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Polish companies presented two new self-propelled artillery installations

In an effort to gain a foothold in the international market for weapons and military equipment, Poland is attempting to cooperate with foreign countries in the field of creating new models. A few days ago at the MSPO-2015 exhibition in Kielce, the latest results of such cooperation were demonstrated. Two new self-propelled artillery mounts were presented to the attention of specialists and the general public, which included foreign-made chassis and combat modules.

Both new machines, Krab and Diana, belong to the class of tracked self-propelled howitzers of 155 mm caliber and are designed to equip artillery units of ground forces. They have some common features related to armament and airborne equipment, but they are very different from each other. Being developed by different organizations, the two Polish self-propelled guns are now competitors and are likely to become opponents in any foreign tender in the future. In addition, we can expect the appearance of a contract for the supply of equipment to the Polish armed forces.

Creation of ACS projects based on new chassis was associated with some problems. For various reasons, development companies were forced to change the type of the intended chassis and gun turret, which changed the look of the entire project. However, MSPO-2015 from 1 to 4 September showed two prototypes.

Polish companies presented two new self-propelled artillery installations
Sauk Krab on the chassis of the South Korean production

In recent years, the Krab ACS project has faced serious problems, which, in particular, has caused the mass production of such machines to stop after the assembly of the first batch. Two experienced and the first six self-propelled self-propelled crab "Crab" were built on the basis of the UPG tracked chassis, which is a modified version of the T-155 Firtina ACS chassis of the Turkish company OBRUM. The main difference between the UPG chassis and the base version was in the type of engine: Polish chassis were equipped with S12U motors from PLZ Wola. The first eight Krab war machines were handed over to the customer by the fall of the 2012 of the year. To date, it was planned to build at least two dozen self-propelled guns.

The assembly of the latest 16 ACS was disrupted. By the time the construction of this technology began, it turned out that the last S12U engines had left the assembly line in 2009 year, and the PLZ Wola plant had closed. In addition, during operation, it became clear that such a power plant has insufficient characteristics. It was proposed to equip the UPG chassis with a new German-made engine, but the engine of sufficient power demanded serious processing of the hull.

To solve this problem, the Polish Defense Ministry and the HSW company (Huta Stalowa Wola), which developed and built the Krab self-propelled guns, were forced to seek help from the South Korean industry. As a new chassis for the Krab ACS, a tracked vehicle designed for the K9 Thunder self-propelled gun was chosen. Last December, HSW and Samsung Techwin signed a contract for the construction of similar chassis in the number of 120 units. The total cost of the ordered equipment is about 300 million USD.

Sau Krab

The armored vehicles chosen by the Polish industry have a classic for ACS layout with a front-mounted engine compartment and shoulder strap towers in the stern. The chassis has six track rollers with individual hydropneumatic suspension on each side and a front drive wheel. The chassis are equipped with MTU-811 KA 500 diesel engines with 500 horsepower. In the case of the basic self-propelled gun K9 Thunder, having a combat mass at the level of 47 t, this power plant provides the maximum speed of 67 km / h and good mobility on rough terrain.

It is known that in 2015, Samsung Techwin should hand over two ordered chassis to HSW. The first car was shipped in June of this year, on its base they built an ACS, shown at a recent exhibition. In 2016 and 2017, the South Korean company will build and transfer the chassis to the customer 22, another 12 will be assembled in the 2018 year. On this supply from South Korea will stop. In accordance with the agreement, Samsung Techwin will transfer to HSW all the necessary documentation, so that it will be able to expand the licensed production of the necessary equipment. In 2018-22, it is planned to build an 84 chassis.

The first chassis for the updated "Crab" was sent to Poland on June 25. In July, the Polish company received this car and began assembling a prototype of the new ACS. Its construction was completed in mid-August. 24 August was rolling out this sample. A week later, he was shown at MSPO-2015.

Sau Krab

If in the near future no serious problems are identified, then in the foreseeable future, the execution of the order of the Polish army can be resumed. Thus, over the next few years, the Polish armed forces will receive the required number of new ACSs of "domestic" development, ordered several years ago.

