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In Russia, recalled the heroes of 1941,

In Russia, recalled the heroes of 1941,

Moscow and all Russia on November 7, 2011 remembered the most important thing for the worldview and outlook of our people historical The event that happened 70 years ago is the military parade on November 7, 1941, which was held on the anniversary of the October Revolution. This day was in many ways a turning point in the history of World War II and the Battle of Moscow. It was on the 7th that Adolf Hitler planned to complete the seizure of the capital of the Soviet Union and hold a solemn military parade on Red Square. This symbolic action was supposed to completely break the spirit of the inhabitants of the USSR, to show the whole world the power of the Wehrmacht and the Third Reich.

The battle for Moscow was the most important event of the Great War; it finally buried Berlin’s plans for a “blitzkrieg”. Although there were still years of bloody battles, and on 7 in November the situation was difficult. The advance units of the Wehrmacht divisions were noted only 13 kilometers from Moscow, and the main units 70-100 km, which is why the Red Army fighters were sent straight from the parade to the front.

The parade on November 7, 2011 was attended by about 6 thousand people, including 4 thousand children, as well as several dozen units of military equipment from the time of the Great Patriotic War. In particular, participated in the festive event Tanks T-34, T-37A and T-60, as well as the Soviet BM-13 missile artillery combat vehicles (Katyusha), vehicles of that war and balloons.

The rhythm of the procession was set by a company of drummers from the Military University of the Russian Federation. The march was attended by servicemen of the Interior Troops of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, the Moscow Garrison and representatives of the children's movement of the capital, students of cadet corps. Around 900, the servicemen of the Internal Troops of Russia made up the standard group, it carried the banners of military units that participated in the defense of Moscow 20 years ago across the Red Square.

The ceremonial march began on the 10 clock with the hymn of the capital, “I was lightning the world a lot.” Then the war veterans, who were placed in the stands of Red Square, unfurled banners: "We defended Moscow!", "These days will not be silenced by glory", "We fought for the Motherland", "Glory to the participants of the Great Patriotic War!" The event ended with the passage of military equipment.

In addition to the parade participants, veterans and children, the head of the capital Sergey Sobyanin, members of the Moscow government, deputies of the Moscow City Council, representatives of veterans', various social and children's movements, as well as religious denominations of Russia attended the Red Square of Moscow. Sergei Sobyanin urged those gathered to surround the surviving veterans of the Great Patriotic War with support and care.

The parade in the capital for the 70 anniversary of the great 1941 parade of the year was prepared long and carefully. It is clear that he was more like a costume procession, but this action did not lose its significance and solemnity. So, the participant of the 7 parade of November 1941 of the year Mark Ivanihin opened the event.

Parade 7 November 1941 of the year

Many historians of the November 7 parade, 1941, are equated, by influencing people's consciousness and the course of further events, with a major military operation.

It should be noted that the situation at the front was difficult. Since October 25 was Tula defensive operation, October Wehrmacht 29 came to Tula. Three days were fierce battles: parts of the 50 Army, together with the garrison of the city (156-th regiment of the NKVD, 732-th anti-aircraft artillery regiment of air defense) and the militia (Tula Worker Regiment), were able to repel the onslaught of the German 24-th corps before the arrival reinforcements. At the same time, residents built three defensive lines around the city. According to the Soviet side, 30 of October The Red Army repulsed 4 tank attacks near Tula (the city was initially stormed by two tank divisions and one Wehrmacht infantry brigade), the main attacks were on the Oryol highway, Rogozhinsky settlement and the Voronezh highway. October 31 repulsed three attacks, November NNXX - two assaults and numerous small attacks. On November 1, parts of the 2 and 2 of the German field armies reached the city, but even they could not make a break in the battle. The Tula garrison was also reinforced by units of the 4 Army, which came out of the encirclement.

The Wehrmacht tried to circumvent the city from the south-east and east in the direction of Dedilovo, Stalinogorsk, Venev, Kashira. But the attempt failed, since on November 7, units of the 50 Army from the Tula region and the 3 Army from the Warm region carried out a counter-attack on the flanks of the advancing German group.

4 November ended autumn thaw, frost bound the roads. The Wehrmacht command redeployed forces and redeployed reserves, preparing for a new decisive blow. The Soviet command transferred reserves to the most dangerous areas. Already on November 15, the Germans resumed the offensive in the north-west, and the 18 in the south-west.

After some doubts, the leadership of the USSR decided to hold a parade to strengthen the morale of the Soviet people. The siege of Moscow and the evacuation that began on October 16 gave rise to many rumors, including the flight of Stalin and the top political leadership of the USSR from the capital. It was a great opportunity to loudly announce to the whole world that Moscow and the USSR are standing and will stand firmly.

