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Sapper shovel for urban self-defense (part 2)

practical recommendations

How do policemen treat a shovel in a car, or a citizen in hand?
Are there any restrictions on carriage in a car (for example, carriage is only allowed in the trunk)?

Normally related. Spatula is not weapons, and is the entrenching tool. Nothing forbids it to carry it freely in the trunk of a car, or carry it in a plastic bag.

By the way, that's why I stopped carrying a rubber club in the car. There were a lot of questions for her. Now I drive a shovel. The paddle in the case, fixed "in a hiking manner" looks very familiar and peaceful. A well-deserved "old man" - a canvas cover - well hides sharpened faces of the bayonet from prying eyes.

If a particularly curious comrade in uniform comes across, there is always the answer: “I’m digging worms for her”. And to the question of why the blade is sharpened, there is always the answer: “Because it’s hard to dig a blunt shovel.”
By the way, the Swiss shovel with a leather case looks even more peaceful and natural in the car than our MPL, which carries the image of a “formidable weapon of the Russian special forces”.

As for carriage in the car, in my opinion, any weapon or tool should be transported in such a way that it can be quickly reached. The trunk is not the best place for this. I drive a shovel in the cabin behind the passenger seat. So she does not catch the eye and you can easily get it. Some carry a shovel on the driver's door. There may be a lot of options, but you have to train yourself to confidently get the scapula and, if necessary, quickly leave the car with the spatula.

But if you sharpen your shoulder blade to a razor sharpness, attach a lanyard to it, plug it in your belt and go with it to a disco or a club, and a police patrol stops you on the way, then people in uniform will of course have questions. There will be questions if you use a paddle in a road conflict. In this case, another article will be relevant, which can be called "lawyer's advice."

Can you give a case from the practice?

In my opinion, the most important thing in the scapula is that a confident demonstration of this subject, as a rule, extinguishes the conflict at the very beginning.

One example: my friend, a doctor by training, somehow tried to dissolve on the road for money. Standard “auto-under” when an accident is artificially created.
On the desert road, he was one against three avtopodschiki. After he miraculously managed to brake, without touching the bumper of their car, he rushed out to meet the auto supporters with a spatula in their hands and sulkly asserted one phrase to all their cries and dances: “Who will come close, I will marry!” Surprisingly, there was no one to come . After the third day, the gopot spat, decided not to mess up, got into her car and drove away.

In another situation, and also in a road conflict, he had to use a scapula. But then he had a wife and a daughter in his car. The attacker was the driver of the second car with a knife in his hands. With the help of a shovel, a friend knocked the knife out of the hands of the enemy, after which the assailant simply threw his car and ran away from the scene of the conflict.

Share best practices on using a sapper blade for self-defense

I outlined the basic techniques and bundles for working with a small shovel in my book, The Small Infantry Shovel, a course of lectures on working with improvised means. In detail, we disassemble all the equipment at seminars and training sessions.

First of all I want to say that strikes with the edge of a sharpened tray of a shovel are very dangerous. Therefore, in the beginning, you should use strikes flat. Such strikes will stun the enemy and will not cause irreparable consequences.
Sapper shovel for urban self-defense (part 2)

Stand for direct hit

Straight or side stopping strike flat. It is applied with the whole plane of the tray to the head of the opponent and has a good stopping effect. [/ I]

Side impact flat

Direct hit flat

Push the enemy with stepping on the foot. Such a technique can effectively knock an opponent down much heavier than himself. The soft version of the reception, push in the chest. Stiff - push-punch to the base of the nose.

If the enemy is without a weapon, he will attack you with his hands and feet, then you can use “hard supports”: a support for the sharp edges of the shoulder blade under the attacking limbs. Stumbling over the sharply sharpened edge of steel, the enemy will inflict enough trauma on its own and stop the attack.

As an option: the attacker is a chopping blow to the opponent’s hand, a very effective technique that forces the opponent to abandon aggression.

Similarly, a chop on the opponent’s leg

If the enemy succeeds in capturing, then the scapula can also be used to free it from capture in the melee.

If the enemy is armed with a knife, then of course, and you will have to go to more stringent protection options.