It should be noted that in the new configuration of ACS Krab really is not a fully Polish development. The fact is that the tower of this combat vehicle is a licensed version of the British product AS90, created by Vickers about three decades ago. The artillery part of the machine also has import origin. The 155 mm caliber cannon with a 52 barrel length and its rocking installation are made by the German company Rheinmetall. Thus, the Krab ACS in its new form is a British tower with German guns, installed on the South Korean chassis. The role of Polish enterprises in the creation of the project is small and is associated mainly with the assembly of various units.

The Bumar Labedy enterprise was involved in the construction program of the first serial ACS Krab. It was this plant that built the chassis of the Turkish development with Polish engines. After the cessation of deliveries of the discontinued S12U engines, the plant was left out of the program for the creation and construction of a promising Polish self-propelled gun. Nevertheless, the management of Bumar Labedy decided to continue work in the field of self-propelled artillery and to this end enlist the support of foreign colleagues.

Sau Diana

Not so long ago, the Bumar Labedy plant signed an agreement with the Slovak company Konstrukta-Defense, which develops artillery systems. The joint project involves the use of the upgraded UPG-NG chassis with the existing gun turret. This Polish-Slovak-Turkish combat vehicle was named Diana. It is worth noting that the agreement on the development of the Diana project was signed just a couple of months ago - in mid-June.

As part of the new Diana project, Bumar Labedy is responsible for the production of the UPG-NG chassis. The upgraded version of the tracked chassis has some differences from the basic version, but it is equipped with an engine of the same type. As before, it is proposed to use the S12U diesel engine. Probably, the manufacturer of the chassis has some plans for the resumption of production of these products, discontinued at the end of the last decade.

It is proposed to install a gun turret from the wheeled ACS Zuzana 2 of the Slovak development on the base chassis of the self-propelled gun. Armament is similar to the "Crab": 155-mm gun with a barrel length 52 caliber. In this case, the tower, apparently, retains the entire set of equipment for targeting and fire control, created for the base self-propelled gun on a wheeled drive.

SAU Diana at a recent exhibition

According to foreign media reports, the main reason for the creation of the Diana project was the desire of the two companies to take part in the protracted Indian tender for the supply of promising self-propelled artillery installations. In addition, representatives of the Slovak company claim that their new ACS has already interested three other potential customers. Who exactly is interested in the new tracked self-propelled gun, has not yet been reported.

The Diana project involves the use of existing components, which accordingly affected the timing of its implementation. According to reports, the assembly of a prototype of a new self-propelled gun ended in the twentieth of August. Just a few days after leaving the assembly shop, the car was sent to MSPO-2015.

Two new self-propelled artillery mounts, developed in the shortest possible time, were manufactured at the end of August, and in the first days of September for the first time became exhibits of the exhibition. Future prospects self-propelled guns Krab and Diana are still unknown. Available information on the progress of these projects allows us to make some assumptions, but they may not be justified. It can be assumed that the emergence of the Crab ACS on the new chassis will allow the construction of serial equipment to continue and to equip the Polish ground forces with the necessary number of vehicles. In the future, the appearance of an export contract is also possible.

Sau Diana. Photo

Prospects Diana fighting vehicle look worse. The wheel self-propelled gun Zuzana 2, created a few years ago, still has not become the subject of the contract. Self-propelled guns of the basic model Zuzana were built serially and were supplied to some customers. The upgraded version of this machine, in turn, has not interested anyone yet. Thus, there is reason to doubt that the Diana tracked combat vehicle will be able to attract the attention of customers and get to mass production.

Thus, at a recent exhibition, two models of Polish-made military equipment were demonstrated, the fate of which may be very different. One of the new combat vehicles can reach mass production and fall asleep in the troops, while the future of the second is still uncertain. Nevertheless, both Krab and Diana demonstrate a curious approach to the development of military equipment in the absence of the required domestic production units. Turning to foreign colleagues for help, HSW and Bumar Labedy were able to create interesting combat vehicles.

