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MAX-2015. Air defense

Traditionally, air defense equipment is displayed on the MAKS. Let's see what this time was represented by the industry at MAKS-2015. The main players in this market are the Air Defense Concern (WKO) Almaz-Antey and the NPO High-Precision Complexes, which presented full-scale exhibits.

1. Let's start with the exposition of the Concern Air Defense "Almaz-Antey"

2. This time, the Concern renamed Demonstrator Radar to MS Radar - a mobile sector radar for detecting non-strategic ballistic missiles and high-speed aerodynamic targets. This is how it was on MAX-2013

3. Command and computing point

4. Transmitting post

5. Receiving post

6. Back view

7. TTX - look for comparison TTX from 2013 year

MAX-2015. Air defense

8. Izhevsk and Kirov demonstrated a container version of the Tor-М2К air defense system as part of the 9А331МК-1 combat module (made at IEMZ Kupol) and the 9М334Д rocket module (mounted on the Avtopek military-transport system). Container "Thor" has already demonstrated at the Sea Salon in St. Petersburg. He took part in the Indian tender for the supply of short-range air defense systems, the results of the tender have not yet been announced.



11. As can be seen from the TTX of the rocket module, the Fakel ICB made an upgraded 9М331D rocket, whose flight range has increased 1,5 times and is 15 km! This, of course, is still not 20 km like the Pantsir missile defense system, but so far there is no Vimpelovskaya rocket, it’s still better. If I'm not mistaken, this module with the letter "D" at the end was first shown at the Forum-Army-2015.

12. The modernized Osa-AKM air defense missile system and the air target simulator 9Ф841М based on the standard 9М33 anti-aircraft missile system Osa

13. Simulator "Tor-MXNUMK"

14. Long-range air defense system "Antey-2500", which has already been shown at the Forum "Army-2500"

15. PU 9A83МЭ

16. ROM 9А84МЭ

17. TTX missiles


19. Platform with radar. 1L121E radar

20. Compact radar 1Л122-1Е


22. Radar 1L122-2E - just like Giraffe from SAAB


24. Multifunctional radar 55ЖХNNXXМЕ as part of several independent radars of different wavebands. RLM-M radar (meter)

25. RLM-D (decimeter)


27. RLK control cabin

28. Radar 55Ж6UME - three-coordinate radar medium and large heights of the standby mode. Created in NIIRT

29. The radar includes:
- antenna-hardware complex, located on the semitrailer;
- control cabin - in the van body;
- power supply system - on the semi-trailer.

30. Updated "Zoo" - 1Л260-Е radar. We saw him at the Alabino test site.


32. Automation - product 74C3-E KSA PN "Horizon-E"

33. KSA "Foundation-ME"


35. Simulator SOU ZRK "Buk-M2E"


37. This year, from the Buk-MHNUMXE air defense system there was only one SOU 2-9-E



40. The upgraded ZU-23 / 30М1-3, which we have already talked about - MAX-2015. ZU-23 / 30М1-3

41. The updated ZRPK "Pantsir-С1", created in the Design Bureau of Instrument Engineering named after A.G. Shipunova

42. Exactly such "Pantsiri" already exported to Algeria and Iraq

43. Its difference from the previous export options is the new target detection radar (pyramid), created at the Tula Central Clinical Center (NPO High-Precision Complexes)

44. and the latest MANPADS "Verba", created in the machine-building design bureau, Kolomna.

That's probably all that was interesting from the air defense weapons at the exhibition. I didn’t look at the exposition of the Air Defense Concern in the pavilion very carefully and maybe it was there, I missed something - please do not be offended.
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  1. Volga Cossack
    Volga Cossack 10 September 2015 09: 41 New
    thank. 3u-23-2 with modernization directly impressed.
    1. Slobber
      Slobber 10 September 2015 10: 34 New
      Also seen? I could not bear it and took a picture. A childhood dream - a pickup truck and ZUSHKA on it.
    2. Aleksandr72
      Aleksandr72 10 September 2015 17: 02 New
      Such modernization of the ZU-23 with the Strela-2M AZRK installed on it was adopted by the Poles in 1988 under the name ZUR-23-2S "Jod".
      Information about it from the Polish site (if someone speaks Polish, it will translate, although in principle everything is clear already):
      W 1972 r. uruchomiono w Zakładach Mechanicznych Tarnów, na podstawie sowieckiej licencji, seryjną produkcję podwójnie sprzężonej armaty przeciwlotniczej ZU-23-2 kal. 23 mm. W ich wdrożeniu do produkcji uczestniczył Ośrodek Badawczo-Rozwojowy Sprzętu Mechanicznego (OBR SM).
      W 1987 r. uruchomiono produkcję lądowego zestawu ZUR-23-2S ”Jod”, opracowanego przez Wojskowy Instytut Techniczny Uzbrojenia i OBR SM. Zestaw ten kompletowany były licencyjnymi wyrzutniami kierowanych pocisków rakietowych 9K32 M ”Strzała-2M” (produkcji ZM MESKO). Produkcję seryjną uruchomiono w ZM Tarnów SA Zestaw jest użytkowany przez Wojsko Polskie.
      W latach 1990-tych starano się, we współpracy z placówkami badawczo-rozwojowymi (OBR SM i WITU) prowadzić modernizację zestawu. W ten sposób powstał wariant zestawu ZU-23-2T ”Jodek” z celownikiem GP-03WK. Opracowano i wdrożono do produkcji nowy zestaw artyleryjsko-rakietowy ZUR-23-2KG z polskimi pociskami rakietowymi "Grom-1". Produkcję seryjną uruchomiono w ZM Tarnów SA w 2001 r. Został on przyjęty do uzbrojenia Wojsk Obrony Przeciwlotniczej Wojsk Lądowych od 2002 r. W 2005 r., Na bazie zestawu ZUR-23-2KG, opracowano jego modyfikację eksportową ZUR-23-2KG-I. Sześć takich zestawów dostarczono w 2007 r. kontrahentowi zagranicznemu.
      And here is a photo of Polish jollers with this memory stick (not very good, but what is):
  2. MMX
    MMX 10 September 2015 10: 36 New
    Thanks to the author! For those who were not or have no opportunity, the very thing. +
  3. remy
    remy 10 September 2015 10: 42 New
    SAM Bu3 M Th then it is not visible ....
    and by the way! we would have an armored personnel carrier on a wheeled chassis MZKT-6922, only a 4-axle is desirable
    just like from the Alien movie
    1. Manul
      Manul 10 September 2015 20: 39 New
      Quote: remy
      and by the way! we would have an armored personnel carrier on a wheeled chassis MZKT-6922, only a 4-axle is desirable
      just like from the Alien movie

      Looks like ..
  4. kopcap909
    kopcap909 10 September 2015 11: 16 New
    Great photo! Thank!
  5. Locksmith
    Locksmith 10 September 2015 18: 56 New
    and the latest MANPADS "Verba"

    Here, as it was written about the "willow" and said that it does not have a container for cooling, no? winked