Here are just a few of the simplest actions from a large arsenal of techniques with a small infantry shovel.

Even in these three examples, you can see that the shovel can be successfully used at any distance and successfully withstand with it an opponent or opponents who have numerical superiority and can be armed with anything from bits and mounts to a knife and a similar shovel.

Depending on the degree of enemy aggression, you can use:
- soft protection options: stunning blows with a tray and a spade handle,
- hard options: chopping blows on the tubular bones of the hands and feet of the enemy.

Of course, in army hand-to-hand combat, techniques are used that lead to grave consequences, which are definitely not worth using in civilian life.

And your wishes - some interesting things, recommendations, advice.

I can advise dear readers who are interested in this topic, see the site dedicated to the small infantry shovel:
The site contains materials on hand-to-hand combat, on shoulder blades of different countries, brands, historical reviews, memoirs of war veterans videos, etc.

And of course, I advise you to get yourself a small infantry shovel, it really comes in handy in life, and first of all, as a household item, and if necessary, it can easily turn into a formidable weapon.
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  1. Dragon-y
    Dragon-y 16 September 2015 06: 46 New
    Sharpening the side faces of the scapula is fraught. May be interested - why?
    1. gas113
      gas113 16 September 2015 06: 56 New
      One face has a factory sharpening (or I got one)
      1. Vadim_007
        Vadim_007 16 September 2015 10: 17 New
        One face was not sharpened before, for example, on Swiss shovels until 1940, then three sides began to be sharpened. Some instructions recommend that you do not sharpen one face of the tray.
    2. bionik
      bionik 16 September 2015 06: 56 New
      For me, you don’t need to sharpen it, you can take it off your head.
      1. avt
        avt 16 September 2015 10: 47 New
        Quote: bionik
        For me, you don’t need to sharpen it, you can take it off your head.

        In-in! Why sharpen it then! ?? Ponty all these turning, still takes to buy and put on it before use. laughing
        Quote: Glot
        You can carry a lot of things in the car. In skillful and bold (!!!) hands, both a mount and a screwdriver are weapons. But inept and indecisive and the machine gun is not an assistant. )))

        In-in! They might ask for a hammer, but a mallet made of good, thick rubber, and with a lanyard against a knife - that’s it.
        Quote: Glot
        In this regard, the blade is no better than a bat or a hammer

        It’s like that you are psychologically equalizing the attacker with a flock of bat, and there are more of them, again the police have questions, the hammer also seems to be a hint to the attacker - like a family sucker and he’ll climb into the vaz unceremoniously, and the shoulder blade is already a legend, this is already a subconscious presses, especially when the person involved holds her confidently in her hands, well, not like a toothpick. laughing
    3. Constructor1
      Constructor1 16 September 2015 07: 56 New
      Well, that’s it! I went to sharpen a shovel, and put it in the salon)))
    4. Vadim_007
      Vadim_007 16 September 2015 10: 40 New
      Sharpen the side edges of the shoulder blades recommends any instruction in engineering.
    5. Vadim_007
      Vadim_007 16 September 2015 10: 42 New
      Sharpening the side edges of the tray recommends any engineering instruction.
    6. Speedy
      Speedy 16 September 2015 11: 44 New
      I would be careful not to use against an unarmed person flat on my head and chopping on my limbs. MPL is essentially a light ax. And beat on the head flat ... You can twist it or he will winder head and from ХХХХХ you want him a little head by accident.
    7. Alekseev
      Alekseev 16 September 2015 15: 13 New
      Quote: Dragon-y
      Sharpening the side faces of the scapula is fraught.

      Why is there something to sharpen?
      A small infantry shovel (sapper) is already a formidable weapon that can easily be fought for, and the lethal outcome is unnecessary.
      And not sharpened it is quite possible to cut the skull. yes Here it is necessary, in order to avoid "consequences from which you will later fall under investigation", it is necessary on the contrary to blunt the edges. laughing
      1. Rivares
        Rivares 16 September 2015 18: 14 New
        Quote: Alekseev
        you need to blunt the verge on the contrary.

        or memorize)))
      2. Kombrig
        Kombrig 16 September 2015 20: 55 New
        Quote: Alekseev
        you need to blunt the verge on the contrary.

