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US plans to divide Iraq and Syria into "pipeline states"

The assertion that the grandiose redrawing of the map of the Middle East, which goes either under the flag of the “Arab Spring” or now under the flag of the struggle against the “Islamic State” (IG), has a distinct smell of oil and gas - is no exaggeration. Iraq and Syria play a special role in this geopolitical project of the West.

“Iraq’s dismemberment plan was developed quite a while ago,” even before the direct American occupation, and “the first step in its implementation was the introduction of“ no-fly zones ”into 1991, when Baghdad forced to withdraw their troops from Kurdistan and the South of the country, and the Iraqi Air Force planes that flew north of Tikrit and south of Naseria, were to be destroyed. " All the ongoing talk in Ankara and Washington on the creation of “no-fly zones” in Syria pursues the same goal — preparation for the dismemberment of this country.

Syria is a natural transit area for oil and gas from northern Iraq (Iraqi Kurdistan), from the Arabian Peninsula and from the Persian Gulf basin. Further developments here will directly affect the geography of international hydrocarbon flows. “The territory of Syria,” says the head of the Eurasian Energy Development Center, Mikhail Yermolovich, “kind of“ closes ”the sea area, where large gas reserves are expected. Plus, of course, oil and gas transit factor, also associated with the specifics of the location of the Syrian territory. The latter circumstance predetermined the important role of Syria in the system of transit port-oil pipeline systems in the region. ”

At the 27 conference in August in Moscow, the conference of the Committee for National Dialogue (CPR) of the Syrian government, it was noted that the militants of the Islamic State and the armed forces of the Syrian "secular" opposition had already seized some areas of pipeline transit in Syria. At the same time, Syria, at the beginning of the 70s, under the current president’s father, Hafez Asad, nationalized some of the pipelines to the Mediterranean ports of Turkey, Lebanon, Israel and her own, as well as the associated terminals located on its territory. The main owner of the oil and gas arteries throughout their length (with the exception of Syria) is Saudi Arabia.

In the Syrian pipeline transit regions, “so-called independent administrations are now being created, in fact subordinate to the countries sponsoring the war in our country,” said Ammar Morhazh, an expert of the CPV on foreign trade and transport policy, in an interview with the author of the article. “The basis of such projects, the expert believes, is the strategic capabilities of the Syrian pipeline and port systems for the delivery of hydrocarbons from Iraq and the Arabian Peninsula to Turkey and Europe. The network of Trans-Syrian pipelines has been and remains a target of external forces. ”

US plans to divide Iraq and Syria into "pipeline states"

By the way, recently сообщалосьthat the “Islamic state” supplies oil to Ukraine and a number of other countries, exported from Syria, northern and north-western Iraq through Turkey. Members of the “anti-terrorist coalition” put together by the Americans do not stop these actions. The world oil market is already being trained to a new supplier ...

Exactly the same plans for dividing Syria, noted at the CPR conference, were being hatched by the Western powers in the middle of the 1940's, in the second half of the 1950's, at the end of the 1960's and later. In the middle of 1950, the beginning of 1960, Turkey tried to occupy northern Syria adjoining it, where there are two oil pipelines from Northern Iraq to the ports of Ceyhan, Yumurtalik (Turkey), Baniyas and Lattakia (Syria). The same operation was planned during the Israeli-Arab war in June 1967 and during the exacerbation of Syrian-Iraqi relations at the end of 60-x and the beginning of 70-x.

The “resource-transit” principle of territorial redistribution has long been used by the West in the geopolitics of oil and gas. Quite recently, for example, Sudan was broken up according to this principle: “oil and gas excess” South Sudan became an independent state. The Suez Canal, which was operated jointly by Great Britain and France, was separated from Egypt in the 1920's - mid-1950's. Syrian-Iraqi scenario on all grounds from the same series.

Since spring - summer, statements by American officials and military have become frequent, teaching the public to the fact that the coming wars and military conflicts in the Middle East can take almost a whole era. The first to express this idea in May was CIA Director John Brennan. According to him, “the struggle (against the“ Islamic State ”. - AB) will be a long one”, and “this will cost big blood. " Then, Chief of Staff of the US Army Raymond Odierno, in an interview with CBS television channel, said that the anti-terrorist coalition led by the United States would need up to 10 years to defeat the IG grouping. “It can take three years, five years, seven years, 10 years to solve this problem,” stressed General Odierno.

The statements of Iraqi Kurdistan leader Massoud Barzani about the imminent disintegration of Iraq are becoming more and more confident. "Iraq will disintegrate, that is the reality", - said Barzani 6 July in an interview with the German newspaper Welt am Sonntag.

And on September 10 the line under these assumptions with the soldiers' straightforwardness was summed up by the director of the intelligence department of the US Department of Defense, Lieutenant General Vincent Stewart. is he saidthat "in the future Syria will split into two or three parts." The American general also stumbled over the government in Baghdad, saying that he did not agree with the fact that "the Kurds will again obey the central government of Iraq."