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  1. evil partisan
    evil partisan 8 September 2015 08: 12 New
    And what about metallurgy now in Poland? Will metallurgists pull all the Wishlist of the Polish military: self-propelled guns, tanks, art? There, in any steel, it’s not the PP brand (the first one that is caught) will be needed ...
    1. self-propelled
      self-propelled 8 September 2015 09: 30 New
      what for? with regards to self-propelled guns - the first Krab self-propelled guns is a kind of mixture of the Korean chassis, the British tower and the German artillery (putting everything together is easier than doing it all yourself (but not the fact that it is better and cheaper).
      the second is even simpler - the Czech artillery unit, a chassis of its own (built on “fragments of the USSR”).
      with regards to tanks - something is not heard of the news about the promising Polish tank PL-01 (either there are no funds, or brains, or both)
      so they don’t need metallurgy. young and bigger girls - yes, this gentry can reproduce and deliver to "promising markets"
      1. Aleksandr72
        Aleksandr72 8 September 2015 13: 24 New
        For me, the latest Polish self-propelled gun Krab looks very similar to the old British self-propelled gun "Abbot" (which has long been withdrawn from service). True, the "Abbot" was armed with only a 105-mm howitzer mounted on the modified chassis of the tracked armored troop carrier "Trowden". The more modern British already 155-mm self-propelled howitzer AS-90 outwardly also looked like the old Abbot. Such is designer plagiarism in military style.
        I doubt very much that the Poles will be able to independently establish serial production of at least one of the self-propelled guns presented, unless they cooperate with the Czechs and return to the old project of the 155-mm howitzer “Zuzana” on the T-72 chassis. But Psheks are known for their puffy pride and penchant for stupid and unrestrained projection. The only program for constructing the "Great Polish Fleet" in the 30s is worth: 3 battleships (with 305-mm artillery of the main caliber, and this is in the 30s laughing, hydro-carrier cruiser (such as the Swedish "Gotland"), numerous destroyers, mine-layers, submarines, etc. And all this magnificence was seriously discussed in the Polish Sejm in complete isolation from the real production and financial capabilities of the country. The bottom line: 1 minzag (aka presidential yacht) Grif, 4 destroyers and 5 submarines built or acquired abroad, including before the discussion of the above program.
        So the new self-propelled guns in my opinion from the same opera.
        I have the honor.
        1. voyaka uh
          voyaka uh 8 September 2015 15: 39 New
          "Only the construction program of the" Great Polish Navy "in the 30s
          what it costs: 3 battleships (with 305-mm artillery of the main caliber, and this is in the 30s "///

          You are right - they got excited, but we must remember that none of the 4 Soviet battleships of the 30s (battleships of project 23) could be included in the fleet. Everyone has punctures ...
          1. Aleksandr72
            Aleksandr72 8 September 2015 16: 17 New
            Punctures happen at all. But in this case, the Poles seriously discussed the construction of the fleet and the allocation of financial resources for it in the complete absence of both finance and production capacities for the construction of ships, not to mention the lack of infrastructure for further operation and maintenance of combat readiness provided they were built. For the USSR in those conditions (in any case, in the opinion of the government of the country and personally Stalin I.V.), the construction of the Big Fleet was a condition for the survival and development of the country in conditions of an often openly hostile attitude towards the USSR and growing contradictions between the Union and the West. Battleships were considered the fleet’s standing force (it’s another matter that a future war will prove the fallacy of this opinion). The battleships “Paris Commune”, “Marat” and “October Revolution” available to the USSR had long been hopelessly outdated both morally and physically, and no modernization would have corrected this situation. This was not a secret for Stalin and the Soviet government. That is why L. Galler traveled to the United States with the goal of acquiring 1 or (with luck) 2 new battleships with 406 mm main caliber artillery. But the moral embargo put an end to this venture. I believe that if it were not for the outbreak of World War II, out of the 4 scheduled for construction of the battleships of the 23rd project, it was quite realistic to complete 2: “Soviet Russia” and “Soviet Ukraine”. During the construction of "Sovetskaya Belorussia", a massive marriage was initially allowed, it had to be re-mortgaged, as a result of a very low degree of readiness. The fourth battleship, I don’t remember the name exactly, in my opinion, “Soviet Bessarabia”, as far as I know, was not laid down at all. I think that it was quite possible to finish building 2 battleships and the heavy (in fact linear) cruiser Kronstadt. Another question - what would it cost the country and whether there was any need for the construction of these ships.
            And the Poles had neither the need nor the opportunity to build a fleet, only good wishes.
            1. Aleksandr72
              Aleksandr72 8 September 2015 17: 21 New
              Excuse me generously, slip of the tongue. The battleships of the 23rd project were called "Soviet Union" and "Soviet Russia" - they could have been completed by forces, if not for the war. Instead of the “Soviet Bessarabia” that I mistakenly indicated, which, of course, was not even planned to be built, it should read “Soviet Ukraine”. As for the "Soviet Belarus" - it was during its construction that the riveting of mild steel were used when riveting the bottom, as a result of which the ship had to be re-laid. But the Poles, I repeat, did not even have a hypothetical opportunity to build or buy ships for their version of the Big Fleet - and all their debates in the Sejm and the press about this were, so to say, “an extraordinary ease of thoughts,” or else an exuberant flight of imagination.
    2. The comment was deleted.
    3. gjv
      gjv 8 September 2015 09: 45 New
      Quote: wicked partisan
      Will metallurgists pull all the Wishlist of the Polish military: self-propelled guns, tanks, art? There, in any steel, it’s not the PP brand (the first one that is caught) will be needed ...

