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Notes of the Colorado Cockroach. Eh, Kiev, where are you flying?

Greetings to you, dear readers! The weekend has passed. Half a week has passed. And today, let it be some discovery for you, I will begin with my walks around the city. For some, let it be a sightseeing tour. For others, the feelings of a cockroach are experienced in their alien home. And someone will probably say that the cockroach has aged, has become too sensitive.

Anyone who has been in Kiev for a long time, at the very beginning of the Square, probably remembers a cozy, kind city, which it was impossible not to fall in love with. The city where people lived. And cockroaches.

Remember the old and beautiful fountain in the main square? The famous "Fountain of Friendship of Peoples"? And I remember ... It was there that she fell in love with my cock. And how many people like me were there every day ... And people, and cockroaches, and birds ... Every creature in a pair. Demolished fountain. More in 2001 year demolished.

And now the square looks like a graveyard. Wherever you look - crosses, crosses, crosses ... And candles. And the beautiful buildings around look like graveyard crypts. I do not know, maybe this is my nostalgia. But the place is unpleasant. As in the city of suicides. Brr ...

And then we went with the Tarakanushka to the Mariinsky Park. On the bridge of lovers. Someone else still remembers the route. And on the observation deck all night they looked at the Dnieper near the arch of Friendship of Peoples. So, this time, except for us, no one looked. No one at all. People must have forgotten how to love.

Exactly the same feelings were caused earlier forever somewhere running hem. Festive bustle was replaced by some gloomy businesslike.

And embroidery. Around embroidery. It seems that people have forgotten what it is all about. This is not a shirt for everyday wear. Such shirts girls embroidered over the years to give a loved one. Even the Cockroach gave me. And you need to wear it only for big holidays.

When at the beginning of 90-s Galicians appeared on the streets of Kiev, we treated them with some even pity. Well, the guys came down from the mountains. Well, we arrived in a normal modern city. Stunned a little ... Prey, wise. And let their Bandera literature read themselves.

And today Kievites have already disappeared. Exactly. I saw only Galicians. Galicians, whose ancestors were Kievites. This is scary. An incomprehensible act happened to me. It was not the city that swallowed the visitors, but the visitors swallowed the city.

And now that hit me, as they say, first hand. September 8 held a meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, in which President Poroshenko took part. Here is his speech and attracted my attention. And the text itself is interesting. Therefore I will not describe, but I will break what was said on points which are interesting for you.

1. What happened near the walls of the Rada is a planned provocation. Who organized it, you probably do not need to explain. The president knows.

"The first grenade, which was supposed to fly, was to hit the national guardsmen, causing a fire in response, and the second grenade was intended for the Verkhovna Rada's window."

Like this. And you can not argue. The second grenade was also found. Only now I wonder what kind of idiots planned? One man with two grenades was supposed to disperse a bunch of security officials? And nobody duplicated it? Sorry, but even the cockroach is clear that Gunpowder had seen enough of American cinema. But the pan head preserved the intrigue.

"It will be terrified when you hear the plans of the terrorists, what they were going to do."

Straight headline from the "yellow site" on the Internet, and not the speech of the president.

2. Particular attention is paid Gunpowder most Rade. Now it is clear that the "dead season" has arrived. Samvsesov not pass. No party or bloc can make the necessary decisions. Silenk is not enough. So, there will be another coalition of "democratic forces."

“The attempt of one of the coalition participants to destroy it from the inside has failed, 4 political forces have confirmed their desire to work together for the sake of Ukraine. I welcome this decision, the 4 decision of the coalition factions, and again I stress - another option of the coalition than what exists is not even considered theoretically. In the coming days, I plan to meet with a representative of the coalition factions and I am confident that we must find a second wind in the general marathon "

In both. Do not you, the enemies of Ukraine, split and destabilize. Deputies will continue to push the country into the abyss and beyond.

3. Naturally, Gunpowder could not miss his "crown". You understand, I'm about a big war with Russia. Ukraine has already lost all of its blood, and Russia is just that ... Well, not some fraternal people. Does not want to help. And he does not want to fight. Evil, in short, a global scale.

"Russia is betting on destabilizing the situation inside Ukraine." That is, it sends, it means, all sorts of wrong Ukrainians for “rocking the boat”. And it is not clear where they are prepared. Where are these training camps in Ukraine. Learned Russian masked.

“Russia is now placing its main stake on internal destabilization, remembering, perhaps, the biblical wisdom that kingdoms divided from within will fall,” Poroshenko said.

But do not rejoice, dear readers. The president and "who needs to" know that Russia is still preparing for war. And the offensive will be. Someday ... Well, not tomorrow, maybe not this year ... or even this century. But it will be unique.

4. This item was born from the previous one. If the attack will be, then you need to get ready! And urgent. The Russians will come in a hundred or a thousand years, and we are ... and ready! Here it is, our strongest army in the world! They will be frightened and scatter along their Muscovites and Siberians with Buryatia.

