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Elections in Ukraine: miracles performed by “Mi Maєmo Meta”

Sometimes in everyday life there are such cases when believing or disbelieving your eyes is a very difficult choice.

Along with a few more comrades, I had to go through some kind of intellectual shock.

The website of the Central Election Commission of Ukraine published a list of parties that will take part in the local 2015 elections of the year.

Everything is so decent, although the quantitative figure in 285 (two hundred and eighty-five) parties me, as a Russian, was a little dumbfounded.

However, the hulk, who decided to knock on the facts of my intellect, explained that some parties consist of a minimum number of members and claim one or two places, as a last resort. In your town or village.

Then everything is fine. If the law allows the Ukrainian hulk to be allowed to bargain a party that will build a bright future in one particular village — why not?

It turned out that the overwhelming majority of parties are not as large as those sitting in the Verkhovna Rada and are not claiming such heights. Very well.

However, having reached the point number 138, I caught the exact effect that my interlocutor counted on. The brain fell into a stupor.

Judge for yourself:

If you believe your eyes (and I believe them), then under this number is the party "MMM". The party, the head and founder of which, from the year 2013 has been to this day Denis Volodymyrovich Pushilin.

Error Kiev officials? Not. Previous elections were held without "MMM", then this party was not there. So do not copyright, alas.

Very carefully looked through the entire list. I was looking for KPU. There are no communists in the list. UNA-UNSO is, "Trident" is, Darth Vader is, got the same. Even the ex-mayor of Kiev has a Martian Chernovetsky. Banned Communists no.

And the party "MMM", "Mi Maєmo Meta", is. And this is clearly not a mistake. Went to see the documents.

Law "On elections of people's deputies of Ukraine".

Article 58. The order of registration of candidates in the state district.

1. Candidates for deputies included in the party’s electoral list are registered by the Central Election Commission subject to the provision of the documents provided for in Article 54 of this Law.

2. Submission of documents to the Central Election Commission for the registration of candidates for deputies ends seventy days before voting day.


Enough, see the 54 article.

1. The Central Election Commission registers candidates for deputies included in the party’s electoral list, provided that it receives the following documents:

1) applications for registration of candidates, signed by the party leader and sealed by the party;

2) copies of the party’s registration certificate and its charter, certified free of charge by the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine after the announcement of the beginning of the electoral process;

3) the decision of the highest governing body of the party, adopted in accordance with its charter, to nominate candidates for deputies, which should contain information about the persons nominated as candidates, indicating their surname, name, and patronymic, and be certified signed by the party leader and sealed by the party.


Strange things are obtained. The founder and the permanent chairman of the party is almost a terrorist, since 2 in May 2014 was declared wanted by the prosecutor’s office, in June, the Security Service of Ukraine announced the search for Pushilin. He is suspected of committing acts with a view to forcibly changing or overthrowing the constitutional system or seizing state power (Art. 109, p. 1 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine).

And the party lives to itself, and not just lives, works. Holds meetings, trainings, consultations. Here you are, saytik is. Where you can order and training, and consult. In Kiev and.

And now, if you please, we also decided to try to get a deputy.

For 70 days before the voting day, someone resembling Pushilin, masterfully forging a signature sample, submitted an application from the MMM party? Is it possible? I agree, yes. And by proxy you can act too. And give the sheets with the signature of this, along with the power of attorney. It's not a problem.

The only problem is that in any case, someone had to perform certain actions. Namely, Denis Vladimirovich Pushilin.

Questions like "Why this Pushilinu" I will not ask. It is clear that if a party is registered at the elections, it means that “it’s necessary. Golden phrase now in the DNI.

I have another question. Here recently, Lieutenant Colonel Tolstoy (Givi) told me in an interview what a good negotiator Pushilin was, how he agreed with Ukraine that over the holidays there was not a single bombardment.

Here I agree, well agreed.

And it became interesting to me, and with whom Pushilin agreed in Kiev, that his party was not only not banned, and even allowed to do it before the elections?

Really hats off. Virtuoso work.

