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Golden games: who does not trust anyone

In Europe, there has been a tendency to repatriate national gold reserves held by the US Federal Reserve Bank (New York), as well as by banks in England and France. Following Germany, exporting gold from the United States and France, the central banks of Austria and the Netherlands became interested in repatriation issues. Austria intends to return gold from the Bank of England, and the Netherlands will take bullion from the United States. As a result of the "departure", a little coin on historical his homeland stocks in the Federal Reserve Bank of New York decreased markedly.

Golden games: who does not trust anyone

According to the channel "RT", stocks of precious metals in the Federal Reserve Bank reached the lowest level in many decades, as European central banks take their gold. The first country that asked to return part of the gold bars was Germany, reminds the TV channel. Then the Netherlands followed its example, and in May 2015, a similar decision was made by Austria.

The trend of gold export to the motherland was commented on by RT President of the Institute Ludwig von Mises, economist Lew Rockwell.

“The US Federal Reserve and supporters of the economic policy of this department will say that gold does not play a monetary role,” said the expert. “But then you will have to explain why the Federal Reserve Bank holds so much gold, not only from America, but also from other countries. By the way, it is typical for empires to keep gold in their colonies or dependent states. The decision of foreign governments to withdraw gold from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York is not very happy with Washington, but it is extremely important for their independence. Some even fear that part of the bullion was missing or that gold could have been mortgaged. Perhaps the bars and lie in the same place, but to whom they belong - is another question. In my opinion, it is quite natural that Germany, Austria and other countries decided to take away their gold. ”

Recall that from the Federal Reserve Bank in New York, the Germans want to take 300 tons of their gold. By the way, many journalists, including the largest central mass media in Russia, exaggerate this number without bothering to check the data. For example, on You can read the following: “... but from the USA. In this country, Germany holds about half of its gold "bricks". A year and a half ago, Berlin requested 674 tons of gold back, but received only 5 ... "Or online RIA News" (Radio Sputnik) read: “In the USA, in New York, the gold of Europe is stored. Not all, but very much. Germany has the largest warehouse - 674 tons of gold ... ”The purpose of our article is not to criticize Russian journalism, which is often done“ on the knee ”, so we’ll just keep silent about the accuracy of information from other Russian resources. We repeat only that the Germans want to take out all 300 tons of gold from the Federal Reserve Bank in New York. And 374 tons of German gold will be exported from Paris. Just recruited just 674 tons.

This data is confirmed by the Bundesbank itself, that is to say the original source ( link). However, in some Russian media you can also find the correct data - for example, Interfax: “Bundesbank continues to repatriate gold as part of a program to return 674 tons to 2020: 374 tons from France and 300 tons from the USA” or at the portal "Vesti.Ekonomika": “After the overwhelming announcement in January of 2013 that the Bundesbank plans to take away the tons of gold 674 currently stored at the Federal Reserve and Central Bank of France ...”

We'll see on the website of the Bundesbank how things are going with the repatriation of German gold from Paris and New York. It turns out that they are successful. Germany exports more and more gold: the figure for the following year significantly exceeded the previous one.

According to Deutsche Bundesbank press release (2015), Germany successfully continues to return its gold. Repatriation operations have intensified since 2014.

As can be seen from the data on the transfer of gold, in 2013, the Germans took out only five tons of precious metal from New York. At the same time they took more from Paris - 32 tons.

In 2014, the picture changed radically. 120 tons of gold from abroad arrived in Frankfurt am Main: 35 tons from Paris and 85 tons from New York.

“Our new storage plan for gold reserves is running smoothly. The return operations are on schedule, ”says Karl-Ludwig Thiele, member of the Executive Council of the German Federal Bank.

2013-2014 total 90 tons were exported from New York and 67 tons from Paris (total 157 tons, or approximately 23% of the total). Accordingly, 210 tons still have to be taken from the Americans and 307 tons from the French (as we can see, the latter have more gold than the former; in fact, the Germans are going to take all their gold out of Paris).

According to the current gold storage plan (approved in January 2013 of the year), the Bundesbank expects to keep half of German gold and foreign exchange reserves in its vaults from 2020 onwards. By 2020, 300 tons of gold from New York and all 374 tons of gold from Paris will be moved to Frankfurt am Main in a phased manner, according to the website.

Also on the website of the Bundesbank provides data on the storage of German foreign exchange reserves.

As of 31 December 2014, the gold reserves of Germany were stored in the following locations:

- in the Deutsche Bundesbank, Frankfurt am Main, - 1.192 tons (35,2% of total reserves);

- in the Federal Reserve Bank of the United States, New York, - 1.447 tons (42,8%);

- in the Bank of England, London, - 438 tons (12,9%);

- in the Bank of France, Paris, - 307 tons (9,1%).

Total - 3.384 tons (100,0%).

