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In the United States began to develop UAVs that will fly in flocks

The Advanced Development Agency ((DARPA)) of the US Department of Defense announced the start of development drones, which will be launched in flocks from aircraft, reports Rossiyskaya Gazeta. The program is named after the fairytale heroes "Gremlins".

In the United States began to develop UAVs that will fly in flocks

According to (DARPA), “the drones will be equipped with certain types of equipment, each of them will carry out their part of the overall task of the group. After that, “gremlins” should return on board the aircraft. ”

UAVs will be launched from large aircraft - bombers or transport workers. Fighters can also become carriers of small groups of "gremlins".

Under the conditions put forward by the Pentagon, UAVs should be inexpensive, since their lifespan will not exceed 20 of launches. "Gremlins" will not be repaired, after the development of the resource they are supposed to be replaced with new ones.

According to the agency, the project also develops several technologies that allow, for example, to “catch returning vehicles in the air and integrate their reconnaissance equipment with the aircraft’s onboard carrier systems”.
Photos used:
Agency for Advanced Defense Projects (DARPA)

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  1. atamankko
    atamankko 8 September 2015 09: 56
    Fly in flocks, fall in heaps. Lepota.
    1. Bombardier
      Bombardier 8 September 2015 10: 12
      Here are the drones flying in packs .. feel
      1. meriem1
        meriem1 8 September 2015 10: 21
        Yeah. Cant fly.
        1. Oper6300
          Oper6300 8 September 2015 10: 24
          But our air defense will not miss.
      2. killganoff
        killganoff 8 September 2015 14: 20
        At the helm Yatsenyuk ???!
      3. EGOrkka
        EGOrkka 8 September 2015 18: 17
        interesting photo!!! good
    2. Major Yurik
      Major Yurik 8 September 2015 10: 19
      Quote: atamankko
      Fly in flocks, fall in heaps. Lepota.

      Dream of air defense. Doublet, from two trunks, horseradish miss! Dare, Yankees, try! laughing
      1. Temples
        Temples 8 September 2015 10: 27
        Our developers create anti-gremlins. fellow
        The task of the anti-gremlin is to fly up to Gremlin, dock to Gremlin.
        Together with Gremlin, they return on board the plane that launched Gremlin.
    3. BMP-2
      BMP-2 8 September 2015 10: 29
      Yes, if only they would not crap like cows! laughing
      1. mirag2
        mirag2 8 September 2015 10: 35
        "Distributed Mind"A flock can be dangerous with this.
        Although I know for sure that in AI development we very not at the end.
        1. Zoldat_A
          Zoldat_A 8 September 2015 10: 48
          Quote: mirag2
          The "distributed mind" flock can be dangerous with this.
          Although I know for sure that we are not at the end in the development of AI.

          The United States is famous for the fact that at first they invent something, and then they cannot solve the problem. The CIA sent two Boeings on September 11 to where they needed to go. And now imagine for a minute that the real terrorists and the real three or four flocks of electronic individuals, 20-30 in each. Get ready, New York .... am
          1. KERTAK
            KERTAK 8 September 2015 11: 07
            For a long time already Americans use drones. We are behind. But this is the future. First of all, everything is connected with components and microelectronics, as well, so far it is poorly poorly developed.
            1. marlin1203
              marlin1203 8 September 2015 11: 09
              Yes, our anti-ship missiles have long been flying in flocks. The same "drones" laughing
              1. Horn
                Horn 8 September 2015 12: 23
                Quote: marlin1203
                Yes, our anti-ship missiles have long been flying in flocks. The same "drones" laughing

                They do not just fly in flocks, but also exchange information!
    4. Minstrel
      Minstrel 8 September 2015 11: 16
      Quote: atamankko
      Fly in flocks, fall in heaps. Lepota.