There is, however, another question: on the other hand, what? After all, if one party admits a party led by Pushilin before the elections, she must have something for that according to such an agreement, right? What? There is no answer yet.

By the way, the moment when the CEC of Ukraine will publish information about candidates is not far off. By districts. Then we will see who and where will run from the “MMM” Mr. Pushilin. This will be interesting information.

There is another aspect. Since the DPR and LPR seem to have agreed to hold local elections in accordance with the laws of Ukraine, it is possible that MMM will promote its candidates in the territories of these republics.

But even in this case, Pushilin is not entirely clear before the laws of Ukraine. He is a member of the unrecognized parliament of the DPR from the banned party "Donetsk Republic". That is, it seems to be like an unemployed person (although he is a civil servant and a deputy even of an unrecognized republic), but he is in a banned party. And plus, he has his own party on his pocket ...

It turns out that on the one hand, on the other - continuous misunderstandings and inconsistencies. But everyone is happy with everything. It’s time to sign up for trainings in "MMM". The results are painfully impressive.

But in general, there is another fact that Pushilin law is not written. Neither DNRovsky nor Ukrainian. If there is a "contract" and a working "scheme" - laws by the side. The result is important. Especially if this result is part of one “idea,” as Pushilin’s associate in deputy work, Orlov, said.

If for the realization of this "idea" it is necessary that Pushilin did not leave his Ukrainian party and was in fact a political double-dealer, it means that "this is necessary." After all, the idea - it is more important. Even if its implementation is very often associated with lawlessness and frank lawlessness.

By the way. Many who have read all this will be able to say that this is certainly a provocation aimed at discrediting Pushilin.

Meaning? Denis Vladimirovich is not bad and he has been doing it lately.
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  1. Vityok
    Vityok 11 September 2015 05: 38 New
    The article is somehow "muddy"? sad
    1. The comment was deleted.
    2. siberalt
      siberalt 11 September 2015 07: 28 New
      Your affairs are wonderful, Lord. Who are Pushilin for? For red Ali for white? If for the International, then for which? Then Comrade Furmanov himself wouldn’t figure it out laughing
      1. Herbalist
        Herbalist 11 September 2015 07: 54 New
        Vasily Ivanovich, he would have smacked him as a counter and the whole short-lived.
      2. Sauron80
        Sauron80 11 September 2015 07: 56 New
        For dad Angel he))
        Beat the Reds until they turn white, hit the Whites until they turn red)))
      3. DanSabaka
        DanSabaka 11 September 2015 09: 26 New
        Maybe Comrade Pushilin is not for someone, but only for himself, for his pocket?
        1. Tanais
          Tanais 11 September 2015 10: 20 New
          Quote: DanSabaka
          Maybe Comrade Pushilin is not for someone, but only for himself, for his pocket?

          So, with us, it does not happen. Somebody, necessarily someone's.

          And it’s foolish to assume that Russia, “pumping” us resources, including considerable money, would remain indifferent to Pushilin’s “tricks and pranks ...”

          And there is some kind of fuss approved “from above”, and to represent Pushilin as her “brain” and initiator is, again, stupid.

          He is only a performer.
          1. Asadullah
            Asadullah 11 September 2015 14: 03 New
            Someone, necessarily someone else.

            Everywhere, someone's someone. Question about the goal. Which in this case is incomprehensible. Against the background of so many incomprehensions. The Germans believe that more than 50 thousand people died in this war. You can specify the figure. But then a very bad question arises, why did these people die, of whom there are also my comrades? Not really in order that in the end everything would become "not so simple"?
    3. Finches
      Finches 11 September 2015 10: 36 New
      No, the party “We have a goal”, chaired by one of the leaders of the “DPR” Denis Pushilin, has registered with the CEC to run for local elections, at number 138!