The general expressed himself mysteriously (he did not specify which “two or three parts” he mentally divided Syria), but an attentive reader, looking at the map of oil fields and pipeline routes adjacent to northern Iraq and eastern Syria, will easily figure out how the American military geographers drew borders of new “pipeline states”.
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  1. sl22277
    sl22277 15 September 2015 05: 28 New
    The population of the countries of the Middle East will push Europe, and America will clean up the resources of the deserted countries of the B. East. Everything is “honest”, “brotherly”!
    1. Junior, I
      Junior, I 15 September 2015 06: 25 New
      sl22277, good day! So they have long been climbing into the geyropu. Only now a big stream has begun. And Europe has not yet guessed that they are planting a "pig," so to speak, an "elder brother." They are like the Balts!
      1. Uncle VasyaSayapin
        Uncle VasyaSayapin 15 September 2015 08: 46 New
        I think that the Russian Federation will soon change the situation in the region and "negotiate" with the West.
        1. DanSabaka
          DanSabaka 15 September 2015 08: 51 New
          yeah .... for example, we propose to divide into "pipeline countries" not Syria, but Ukraine ....
          1. WKS
            WKS 15 September 2015 10: 57 New
            Quote: DanSabaka
            yeah .... for example, we propose to divide into "pipeline countries" not Syria, but Ukraine ....

            So Ukraine is already divided ...
            1. mirag2
              mirag2 15 September 2015 11: 24 New
              Regarding refugees: I think that ISIL is already pushing Assad that this wave of refugees has arisen. And therefore we had to create a military “hub” -strength in the remnants of the territory controlled by Assad.
      2. 34 region
        34 region 15 September 2015 13: 11 New
        Interesting? Who will feed these migrants? Here the retirement age in Europe was raised despite protests. Allegedly due to lack of money for senior citizens. Although there is money for migrant benefits. So Europeans will feed migrants until their death?
    2. 34 region
      34 region 15 September 2015 13: 06 New
      Brotherly? This is when the elder brother is everything, and the younger only the cat in boots. But it will not work out equally.
  2. Kos_kalinki9
    Kos_kalinki9 15 September 2015 05: 33 New
    So much for the struggle for "DEMOCRACY." Everything is very simple. Money money money....
    1. VseDoFeNi
      VseDoFeNi 15 September 2015 06: 22 New
      Quote: Kos_kalinki9
      Money money money....

      That's right. And the US dollars / FRS are o-BES-liver by carpet bombing and other aircraft carrier strike groups.
      1. Kos_kalinki9
        Kos_kalinki9 15 September 2015 06: 43 New
        Quote: VseDoFeNi
        o-BES-liver by carpet bombing and other aircraft carrier strike groups.

        Oh yes, this is their most important “ACTIVE”.
    2. Amurets
      Amurets 15 September 2015 07: 15 New
      Not money, but hegemony over the world. Let this expression be erased, but the struggle will go on to the last cube of gas and to the last drop of oil, which until recently, about 10 years ago, political scientists said; whoever owns energy will own the world. And the US began to put this plan into effect.
      1. VseDoFeNi
        VseDoFeNi 15 September 2015 09: 21 New
        Quote: Amurets
        And the US began to put this plan into effect.

        And a very long time. Rockefeller's "standard oil" remember.
  3. Thronekeeper
    Thronekeeper 15 September 2015 05: 41 New
    There is one good answer to the "cunning plans" of the United States. Drive “Severodvinsk” into the Red Sea, declare the Sodomite Baraniya a sponsor of ISIS, for some reason find bases at the gas and oil terminals of the largest collector and port terminals, and defuse “Caliber” and “Onyx”.
    Suppose then, without oil (except for 350, probably no longer dollars, Euros) and gas - in addition to Russian borders, how do they cut down the borders of states through gas pipelines?
    1. Junior, I
      Junior, I 15 September 2015 06: 23 New
      The good answer is to ruin their plans, which is what our "Darkest" does.
      These are not my cons. But before you write nonsense, you need to at least think.
      1. Kos_kalinki9
        Kos_kalinki9 15 September 2015 06: 45 New
        Quote: Younger, I
        These are not my cons. But before you write nonsense, you need to at least think.