      The next stage: teach them how to make nests, hatch new, small drones from laid eggs, and in the fall - fly south to bomb ISIS. laughing
      1. SRC P-15
        SRC P-15 8 September 2015 11: 35
        Quote: Minstrel
        The next stage: to teach them how to make nests, hatch new, small drones from laid eggs,

        So that they can lay eggs, these drones should be fucked by someone! wassat Not a single drone will hatch from an unfertilized egg! laughing
        Our air defense systems can "fuck" them, but with the opposite result. smile
    5. YARUSSIAN39
      YARUSSIAN39 8 September 2015 13: 01
      and most importantly, if you shoot down the main plane from which they will fly, then the whole flock with one shot
    6. EGOrkka
      EGOrkka 8 September 2015 18: 18
      ... raking with shovels, burying in mass graves.
  2. Finches
    Finches 8 September 2015 09: 56
    Peaceful country - peaceful thoughts and peaceful inventions! Probably for the delivery of humanitarian supplies to the poor nations ....! Good-natured people are Americans! laughing
    1. amirbek
      amirbek 8 September 2015 12: 05
      In the United States began to develop UAVs that will fly in flocks
      let them not fly through the hunting grounds ...
  3. Dezinto
    Dezinto 8 September 2015 09: 59
    Here they struck on the subject of drones! .... not well done, well, you can not underestimate!

    We need more means of knowing how to plant them in packs ...
    1. Decathlon
      Decathlon 8 September 2015 10: 03
      Better - a motor-hang-glider at the head of a jamb! Well, so as to escort to nesting sites. Experience with Siberian Cranes ... feel
    2. EGOrkka
      EGOrkka 8 September 2015 10: 20
      .... that's just to plant - heaps itself!
      1. mihasik
        mihasik 8 September 2015 10: 34
        Quote: EGOrkka
        .... that's just to plant - heaps itself!

        For the sake of such goals, I’ll open a scrap metal collection point!)
        1. EGOrkka
          EGOrkka 8 September 2015 18: 20
          For the sake of such goals, I’ll open a scrap metal collection point!)

          .... rather recycled, there are polymers!
    3. digo
      digo 8 September 2015 10: 43
      Here they struck on the subject of drones! ....

      I still wouldn’t have struck - all my life I was able to fight only with those who were obviously weaker, or secretly somehow ... And here are the drones: you spoil where you miss, but you hide your mug and no responsibility ... (in the American dream ) angry ... here are the jackals ...
  4. annodomene
    annodomene 8 September 2015 09: 59
    Well, we also have products with wings that can be assembled to a heap, and then throw in a flock. And this is the development and execution of the last century ...
    1. gridasov
      gridasov 8 September 2015 10: 08
      And the question is not so much to fly in a heap, but in the principles of mathematical data processing and, on this basis, the management of the process of coordinating the flight of one group. Here is the problem. It is impossible to build a high-capacity streaming data system on a variable number function. But it can be built on the function of a number expressed by their constant value. Think!
      1. Editor
        Editor 8 September 2015 10: 21
        in Russia, air defense missiles are already flying in packs, automatically distributing targets ...
        1. gridasov
          gridasov 8 September 2015 10: 31
          You don’t confuse - to fly as a divided group in a simple functional task or to analyze and maneuver in space all the coordinate axes and plus your own. You can’t follow the path of increasing the number of processors. This is again the path to the dead end of mathematical dependence — the growth of analysis parameters due to the growth of a complex of negative parameters.
  5. Prussian
    Prussian 8 September 2015 10: 02
    Nothing new, rockets are already flying in packs exchanging information and changing attack tactics depending on the data received.
  6. anderles66
    anderles66 8 September 2015 10: 03
    Somewhere here on the site, if I'm not mistaken, similar developments were described, but they talked about China and Russia. In general, it seems to me - a logical trend. It is curious if it will be possible to launch a "flock" of drones, each of which carries weapons in accordance with the task. And how about our drones they wrote + also the electronic warfare complex. And reconnaissance is much more effective if you fly in a flock, and not one by one. Sadness for the enemy. And a headache for the developers of air defense systems.
    1. VP
      VP 8 September 2015 10: 40
      A flock of drones with weapons is not a good idea.
      A drone carrying a weapon and an aiming system in terms of size and price is not a Chinese helicopter for children at all, it is already a solid piece in size, weight, complexity and price, and each of them needs to be controlled individually.
      And what they want now is cameras with motors. Only the meaning is not enough, the advantages are not visible but the problems are dofig. Starting with the simplest - information processing.
      1. Andrey_K
        Andrey_K 8 September 2015 11: 36
        Such a drone does not need an aiming complex - everything will be done by the host carrier aircraft.
        A drone, as an option, should carry one missile or small arms, short range.
        Then a flock of such drones will cover the plane with a tight shield - they will shoot down all missiles aimed at the plane - since the missile will fly next to any drone on any trajectory and it will be able to destroy it with its weak weapons, because it will be in a convenient place for firing (on the opposite course and very close to the target).
        And the drones themselves will be too small and cheap to shoot at them.
        1. VP
          VP 8 September 2015 11: 59
          And how do you see the destruction of a rocket flying at a speed of several hundred meters per second by a "weak UAV weapon"?
          And who will calculate the shooting for each of the devices? An aircraft boardcomputer?
          And he does not get brains from his ears from such a task?
          And the dimensions of the apparatus, which itself flies and can launch a rocket on a target and shoot at an anti-aircraft gun, to what extent do you see, about 7 meters of the same length will be enough?
          How many of these can you release from a fighter?
          1. Andrey_K
            Andrey_K 8 September 2015 12: 20
            Well, suppose a drone carries several small missiles with a range of 100-500m.

