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Pacific Fleet of Russia today

Pacific Fleet of Russia today

Russia, which occupies a vast territory in Eurasia, cannot but influence the politics and economy of the continent. And although the Russian borders are washed by the waters of three oceans, it is impossible to call it a sea power.

Maritime power can be called a country that has strong military and commercial fleets and controls the sea routes.

To restore Russia's influence in the Pacific region, it is necessary to develop the Russian Far East, build new ports, modernize the existing coastal infrastructure, and strengthen the fleet.

The strategic importance of the Far Eastern region is difficult to overestimate. More than 2 billion people are concentrated on its territory, on the coast and numerous islands there are more than 30 states that differ in the level of social and economic development. The most influential of them are the USA, Canada, Japan, China and Australia. The Americans, realizing the importance of maintaining their influence in this region, are constantly strengthening their presence in the region, supporting the aggressiveness of the military-political blocs of the countries located in this region.

American strategic facilities are located in the Pacific basin, from where a blow to any point of Asia is possible.

The main striking force of Washington in the Far East is 7 (area of ​​responsibility - Primorye of the Far East) and 3 (area of ​​responsibility - Kamchatka) of the US Navy. Britain, France and Japan also maintain military groups in the Pacific with excellent modern equipment, including offensive weapons and weapon general purpose. Constantly improving the base of the naval forces, ports and basing points, as well as their radio navigation support.

The zone of special strategic interests of the United States in the Pacific includes Russia and China.

And now the United States will make every effort to control the situation in the region, which has huge material resources.

In Soviet times, the Pacific Fleet of the Soviet Union with dignity opposed fleets USA in the Pacific and Indian Oceans.

Unfortunately, in the 90-s, the Far East ceased to pay the necessary attention, which led to the rupture of economic ties with the western regions of Russia, as well as the disruption of the livelihoods of distant regions of the country. This was reflected in the configuration and maintenance of military facilities.

Today, the Russian government plans to strengthen the country's Pacific Fleet. For this, the fleet will receive the newest nuclear submarine "Yuri Dolgoruky", purchased in France "Mistral", from the North Sea to the Pacific bases will be transferred missile cruisers "Admiral Nakhimov", "Marshal Ustinov." At the moment, the cruisers are under repair, as a result of which all their main units will be upgraded.

It is planned that Mistrali will be based in Fokino, located at a distance of 130 km from Vladivostok.

So far, the power of the Russian Pacific Fleet exists only on paper: 22 submarines and 49 ships. In reality, most of the surface ships are under repair or officially decommissioned. Since 1991, the fleet has not received a single major ship. In combat status is no more than 20 surface ships.

The condition of the fleet ships does not allow them to perform combat missions, so they are used as a guard when protecting against pirates (the September raid into the Gulf of Aden of the anti-submarine ship Admiral Panteleyev). Currently, due to the lack of necessary weapons, the Pacific Fleet can only protect the water area.

Purchased for fabulous money "Mistral" will not be able to strengthen the potential of the Pacific Fleet, because they are ships that are not intended to protect the lines. Perhaps they will become "scary" for the Japanese.

The missile cruiser Varyag, which is in service, was built in 1989 year, and most likely has worn-out equipment and components.

The fleet leadership will not part with another outdated warship, the Admiral Lazarev.

It is clear to any military expert that in order to solve combat missions at the easternmost line of the Navy, new destroyers and submarines are needed.

Of the Pacific Fleet 22 submarines, six are under repair.

For example, the submarines Omsk and Chelyabinsk (analogs of the Kursk submarine), which are all proudly called “aircraft carrier killers”, require not only repairs, but also upgrades in accordance with modern requirements for combat submarines.

Sailors are eagerly awaiting new Borey-class submarines: the crews for the Alexander Nevsky and Vladimir Monomakh submarines have already been formed.
The only submarine that arrived recently on the Pacific Fleet is leased to the Indian fleet.

For comparison, from open sources known combat strength 7-Seventh Fleet of the US Navy: 440 aircraft (including 260 deck), 71 newest ship: 3 carrier, 5 cruisers, 30 destroyers, 11 submarines, landing craft, 5 amphibious transports, 15 ships technical support.

The US Navy's 3 fleet, which includes the North Pacific, includes: 7 cruisers, 2 aircraft carriers, 13 destroyers, 7 frigates, 5 atomic submarines, 12 amphibious assault ships.

