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The Washington Free Beacon: Russia is building an unmanned submarine with nuclear weapons

As you know, not only newsbut also rumors. Unverified data often leads to hasty discussions and conclusions, and sometimes to panic. In the past few days, the foreign and domestic press began to discuss the topic of hypothetical Russian weapons, the existence of which is still known only by hearsay.

According to several foreign publications, Russia is creating a new special weapon for the naval fleet. The new project will lead to the emergence of a special autonomous underwater vehicle with a nuclear warhead of high power. The topic of a hypothetical Russian project in recent days has been touched upon by many foreign publications, but the most complete and detailed article appeared in The Washington Free Beacon. On September 8, the publication published an article by Bill Gertz of the Russia Building Nuclear-Armed Drone Submarine ("Russia is building an unmanned nuclear submarine"). The author of this publication tried to collect all available data about the project and draw some conclusions.

B. Hertz begins his article directly and clearly: according to the available data, Russia is developing a promising underwater vehicle capable of delivering powerful nuclear warheads to the shores of the United States. The existence of this project has become known from unnamed sources in the Pentagon.

The Washington Free Beacon: Russia is building an unmanned submarine with nuclear weapons
Apparatus "Canyon" in the artist's view. Figure

Sources note that unmanned underwater vehicles currently being developed will become carriers of megaton-class nuclear warheads. Such devices can be used to destroy the main ports of American submarine forces, such as Kings Bey (pc. Georgia) or Puget Sound (pc. Washington).

American experts do not yet have detailed information about the new Russian project. Nevertheless, the country's leadership already knows about its existence. In addition, the Pentagon believes that the new project really exists, in connection with which he was given the code mark Kanyon ("Canyon").

B. Gertz believes that the emergence of the Canyon project is yet another proof of the “aggressive modernization of the underwater component of nuclear forces,” conducted by the Russian leadership led by President Vladimir Putin. It is noteworthy that, against the background of the development of Russian strategic nuclear forces, the administration of US President Barack Obama is implementing other plans. At present, the American leadership believes that the role of nuclear weapons should be reduced. weapons in the security of the state.

The unnamed sources of The Washington Free Beacon, familiar with the available information about the new Russian project, spoke about some of its main features. According to their data, the Kanyon project involves the construction of autonomous unmanned submarines carrying a nuclear warhead. The power of the latter is estimated at several tens of megatons. Such combat equipment will allow the submarine to cause enormous damage to the enemy, destroying or damaging objects over a large area.

Missiles and bombs with nuclear warheads of the megaton class in the United States have the unofficial name of City busters ("Destroyers of cities"). The power of such weapons allows you to destroy large areas of cities or underground objects. Nuclear warheads of similar capacity, mounted on unmanned underwater vehicles, can be used to destroy ports and other facilities on the coast.

According to one of the sources of B. Gertz, who wished to remain anonymous, the new Russian underwater vehicle will be able to travel long distances at high speed. At the same time, however, this official noted that the Canyon project would not be a danger to the United States until a certain time. The fact is that it will take years to complete the development of the project and test the prototypes of the new underwater vehicle.

The author of the article Russia Building Nuclear-Armed Drone Submarine notes that the Kanyon project is becoming part of the Russian strategic plan for the modernization of nuclear forces. In recent years, official Moscow has taken measures aimed at modernizing this part of the armed forces, which, in particular, will make it possible to maintain an instrument of political pressure on Washington. In addition, American experts believe that Russia will continue to oppose the implementation of certain US proposals. The B. Obama administration intends to pursue further reduction of nuclear forces even after the fulfillment of the conditions of the START III treaty.

Fulfillment of plans to further reduce armaments proved impossible after the "annexation" of the Crimea and the start of the war in eastern Ukraine, as well as, according to B. Gertz, due to Moscow’s refusal to comply with the terms of the treaty on medium and short-range missiles. One of the sources of The Washington Free Beacon, a journalist who is directly related to the government, notes that it is difficult to see Russia as a responsible partner when she performs such actions.

Previously reported changes in the Russian Maritime Doctrine. In connection with the changing situation in the world, the leadership of Russia decided to revise certain provisions of this document, in accordance with which the fleet, infrastructure, etc. will be developed in the future. Among other things, provisions on the development of new equipment, including unmanned underwater systems, appeared in the Doctrine.

The first information about the Kanyon project became a cause for concern among the leadership of the Pentagon in general and the command of the naval forces in particular. The emergence of such weapons systems will force the US Navy to rework some of the nuances of its strategy. In particular, the priority of anti-submarine defense will increase. Nevertheless, while the press service of the military department refuses to comment on rumors about a new Russian development.