      I said a year ago that not sending troops to Ukraine, at the request of the legitimate President Yanukovych’s help, is a drain of the Donbass! The kids from the Kremlin and the oligarchs just sold the miners ... Nothing personal is business, but we Russians needed find a compromise because of the Crimea! So we found it - we sold the Donbass for recognizing Crimea as Russian! Big politics is a dirty business ... But Pushilin wants to eat the same and preferably not in the SBU basements! Therefore, the romantics and Che Guevara were removed from the leadership of the DPR and LPR and placed guided pragmatists!
      1. Asadullah
        Asadullah 11 September 2015 14: 30 New
        I spoke a year ago

        I really do not want to believe you .....
        1. Finches
          Finches 11 September 2015 18: 01 New
          I don’t want to believe myself .....!
  2. 3 Gorynych
    3 Gorynych 11 September 2015 05: 41 New
    Not only an article, recently the whole situation in the DPR is very muddy .... I turn the twist on .. I want to deceive.!
  3. domokl
    domokl 11 September 2015 05: 50 New
    I saw scans of documents. Everything is real ... MMM is and Pushilin's signatures are also there .. And in the lists are ... Bullshit ...
  4. TVM - 75
    TVM - 75 11 September 2015 05: 52 New
    Ukrainians are always Ukrainians. Even if they are Russian. Patriots were replaced by prokhendey. And all the events are already unimportant details.
    1. B.T.V.
      B.T.V. 11 September 2015 06: 22 New
      Quote: TBM - 75
      Ukrainians are always Ukrainians. Even if they are Russian.

      - Rebbe, I have a problem: I am half Jewish and half Ukrainian.
      - I understand, I understand: cut off is a pity, but to bite is painful.
  5. Mikhail m
    Mikhail m 11 September 2015 05: 54 New
    And this is exactly the same Pushilin?
  6. svu93
    svu93 11 September 2015 06: 01 New
    Well ... squabbles began .... as usual, money and power is the whole idea! and as usual, for the sake of this, so many guys put .........
  7. Armored optimist
    Armored optimist 11 September 2015 06: 23 New
    Neither add nor diminish.
  8. Siberian 1975
    Siberian 1975 11 September 2015 06: 31 New
    Yes, the situation is very muddy with the elections, and with coal for dill, and indeed. Some kind of fuss undercover for power. Govetnik gives all this. One pity, a pity for those guys who died there for the IDEA, for the idea that the top of these republics are slowly starting to merge.
    1. tracker
      tracker 11 September 2015 06: 44 New
      the situation at the moment in the Donbass is really muddy, before NG it is even possible for the same Pushilin to surrender the LDNR border for dill control. Better to listen to the latest analytics by Sergei Razumovsky, the head of "Cascade" is on okkupantu ... net
  9. moskowit
    moskowit 11 September 2015 06: 50 New
    Nothing new. Devotees start asceticists, and then pushing them away (guillotining, shooting, imprisoning, discrediting political views) Rogue pragmatists come to power, seeking personal gain in power. Or, even worse, those who are proteges of some kind of shadow forces ...
    1. cornet
      cornet 11 September 2015 08: 47 New
      Geniuses are planning a revolution, making romantics, and the villains are using its fruits.
      (Otto von Bismarck)
      1. mihasik
        mihasik 11 September 2015 09: 19 New
        Quote: kornet
        Geniuses are planning a revolution, making romantics, and the villains are using its fruits.
        (Otto von Bismarck)

        And if a romantic and a villain, all rolled into one?)
        1. AdekvatNICK
          AdekvatNICK 12 September 2015 13: 18 New
          then it relates to washington)
  10. podgornovea
    podgornovea 11 September 2015 06: 52 New
    This is fawn! Particularly smiled at the party’s goals from their website!
  11. Egoza
    Egoza 11 September 2015 07: 11 New
    So everything is according to the Minsk agreement ... the elections are held according to Ukrainian laws, and there is a party registered by the Ukrainian Central Election Commission ... and it doesn’t matter that the Donetsk residents themselves don’t support it, they’ll draw the necessary numbers, they will agree with Pushilin and there will be unitary Ukraine, as he wanted fellow GDP. Ugh! They ruined the dream of a republic without oligarchs. am
    1. Sauron80
      Sauron80 11 September 2015 07: 58 New
      Well, here or to ditch the dream or the oligarchs)))
      It is clear that the second is easier to kill the second)
    2. Beaver
      Beaver 11 September 2015 07: 59 New
      Quote: Egoza
      ... a dream of a republic without oligarchs.