October 24 1941, the year Stalin summoned General Artemyev, Commander of the Moscow Military District, and General Zhigarev, Commander of the Air Force, to his office and ordered to begin preparations for the parade in complete secrecy.

On November 6, immediately after the solemn meeting of the Moscow Council, which took place at the Mayakovskaya metro station, Joseph Stalin announced to the highest party leadership of the country about the start of the military parade on Red Square. The commanders of the military units participating in the parade received information about this at 23 hours, and the representatives of the working people invited to the main square of the country were informed that the celebrations were held from 5 in the morning on November 9th.

The start time of the parade at the very last moment was postponed from the usual 10 in the morning two hours earlier - to 8 hours. This led to an incident with a parade survey. The operator Ivan Belyakov and his assistants did not warn about this, they arrived at the 8 watch to prepare for the start of shooting at the 10 watch and did not have time to adjust the synchronous sound equipment. Therefore, the parade and the speech of Stalin were removed without sound. The NKVD general Kuzmichev apologized to the operators, informing them that the Soviet government knew that it was not their fault that Comrade Stalin’s speech had not been withdrawn, but because of the government agencies that had not warned about changing the start time of the parade. Then the head of Stalin’s security, General Vlasik, invited the cameramen to arrive at 5 for the evening at Lubyanka. There they were told that Stalin attaches great importance to the broadcast of his speech from Red Square and offered to remove it a second time, already with sound. Since re-filming at the Mausoleum was excluded, then someone suggested (it could be the director Leonid Varlamov, cameraman Ivan Belyakov or Mark Troyanovsky) to build a plywood mock-up of the Mausoleum podium in the Grand Kremlin Palace, disguise it as marble. They even tried to let Stalin walk out of his mouth during a speech in order to recreate the authenticity of the event. To do this, in the BKD opened all the windows. Although it did not work out, the audience and American film experts did not notice this error. Footage of the November 7 parade of 1941 and the speech of the Soviet leader embedded in it were included in a documentary tape by Leonid Varlamov and Ilya Kopalin, “The defeat of the German fascist troops near Moscow”, which won the Oscar for 1942 year as the best foreign film.

The military-political leadership of the country was greatly worried about the possibility of the bombing of the Luftwaffe on Moscow that day to destroy the leaders of the USSR and disrupt the parade. Therefore, from November 5, the Soviet aviation delivered preemptive strikes at the airfields of the Germans. The situation was facilitated by nature: on the afternoon of November 6, military meteorologists reported that the next day would be marked by a blizzard and heavy snow, so there should be no fear of enemy air raids. Although serious measures were taken to protect the airspace, up to 550 fighters defended Moscow's sky on this day. And not in vain, on November 7 at the borders of the capital, squadrons of the 6th fighter corps and anti-aircraft gunners of Moscow air defense destroyed 34 enemy aircraft.

On the night of November 7, by Stalin’s personal order, the stars on the towers of the Kremlin were uncovered and lit, and Lenin’s Mausoleum was freed from disguise. In 7.50, Stalin and the top leadership of the USSR appeared on the platform of the mausoleum. The parade began exactly at 8 in the morning of November 7 of the year 1941. Commander of the Moscow Military District, General Pavel Artemyev, commanded them, and he was received by the hero of the Civil War, Marshal Semyon Budyonny. At the same instant, all the loudspeakers of the Soviet Union, which worked around the clock during the war, were heard the solemn voice of the announcer: “They say all the radio stations of the Soviet Union. The central radio station of Moscow begins to broadcast a parade of Red Army units dedicated to the 24 anniversary of the Great October Socialist Revolution from Red Square ... ”.

In 8 hours, Marshal Semyon Budyonny rode a horse out of the gate of the Spasskaya Tower of the Kremlin. After the report of the commander of the parade, General Artemyev, and the detour of the troops, the head of the State Defense Committee (GKO), Supreme Commander and People's Commissar of Defense Joseph Stalin, addressed the Red Army and the people of the Soviet Union. The leader did not speak for long, reported on some successes of the Red Army in the battle of Moscow, that the enemy was exhausted, the main objectives of Operation Typhoon were not achieved. It was not possible to take the capital of the USSR in an impetuous throw. And he called on the Red Army and Red Navy men, commanders and political workers, partisans to be worthy of the Great Liberation Mission, which fell to the lot of our people.

The solemn march of the Red Army on the square was opened by the cadets of the artillery school. Then, with banners unfolded, under the revolutionary marches, which were performed by the orchestra of the Moscow Military District headquarters under the direction of Vasily Agapkin (this is the author of the famous Slav Women's Farewell march), representatives of all types of troops of the Red Army marched through Red Square. Only the Air Force did not participate in the parade, the bad weather did not abruptly dispose of aviation.

