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"Before we unite, we must decisively delimit." From the history of the Berlin Wall

21 August 1948. Marking is made between the British and Soviet sectors of Berlin in the Potsdamer Platz

2 January 1958. West Germans look over the fence between West and East Berlin

28 July 1959. Barbed wire fence and fence near Fulda

13 August 1961. View of the Brandenburg Gate from West Berlin

13 August 1961. Two guys wrapped in rugs just ran down the river from East Berlin

August 13, 1961. Tanks lined up on Warschauer Strasse in Berlin, at one of the checkpoints between East and West Berlin

21 August 1961. East German soldier carries a large roll of barbed wire at the border separating the British and Soviet sectors of Berlin

13 August 1961. East German soldiers check barbed wire at the border

13 August 1961. East German soldiers remove pavement on Friedrichstraße in East Berlin

13 August 1961. Elderly couple are taken away by East German soldiers after an unsuccessful attempt to cross the border

15 August 1961. East German border guard Konrad Schumann jumps into the French sector of West Berlin through barbed wire

18 August 1961. Workers under the protection of East German police are building a dividing wall

18 August 1961. Construction of the separation wall in East Berlin during ongoing unrest

18 August 1961. West Berliners on the right gather at the barrier between East and West Berlin

22 August 1961. Wall construction

28 August 1961. The stone wall cannot stop curious West Berliners from looking at the eastern part of the city.

August 1961. East German worker lays the first stone blocks of the Berlin Wall

August 1961. West Berliners on the right look like East German builders erect a wall through Wildenbruchstraße and Heidelbergerstrasse

August 1961. View of the Brandenburg Gate from West Berlin

5 September 1961. Reichstag building through wire firing

6 September 1961. On the border of East and West Berlin near Kreuzberg

6 September 1961. Border situation in Kreuzberg: West Berliners look towards the eastern sector and wave to their friends there

9 September 1961. Checkpoint at Invalidenstraße

9 September 1961. East Berlin policeman lays bricks

10 September 1961. Dramatic escape from the border house

12 September 1961. West Berliners observe how precast concrete slabs are unloaded in the eastern sector to strengthen the Berlin Wall in the Wilhelmstrasse district

14 September 1961. Vostochnoberlinskaya police guns trying to prevent the escape of East Germans

19 September 1961. In the Sebastianstrasse district, where the US sector borders on the Soviet, workers erect street lamps behind the concrete border wall.

20 September 1961. East Berlin police began a massive evacuation of people from residential buildings that border West Berlin. Dozens of people fled west from the windows of these buildings.

22 September 1962. East German border guards monitor the repair of the Berlin Wall

25 September 1961. Fortification of the Berlin Wall

27 September 1961. In the foreground is the French military police, on the left the West Berlin police on guard in front of a concrete wall on the west side of the Berlin Wall in the French sector

28 September 1961. District Zimmerstrasse. Wall construction

September 1961. West Berliners talk to East Berliners over barbed wire fence at the border

01 October 1961. East German police reinforce wire obstacles in Steinshtyukken enclave, part of West Berlin

16 October 1961. East Berlin runaway trying to cross the border

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  1. apro
    apro 13 September 2015 07: 08 New
    Well, why should this scribble, again, the Russians have to repent? After all, everyone knows the partition of Germany is the initiative of amers and arrogance they created the FRG without notifying Stalin that they carried out a predatory monetary reform without notifying Stalin because the Reichsmark went in all occupation zones and in Soviet, too, to prevent the destruction of the economy of the eastern part and imposed restrictions on displacement. The provocateurs achieved a split in Germany and confrontation.
  2. steampunk3d
    steampunk3d 13 September 2015 07: 49 New
    and let's restore back ..
    1. igordok
      igordok 13 September 2015 08: 52 New
      It seems to me, the time of the walls has not passed yet.

      In the third photograph, the 4-ex wire line is depicted. Explain why the fourth wire.
      1. Avenich
        Avenich 13 September 2015 18: 00 New
        Quote: igordok
        In the third photograph, the 4-ex wire line is depicted. Explain why the fourth wire.