Not so long ago, the US military said that the Russian research vessel Yantar was spotted off the east coast of the United States. While the ship was near US territorial waters, its actions were monitored. B. Hertz notes that research vessels, such as Yantar, can be used for various purposes, including for conducting reconnaissance in the interests of the submarine forces of the Russian Navy. Their task may be to collect information about various water areas, which can later be used in the operation of unmanned underwater vehicles.

It is noted that at present both the United States and Russia are engaged in the development of their military fleets, as well as developing new unmanned systems. At the same time, however, the US defense industry is not yet engaged in the creation of submarine systems with combat blocks of the megaton class. Moreover, the US military is gradually abandoning weapons of this class. For example, the B53 anti-bunker bombs with a 9 megaton capacity were removed from service several years ago. The 83 megatons B1,2 products are gradually being decommissioned due to the new B61 bomb modification.

B. Hertz recalls Soviet and Russian successes in the construction of warheads of the megaton class. Thus, the SS-18 missiles with 20-megaton warheads and 5-megaton warheads for SS-19 missiles are in service. In addition, the author recalls that the most powerful in stories the bomb was built exactly in the USSR - the product with the provisional name "Tsar-Bomb" had a power at the level of 150 megatons. It should be noted that The Washington Free Beacon journalist made a serious mistake: the actual power of the Tsar Bomb was 58 megatons.

Assessing the fighting qualities of hypothetical Russian weapons, B. Gertz resorts to the opinion of experts. For example, Jack Caravelli, a former CIA analyst and specialist in the Soviet / Russian sector, believes that the Canyon project is another example of Moscow’s “aggressive and innovative” approach to the development of military capabilities directed against the United States and Western countries.

The power of the warhead at the level of several megatons, according to Caravelli, is a means of causing catastrophic damage to the enemy by destroying coastal cities and facilities of the United States or Europe. Moreover, the analyst believes that the Kanyon project may be evidence that Russian President V.Putin is preparing for an armed confrontation with the West.

Former US military officer Mark Schneider recalls that back in 2014, Russia announced the launch of a new program to modernize nuclear forces. Details of these plans were supposed to be published in the near future. In June, 2015, representatives of the Russian defense industry told about the completion of the development of some projects of unmanned underwater technology.

While some American experts express concern, others are in no hurry to panic and pour accusations. For example, the former head of the US Strategic Command, Robert Koehler, believes that the Canyon project may be a cause for alarm, but so far remains calm. Köhler notes that he is not worried about the modernization of Russian nuclear forces. Russia and the United States continue to comply with the terms of the START-III agreement, which is why you can not worry. In this case, the former commander does not have any information about the Kanyon project.

Despite the absence of any confirmed data on the new project, some experts are already making their assumptions about the appearance of promising weapons. For example, naval analyst Norman Polmar believes that the basis of the Canyon project may be based on older Soviet designs. The Soviet and Russian navy has traditionally been an innovator in the field of armaments, including torpedoes. It is known that soon after the development of nuclear technologies, Soviet specialists began to develop a special torpedo designed to attack the coast of the enemy.

The project, known as the T-15, meant the creation of a large torpedo with a high-powered nuclear warhead. A torpedo with a length of 75 feet (more than 22 m) with a thermonuclear warhead was proposed to be used to destroy targets located on the coast of the United States.

General view of one of the most promising underwater vehicles of American development. Figure

In recent years, the naval forces of different states are engaged in the creation of new underwater unmanned systems, although the details of the projects of some countries remain unknown. In the middle of the last decade a study was published, the authors of which identified nine tactical niches for such equipment. Unmanned underwater systems can be used in various fields, from intelligence to delivery of combat units.

According to B. Gertz, the new project “Canyon” is a part of the current program of modernization of strategic nuclear forces and the navy of Russia. In parallel with the creation of an underwater unmanned vehicle, the Borey project submarines and the Bulava missiles are being built for them. In addition, Russian industry is creating two new ground-based ballistic missiles and continues to develop three earlier projects. For the development of the nuclear component of the Air Force, it is planned to resume construction of Tu-160 bombers and create a new aircraft of a similar class. A new air-based cruise missile is also being created.

A peculiar response to a hypothetical Russian project could be the new developments of the United States. In April of this year, the Minister of the Navy, Ray Meibus, said that unmanned systems are one of the priorities in the development of the fleet. The Minister noted that the unmanned technologies themselves are not something new and unusual. Nevertheless, they have great potential and are of great interest to the military. For this reason, a large number of projects of unmanned vehicles, including underwater vehicles, should appear in the future. It is assumed that they will become an integral part of the fleet.