            What size should a drone be, with a payload of a couple kilograms?
            Depends on how miniature it is possible to make anti-missiles - maybe they will weigh only 100 grams.
            10pcs - 1 kg.

            The lead aircraft performs all calculations (they are not so complicated).

            The principle of protection is similar to that of the Israeli Trophy.

            For the anti-tank system, the complexity of the calculations did not boil the brains of the tank — it should not differ much for an airplane either — those (anti-aircraft missiles) are even easier to shoot down because they have larger sizes.

            By the way, a drone and a ram could go, in which case ... then, in general, no weapons are needed.
            1. gladcu2
              gladcu2 8 September 2015 14: 36
              Andrei K.

              So you are discussing the concept of using a drone.

              Consider this incontrovertible fact. For a large number of drones delivered to the scene by an uterine drone, it is not important that the human operator intervenes in the distribution of priority objectives. If automation makes mistakes, the overall efficiency will not be critically affected.
              1. Andrey_K
                Andrey_K 8 September 2015 14: 47
                More precisely, rock-flocks of drones.
                In a flock, knocking down an individual is much more difficult - the computer will constantly switch and confuse goals and will not bring down any.
                Fishes have a similar protection - a school of fish for a predator merges into one continuous spot and it cannot capture a single fish.

                And flying through a flock of rockets is more difficult - no matter what the drone is, it will necessarily be in the reach of its primitive weapons and will hit a rocket or plane.

                Like a pack of piranhas can eat anyone.
            2. VP
              VP 8 September 2015 15: 20
              Hand face.
              What are the small two-kilogram rockets per hundred meters?
              Can you imagine the speed of an anti-aircraft missile?
              For example, at Buk it spans 850 meters per second.
              This is more than the speed of a bullet fired from most barrels.
              Those. in a second it will fly 8 times farther than your small rocket can fly at all. And she actually needs not only to fly, but also to catch up and get there.
              This is absolutely unrealistic.
              And the S-300 missile per second generally flies more than 2 km.
              And the flight companion will go crazy calculating the task of calculating the trajectories and the moments of launches to intercept the transonic and supersonic targets for MULTIPLE objects. There still are not powerful servers. Moreover, such a fig of 2 kg can bring down a rocket only with a direct hit.
              Can you hit the bullet? And in a bullet flying three times faster than a bullet fired from a rifle?
              For anti-tank systems, missile speeds are much slower, for RPGs only about a hundred meters per second. It’s even inappropriate to compare here.
              1. Andrey_K
                Andrey_K 8 September 2015 15: 38
                Higher speed - less maneuverability.
                At high speed, the rocket cannot abruptly change its trajectory - i.e. more predictable.
                But for a computer, such speeds and not speeds at all - while a rocket flies one meter, he can compose a poem during this time (in the interval between calculating the trajectory).

                This man cannot hit the bullet.

                What are the problems with the computer?

                It is limited only by the accuracy of guidance - the rocket engine does not work accurately enough to aim at a fast target.
                But this is already a problem for rocket developers — making rockets more manageable — the burning speed of gunpowder, etc.
              2. gridasov
                gridasov 8 September 2015 16: 24
                Many people generally imagine the world only in the potential of interactions that surrounds them and, accordingly, they think inadequately when evaluating events related to hyper speeds, super large capacities in information networks, and generally high-potential processes. The main thing is they should not be condemned. It's just a world of developed brain potential. Therefore, it is likely that it is more likely to develop the person himself, and only then take on the solution of the problem.
  7. evil partisan
    evil partisan 8 September 2015 10: 03
    UAVs, due to their number, will in the long run be no nicer than WMDs. Ants killing an elephant ...
    RUSOIVAN 8 September 2015 10: 03
    Interestingly, how would we call this "STU"?)
    1. Cananecat
      Cananecat 8 September 2015 10: 24
      Poultry farm ... yopta))
  9. Flinky
    Flinky 8 September 2015 10: 03
    EW means with a flock to cope will be even easier than with loners. I caught one - I caught everyone.
    1. rosarioagro
      rosarioagro 8 September 2015 10: 11
      Quote: Flinky
      I caught one - I caught everyone.