About 7 thousand people took part in the parade on November 1941, 28,5: cadets from the battalions of the District Military-Political School and the Red Banner Artillery School, fighters from the Moscow Rifle Division, division named after Frunze, division them. Dzerzhinsky, sailors of Moscow naval crew, the Red Army Special battalion of the military council of the Moscow military district and the Moscow defense zone, combined anti-aircraft defense regiment, etc. Of the military equipment in the parade participated: 160 armored vehicles, 140 artillery pieces, 232 vehicles.

The parade lasted no more than half an hour, but everyone who came to the main square of the country was convinced that the fighting spirit of the Red Army and the country's leadership was not broken. In the stands on both sides of the Mausoleum, in addition to Muscovites - workers and employees, were correspondents of foreign newspapers accredited in Moscow. Therefore, the news of the solemn parade spread throughout the planet.

Parade 7 November 1941 g. On Red Square

Speech I.V. Stalin before the Red Army 7 November 1941

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  1. Vadivak
    Vadivak 8 November 2011 09: 32

    The parade lasted no more than half an hour, And this is not true - The duration of the parade is 1 hour 1 minute 20 seconds

    "The organization in Moscow of the usual traditional parade at a time when there are hot battles on the outskirts of the city," American newspapers wrote, "they showed the whole world that Moscow stands and will stand invincible." The English News Chronicle noted with enthusiasm: “The organization in Moscow of the usual traditional parade at a time when there are hot battles on the outskirts of the city is a great example of courage and courage.”
  2. Boos24
    Boos24 8 November 2011 11: 12
    Bravo heroes must always be remembered, regardless of politics
  3. mitrich
    mitrich 8 November 2011 11: 55
    "Then the war veterans, who were placed in the stands of Red Square, unfurled banners:" WE DEFENDED MOSCOW! "," THESE DAYS THE GLORY WILL NOT BE DEFEATED! "," WE FATTED FOR THE HOMELAND "..."
    Some tragifars ...
    It is gratifying that after the publication of the Presidential Decree No. 714 of 07.05.2008/1941/1945 "On the provision of housing for WWII veterans of XNUMX-XNUMX." the number of veterans is growing exponentially request ...
    But my grandfather went missing in the Baltics and three uncles were killed on different fronts. Such suckers-heirs are entitled to something from the state, besides "go to .. ui"?
    I don’t know more than veterans, all my grandfathers all died, so whoever unfurled banners there is a mystery to me personally, the Battle of Moscow took place in 1941, 70 years ago, which means that a veteran who has defended Moscow must be over 90 years old. What about stress, injury, contusion? What kind of banners are there.
    1. sirToad
      sirToad 8 November 2011 12: 08
      it, of course, such a number of centenarians raises doubts. his grandfather left at 84, but he is true, and took civilian. but again, two of my uncles have also been dead for 15 years - one was called up in 44, and the other from 42 to 43 he managed to partisan as a kid. But I know one figure who drew off from a military plant and when he received a summons, he procured a reservation through relatives, so now they send greeting cards to him on May 9, so he’s nothing, cheerful! he also likes to talk about "but how the Germans won .."
      1. mitrich
        mitrich 8 November 2011 12: 25
        I’m talking about that, colleague ... There were only a few really fought comfrey veterans, and they have been thinking about God for more than 90 years, and not about banners, but they erased, danced, and finally, they provided housing now. And 2-3 times. Yes, not even they - grandchildren.
        1. sirToad
          sirToad 8 November 2011 12: 47
          yes that's just the point. I had shortly before the death of my grandfather, in 83, he had a conversation with him and said - they say, until the fortieth anniversary of victory I will survive .. but for the fiftieth anniversary, probably only one pioneers will go. Che laugh something? 4 years of incredible overloads - one defense of the Caucasus is worth what or crossing the Dnieper. True, I can say that my grandfather was upright all the way, even in women, complete order. and then - suddenly, laryngeal cancer and in three months just melted. did not reach the fortieth anniversary of Victory.
        2. подводник
          подводник 8 November 2011 12: 48
          You guys shouldn’t offend veterans like that !!!
          Now the black militants will climb, they will not leave a living place from them (veterans) !!!
          Whatever they are now (erasing, dancing, guarding, working and others and others), they lived in difficult times !!! They belonged to the invincible Red Army !!!
          Some heroes turned out to be not heroes, but many ordinary people showed miracles of heroism !!!
          We did not live in that difficult time, not for us to judge !!!