"If we are talking about a contract army, then every contract soldier should receive decent cash security. I can say that we spend for the army - what do you think, how much? I have written here that 15 times is a mistake. Not in 15, not in 20, not in 30, but in 40 times less than the aggressor country, "said the president.

In short, my dear compatriots and readers from the "aggressor country", do not see us as new roads, increase wages and pensions, and the standard of living as if it was their back. We will prepare.

Only here is a request to Russia. Guys, please do not increase the costs of the army ... And then we will soon ... this is yours, the Siberian fur will come. You are not hijacking.

5. And again the logic pushed Gunpowder further. If you raise costs, then what to spend? In a sense, where is the money to take? We are on the "leak" from foreign lenders throughout the country.

“The main thing is that we avoided the default that the aggressor expected from us. A default that would enable the aggressor to immediately present huge debts for payment, we will not give him that chance.”

Yeah ... If it means that some of the debts have been forgiven, but under such conditions that we will only give more further, then this is not a default. This is something new in the economy. Ukrainian way of development.

"In the conditions of a devastating military shock for the economy, we, a single team, did not allow a default, provided macro-financial stabilization and now, as soon as a small opportunity has appeared, we are taking the first step to raising social standards."

As I understand it, I mean an increase in payments from the first of September. Thank you, benefactors! If you spread your boost for a month, they added just one liter of milk. Low bow to rub the floor with embroidery.

6. That came to a logical end of the speech. Great, after all, this thing is a formal logic (it’s a pity, it’s not in every speech).

So, raising social standards in Ukraine.

"... raise social standards for 13-18% for three million public sector employees, seven and a half million retirees, and another half million people receiving different types of assistance."

"This does not cover the losses that people have experienced over the past year. We should speak honestly and frankly about this. We should not really exaggerate today's decision. However, we should not underestimate. This increase in social standards has not only financial and economic, but also political character. It symbolizes the corresponding, responsible attitude of the authorities to their duties, "Poroshenko believes.

I love our power. Here, at least dust sprinkle, and love. For the beauty of lies. No one has learned to lie like our "lords of atamans." Not a country, but a shop before the Christmas holidays. First we increase the price for 100%, and then we write posters "Sale, SALE, all products with 50% discount!"

But the most unexpected is the speed with which our standard of living will increase.

"In the coming days, I plan to meet with representatives of the coalition factions at their request. Already next week, changes to the budget, providing for the growth of social standards, should be voted."

Well, we somehow that we will not survive, and not survive in such a peremog. If only there was no nuclear strike, but nothing. But for people scary.

Still? Sure, not a problem.

We have a new project! You have already forgotten about the “European Val” of our Prime Minister. Well, not yet cope our industry with the production of such a number of mesh-chain-link. But Senya said - finish ... someday.

So here. Our "head" of the state border service, Vasily Servatyuk, announced the creation of the "Sea Wall". Naturally, with the help of the USA. True, Senya forbade plagiarism of the name and did not allow the grid to be used. But...

Yes, and this grid is problematic to pull along the bottom of the Azov Sea. So they asked the fraternal American people to help. Literally brotherly, as you will understand further.

What is planned marine? The explanations of the head of the partner company of the State Border Service of Ukraine Igor Pasternak (by the way, a Lvov citizen who moved to the States after the collapse of the USSR) sound to journalists in Kiev ambitious, but unconvincing: “This is a complex that sees more than 40 km. This is a radar system, it is unique in that it sees in the air, in the water and on the ground. ”

So the sea wall is not a “thorn” above the rabbit ... This is a high-tech project. True, for the amateur is not particularly clear than he is high-tech. But the money will probably cost ... wow! Well this is how much you can cut again?

And finally. Ukraine massively laughs at ... the statement of the Russian SC that Arseniy Yatsenyuk, it turns out, was a militant in Chechnya. I did not read, honestly, this statement, but there is a lot of laughter in the world. Very much our "crawl" looks funny like an action movie. Approximately the same as Mikhail Saakashvili as Kutuzov.

Notes of the Colorado Cockroach. Eh, Kiev, where are you flying?

Let me stop here. Time to sleep. Morning on the nose. It is necessary to sleep fast, and forward - for interesting and unexpected events. The speed of life is such that the legs are erased by the morning. See you soon.