      One wise Jew said: "You just need to buy food, cockroaches will start themselves." Replace "buy products" with "create a republic", the rest is clear.
      The name of the party is speaking. Her "meta" is understandable - power. A person for whom the goal is power is usually not very scrupulous in choosing the means to achieve it. It is necessary to sacrifice other people's lives, commit treason, renounce the old slogans, but whatever, the main thing is to get closer to the goal (to power).
      It’s disgusting and disgusting for us, for politicians it’s their job. Alas!
    3. afdjhbn67
      afdjhbn67 11 September 2015 08: 04 New
      Are you sure that the GDP wants a unitary outskirts? politics - when they say one thing, they think the other do the third ..
      maybe a fake with a complete coincidence of the initials including, our Russians are also so wise
    4. Beaver
      Beaver 11 September 2015 08: 27 New
      Quote: Egoza
      Donetsk residents will not support

      Donetsk residents will support anyone who promises a peaceful life and an end to shelling. And if they support a little, I agree
      Quote: Egoza
      draw the right digit

      how to give drink.
      Only now with a junta can be friends more expensive to go.
      1. Mik13
        Mik13 11 September 2015 08: 35 New
        Quote: Castor
        Donetsk residents will support anyone who promises a peaceful life and an end to shelling. And if they support a little, I agree

        I inform you that when the Donetsk people need to find out exactly who to support, your advice will be considered.

        Your opinion is very valuable to us. Thank you so much for what you think of us.
    5. atos_kin
      atos_kin 11 September 2015 11: 00 New
      Quote: Egoza
      agree and will

      A brief history of Ukraine: "agreement"
      1. Tanais
        Tanais 11 September 2015 17: 36 New
        Quote: atos_kin
        A brief history of Ukraine: "agreement"

        Alas, this is World History, for that matter ...
        1. atos_kin
          atos_kin 12 September 2015 22: 58 New
          "Do not touch Stalin!" (with)
  12. thinking
    thinking 11 September 2015 08: 42 New
    And take an interest in how many veterans (people who fought in the summer and fall of that year) remained in the troops.
  13. oracul
    oracul 11 September 2015 09: 01 New
    The author’s diligence in search of compromising evidence on Pushilin, I am personally worried. And this despite the fact that Pushilin himself is far from impressive. But .... I try not to forget that there is a merciless war, including incriminating evidence. Here on the website of RUAN yesterday I read an article in which they write about Purgin, as an obvious supporter of Russian nationalists, eager to realize their ideas about the "Russian World" in the Donbass. And now what !? For me it’s not worth it to prematurely hang labels and scatter stones. Life, and this, first of all, people living in the DPR, will understand what is happening.
  14. Herbalist
    Herbalist 11 September 2015 09: 04 New
    Quote: Castor
    Donetsk residents will support anyone who promises a peaceful life and an end to shelling

    Not true. Those who say so are few. In Donetsk, the main condition is that there is no more Ukraine, in any form. What is being done now is contrary to the popular mood. And since there is no possibility of openly outraging (the new "authorities" from MMM resort to intimidation and blackmail), there will be no turnout. Television men from Russia 24 will have to rally extras. No one at the polls will legalize these MMUschulka earcraps.
  15. Thomas
    Thomas 11 September 2015 09: 21 New
    And let's look at it from the other side. According to the Minsk agreements, elections in the Donbass should be held in accordance with the laws of Ukraine. Consequently, since MMMs have already been admitted to the elections (although this is not a fact yet, because at the moment the elections will not be held in the territory “occupied by terrorists”, according to the official Kiev position), then when they are likely to be held in the lists in the Donbass will have to indicate all of these 285 parties. And the people, of course, will not vote for the nationalists or the opposition, and whoever does not understand will be told that they need to vote specifically for the MMM. In this situation, in fact, the situation with governance in unrecognized republics does not change, and from a legal point of view, the DPR authorities (although it is possible and the LPR) receive recognition, and will be able to carry out certain actions on their own behalf (albeit under the control of senior northern comrades), yes at least participate in Minsk-3,4,5 ...
    Although, to be honest, most likely the Americans will not allow this. This will knock out one more support from under the feet of the puppet regime.
    And the very appearance of this party in the lists of the Central Exhibition Complex speaks precisely about the demonstration that attempts are being made to implement the Minsk agreements on the part of the DPR.
    But regarding the appearance and circulation of this news, I believe that Pushilin should not be attributed to what he is not able to do. He does not have the independence that they are trying to attribute to him.
    Therefore, talk about plums, collusion of oligarchs, etc. I consider unreasonable.
  16. akudr48
    akudr48 11 September 2015 09: 58 New
    It describes the dives, cares, contours, lunges and tides, other judo techniques from the category first succumb, then to win.

