship of the fleet, frigate "Getman Sagaidachny" (former Soviet border patrol "Kirov"),
    - medium landing ship "Kirovograd" (1970),
    - corvette "Vinnitsa" (about 40 years old),
    - 2 boats: artillery "Skadovsk" and missile "Priluki",
    - raid minesweeper "Genichesk",
    - control ship "Donbass".
  17. +22
    16 September 2015 06: 53
    They have everything, already a different "cruiser"
  18. 0
    16 September 2015 07: 03
    "... neither Ukrainian pride would allow ..."
    Alas! What is not, that is not, absolutely mutually exclusive concepts ... Redneck, greed and complete absence of shame - by "zaglaza", but pride - ZERO !!!
  19. +17
    16 September 2015 07: 15
    Well, this is roughly what "hydration" looks like (the word is so ... bad) hi on the outskirts ... Eh .. they sold the whole country ...
    1. 0
      16 September 2015 09: 16
      Here he got the liquid infection infection on the outskirts and brought it!
    2. +2
      16 September 2015 10: 52
      He TAM moored for a long time. Dead! ..
  20. Erg
    16 September 2015 07: 31
    Yes, everything is fine. Why do they need a cruiser. The Circassian saddle does not go to the cow No.
  21. +4
    16 September 2015 07: 40
    Papuans do not need a fleet ... Glory to Ukraine fellow
  22. +2
    16 September 2015 07: 49
    To build a cruiser - not to buy a donkey. Tender cooperation of hundreds of enterprises of various profiles, which are not in Ukraine. So who ate the Ukrainian fat?
  23. 0
    16 September 2015 08: 04
    They don’t get used to stealing and selling to the Ukrainian government. They have sold and continue to sell the country, but what is a cruiser for them? So nothing .. But in this situation, I think it’s more correct to get rid of this miracle of shipbuilding. No need to finish it, and there’s nothing .. And the main thing is that the Black Sea will be cleaner from Ukrainians.
  24. 0
    16 September 2015 08: 23
    What do you call a cruiser ...
  25. Alf
    16 September 2015 08: 25
    And with what valiant ukrovoyaki are going to beat off the Crimea?
  26. +3
    16 September 2015 08: 41
    Amazing success in 1,5 years. Change after change ...
  27. +2
    16 September 2015 09: 27
    In childhood, there was a joke about a submarine in the steppes of Ukraine, which caused children's laughter.

    Now this joke is becoming the subject, so to speak, of the junta’s state concern for its navy.

    But the matter will end, as always, with a joke, with the corresponding cut and rollback of the amounts.

    I recall the technology of shipbuilding of the ancient U.K.RO.W., which on odnodrevki (monoxyls) crossed the Black Sea dug by them along the route to Istanbul, the former. Constantinople.
    Sometimes, to work in submarine forces, UKR.s. they dived into the sea and breathed for a long time through the reed reed, sneaking unnoticed into the enemy harbor.

    Destroying Soviet shipbuilding and having sold the remaining ships, the technological level of shipbuilding and the quality of managing sea orders returned to the ancient, heroic, monoxylus - reed level. But without her.
  28. 0
    16 September 2015 09: 27
    They’ll put them on needles, probably there is nothing valuable for spies there already.
  29. +2
    16 September 2015 09: 36
    Mud huts and cattle pens - this is their construction - what cruisers are there?
  30. +9
    16 September 2015 10: 01
    There is a bad luck cruiser in Ukraine
    All rusted, absolutely all
    For many years, bored savage people
    Sawing "Ukraine" outside and inside.
  31. +1
    16 September 2015 10: 05
    Third world countries will not buy - it is too expensive to restore, and not every country needs a cruiser. Russia has long voiced its position - it will only take it for nothing, and Ukraine will not sell it to Russia now. It remains only at the price of metal to the beaches of Alang, but it costs more to transport it there than they will help out for it. So it will safely drown near the wall.
  32. +4
    16 September 2015 10: 22
    Redeem through the left offices, upgrade, leave the name Ukraine and let it work in a couple with Moscow on the Black Sea)))) TROLLING WILL BE AT STATE LEVEL !!!!!
  33. +2
    16 September 2015 10: 44
    cruiser photo
  34. +1
    16 September 2015 10: 46
    Quote: Corsair
    where Ukraine is sailing

