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Yak-130 will begin shipping in Bangladesh in September of this year.

This week will begin deliveries in Bangladesh training aircraft Yak-130, reports MIC with reference to the head of "Rostec" Sergei Chemezov.

"September 17 will ship the first batch of Yak-130 to Bangladesh - six units from the 16 will be delivered under the contract," said the manager.

According to him, “Bangladesh is the second foreign country that ordered combat training Yak-130, before that 16 of such aircraft was received by Algeria”.

Chemezov noted that “initially in Bangladesh they planned to purchase 24 Yak-130”, however, these plans had to be changed due to lack of funds.

Help "MIC": “The twin-jet combat-training aircraft of the new generation Yak-130 was developed by the Yakovlev Design Bureau, which is part of the Irkut Corporation. It is intended for training and combat training of flight personnel, as well as combat use in simple and complex meteorological conditions, for air and ground targets. ”
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  1. Engineer
    Engineer 14 September 2015 16: 34 New
    I'm glad that the Chinese with their clone of our Yak-130 missed an order
    1. igor1981
      igor1981 14 September 2015 16: 42 New
      Quote: Engineer
      I'm glad that the Chinese with their clone of our Yak-130 missed an order

      I have nothing against the Chinese, but it’s not for nothing that the recent parade in Beijing was called -
      "A parade of stolen technology."
    2. mopok
      mopok 14 September 2015 17: 19 New
      So he, a Chinese, for a minute, not a clone even once - look at the performance characteristics.
      1. opus
        opus 15 September 2015 03: 02 New
        Quote: mopok
        So he, Chinese, for a minute, not a clone more than once

        Hongdu L-15: Russian Design Bureau provided technical documentation for the Yak-130 aircraft, and Ukrainian - supplied the DV-2 engines for prototype testing.

        According to unofficial information, 250 AI-222-25Ф engines will be delivered to China in the entire 2015 year.

        Quote: mopok
        look at the performance characteristics.

    3. opus
      opus 15 September 2015 03: 07 New
      Quote: Engineer
      missed the order

      Even strange
      $ 10 million for the Chinese, against $ 15 million for the Yak ...
      1715 km / h (1,6М) vs 1050 km / h
      Ready solution with radar Grifo S-7

      rivet in full swing

      Apparently Ukraine failed with AI-222-25F
      (Ukraine plans to supply 2041 engines and repair 1920 before the 3840 year)

  2. 44 World
    44 World 14 September 2015 16: 35 New
    That's right, time to develop and plant other states on high-quality equipment !!!!
  3. g1v2
    g1v2 14 September 2015 16: 43 New
    Well - not only did they buy up drying, but also began to conquer a niche in the market on the market. Of course, he has more competitors than fighters - here are Italians with Britons and Koreans and Czechs and Chinese, but the plane is convenient (as they said it was flying), inexpensive and has a great chance of a decent piece of the market. Do not forget that Soviet and Russian aircraft are a classic and a brand, while Korean and Italian are not so famous. but you have to compete with the Chinese and Czechs, including politics to help us. Yes, and traditional buyers India and Algeria hope to help with orders. Still the CIS countries would pull up. A low-cost aircraft, like a light attack aircraft against Islamists in the SA, will do.
    1. mvg
      mvg 15 September 2015 02: 17 New
      Well, many Italian mysteries buy it ... no worse than the L-39, the Korean T-50 is expensive, and the Chinese can do super sound, unlike the 130th. So just lobbying for the poets ... nothing personal and no commerce
  4. roskot
    roskot 14 September 2015 16: 45 New
    Yak-130 gets on the wing. Fly him and fly.
    1. NEXUS
      NEXUS 14 September 2015 18: 12 New
      Quote: roskot
      Yak-130 gets on the wing. Fly him and fly.