    Pushilin’s actions are a practical implementation of the KhPP, Putin’s Tricky Plan.

    If anyone doubted.

    Here the question is, if someone wins the HPP, then who will lose, I would like to know.
    1. Thomas
      Thomas 11 September 2015 11: 10 New
      Quote: akudr48
      It describes the dives, cares, contours, lunges and tides, other judo techniques from the category first succumb, then to win.

      Alexander, I understand the reason for your sarcasm, and I would also like to know a lot of what is happening behind closed doors. And I'm not a supporter of HPP, at least I try to be realistic. Therefore, I try to reason logically.
      At the moment, all this whistle-blowing around the Minsk agreements is carried out with one single goal - through the appearance of fulfilling these agreements, to help Europeans get off the American "rails" in this matter. In Europe, there are also elites who do not play a major role in governance, but are nevertheless quite strong from an economic point of view. They cannot enter into a direct confrontation with the USA, otherwise they will be hit "affordably". Therefore, we need a reason that actually means nothing, but legally allows them to get out of the attack or at least gain time when changing their position to pro-Russian. And Russia, from being sanctioned, so as not to say, suffers considerable losses. Therefore, returning the European market is a key task in preparing for a future conflict with the United States. Whether or not a direct military conflict will take place I can’t judge, most likely not, but economic wars have been waged and will be waged with even greater energy.
      Now about Pushilin and LDNR: at present, these republics are the "underbelly" of Russia. There are many relationships, due to which the Russian Federation cannot pass LDNR. And the main one is the surrender of LDNR - the surrender of the Russian Federation, followed by an attack on the Crimea, after which, or in parallel in the Russian Federation itself, the “bookmarks” made by the Americans and their allies in past years will begin to rock society in order to remove Putin and his entourage. Accordingly, I believe that political processes in LDNR have been taken under special control, and no “left-wing” initiatives would have passed now from Pushilin. If Pushilin, on the instructions of Akhmetov or someone else, would have done this without coordination, he would have been removed long ago. In LDNR over the past year and not for that people were removed from their posts.
      I understand that people in LDNR want peace and certainty, but unfortunately at the moment the Russian Federation cannot give them this, at least until the moment of Europe’s turn towards the Russian Federation.
      Personally, I understand this.
  17. roskot
    roskot 11 September 2015 11: 30 New
    This is a pool. What the hell are still in this pool?
  18. Prutkov
    Prutkov 11 September 2015 12: 07 New
    It is difficult for people to understand that legalization of DNLR is taking place. There is no other way out, except perhaps the red flag above the Capitol. But it will not be soon. There are huge doubts that people in the Donbass will vote for the PS or the Ukrop Kolomoisky. And so. Let them try to say that the elections were illegal.
  19. Siberian
    Siberian 11 September 2015 14: 43 New
    The whole world liberal community is buzzing that elections should be held with as many parties as possible. But these parties must pass the barrier. And, for example, DROP will pass such a barrier in the Donbass?
    In our city, all sorts of PARNASES did not get a sufficient number of votes, which means that they will not be included in the lists and no deputies and other representatives in the authorities will happen to them.