        You just need not to take it out of the case ....
    8. akm8226
      akm8226 16 September 2015 20: 28 New
      It is said - digging worms!))) Why acute? So stupid to dig hard!)))
  2. V.ic
    V.ic 16 September 2015 06: 54 New
    I advise you to buy a small infantry shovel, it really is useful in life and, first of all, as an item of household purpose, by Mikhail Didenko

    God grant that as an object of household purpose!
  3. Glot
    Glot 16 September 2015 06: 59 New
    You can carry a lot of things in the car. In skillful and bold (!!!) hands, both a mount and a screwdriver are weapons. But inept and indecisive and the machine gun is not an assistant. )))
    In this regard, the blade is no better than a bat or a hammer.
    Yes, and plus, God forbid anyone seriously grunts this MPL in a conflict. Then the court will recoup in full both regarding the "digging of worms" and the sharpening of the scapula. The laws about self-defense are still ours.
    In general, the blade is a good thing, but with great reservations for the purpose of its application.
    1. Vladimirets
      Vladimirets 16 September 2015 08: 00 New
      Quote: Glot
      You can carry a lot of things in the car

      I have a 70cm piece of pipe, I put it on a spray bottle for peaceful purposes, but not for peaceful ...
      1. Ingvar 72
        Ingvar 72 16 September 2015 08: 39 New
        Quote: Vladimirets
        I have a 70cm piece of pipe, I put it on a spray bottle for peaceful purposes, but not for peaceful ..

        And I have a Fiskars hatchet ... repeat
  4. AlNikolaich
    AlNikolaich 16 September 2015 07: 04 New
    The article is certainly interesting, but ... To use a shovel for self-defense (and a knife, bat, etc.)
    you need to train a lot! And, most importantly, be psychologically prepared! And how many do not draw receptions, and
    how not to describe the application until you are shown with an example, will not be allowed to work out and will not indicate errors
    there will be zero sense! And the most interesting, if you are psychologically prepared, jackals can smell it, and it’s unlikely
    fit ...
    1. Vadim_007
      Vadim_007 16 September 2015 09: 34 New
      The key point here is "psychologically ready to fight back" There are no dangerous and non-dangerous weapons, there are dangerous and not dangerous people. This actually applies to all weapons in the world :)

      As for training for a long time, if a person is not disabled, has normal general physical training, then taking a shoulder blade in his hand and twisting it in his hands after 20 minutes can do something digestible with it. This was noticed in the SA. In this regard, the shoulder blade is a very grateful item. And it’s absolutely true, if psychologically prepared, hardly anyone will do. Checked.
    2. Glot
      Glot 16 September 2015 15: 11 New
      And the most interesting, if you are psychologically prepared, jackals can smell it, and it’s unlikely
      fit ...

      Now, this is really the most important thing!
      There was a case, years ... a few years ago.
      He returned home at night, after midnight, however then it almost always turned out that way.
      I’m going on the subway, standing in a corner, reading a book calmly. And I was going to the final. I stand, the people are gradually resolving.
      I’m watching for the two haul to the final one, I stayed in the car alone and there are about six “working guys from Central Asia”. )))
      I see them on their gyr-pyr, pyr-gyr and they nod at me.
      Well, I think I'm standing in the corner, and they just won’t pick me out of there. )))
      I look closer to pick up, cover.
      In general, I was absolutely calm and ready. I understood what will begin now.
      They all rise, I fold the book and look at them.
      They looked at me with a grin and saw hands. Behind the book they were not visible when I read. )))
      But I must say at that time I was very active in hand-to-hand fighting, and the so-called "Kentus" were stuffed, and the color was dark brown-black from keratinization and iodine lubrication. I even had to hide them constantly, catching my eyes in the transport. Sometimes very scared. )))
      So, “guests from the south” saw these pens, they immediately faded from their faces and, having girked and snorted among themselves, quietly sitting in empty seats, sat quietly until the very end, periodically looking at me. But not as a sacrifice. )))
      In general, there were no “necessary self-defense” at that time. ))))
  5. Bassoon
    Bassoon 16 September 2015 07: 18 New
    But there is still no method against scrap.
    1. Sochi
      Sochi 16 September 2015 10: 01 New
      there is an inch pipe against scrap ...
    2. V.ic
      V.ic 16 September 2015 10: 34 New
      Quote: Fagot
      But there is still no method against scrap.