As you can see, the American press is once again expressing concern about the new Russian military equipment projects. At the same time, the Kanyon project, which became the reason for the publication of the Russia Building Nuclear-Armed Drone Submarine, now raises a lot of questions, primarily because its existence has not yet been confirmed.

Nevertheless, foreign journalists and analysts are already trying to form an opinion about a new unusual weapon and to predict the features of its use. Naturally, the lack of information affects such analytics, because of which most of it is an attempt to guess certain features of the new project.

It should be borne in mind that a small amount of information is not a reason to ignore the new foreign development. Taking into account fragmentary information about the hypothetical project “Canyon”, the Pentagon acts quite reasonably, since ignoring such news can have serious consequences for defense capability. However, one should not forget that the available information about the new Russian project of an unmanned underwater vehicle with a nuclear warhead may not be true.

The Russian military has not responded to publications in the foreign press. The creation of a special carrier of high-powered nuclear weapons is not confirmed or refuted. Thus, the true essence of the current discussions will open only after some time. Only official information about new developments will help to find out whether the news in the American press is based on real events, or whether the journalists "pecked" on the rumors that are growing on the basis of an imaginary Russian threat.

Article Russia Building Nuclear-Armed Drone Submarine:
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  1. samuil60
    samuil60 14 September 2015 06: 35
    Whether "Kanyon" will be or not, the Pentagon, while shouting about a "new Russian threat", will be able to demand money from the State Department again to develop new weapons. It is not at all excluded that this is just an American "duck" in order to justify the creation of such weapons in the United States.
    1. wanderer_
      wanderer_ 14 September 2015 07: 29
      But why immediately "duck"? ... ours have always been developing in secrecy, maybe in fact they created something, but the Americans do not know for sure and are guessing on the coffee grounds. Nooo, as if we have some kind of a trump card up our sleeve.
      1. DanSabaka
        DanSabaka 14 September 2015 08: 12
        Yeah ... And the scouts who discovered the plans of the adversary of Russia were called Jules Verne, Arthur Clark and Isaac Aizimov. wink And of course, it was not without Hans-Christian Andersen .... laughing
        1. Minstrel
          Minstrel 14 September 2015 09: 20
          Quote: DanSabaka
          Yeah ... And the scouts who discovered the plans of the adversary of Russia were called Jules Verne, Arthur Clark and Isaac Aizimov. And of course, it was not without Hans-Christian Andersen ....

          No, this storyteller's name is:
          publication published an article by Bill Hertz

          The author of this publication tried ... to draw some conclusions.

          B. Goertz believes ...

          According to B. Gertz ...

          I recalled on this occasion an excerpt from one "thieves" song:

          Well, call Hertz,
          Old Hertz,
          He will read fashionable here,
          Very popular,
          In our synagogue, an outcast ...
          So I say - without the old Hertz, in this case nothing. wink
          1. Darkmor
            Darkmor 14 September 2015 12: 43
            Sometimes it seems to me that a typical American journalist is walking past the mirror, noticing a figure, and hiding under the table out of fear. And then he quietly crawls out, crosses himself (well, or whatever they are doing there) and says to himself, "Uff, Putin is in a vision."
            And after that comes and writes similar articles.

            Well, what for unmanned nuclear submarine? What for is it needed?
            We have other, cheaper and more reliable ways, gentlemen, Americans, to destroy your ports.
            I will not be surprised at all if it turns out that the Kanyen project is a geological exploration deep drone, or an integral part of a mine minesweeper - because this is what we really need, unlike the mythical nuclear prodigy for exploding American ports.
            1. Talgat
              Talgat 14 September 2015 16: 41
              Why not? In the context of the development of the US missile defense system, which threatens the effectiveness of a strategic nuclear strike, including missiles with nuclear submarines, some types of long-range nuclear torpedoes (or call it unmanned boats) can also make the aggressor think about it before taking an irreparable step
      2. qwert
        qwert 14 September 2015 11: 21
        Is it not expensive to deliver one nuclear weapon, without the possibility of any flexible use, i.e. highly specialized apparatus with an expensive nuclear reactor ??? It is more efficient to create a new boat according to the concept of 705 Ave. Then hold on America bully
    2. Stalker.1977
      Stalker.1977 14 September 2015 12: 42
      They still do not know about the mega-gun built on the moon .................
    3. ermolai
      ermolai 15 September 2015 05: 56
      Quote: samuil60
      money for the development of new weapons.