      Their original UPG chassis went cracked after firing. Now they are buying Korean chassis. Modernization, however.
      1. cosmos111
        cosmos111 8 September 2015 14: 10 New
        Quote: gjv
        Their original UPG chassis went cracked after firing.

        NOT, after firing, A, from the factory ....

        And, Most importantly, the engine is an S-12U diesel engine with an output of 838 (850) l / s, not produced since 2011 of the year !!!!

        The Krab self-propelled gun is a licensed version of the English AS-90 self-propelled gun mount on the modified T72 chassis, the basic version of the AS-90 was created at the beginning of 80 by Vickers.

        Poles were imposed on the South Korean chassis, which according to the technical specifications, does not exceed the Polish ...

        TTX: - length - 11.7 meters;
        width - 3.4 meters;
        height - 3.4 meter;
        caliber - 155mm;
        rate of fire - 6 h / min;
        barrel - 52 caliber;
        range - 40 kilometers;
        vertical angles - from 70 to -5 degrees;
        ammunition - 60 shots;
        crew - 5 people;
        SPG weight - 49.6 tons;
        clearance - 44 centimeter;
        speed up to 60 km / h;
        range to 650 kilometers;
        obstacles to overcome: water up to 1 meters, slope up to 40 degrees, vertical obstacle up to 0.8 meters, ditch up to 2.8 meters;
        engine - diesel S-12U power 838 (850) l / s;
        additional weapons - machine gun caliber 12.7mm.
  2. Magic archer
    Magic archer 8 September 2015 08: 58 New
    Slam a minus for the replays, but I won’t! Only yesterday there was absolutely the same article! Do you even look at the collections, otherwise too often identical articles began to appear on the site hi
    1. The comment was deleted.
    2. gjv
      gjv 8 September 2015 09: 39 New
      Quote: Magic Archer
      Just yesterday there was absolutely the same article!

      Exactly yesterday's article Poland presented howitzers "Crab" and "Diana"
      There are 45 comments.
  3. engineer74
    engineer74 8 September 2015 09: 59 New
    Something I did not understand Poland in NATO or where? On the self-propelled guns "Crab" there is a machine gun "Cliff" and a 155mm gun, if I did not mix anything up. what
  4. Großer feldherr
    Großer feldherr 8 September 2015 13: 07 New
    Thus, the Krab self-propelled gun in a new form is a British turret with a German gun mounted on a South Korean chassis. The role of Polish enterprises in creating the project is small and is mainly associated with the assembly of various units.
    As the classic said: “Forge the iron, without departing from the cash register”.
    Bought, connected, sold - profit both in money and in the image of the military-industrial complex of the Polish Army winked
  5. Volga Cossack
    Volga Cossack 8 September 2015 14: 43 New
    Pans in the tank and saustroyenie hit ......... well, well ..... puffiness is known to all but it will only be useful if exporting from cubes how to mold lego - from everything purchased .... ....
  6. Zaurbek
    Zaurbek 8 September 2015 17: 50 New
    I think the howitzer was not bad. The problem with export, spare parts are not all Polish. Whatever it may be, it will be sanctioned. Or engine, or electronics, or chassis. It remains to sell the "right" countries. Only, here the market of the “right countries” is occupied by toothy competitors, and it will be difficult for the Poles there. In the rest we have the market Poland + Slovakia, the Czech Republic in doubt. And what is the profitability of this event? The British, fighters already do not do, what is independence in export?
  7. bbss
    bbss 9 September 2015 01: 08 New
    Feather in the ass will be exactly Polish production.