      ... if there is no other scrap!
  6. parusnik
    parusnik 16 September 2015 08: 07 New
    I can advise dear readers who are interested in this topic to see the site dedicated to the small infantry shovel: ... Thanks, bookmarked .. went ..
  7. free
    free 16 September 2015 08: 12 New
    the blade is much better than the bits because it is much better balanced, and better than the knife is not so suspicious (especially in the case), and to strike it is not even necessary to get out of the case, by the way, I also switched to the blade for a long time. a shovel (looks not much bigger than a children's shovel) on a long (thick) handle, is ideally controlled with one hand and can be sharpened without fear of too much attention (it is not perceived as a weapon, and worms are being dug up for it), and it’s very fast and even mple, on Lynn (and large) radius of the handle does not impact the order covers the knife is suitable for crushing and for the chop, at any garden store sold.
  8. Sars
    Sars 16 September 2015 09: 48 New
    I have a 1943 shovel in my car. Something became a pity to apply it for worms - I bought a second (new) one.
    1. Vadim_007
      Vadim_007 16 September 2015 10: 19 New
      43 years old, an excellent spatula :) before they could be bought at any collapse and inexpensively. T
  9. DesToeR
    DesToeR 16 September 2015 09: 57 New
    Quote: free
    By the way, I also moved to the shoulder blade a long time ago

    Quote: free
    suitable for both crushing and chopping strikes

    You just scare me !!! Already tested?
  10. vladimirvn
    vladimirvn 16 September 2015 10: 00 New
    Colt made people equal.
    The criminal code corrected this annoying misunderstanding.
  11. Vovanya
    Vovanya 16 September 2015 11: 02 New
    As always, when a journalist tries to come up with the name of a specialized article, it’s a mess, namely, sapper blades do not exist, there are infantry blades (50 cm long) and sapper shovels (110 cm), by the way, also a good tool, if that.
    1. The comment was deleted.
  12. uzer 13
    uzer 13 16 September 2015 11: 43 New
    Before you hit, think better. Most likely you have a criminal record (our Russian court is the most humane court in the world) There are numbers on your car, they will find it quickly. Then it turns out that you got the nephew of the prosecutor or governor. But it's in the city. And on the highway other places of self-defense in less crowded places. If there are no witnesses, they can actually kill you, but you can act as hard as possible.
  13. thinking
    thinking 16 September 2015 11: 58 New
    I won a year in the Donbass. In the trenches, we often used it as a knife (bread, cut meat), as a frying pan. In general - a universal tool. Throwing requires practice, daily and many weeks - although the result is worth it. When in unprepared positions came under fire, then for shovels a little before the fight did not reach.
    1. Vadim_007
      Vadim_007 16 September 2015 13: 10 New
      The same thing happened in the first and second world wars. Underestimating the shoulder blade, the soldiers threw it on long marches. Laziness was to carry. When they fell under fire, they dug shelters with spoons, bayonets, hands and helmets.
    2. RiverVV
      RiverVV 16 September 2015 13: 20 New
      Frying pan - yes. Only the paint needs to be scraped off, and then how it is sauce - not really. And the stalk does not burn on fire.
  14. RiverVV
    RiverVV 16 September 2015 12: 57 New
    Bare weapons, but try not to injure the enemy? Some kind of kindergarten ... People, never, never, never, ever try to follow the advice given in this article in practice. Except for one of course: the blade should be in the car. Useful for peaceful purposes. And to try to fight it - God forbid.

    Well, take me as an example. Let's say they’re trying to "talk" with me using a spatula. For combat, she needs practice no less than, for example, for a hatchet. It is unlikely that the enemy has such a practice. Most likely this is a hamster that has read the Internet. I was weaned from being scared of iron even on an urgent basis (although I am still more than anything afraid of a dentist in the world, I’m literally shaking in the chair). It’s much easier to work with a knife, I have a knife in my pocket, to open it for a short time and the outcome for the owner of the shoulder blade is likely to be very sad.