      and super PAMPERS!
  2. SANAY
    SANAY 14 September 2015 07: 00
    Our underwater robot, providing one hundred percent retaliation, is cool. There is no smoke without fire. But where the leak is not clear. Or our specially terrified caught up?
    1. Tarh and Tara
      Tarh and Tara 14 September 2015 21: 22
      Yes, they themselves, especially, are terribly catching up. For his public. Then they will throw something out.
  3. 17085
    17085 14 September 2015 07: 18
    Gentlemen, experts, you can figure it out ... Russia is a regional, insignificant power, with a weak army and a torn economy, or Russia holds you tightly to the causal place. The SGA does not reduce nuclear warheads and missiles, but takes them out of service due to disrepair - no la la ..
    These messages are generally just to insert "annexation" between cases. What is this? In the SGA, no one fully knows. At the expense of trying to increase the budget? I'm not sure ... Can I raise a wave so they don't get cut off?
    "aggressive modernization" - smiled ... but what? sometimes "peace-loving", like, "You ruined the army, and we will praise you for your peace-loving modernization"
    We’ll write it down ... experts ... minus one.
    1. SANAY
      SANAY 14 September 2015 07: 29
      By the way, right. If we are so regional and wretched, then where do such technologies come from? Mismatch by definition.
      1. 17085
        17085 14 September 2015 09: 14
        They measure everything according to their patterns. As long as you don't knock on thoughts, they don’t understand. The language of power is dogma for them. If the partnership is like fagots, one wins, then it ... twice ...
    2. Sirocco
      Sirocco 14 September 2015 10: 55
      Quote: 17085
      .. Russia is a regional, insignificant power, with a weak army and a torn economy,

      You’re right, I think if in the media instead of this phrase,
      The Canyon is yet another proof of the "aggressive modernization of the underwater component of nuclear forces," carried out by the Russian leadership, led by President Vladimir Putin.

      There would be a quote, Russia, led by Russian President Vladimir Putin, produces clay whistles, air mattresses, and other consumer goods.
      Here I think, yes, even questions would not have been, everything is like a state torn to shreds.
      At the expense of whether there is such a weapon or not, God knows. But if it is, I do not mind laughing
  4. bmv04636
    bmv04636 14 September 2015 07: 39
    It seems to me that Shark would be an excellent carrier of this type of weapon
    1. abrakadabre
      abrakadabre 14 September 2015 11: 36
      currently unmanned underwater vehicles will become carriers of megaton-class nuclear warheads.
      Why not gigaton? Let the Shark fill 3-4 compartments to the eyeballs with a thermonuclear charge and leave the initiating charge wassat
      And let her go to the adversary on autopilot
      1. Nishtiag
        Nishtiag 29 September 2015 13: 53
        I’m afraid that such an explosion as it were, the Earth, our planet common with these geeks, didn’t get worse ... The axis will bend, the axial rotation speed will change, the orbit may shift (and a single impulse will distort the circular orbit into an elliptical, albeit slightly, but a lot to us necessary? who knows?))))). Tectonics, again, are hurricane volcanoes. As if the Earth would not throw us off like a wild horse of a negligent rider))
  5. Grits
    Grits 14 September 2015 07: 39
    A decent number of such "bookmarks" in the form of megaton underwater drones, located in standby mode at the bottom of deep-sea trenches, would be a good "guarantee of peace." Since the prospect of their simultaneous undermining at the junction of tectonic plates off the coast of the United States would not please the inhabitants of this vile country.
    1. Baikal
      Baikal 14 September 2015 08: 49
      The idea is old, but still delicious. The problem is that we live on the same planet wink If they drown half-material there, then half-material we will crawl out somewhere - from here we get the full height of the prospect of admiring the lyrical views of the volcano from the window laughing
  6. Zaurbek
    Zaurbek 14 September 2015 07: 59
    They write that undermining 3-5 charges in the ocean, evenly, along the coast will cause a tsunami. And wash away all major cities, ports and the Navy base.
    1. bastard
      bastard 14 September 2015 21: 35
      Quote: Zaurbek
      They write that undermining 3-5 charges in the ocean, evenly, along the coast will cause a tsunami. And wash away all major cities, ports and the Navy base.

      This is from around the 27th minute:
  7. Whowhy
    Whowhy 14 September 2015 08: 50
    Guess who in the bazaar shouts the loudest: "Stop the thief!"?
  8. VSkilled
    VSkilled 14 September 2015 09: 58
    Gee ...