        The question is not according to the article, but most likely a power line with one “split” phase is depicted. To prevent the formation of a distributed coronary (or corona, I do not remember) discharge during a thunderstorm. They don’t do it now: the automation is good.
    2. Vladimir Pozlnyakov
      Vladimir Pozlnyakov 13 September 2015 09: 02 New
      Correctly! Build walls on the Strait of Gibraltar and the English Channel!
      1. Andrey77
        Andrey77 13 September 2015 15: 12 New
        Only it will be the Chinese walls, not ours.
  3. parusnik
    parusnik 13 September 2015 08: 48 New
    Mdya ... the United States and its NATO allies are so white and puffy ... and the USSR is bad, it forced the Germans to build a wall .. Which is typical, right after the war the powder burnt still did not subside, and the allies were about to fight the USSR ...
  4. lwxx
    lwxx 13 September 2015 09: 47 New
    61 years old, and still PPSh and T-34 ...
  5. sabakina
    sabakina 13 September 2015 11: 02 New
    August 1961. View of the Brandenburg Gate from West Berlin

    It seems that in this photo I saw the brave Schweik ...
  6. The comment was deleted.
  7. Atigay
    Atigay 13 September 2015 12: 46 New
    Yes, the GDR was a colony of the USSR, like all East European countries. Nehren was to climb to us. Hunchback surrendering them, he actually transferred to the colonial administration of the United States. Therefore, Europe is not free in decisions. Europe has no future. There is a past, and now this is the present: with crowds of refugees, unfamiliar infections, an explosion of criminals, leaked Igilovites, bespontovye borders, armies, governments. With envy of the Russians. What's next? The collapse of Europe into specific principalities, the strengthening of Germany (threw off the load from the shoulders), the union of Germany, Russia and China, the sunset of the United States. How fast history turns pages!
    1. apro
      apro 13 September 2015 13: 27 New
      The GDR had more sovereignty than the FRG, and they were not our colony, the leadership of EHonecker defended their interests in front of the USSR.
    2. Andrey77
      Andrey77 13 September 2015 15: 03 New
      Only emotions. Of course, Europe has no future ... ridiculed.
  8. Irbenwolf
    Irbenwolf 13 September 2015 14: 40 New
    The East Germans were "bought" in the same way as we were - those units who crossed the border arranged raspberry life and they were ready to agitate all their friends for the beauty of Western life, when the wall and border were dismantled - not everything was so rosy for the East. And now, in general, the East is not very developed.
    1. Andrey77
      Andrey77 13 September 2015 15: 10 New
      And before parsing the wall? The East is used to living at the expense of the USSR, the West - at the expense of the USA. When the wall was dismantled, the USSR twitched in convulsions. Of course, everything is bad for the Oriental.
  9. Ze Kot
    Ze Kot 13 September 2015 14: 51 New
    Quote: lwxx
    61 years old, and still PPSh and T-34 ...

    And trucks from the war.
    1. Andrey77
      Andrey77 13 September 2015 15: 05 New
      These trucks, during the war, were an order of magnitude better than our gaziks. Better only with the Americans. In vain you laugh.
      1. Ze Kot
        Ze Kot 15 September 2015 19: 51 New
        Quote: Andrey77
        You are laughing in vain.

        And who is laughing?

        It’s just a line of confrontation and the best equipment there should be. And in 1961, the T-34 was "a bit" obsolete, and the PPSh AK had already been replaced.
  10. KRIG55
    KRIG55 13 September 2015 22: 13 New
    A good selection of photos, it is a pity that everything is in vain.
  11. Jääkorppi
    Jääkorppi 17 September 2015 09: 40 New
    And now the skyro geyropa! Even legally, in Germany there is US jurisdiction! Urgently rename the library to them. Yeltsin to the library of Ivan the Terrible!
  12. Spawn
    Spawn 17 October 2015 11: 46 New
    Good retribution for the deaths of millions of people.