    Actually, the knife may not be required. At one time, we were given receptions for the selection of a stick, or machine gun. If the enemy is not confident in himself (and this is usually noticeable), then he will have one shovel less and one more bump on the head. :)))

    And one more thing: do not use photographs in this article as a guide. No one will try to reach you with a fist from a distance of one and a half to two meters. Nobody will substitute for the blows of a limb, much less nobody will reach you to step on your foot. Unless a hamster like you ...

    If we are really talking about the necessary defense, then the first rule: the enemy should not see that you are armed for as long as possible. Take your armed hand behind your back, hide the shovel / knife / hatchet behind the body. Use weapons at a distance of confident defeat. For the shoulder blade, this is one step. The attack must be sudden.
    Second: disable the enemy as reliable as possible. That is, if they hit him on the arm - there must be a fracture. On the leg - a muscle centimeter three centimeters deep. In the head - ... well, you understand. After a successful strike, immediately apply the second and third.
    Third: remember that the adversary can also know the first two rules.
  15. Archon
    Archon 16 September 2015 12: 57 New
    it’s better not to touch the shoulder blade on a civilian. the risk is too great just to kill a person. this item is more suitable for attack than defense.
    protection cannot be sharp and so dangerous.
    the blade is almost like an ax, only lighter and sharper. But the ax can hardly be called an instrument of self-defense?

    in the city, self-defense weapons are spray cans or shockers and knowledge of the Criminal Code. And injury is better outside the city - at close range it is too dangerous anyway.
    1. Rivares
      Rivares 16 September 2015 18: 31 New
      Quote: Archon
      this item is more suitable for attack than defense

      ???? And I naively believed that one and the same tool can effectively attack and defend ...
  16. Jan Ivanov
    Jan Ivanov 16 September 2015 13: 52 New
    It seems to me alone that the second part of the review about the shoulder blade should not be published?
    And if the blade in the photo is replaced with a standard bat? Or a tire mount? Both that, and that is quite resolved and does not cause problems with the law. Keeping the shoulder blade in the boot is fastened - this greatly increases its value as a weapon in emergency situations. The bits in the back seat (or in the back pocket of the adjacent front) are much more accessible for operational access, but you can’t throw a blade there.
    Of course, as described, you can use a spatula. You can also take Fiskars cleaver, also not a prohibited "drug." But is this the best solution for such tasks?
  17. Glot
    Glot 16 September 2015 14: 58 New
    I have an MPL, 1944, it’s already been two or three years in the country. I bought it back when I was doing freakshoots. Conveniently, and the device is folded and it fits in a backpack without any problems.
    Then, when the boredom got bored, the device was sold and the scapula remained at the cottage to lie idle. And now he lies to himself, in perfect order. )))
    I don’t drive anything in the car. Although the car is not mine, the wife. )))
    I have knives, different. PvSy, benches, glock and ka-bar and all sorts of different. I love you know the knives. )) But, I do not carry them with me. Well, unless I take something to the forest there when we get out, to nature. And so ... why the hell?
    I have no shocker, injury or gas. And there never was. What the hell? )))
    Lord, how am I still alive and mobile ??? !!! ))))))))))
    1. Jan Ivanov
      Jan Ivanov 16 September 2015 15: 14 New
      This is not an article for you. ) This article is for those who wear everything you have listed and say: "Lord, thank you for giving me all this, thanks to this I am still alive and mobile." )))
  18. APS
    APS 16 September 2015 16: 59 New
    I would not advise carrying a shoulder blade to people with weak nerves and a weak psyche, here the law is simple - if you got it, be ready to hit it, not ready - you better not get it, they will take it away and get it.
  19. RRR
    RRR 16 September 2015 18: 07 New
    If you want to live, remember 2 rules:

    1 - You never know who you met
    2 - Any weapon is removed ONLY FOR ITS USE

    The corollary of rule 2 is to never take out a threatening weapon! Do not provoke.
  20. oberon 1
    oberon 1 16 September 2015 19: 40 New
    The shoulder blade is also liked by foreign specialists. Its use in contact combat is effective.
  21. akm8226
    akm8226 16 September 2015 20: 37 New
    I have an elegant MSL blade ... Soviet still ... debugged, fitted on the arm (I have a small brush), honed ... no knife is needed and no police will dig in ... I live in Lithuania, one night, one hour at two, they returned with his son in his car from the garden, and the shovel was in the trunk, in a case. Local policies are very fond of slowing down night cars, especially BMWs, you can cut a big jackpot ... but this time they broke off ... my question is "why did they stop, did we break something?" the answer was like a raid ... fine, gru, right now we’ll find your boss’s phone number and ask if this is a raid. They asked to open the trunk ... for God's sake, plizz, service is service ... they see MSL in a case ... what is this? I am shoveling. What for? Grue, do you suggest that if the car gets stuck in a dirt road, dig it out with your hands? Not a word was said, they gave the docks and all the best.
  22. sagitch
    sagitch 16 September 2015 21: 04 New
    You can carry a chainsaw. tongue Preferably "Calm MS 180" small. start with a half turn. I don’t think that anyone would dare to go against a chainsaw, bits can be cut for firewood laughing
  23. chelovektapok
    chelovektapok 16 September 2015 21: 13 New
    Lapernaya Sopatka- abruptly there will be a baseball bat and much more! A familiar and reliable tool, always with you in the car! On vacation, barbecue and an ax is not necessary. Chop the branches, cut the "sausage-cucumbers." accurate on three sides. A terrible device in skilled hands. More ax will be. Take it easy and twirl. Some from overseas "kukri" drag. But this is not our method. The Russian Soldier has always been inherent in the Shovel. And ownership methods too! At least for the mutton carcass - it doesn’t bother with bones at all.
  24. partizan86
    partizan86 16 September 2015 21: 55 New
    Very convenient * to carry with you in all conditions ...
  25. sagitch
    sagitch 16 September 2015 22: 41 New
    The topic is interesting. It is a pity late to find time to discuss.
    If you carry a sharpened shovel with you, this is already a deadly weapon! I am sure you will be afraid yourself. Apply it, realizing that this is an article, goleted.
    If you take any "weapon" in the car, then only that which you really are not afraid to use, and so that it is in an accessible place and that the traffic police are not presented at the post.
    There were cases in 90's
    They couldn’t get their guns (because they hid them securely) and the bandits tried to take us for about 60 km (in the morning) almost to the checkpoint in Orenburg. (what do they carry? at the risk of running into an article)
    Near Chelyabinsk, a similar situation. Okay, a noise grenade was at hand.
    Near Ryazan, there was no weapon, but he hit a car pressing on the left, and the front brake immediately lost the desire to stop me ....
    I mean, the situations are very different, and I’ll honestly say that having a “self-defense tool” with you, be it a shovel, a club, a cutting one, or a firearm, you feel much more in danger from your own, unexpected actions. But what if? take and apply - and already an article! you!
    Good legs save! from gopnik and from the article.
  26. Watchdog
    Watchdog 17 September 2015 09: 11 New
    Any use of MPL in the so-called "self-defense" - article 100%. Well, you can’t “slightly” damage a person with this tool. You can also carry a kitchen knife or an ax. But why? It will not save a gas trauma or a firearm from a shot, but to fight it against people with a bat ... In general, self-defense is not war, not hand-to-hand combat. Not a situation in which you demolished half a bag to the enemy and went on. Self-defense is complicated in this way - the surprise of the attack, the uncertainty of the degree of aggression, the limited means and degree of protection. You can easily kill with a spatula. The hassle on the road is still not a trench grinder.
    Historically, a brush (extinguished) was used for self-defense in Russia. Any belt with a heavy badge fits perfectly. Although also dangerous. But the probability of the article is less. And the question "what does your belt in the glove compartment do" sounds strange, right? And before applying such a sense of danger, the opponent does not cause danger. And with a shovel they can shoot you with a fright.
  27. kravch67k
    kravch67k 17 September 2015 17: 28 New
    A better-ax, also a trench tool