    ... to the same place as the cruiser of the same name - for cutting! ...
  35. 0
    16 September 2015 11: 11
    It’s a pity that they didn’t buy it before, now it wouldn’t be superfluous, but oh well, we’ll survive
  36. +6
    16 September 2015 11: 16
    the greed of Ukrainians and the stupidity of the furniture maker Serdyukov did not allow the work of thousands of shipbuilding workers to get a worthy ending. In general, for the collapse of the 2 Nikolaev plants, criminal prosecution of those responsible for their destruction should begin to the joy of NATO.
  37. +1
    16 September 2015 14: 23
    Selling "Ukraine" ... How symbolic it is !!!
  38. +2
    16 September 2015 14: 39
    And how do you like this headline - "Russia agreed to restore" Ukraine "and transfer under the leadership of the commander of the Black Sea Fleet."
  39. wow
    16 September 2015 16: 53
    Often I look at this rusty trough, standing at the quay wall of the former shipbuilding plant. 61 communards. Even when Pan Kuchma was president of the "nenka", about 15 years ago, it (the cruiser) was painted, the "crew" overtook him and the ukroadmirals who arrived in Nikolaev, numbering several times the number of the independent fleet, painted the bright prospects of the development of the Ukrainian Navy. They painted it (the cruiser) only on one side, visible from the quay wall - the starboard side and the superstructure on the side. On the full painting bitter, Todi has already finished. So he is a poor fellow and stands in the same place, rusty on the left and with peeling paint on the right. She looks like that slut girl: lips in lipstick, and everything else in g ... not. By the way, from the SZs "61 Communards", "ChSZ" and "Ocean", de facto, there were only gates at the checkpoints! hi
  40. +1
    16 September 2015 17: 32
    Quote: EGOrkka
    .... undoubtedly a country of fools exists .... laughing
    And it starts at ..
  41. 0
    16 September 2015 17: 53
    Who tries this Durkain?
  42. 0
    16 September 2015 18: 35
    Quote: awersa
    Ukraine behaves like a "dog in the manger": I won't eat it myself, and I won't give it to others ... This once handsome man, now looks like a rotten egg, looks monumental but in fact is unusable ... "Everything is in scrap" - slogan for modern ukraine .. and when there is nothing to break, what will they do, because in order to break it is necessary to build first ... and they have not learned to build anything in 25 years ...

    In 2001, at the invitation of a friend, I was resting with my wife in Sevastopol - at that time, even at the entrance from the car window, I noticed that there were exclusively ships under the Ukrainian flags at the cutting wall. So, the troschi for myself ... And for 25 years from the Soviet heritage there was only one zilch
  43. 0
    16 September 2015 21: 29
    The fleet is a costly affair and it will not work to contain rotten dill bombs. Stopudovo!
  44. 0
    16 September 2015 21: 49
    As you call a ship, it will sail. So the country is sailing Ukraine. Selling, not selling?, And no one needs it!
  45. +1
    16 September 2015 23: 20
    "All of the same Nikolaev, from the harbor of the Black Sea Shipbuilding Plant, on the morning of June 2000 set off on a long journey (to the port of Macau) a heavy aircraft-carrying cruiser "Varyag" "

    insanity grows stronger:
    The drawbridge across the Ingul River was recently repaired :-)
    Workers carefully paved the locks between its movable and fixed parts.
    As a result, the Priluki missile boat and the Grigory Kuropyatnikov sea guard ship, which were on their way to the dock for repairs, were trapped.

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