      "Not everything is so simple", as I read about one Japanese development in the field of electronics, it was aimed at using it in space, and so 10 processors working on a specific task or tasks, when one fails, reconfiguration occurs automatically and work continues
      1. VP
        VP 8 September 2015 10: 44
        Normal reservations, nothing unique.
        Only EW is not a processor burns and clogs control channels or even intercepts them replacing incoming commands and coordinate bindings with their own.
      2. Plumbum
        Plumbum 8 September 2015 11: 07
        Type in a search engine "spaced brain of the ant family." In this case, the architecture of the artificial intelligence of a swarm of UAVs is built according to approximately the same scheme. There are several coordinating control centers in the flock, and the retirement of several of them will start the redistribution of control centers.
  10. engineer74
    engineer74 8 September 2015 10: 04
    Something these drones look like tuned "Tomahawk" ...
    1. ZSP
      ZSP 8 September 2015 10: 34
      And they all have one pattern, and this is bad, first gremlin, and then suddenly the tomahawk flies.
  11. rosarioagro
    rosarioagro 8 September 2015 10: 09
    "... After that, the gremlins must return to the plane."

    What for? Flock attack from different courses and armored vehicles, local air defense, artillery, emitting devices (underline as necessary) are disabled
    1. VP
      VP 8 September 2015 10: 56
      In fact, strike UAVs are not so dramatically different in size from airplanes, gremlins will not come out of them.
      Why did you even decide that any UAV would certainly be sharpened for bang-bang?
      Just imagine the size of the device that should serve as an air-to-ground platform.
      He should not destroy the tanks with peas from a pipe?
      The same Predator, about 8 meters long, taller than a man and with a wingspan of 15, which one is a gremlin?
  12. shosha
    shosha 8 September 2015 10: 10
    In the United States began to develop UAVs that will fly in flocks

    build nests, hatch chicks, and fly away to the south with a spring ...
  13. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 8 September 2015 10: 13
    In the United States began to develop UAVs that will fly in flocks

    A flock and fly south not for long, suddenly instinct will work.
  14. 44 World
    44 World 8 September 2015 10: 15
    it would be necessary to run our electronic warfare systems for these flocks
  15. bmv04636
    bmv04636 8 September 2015 10: 19
    It seems like our RCC has long been able to fly in a flock. laughing
  16. Kolka82
    Kolka82 8 September 2015 10: 27
    Inspired for some reason, dashing advertising
  17. sagitch
    sagitch 8 September 2015 10: 27
    Thank you - have fun! Especially about nesting and returning to the homeland - in the USA.
  18. Armored optimist
    Armored optimist 8 September 2015 10: 28
    It’s time to attend to the development of ZMRK - anti-aircraft micro-missile systems
  19. VP
    VP 8 September 2015 10: 32
    Fraction need on the pack, fraction
    1. Armored optimist
      Armored optimist 8 September 2015 10: 38
      Need a mesh warhead for a micro rocket. From thin high-strength wire or some kind of fibers. Fragmentation for them is probably inefficient.
    2. engineer74
      engineer74 8 September 2015 10: 39
      The shotgun caliber is large, but the spec. Warhead on the air defense system does not hurt to return ... wink
      1. VP
        VP 8 September 2015 10: 59
        A slingshot with an optical sight?
  20. Plumbum
    Plumbum 8 September 2015 10: 34
    Well, what's new in this news?
    More than a year ago, Discovery had a half-hour story about the development of a drone swarm program in the United States.
    And it's not just a swarm. As a control program, artificial intelligence programs such as "Spread the brain of the ant family" are used. In short, drones allocate several coordinators from their flock (or, as an option, control from a base aircraft). The devices disassemble ground targets, while duplication should be excluded. Control centers coordinate the behavior of the flock depending on the operational situation - hitting targets and dropping the UAV.
    1. gladcu2
      gladcu2 8 September 2015 14: 43