It is also reported here that the Bundesbank assures not only the availability, but also the authenticity of German gold reserves throughout the entire process, up to the transfer of ingots to Frankfurt am Main. Upon arrival in the city, all the transferred gold bars, indicated on the website, are carefully checked by the Bundesbank. During inspections, no violations were identified.

As for the amount of gold in the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, then, according to the channel "RT", citing statistical data, in July 2015, the gold reserves in this bank decreased to 5950 tons.

Now a few words about Austria and the Netherlands.

Recall that information about the plan for the export of gold in Austria appeared in the press in May 2015, but we are talking about the export of bullion not from the US, but from England.

As indicated by the portal "Vesti.Ekonomika", Austria intends to return to homeland 140 tons of gold from the Bank of England. The Central Bank of Austria confirmed this to the Kronen Zeitung edition, noting that by the year of 2020 it will hold 50% (or 140 tons) of its gold in the country. At present, only 17% is stored domestically. The Bank of England holds 80% Austrian gold, but soon there will be only 30%. Probably, we are talking about distrust of the Bank of England, since the Austrians will return 92,4 tons to Vienna, and 47,6 tons will be sent for storage in Switzerland.

But the Netherlands does not seem to be inclined to trust the United States. “Vesti. Economy” reminds that since last year De Nederlandsche Bank has been transporting tons of its reserves to the country of 600. Currently 51% Dutch gold is stored in the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. This amount is planned to be reduced to 31%. It is officially announced that this step is aimed at a more even distribution of stocks. However, gold is exported from the United States, but remains in banks in Canada and England: the amount of reserves stored in Canada and the United Kingdom (20% and 18%, respectively) will remain unchanged.

Well, Germany, apparently, categorically does not trust France, since it decided to take away all its gold from there. At the same time, the Germans are not taking gold from the Bank of England in London, where there is quite a lot of it - 438 tons.

Germans relatively trust the United States. As of December 31, as we have already indicated above, 2014 tons (1.447%) of Germany’s gold reserves were stored in the Federal Reserve Bank in New York. The Germans take all 42,8 tons from New York, moreover, not simultaneously, but in stages, until 300.

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  1. mamont5
    mamont5 16 September 2015 06: 39 New
    Now everyone is in a hurry to return their gold, because it’s clear that there’s not enough for everyone. far from all of the declared little gold lies in the Fed's vaults.
    1. Alekseev-Orsk
      Alekseev-Orsk 16 September 2015 06: 56 New
      Yes, 100%, it would be necessary for Europeans to make an audit in the Federal Reserve Bank.)))
    2. sir.jonn
      sir.jonn 16 September 2015 07: 52 New
      Kirdyk is arriving at the global economy, all valuable things are being pulled home under the pillow. By the way, this does not apply to any currency; on the contrary, it is thrown out in the form of loans on the right and on the left.
  2. Sasha75
    Sasha75 16 September 2015 06: 55 New
    Non-standard gold from America was already returned to the Germans and the Germans asked in open correspondence, but what kind of test the Americans answered for this alloy, we don’t know, but you want it, you don’t want it, don’t take it and the Germans shut up and took it. So, they will return them for the alloy, and how they had to re-melt it with the previous alloy, and how much gold the Germans didn’t say anywhere. And at the same time, the British and the Americans in correspondence openly again do not need Snowden. In the open correspondence between bank vaults, the Germans took the question of the British. Ingots with non-standard gold content, the Americans were indignant, they would take it a bit further, but what remains for them to do))). What gold, like the dollar, they have cheaper paper, and their gold is tungsten.
  3. inkass_98
    inkass_98 16 September 2015 07: 00 New
    Oleg, some inconsistencies in the text:
    Recall that the Federal Reserve Bank in New York holds a lot of German gold - 300 tons.

    at the Federal Reserve Bank of the USA, New York, - 1.447 tons (42,8%);

    So how much gold of Germany is stored in the USA - 300 tons or 1447?
    1. Mart
      16 September 2015 07: 42 New
      Yes, thanks a lot! I corrected: "Recall that the Germans want to take 300 tons of their gold from the Federal Reserve Bank in New York." More is stored there (the data is correct), and they want to take only 300 tons.
  4. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 16 September 2015 07: 27 New
    in 2013, the Germans exported from New York only five tons precious metal. At the same time, they took more from Paris - 32 tonnes.