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  1. erix-xnumx
    erix-xnumx 7 November 2011 11: 00
    The phrase that “The leadership of the fleet will never part with another outdated combat ship - the Admiral Lazarev. It doesn’t sound right, since it’s not the fleet’s leadership who decides to leave or not to leave any unit of the fleet. Any ship is a military unit and only the Chief of the General Staff decides on the disbandment of a particular military unit. The fleet management can only submit proposals in the established manner to the GOMU GSh within the specified time period.
    1. runway
      runway 8 November 2011 16: 24
      The NGSH does not make a decision on the disbandment of "one or another military unit." The decision to disband (form) a military unit up to and including a battalion is vested in the Minister of Defense. The decision to disband (form) military units from the regiment and above is made by the President - the Supreme Commander-in-Chief.
      The decision-making mechanism on organizational issues cannot be formulated in one sentence.
      There are cases when the decision was made "from above" and the General Staff and the General Staffs had only to put their right hand on the headdress and say clearly: "there is."
      There are cases when the General Staff "advised" the General Staffs to introduce certain organizational measures as their own ....
      In any case, they (organizational measures) are less and less susceptible to logical justification. Maybe because the emblem of GOMU GSH is the empty helmet of a Russian warrior?
      I liked the article. Because it really illuminates the current position of the Pacific Fleet.
    ZEBRASH 7 November 2011 11: 12
    I hope until 2020 to somehow correct the situation winked
  3. dimarm74
    dimarm74 7 November 2011 14: 51
    Mr. Kuroyedov did not trade badly at the time ... the Yeltsenoid protege, almost like Kuropatkin ... at the beginning of the 20th century ..... as a result of the fleet, there is almost no in the Pacific ....
    Well, if "Ustinov" and "Nakhimov" are thrown ... already bread .... and even Mistralik .... everything will be more fun ....
    So at the Black Sea Fleet or the Northern Fleet it’s not better after all ... all fleets need to be strengthened ......
  4. nnnnnnnnn
    nnnnnnnnn 7 November 2011 15: 03
    in short, as in that song "The Northern Fleet will not let you down
  5. PN
    PN 7 November 2011 22: 38
    Another missile cruiser was brought to Severodvinsk, I don’t remember the name, it’s some kind of admiral .... After modernization, it will also go to the Far East.
    1. Don
      Don 28 December 2011 12: 04
      Quote: PN
      Another missile cruiser was brought to Severodvinsk, I don’t remember the name, it’s some kind of admiral .... After modernization, it will also go to the Far East.

      TARK Admiral Nakhimov
  6. Max79
    Max79 7 November 2011 23: 41
    As the saying goes: "I will drink everything, but I will not disgrace the fleet" ... wink
  7. Cardamom
    Cardamom 8 November 2011 00: 13
    The Northern Fleet is also not a fountain so far ... maybe something modern will be thrown!
  8. andreypilot
    andreypilot 8 November 2011 16: 45
    If you look at how many ships of different classes and submarines are laid down, being built and undergoing tests, then not everything is so gloomy, it seems .. The country is only recovering after the funny 90s, and ships are not cheap, so scratching my turnips I wonder if it was worth spending money on now Mistral? And so, God forbid, there will be new ships and submarines ... Yes, and the fleet is now more and more floating, and not standing at the pier ..
    1. kagorta
      kagorta 8 November 2011 19: 11
      Money spent on Zenit-9 and other communication systems, and the troughs themselves, this is so in the load.
  9. Evil Tatar
    Evil Tatar 8 November 2011 16: 59
    Politics, however ...

    The doctrine of the Russian Federation is defensive. And then you hry ... Give us France Mistral ...

    NATO is scratching its turnips, why should they "Mistral"?
    Did you decide to take the floor of the world?

    Clutter in the minds, headquarters, etc.
    CARTRIDGE 8 November 2011 18: 44
    They started to rearm later too late ... but better late than never before!
  11. Wicher
    Wicher 8 November 2011 18: 54
    A dangerous situation is developing, I hope the fabulous money that is being poured into the army now will not go to the fodder of the "uncles"
    1. Cardamom
      Cardamom 9 November 2011 20: 39
      It snapped up, but the theft in the army and the navy has taken astonishing proportions! When funding was already more or less acceptable, the sailors in the Northern Fleet continued to feed .... frozen stewed cabbage ... with lard !!! from which, gourmets forgive me, the stubble was sticking out! At this time, meat was brought out of the kitchen (this is a trifle, of course), and the head of the food stores can still be distinguished by a foreign car that is fancy beyond any salary. Even if millions are making food on soldiers, what can we say about billions of state orders!
  12. aleks
    aleks 1 January 2012 14: 14
    The author really waved, it’s old, another obsolete - it’s necessary new and faster. Of course you need, no doubt, but mindlessly writing off how it was done is stupid. In the U.S. Navy, ships typically serve 33-35 years, with timely
    modernization and scheduled repairs. This is the only way the fleet can grow and timely replace obsolete ships. For example, the aircraft carrier "Enterprise" 1961-2013 PL "Los Angeles 35 years old, and so on.
  13. Torus
    Torus 27 January 2012 15: 00
    It is necessary, along with the construction of new ships urgently to repair existing ones.
    It is unacceptable that 50% of Pacific Fleet ships are not capable of performing a combat mission. angry