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  1. Volga Cossack
    Volga Cossack 10 September 2015 07: 21
    smiled - albeit sad in the morning. thank! I always read with pleasure!
  2. Stranger03
    Stranger03 10 September 2015 07: 33
    Well done Tarakan OkoloradskyYou write well. I would write, but what attracted you back to Ukraine ... Although she is such a homeland, she is loved not for that, but because she is the homeland.
  3. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 10 September 2015 07: 42
    Our "krol" looks very funny like an action movie

    It may look funny, but such "funny" ones often show a craving for sadism. Yes, and too "good" he mocks the Ukrainians. taking your chair.
  4. parusnik
    parusnik 10 September 2015 07: 48
    Oh, Kiev, where are you flying? Give an answer. It does not give an answer. The bells ring with bells; the air rattles and becomes a torn into pieces smelling of the smell of burnt tires; everything that is on the earth flies past, and, looking sideways, other peoples and states are surprised and do not give him Schengen visas.
    1. Kolka82
      Kolka82 10 September 2015 11: 02
      Gogol is standing ovation! good
  5. Vega
    Vega 10 September 2015 08: 22
    The article draws well conclusions with a minimum of information, which means that there are still thinking people.
  6. builder
    builder 10 September 2015 09: 07
    Kiev. Khreshchatyk.
    1. Cube123
      Cube123 10 September 2015 12: 19
      He began to look much more like a European city. Prettier am
  7. Egoza
    Egoza 10 September 2015 09: 39
    Oh, Tarakashechka! You did not hear our secretary of the National Security Council! But he authoritatively declared that there should have been 7 grenades! Well, to throw the whole Parliament, especially the second floor, where the deputies are gathered in breaks.
    And there is nothing to suffer here in quiet Kiev! In 2040, we should equal the GDP of Switzerland. This is the official statement of the Minister of Finance Yaresko! Natalka is generally well done! What are these debts? there are no such, and there will be no default, because our genius of American origin agreed on "derivatives". Aha! ate? I explain what it is - Secondary or derivative securities in the financial market, i.e. all that was left was to amend the legislation to write off debts outside the framework of national legislation. But there is no restructuring. They did not agree, it turns out, but they agreed to derivatives. And the creditors will have Ukraine ... well, how someone's perverted fantasies will work. the main thing is to confuse the brains of semi-literate deputies with a foreign word so that the necessary law is passed.
    1. atos_kin
      atos_kin 10 September 2015 13: 20
      Quote: Egoza
      Well, how does one's perverse fantasies work?

      I will add one more "KnowHow" in Kiev. For the third working day, a small orchestra plays funeral tunes under the office windows. Thus, the client takes revenge or upsets the bank that owes him the FAQ. The guards of the various surrounding offices cannot do anything, since the champion mayor himself allowed the action. Seeing mourning melodies in Durkain is a European trend.
    2. Cube123
      Cube123 10 September 2015 13: 29
      Lena, it upsets me that with the words Kiev and Ukraine lately I have constantly had a persistent association with Golokhvo (a) stov, superbly played by Oleg Borisov. It is frustrating that until quite recently the film "Chasing Two Hares" was perceived as just a genius comedy, and now it is increasingly acquiring visionary features.
      1. Cube123
        Cube123 10 September 2015 14: 01
        Bred Ukraine fables.
  8. mamont5
    mamont5 10 September 2015 11: 52
    "Ukraine massively laughs at ... the statement of the Russian Investigative Committee that Arseniy Yatsenyuk, it turns out, was a militant in Chechnya. To be honest, I have not read this statement, but there is a lot of laughter in the world."

    I don't know about laughter, but ... the general of the UK is unlikely to joke about this topic. And "flog such nonsense" too. THIS is not a junta. And if he said something like that, then it means there are reasons and evidence for that.
    As for the fact that Senya the rabbit looks a little like an action movie, there are different fighters - there are fighters, and there are punishers. So, UPA members (both earlier and today) are more likely to be punitive and in those ranks Senya Yaytsenyuh will always have his own.
    1. builder
      builder 10 September 2015 13: 23
      How old was the Seine then? 16. The general of the UK froze nonsense (Perhaps Yarosh meant?)
      1. dvina71
        dvina71 10 September 2015 17: 44
        20 he was. The general said that there are testimonies of accomplices Arseny .. So they say that he did shoot at Grozny ..
  9. victor
    victor 10 September 2015 15: 55
    Of course, propaganda is necessary ... But nonsense in Ukrainian from Russian generals ... Yes .........
  10. Black
    Black 10 September 2015 18: 42
    By article. Much has changed in Kiev, a lot has changed in Moscow, and the cities have become different, and the sky is not so blue, when we with our "cockroaches, babies, fish, etc." 20-30 years ago walked around those Soviet ones, streets, our Soviet cities and towns.
    Gunpowder carried nonsense ... also commonplace ... and someone else hopes to hear from him the Truth and Truth?

    Galicians swallowed the Russian city of Kiev? This is much more serious ... If, of course, this is true. Let's see, time will tell. Personally, I don't believe it. This happens to us, to the Russians, when we seem to be numb, but this is not for long, and woe to those who fall under the arm after the "numbness" and the jungle of the Carpathians will not save us.

    We will wait .....
  11. Suhow
    Suhow 10 September 2015 23: 48
    And yet, though a friend first noticed, much, much less began to shout about Putin - well and about heroes too. Now already (so far rarely) Gunpowder - instead of Putin, you know yourself, so soon Senya will begin to dignify and some other pi leaders.
  12. star44
    star44 11 September 2015 11: 11
    [and the wilds of the Carpathians will not save ...
    Moreover, we have gained good experience of "work" in the mountains recently.