      Wonderful machine. It is important that the Yakovlev Design Bureau is alive and "gives the country coal." You can’t bury such a school in any way. And the 130th long and glorious life. yes
  5. atamankko
    atamankko 14 September 2015 16: 48 New
    Most for a small state.
    1. ksv1973
      ksv1973 14 September 2015 17: 04 New
      Of course, I am only glad that our equipment is in demand and money is dripping into the Russian budget for it. But it’s not entirely clear to me why Bangladesh is buying this equipment. The country is surrounded on all sides by India, with the exception of a small part bordering Myanmar. To assume that in the event of a conflict with any of these countries, Bangladesh can win is ridiculous. But will not our latest technology end up being closely scrutinized by the specialists of our “Western partners”?
      1. Black Colonel
        Black Colonel 14 September 2015 17: 29 New
        Apparently, there is a NECESSITY. Some ghouls also carry out terrorist attacks there. And this gadget to any airfield and with a decent body kit - the very thing is to work on the ground. There are no air opponents. On the other hand, pilots will prepare (with appropriate software) for the prospective purchase of more serious aircraft.
      2. Karlovar
        Karlovar 14 September 2015 23: 08 New
        Vsja Evrazija vooruzaetsja ..... Dumaetsja, v ramkah budusego transkontinentalnogo partnerstva (otbivatsja ot rebjatisek s drugogo kontinenta, esli co) ...
  6. Ashirbakiev N.B.
    Ashirbakiev N.B. 14 September 2015 17: 00 New
    Advertising Yak-130:
    Do you want to bring a lot of pain to your enemies, but there are not enough money on the SU-34? THEN BUY THE YAK-130! CHEAP, MODERN AND IMPORTANT BRING THE HEAD PAIN TO THE OPPOSITION AGENCIES! (both literally and figuratively)
  7. servant.
    servant. 14 September 2015 17: 01 New
    It would be in abundance at first ....
  8. kil 31
    kil 31 14 September 2015 17: 01 New
    This is even good for the future. Now the Indians will look and also order from us. And the Indians can find money from themselves.
    ALEA IACTA EST 14 September 2015 17: 17 New
    I did not think that there would be such a demand for this aircraft.
  10. Old26
    Old26 14 September 2015 17: 31 New
    I did not think that there would be such a demand for this aircraft.

    Yes, from foreign countries - 4 countries (all of the third world): Vietnam, Bangladesh, Algeria, Syria ...

    Quote: g1v2
    Do not forget that Soviet and Russian aircraft are a classic and a brand, while Korean and Italian are not so famous.

    Yeah, especially Aeromacchi
  11. Andrey NM
    Andrey NM 14 September 2015 17: 40 New
    There is a serious competitor - the Chinese Hongdu L-15. And also Aermacchi M-346. In fact, the same Yak-130, but with other engines. One joy, Italian is more than 2 times more expensive and it seems that something is not going well with the production, but it will be better in terms of flight performance, and even a Chinese comes at a heel price. I wonder if the customer asks if our afterburner will be delivered? Still, the production of engines was mastered on time, and so again they would depend on Ukraine.
  12. KnightRider
    KnightRider 14 September 2015 19: 19 New
    Bangladesh has 14 pieces this year and 2 next. Belarus put 4 and put in the next. Algeria has 4 aircraft. In general, it’s sparse with export request
  13. ASK505
    ASK505 14 September 2015 19: 20 New
    It is pleasant that Yakovleva Design Bureau retained the Yak brand, known to the whole world, and did not replace any nonsense like "PAK, FAK, MAK, Super Duper Jet, MS-21, SMS." Interception in consciousness begins with interception by symbols. Fly "Yaku" proudly around the world.
  14. Garris199
    Garris199 15 September 2015 00: 33 New
    Who knows, does he have a radar and which one?
    1. opus
      opus 15 September 2015 02: 51 New
      Quote: Garris199
      Who knows, does he have a radar and which one?


      Stage No. 1 - air refueling system(completed)
      Step #2 (in work):
      The first option is a Fazatron-NIIR radar = radar with a slot antenna FC-130.
      The second option is RBS NIIR them. Tikhomirova and
      The third option is the outboard radar of the St. Petersburg Leninets plant.

      It seems to be chosen, I don’t know

      X-31, X-38 and X-29 cannot yet be used

      The armament includes:
      - air-to-air missiles P-73 with IR homing heads;
      - high-precision aerial bombs KAB-500Кр with TV guidance system;
      - Aerial bombs caliber 50, 100, 250, 500 kg;
      - unguided C-8, C-13, C-25 aircraft missiles;
      - Suspended container SNPU-130 with a gun GSH-23L.

      FTC-2000 Mountain Eagle - export version of JL-9 has Grifo S-7 radar

      there are radar Grifo S-7

  15. oberon 1
    oberon 1 15 September 2015 12: 48 New
    Small and manoeuvrable