          We need to feel sorry for them now !!! Remember the story of how one veteran from Voronezh (a military veteran) who did not receive the living space promised by Medvedev (he was simply deceived) sent his orders to the President of Russia out of anger in his hearts and asked Obama to help him !!! Pancake how ashamed of our president! Why is he so helpless? Why just fucked up BUTA? YAROSHENKO?
          1. sirToad
            sirToad 8 November 2011 13: 02
            Duc I'm not talking about everyone ... it's just that lately, those who have just caught themselves often just come across. I understand - he dragged the service or was straining at the machine. The deceased's grandmother himself carried ammunition in a lorry lorry throughout the war. however, when they had to bury - whoever remembered. but a couple of bastards who have successfully mown in their time are now talking about "cultural germania" - I know personally, and to be honest, these two do not cause sympathy for me.
          2. strelok-07
            strelok-07 8 November 2011 13: 14
            I consider the apogee of this disgrace for veterans and all who love their homeland and its history of citizens that the anniversary historical parade was held by the mayor of Moscow. And where is the Supreme Commander-in-Chief, the Minister of Defense, and other STATE figures? Already a historic landfill victory? SHAME on us all for mocking HISTORY.
    2. His
      His 8 November 2011 12: 51
      I do not mind if the old man gets anything from the state.
      1. mitrich
        mitrich 8 November 2011 13: 29
        You understand what’s the matter, YOUR OWN and SUB-DIPPER. I also do not mind and I'm only FOR if older people live with dignity, if only for the simple reason that we all will someday become elderly (if we survive, of course).
        But here we are talking about a special category of people - WWII veterans and, indirectly, about their heirs. Is not it so?
        As a rule, the veteran of the Second World War as of September 07.09.2008, XNUMX is not a homeless bum, although there are shameful exceptions. Therefore, after the appearance of the corresponding Decree, the following scheme appeared - a certain number of close relatives are registered in the veteran’s apartment, a veteran (mainly a veteran, after all) is recognized as needing a living space. Granddaughters get a new apartment.
        It turns out that this kind of person was lucky because their grandfather (grandmother) survived until 2008. And those whose loved ones died or died before they reached grace?
        And one more thing: now in Russia there are a lot of former "Afghans" who are 45-50, "Chechens" who are 30-40, many are without apartments. The merits of the majority are undeniable. Why is there no such decree regarding them? Answer: because there are still too many of them. When they reach 80-90, which is unlikely (rather, the Afghan "Chekists" will survive, if anyone understands the meaning of this word), then the state will remember them.
        To the point or not, but nevertheless I will remind you of one fashionable proverb on the fronts of the Second World War: "Ivan for the attack - ... go to hell, and Manyanka for pi ... do - the Order of the Red Star! Do you understand me now?
        1. подводник
          подводник 8 November 2011 13: 37
          Tough but agree
  4. подводник
    подводник 8 November 2011 13: 00
    I agree with sirToad overloads and stresses they suffered inhuman! But then the whole country was so torn!
  5. bandabas
    bandabas 8 November 2011 14: 10
    I didn’t look (I was at work). My grandfathers came to Prague alone, (died 8 years ago), the second ended the war in Germany. I don’t know what now, but in the 85th he came to my grandmother (they parted in the late 40s). And I have relatives in Siberia before a fig (through my grandfather). Honestly, I did not understand the meaning of the parade. If we celebrate, we must celebrate. And so .... Relatives remember everything.
  6. Maksim
    Maksim 8 November 2011 15: 37
    Eternal glory and memory to our veterans. Which defended our borders from the Nazi invaders.
  7. Wicher
    Wicher 8 November 2011 19: 19
    Glory to the heroes who stood to death on the borders of our country, glory to all the partisans who fought against the invaders, glory to the valiant Red Army and comrade Stalin! Hooray comrades
    1. does it
      does it 9 November 2011 10: 10
      MAXIM, you forgot to mention the home front workers, with your bare hands, you won’t get much.
  8. Tyumen
    Tyumen 8 November 2011 20: 32
    The battle for Moscow is the largest battle of mankind. And the victory was ours!
  9. Alexey Prikazchikov
    Alexey Prikazchikov 8 November 2011 22: 27
    We will never forget you, and through the centuries we will carry the memory of your exploits.
    -You are alive, know from this land we did not want to leave and did not leave
    We died so you live
  10. Fray
    Fray 9 November 2011 04: 56
    What Adolf Hitler could not do in 1941
    Made Kremlin Tatars, Jews and United Russia
    Destroyed Russia!
    1. does it
      does it 9 November 2011 10: 04
      here the old man did the right thing, that he hung up a provocateur for the words * beat the Yids, save Russia * while we are one, I mean the peoples of Russia and we don’t fear any kind of NATO and America.
    GLORY TO THE HEROES 13 November 2011 18: 07