        I support. I also wanted to ask a friend, in which chamber Napoleon?
      2. Thronekeeper
        Thronekeeper 15 September 2015 07: 20 New
        After the destruction of international law, with the only legitimate right to use military force declared by the Permanent Members of the UN Security Council, in the absence of a veto of at least one member of the elite club Clinton in Serbia, Bush Jr. in Iraq, Sarkozlom with Obama in Libya, theoretically it’s enough to shake a photograph of Sprynets of Arabia with a bearded man in a black turban, freshly painted in Photoshop, theoretically it’s already possible to “humanitarian bomb.” I just made the situation absurd, it’s a pity that you didn’t understand this.
        But either International Law (which the Guardian Chorus stands for together with the Chinese comrades) is there, or it is not, and then only 7,62 mm peace pipes can be negotiated with cannibals, although I would like to avoid this to the last.
        In addition, the expansion of our presence in Syria, soon in Egypt, a contingent of consultants, techies, instructors, and possibly specialists in Iraq, provocations from Israel and / or the Saudis are not only possible, but very likely. What I have no doubt is that the answer of the Russian Federation will be unexpected, asymmetric and crushing.
  4. Name
    Name 15 September 2015 05: 51 New
    Greetings to all! All that is stated in the so-called article "Open secret".
  5. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 15 September 2015 06: 22 New
    For what the Americans have muddied Iraq, of course Syria can be guessed. All in their interests, which are aimed only at income. But in Ukraine the information is interesting
    The Islamic State supplies oil to Ukraine and a number of other countries exported from Syria, northern and north-western Iraq through Turkey.

    If this is true, then it was high time to make noise starting from the media and ending with the UN Security Council. Direct financial support for terrorism. Against such states are simply required to impose sanctions. In the meantime, this "tool" (sanctions) is focused only on Russia.
    1. Amurets
      Amurets 15 September 2015 07: 21 New
      Question? How ISIS supplies oil to Ukraine? After all, the Turks forbade the passage of gas carriers and tankers through the Bosphorus and Dardanelles.
      1. Nyrobsky
        Nyrobsky 15 September 2015 09: 47 New
        Quote: Amurets
        After all, the Turks forbade the passage of gas carriers and tankers through the Bosphorus and Dardanelles.

        Gas carriers yes, but no tankers.
        In addition, Turkey, in the matter of destabilization and the future division of Iraq and Syria into fragments, is the key "accomplice" of the United States, because it understands that if this project is implemented, it becomes the "CENTRAL" navel through which all pipelines to Europe pass.
        An understanding of this factor, by the way, also explains why Turkey is slipping along the Turkish stream, as alleged Iraqi-Syrian jackpot will cover losses.
        Although in place of Turkey, you need to think a hundred times whether to play with the United States on the same field. It may happen that after the Turks do the dirty work, they themselves will be shot.
  6. VseDoFeNi
    VseDoFeNi 15 September 2015 06: 30 New
    Divide and conquer - as old as the Roman Empire.
  7. Mountain shooter
    Mountain shooter 15 September 2015 06: 53 New
    If they (streak-eared) at least reasonably acted in achieving their goals. They break everything, like elephants in a china shop. There is no unity in the ruling elite, unity among them is only in conceit.
    1. Amurets
      Amurets 15 September 2015 07: 29 New
      Subtle and delicate can make a lover in someone else's bedroom but not the Americans.
  8. 0255
    0255 15 September 2015 09: 36 New
    To what were the Soviet cartoonists right ...

  9. Volzhanin
    Volzhanin 15 September 2015 10: 20 New
    Horseradish bald striped geeks, not Syria!
  10. vladimirvn
    vladimirvn 15 September 2015 11: 50 New
    Russia is gradually returning to the Middle East, raising its authority at least to the level of the USSR, and possibly higher. It is becoming a key player in this region. Success here will help us solve many other problems in other parts of the world, including Ukraine.
  11. japs
    japs 15 September 2015 12: 49 New
    Everything is known for a long time. The monkey asks, "Why is our American oil under their African sands"?
  12. lukke
    lukke 15 September 2015 13: 04 New
    It’s time, it’s time to answer the bill to the sponsors of world terrorism: Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Qatar. For direct sponsorship of militants in the North Caucasus, hedge these countries with missile strikes and radiation and let them recover to their own joy for about 20 years. And right away they will not be up to Syria. But of course we are not some kind of fascists, first let the GDP from the UN rostrum warn them about this ...
  13. Balagan
    Balagan 15 September 2015 13: 45 New
    For the first time, do mattresses cut countries? Panama also appeared ... The only question is, will there be enough kittens today?
  14. KBPC50
    KBPC50 15 September 2015 21: 17 New
    Quote: DanSabaka
    yeah .... for example, we propose to divide into "pipeline countries" not Syria, but Ukraine ....

    Ukraine is already divided according to the principle of Makhnovshchina or Walk the fields! Everyone imagines himself at least a Hetman! And with Syria, was this clear immediately, or even before the start of the war in Iraq, or maybe earlier, back in 1930 and a little later, when the French and some more northerly ruled here? . Convenient transit way.
    1. iouris
      iouris 16 September 2015 22: 23 New
      Ukraine from 1654 to 1991 was Russia.
  15. iouris
    iouris 16 September 2015 22: 22 New
    RF in this regard is given a similar function. Here McCain constantly tells us about this.