    For the first time, to wash away, to edeny, a_Merzian coastal cities by the explosion of a hydrogen bomb was proposed by the well-known, later, ogre and ...

    They say that Soviet generals, who still saw with their own eyes the horrors of fascism, even grimaced at such an offer.

    And, the idea is quite rational: both in terms of topography and in terms of the distribution of resources being destroyed.

    How many percent must be destroyed in order for Washington to decide that war is unacceptable due to too much loss? Here the account is guaranteed to go to tens (!) Percent.

    Zuckerman - there was a big-headed uncle. While his Boner - did not clean up ...
  9. Old26
    Old26 14 September 2015 11: 01
    The article is still that. The author (Goertz) burns right after all. Stopped in development at the level of the early 90's
    So, in service consist SS-18 missiles with 20-megaton warheads and 5-megaton warheads for SS-19 missiles.

    And where did he find their birthmarks?

    Now there will be such a massive injection that comments about the "canyon" will probably exceed 400-500. The main thing is that no one knows anything and all the sensations are sucked from the finger.

    On one of the well-known resources - MilitaryRussia, for example, put an equal sign between missile or torpedo or combined boat-based system using rockets equipped with rocket enginescreated by ORC "SCYTHIAN" и "CANYON". In principle, this assumption has a right to exist, since it does not contradict common sense.

    But no one knows what it is:
    - Either it is a container (or NPA) with one ballistic missile, which has an engine that allows this system some movement and maneuvering capabilities, and "hanging" in the water column
    - Is it a container launcher for a bottom ballistic missile (which is prohibited by the contract)
    - Either it is an NPA, which has an engine that allows this system to some movement and maneuvering capabilities, and is a multi-charge (for several "items") launcher for cruise missiles with a range of 500 to 2000 km ...

    In short, no one knows. But two things are nonsense:
    1. Equipping such a product with a multimegaton charge
    2. Using this system to mine the coast of another country.
    So many more "discoveries" of our and Western media are waiting for us.
  10. dumkopff
    dumkopff 14 September 2015 13: 04
    I read the Americans and smoothly fucking awesome from the incredible military power of my country. Then I scratch my turnips, look at the calendar, I think that it’s still a long way from the struggle for the US federal budget. And I wonder - isn’t it too early in NAVY to start a congress with the Senate to breed grandmothers?
  11. Engineer
    Engineer 14 September 2015 14: 39
    Canyon - the name in the traditions of the Russian Navy is undeniable. Then you can not develop the topic.
    1. carbofo
      carbofo 19 October 2015 13: 18
      hmm - "Camomile" would be somehow more ours, or "Flounder".
  12. gregor6549
    gregor6549 14 September 2015 15: 40
    People, drones, the direction is now fashionable, but that does not mean that it is true.
    For example, in the world there is now a massive design of "unmanned" vehicles for various purposes (cars, trucks, etc.), which are planned to be released on the roads of many countries of the world in huge quantities. At the same time, it is somehow overlooked that control systems for civilian vehicles are unlikely to have the level of security of control systems for military drones. This means that a serious increase in accidents and disasters on the roads along which these drones will run is quite predictable. Hacking military drone control systems will be more difficult than civilian ones, but harder does not mean impossible. And this can lead to the fact that a drone that has taken off, left or departed for a combat mission will suddenly begin to perform it against those who control it. Therefore, it is realistic to expect that in the end the world will come to an organic symbiosis of computer control systems with a person, without whom a big trouble for the owners of these drones can happen in the control loop of military systems.
  13. SeregaBoss
    SeregaBoss 14 September 2015 16: 04
    Here are fables to invent dermocrats - ahead of the rest!
    I still have diapers from my little daughter, I can send them to the Pentagon or the State Department, otherwise the pants are shaky from my own tales.
  14. NEXUS
    NEXUS 14 September 2015 18: 16
    Another round of the information war. We are developing various unmanned aerial vehicles, but it’s too early to entrust them with nuclear weapons.
  15. izGOI
    izGOI 14 September 2015 18: 39
    "Everything is fine", except for one inconsistency. Nuclear weapons are such a serious thing that trusting its automation is not in the Soviet-Russian rules. Still, the decision about the "end of the world" must be made by a person. Even the "Perimeter" (Dead Hand) system, at first, more than once will make sure that there are no people, and then it will work. And then some kind of automatic nuclear submarine .. ??
    1. Psaking systems
      Psaking systems 16 September 2015 03: 19
      What are you? The Perimeter system will not agree with you.