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On the “Combat Commonwealth” exercise, the united group will fight the air enemy

At the Ashuluk training ground in the Astrakhan region, during the “Combat Commonwealth-2015” exercise, a group of anti-aircraft missile forces of the Russian Federation, Armenia, Belarus and Kyrgyzstan was established, TASS message from the commander of the Air Force and Air Defense of Belarus Oleg Dvigalev

On the “Combat Commonwealth” exercise, the united group will fight the air enemy
C-300 control panel, archive photo.

“We are jointly planning to repel the blows of the conditional air enemy on our group and on the covered objects,” said Dvigalev.

He noted that at the training ground “an appropriate target situation has already been created”. According to the general, “from Belarus anti-aircraft missile brigades equipped with Buk and S-300P complexes are taking part in exercises aviation the MiG-29 fighter link is involved. ”

“During the exercises, our MiG-29 unit will cover troop groups and conduct air combat, and anti-aircraft missile forces, respectively, will“ destroy ”the enemy’s air,” said Dvigalev.

The commander also noted that “the exercises provide a unique opportunity for the armed forces of each union state to test their training and weapon».

“First of all, we have the opportunity to perform combat launches from the C-300 and Buk anti-aircraft missile systems. There are no such opportunities on the territory of Belarus. Any military man must be sure of the weapon entrusted to him, ”concluded Dvigalev.
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Vitaly Nevar / TASS,
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  1. Decathlon
    Decathlon 10 September 2015 12: 59 New
    "There are no such opportunities in Belarus."
    Rocket colleagues, please explain! hi Not yet, or not at all ?! What is the limited use of combat ?!
    1. Nord2015
      Nord2015 10 September 2015 13: 02 New
      Quote: Decathlon
      "There are no such opportunities in Belarus."

      Space is needed for the safe fall of fragments, accelerators, etc. This should not fall on cities and civilians. There is no such landfill in Belarus.
      1. Sauron80
        Sauron80 10 September 2015 13: 05 New
        A long time ago in Belarus, population density as in Japan has become, so that nowhere can the wreckage fall?
        1. Decathlon
          Decathlon 10 September 2015 13: 09 New
          Thank you! hi But, again, Ukrainians also have BUKs, approximately a comparable area and population density! Or, what kind of demand from nerds ?!
          1. Nord2015
            Nord2015 10 September 2015 13: 15 New
            Ukrainians at their last air defense exercises in 2001 managed to bring down a Tu-154 civilian plane by a two-hundred-year-old. Since then, they have not conducted such exercises.
            The dimensions of the firing range did not ensure the safety of firing of such air defense systems. The necessary measures to free up airspace were not taken by the shooting organizers: flights were prohibited only within a radius of 50 km, although the "passport" range of target destruction by the S-200V complex was 255 km, and the technical range of a 5V28 / 5V28M missile was about 300 km
          2. Stalker.1977
            Stalker.1977 10 September 2015 13: 18 New
            In which place??? You, for the sake of interest, open the political map of Eurasia and take a look, Belarus is 3 times less than Ukraine, if not more. Yes, and there are no steppes alone forests and swamps, that’s the way.
        2. figwam
          figwam 10 September 2015 13: 19 New
          Such exercises are clearly not against ISIS, but against someone else.
      2. MIKHAN
        MIKHAN 10 September 2015 13: 08 New
        Such articles read it like a balm on the heart (the heart attack suffered by Ukrainians got ... laughing ) God grant! It is necessary to unite and interact at all levels .. Russia alone is very difficult now, but we are strengthening the Army and Navy!
    2. seregatara1969
      seregatara1969 10 September 2015 22: 24 New
      fear of missile entry into a foreign country
  2. Sergey K.
    Sergey K. 10 September 2015 12: 59 New
    Any military must be sure of the weapons that are entrusted to him, ”concluded Dvigalev.

    Said it suddenly and bluntly. good And you can’t argue.
  3. roskot
    roskot 10 September 2015 13: 48 New
    Yes, dill where you can’t shoot at Boeing.