    No wonder. It’s just that it’s much easier for the French to take their own than for the Americans. It is even more surprising that the United States, although slowly, is returning gold to Germany. But they can, culturally, under various pretexts, simply send somewhere far away.
  5. yuriy55
    yuriy55 16 September 2015 07: 36 New
    Keep gold reserves in a foreign country? It’s like giving a wife to a neighbor for the night ... laughing
    1. Aposlya
      Aposlya 16 September 2015 10: 55 New
      And from this the conclusion - his wife is that gold! wink
    2. WINovikov
      WINovikov 16 September 2015 17: 07 New
      Are you talking about Russia? Where are all our "folk" funds stored?
  6. SergeySeverny
    SergeySeverny 16 September 2015 07: 38 New
    everyone needs gold! everyone is waiting for the end of the petrodollar, the northern beast scares everyone ...
    and Russia is increasing gold production, then it buys all the gold
  7. Vladimirets
    Vladimirets 16 September 2015 07: 46 New
    Germans relatively trust the United States. As of December 31, as we have already indicated above, 2014 tons (1.447%) of Germany’s gold reserves were stored in the Federal Reserve Bank in New York. The Germans take all 42,8 tons from New York, moreover, not simultaneously, but in stages, until 300.

    What does it have to do with trust - they do not trust how much they have allowed, they will take so much. request
  8. Selevc
    Selevc 16 September 2015 07: 48 New
    “The US Federal Reserve and supporters of the economic policy of this agency will say that gold does not play a monetary role,” the expert noted.
    Again, a lie ... Gold has always played a monetary role ... Throughout the history of mankind, the currencies of all countries of the world, from ancient Egypt to modern states, are somehow connected with gold ... Money was made from gold or it was added to the composition of coins. All major states of the world are somehow connected with gold ... Therefore, the emergence in the modern world of a currency rigidly tied to gold is so feared by countries whose currencies are speculatively inflated ...
  9. chikenous59
    chikenous59 16 September 2015 08: 31 New
    and where is the GOLD of Russia?
    1. provincial
      provincial 16 September 2015 08: 57 New
      At Putin's home.
    2. Aposlya
      Aposlya 16 September 2015 10: 56 New
      in Gokhran it seems like ...
  10. zombiunian
    zombiunian 16 September 2015 08: 32 New
    yes there "lead is covered with tinsel" - the ordinary robbery has succeeded by the Geyropeytsev-but they are only that! began to suspect, for it is a classic of Marx from the very beginning. and further, according to the continuation of Marx, from Lenin “with a massacre”, a gold coin will be selected. “scuffle” - it’s not necessary to beat Europe or America, it is possible to “take away” and give away from any neighbor. Classic! political economy)))
  11. asadov
    asadov 16 September 2015 09: 05 New
    Yeah, in front of a grand schucher, everyone is trying to keep his own closer and it would also be desirable to swallow someone else's ..
  12. cap54
    cap54 16 September 2015 09: 31 New
    No matter how tungsten gold-plated ingots are returned to them ... Like China in 2009:
    In October 2009, the U.S. Department of the Treasury sent a shipment of gold bullion to China from a repository located in Fort Knox. Countries regularly ship and receive gold in order to pay debts and balance the trade balance. Most of the gold in the world is exchanged and stored in depositories under the supervision of a special organization - the London Bullion Market Association - LBMA.
    When the batch was received, the Chinese government ordered a special inspection of the purity and weight of the gold bars, since China is the largest foreign holder of US Treasury securities. Chinese officials were shocked when it turned out that the ingots turned out to be fake. The batch consisted of tungsten ingots coated with a thin layer of real gold. These proven "gold" bars were made in the United States and stored at Fort Knox for many years.
    After all, gold has long been gone there !!! Dropped ... in their pockets, but in personal vaults!
  13. sisa29
    sisa29 16 September 2015 09: 52 New
    The further fate of the gold of the Reich found in Poland is interesting .. Probably the USA will take it for themselves by inventing an excuse: they seemed to be hardest hit by the Second World War, but of course the Poles will be praised and caressed
  14. SergeyIV
    SergeyIV 16 September 2015 11: 15 New
    Informatively. Each country decides independently where to store its reserves. And not the fact that these countries will not reconsider their positions. Another question: how much will they give?
    Not without reason did the Americans not allow the Germans to take an inventory of gold? Most likely, some operations with gold from these countries are being carried out.
  15. uzer 13
    uzer 13 16 September 2015 11: 24 New
    Europeans are quietly preparing for two events - the collapse of the European Union and the collapse of the global financial system. Therefore, they drag gold to their homes and strive to throw more paper into the financial market, which for some reason is called money. Everyone understands that the collapse of the US economy is inevitable, and they will go to the bottom with the Americans. So at least something to save.
  16. thinker
    thinker 16 September 2015 14: 51 New
    What can we say about the repatriation of gold to Europe if the states themselves do not have the Fed's confidence.
    The Texas Senate approved a bill that allows the state to create its own gold vault. The state initiative is aimed at providing local companies and residents with a guarantee of reliable storage of precious metals in their native land, which will reduce dependence on external market influences
  17. The comment was deleted.
  18. gladcu2
    gladcu2 16 September 2015 19: 52 New
    I do not believe that you can just pick up and take mine.

    Are there really gullible?