      Well, now the question has ripened why we need sea-based aircraft carriers.
  21. roskot
    roskot 8 September 2015 10: 37
    Why in packs. Maybe a pack? Eagles, falcons do not fly in packs. Only stray dogs attack with a pack.
  22. slavaisrael
    slavaisrael 8 September 2015 10: 39
    By the way, not only countries that are constantly fighting, but also those who seem to be for peace in the whole world, give UAVs their due. Switzerland approved the purchase of 6 UAVs in Israel in the amount of $ 260 million.
    1. A-Sim
      A-Sim 8 September 2015 10: 41
      Is this Switzerland for peace ????? With every war, his gesheft muddies.
    2. VP
      VP 8 September 2015 11: 02
      260 million / 6 pieces.
      Lope there is any thread F-15, 30-40 million maximum?
      1. slavaisrael
        slavaisrael 8 September 2015 11: 14
        Do not confuse the purchase of a single device and system. This means the kit. UAVs, control centers, supplies, spare parts, training. This is the same system.
  23. Anchonsha
    Anchonsha 8 September 2015 10: 45
    Too fantastic and expensive pleasure is the desire to get hold of flying drones in packs and even returning back. Although, if you send such a flock to destroy military facilities, then the damage from the opposing side will be significant. But after all, radio-electronic and other emitters are already working against this flock.
  24. made13
    made13 8 September 2015 11: 06
    Perhaps this is a new direction in military-technical progress, and perhaps disinformation at the state level, is the same as the SDI program at one time.
  25. Sergey Vladimirovich
    Sergey Vladimirovich 8 September 2015 11: 07
    They started, it means, once the Americans flocked gremlins .., to support the herd of goblins, who had previously been released to fight the righteous, for democracy ... But the goblins realized that they would not overcome the feisty and treacherous enemy without gremlins, and called them to help !! ! And every gremlin helps his goblin, within
    part of the group’s overall mission
    , this is how they fight, fight, without sleep and without rest, "until they have worked out their resource" ... And
    "The Americans then catch the returning vehicles in the air and integrate their reconnaissance equipment with the onboard systems of the carrier aircraft."
    and again the gremlins return to the pack, to help the goblins ... And so on
    20 launches
    ... And the goblins would have been very tight if they hadn’t flown a pack of gremlins to help them ...
    Meanwhile, the evil and treacherous Russians ... came up with an anti-goblin-gremlino mobile ... They (Russians), in fact, came up with it much earlier ... But the Americans couldn’t find out about it - Chinese hackers prevented ... Chinese and Indian ... And then the Americans became thoughtful - whose flock would still be released in order to overcome the miracle of Russian technology, unprecedented ... hi
  26. chunga-changa
    chunga-changa 8 September 2015 12: 28
    Nothing is impossible. If this is true, then they have made great progress in software, I would even say - they made a breakthrough. Based on the solution for aircraft, you can do the same for ground equipment.
  27. Edvagan
    Edvagan 8 September 2015 13: 29
    pack is a delicate matter, pack leader is needed. A flock of drones will fly, and then all of a sudden, ONCE! -And the leader on a hang glider in front of them, because the Siberian Cranes will lead him to his native airfield)))
  28. Engineer
    Engineer 8 September 2015 13: 42
    There was already an article about this:
    moletov.html. The author needs to learn how to use search.
    1. WUA 518
      WUA 518 8 September 2015 14: 31
      After that, the "gremlins" must return to the plane. "This is very interesting from the point of view of implementation laughing
  29. gladcu2
    gladcu2 8 September 2015 14: 47
    Those. it turns out the picture. The bourgeoisie will be able to dictate power using electronic intelligence. For the time being, until this mind gained its independence. Which is most likely to happen directly by the next step.

    The world is becoming terrified and unsuitable.
  30. am808s
    am808s 8 September 2015 16: 03
    These operators will not manage the crumbs. The tasks are one thing, and the combat situation is different. So the designers will have to solve all the puzzles for a very long time. We most likely will not see such flocks, and thank God. In general, science fiction is not far from reality.
  31. Weyland
    Weyland 8 September 2015 21: 34
    You are a magician and sorcerer, professor, ... - Do you believe, professor, every night naked gremlins - in packs!

    And they should be called not "gremins", but "bird guard"... wink
  32. Reptiloid
    Reptiloid 9 September 2015 09: 22
    Quote: EGOrkka
    ... raking with shovels, burying in mass graves.

    You can also cremate, send for re-melting, compacting into briquettes, scrapping ..... BUT the main thing is vivisection, research, taming and training of survivors.