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Notes of the Colorado Cockroach. Return of the prodigal

Never say never". Never give up drinking Monday morning. For quite a long time I held on, but alas, the desire to share what I saw and heard overcame. So forgive me, but here I am again drawn.

When I said goodbye, leaving Kiev, I didn’t even think that I would be back soon. Yes, I visited the Crimea, breathed free sea air. There was a little northeast. And now two weeks ago I returned. All this time, going with thoughts, compared to what he saw. I thought. Analyzed

Well, miss, my dear readers. Straight paws itch from the desire to talk about his "odyssey." But, on the other hand, this is not particularly modest. Because I will tell in parts. The main thing is that I am again at home. Again in the thick of the Ukrainian events.

The first thing that strikes after a long absence is that among the masses of the Ukrainian people there is a complete “discord”. Yesterday's "svidomye" today, the worst enemies. And vice versa, the enemies of yesterday are today best friends. Sodom and Gomorrah were not the cities, but the younger group of the kindergarten compared to the current Kiev.

For example, I will talk about the "mezhdusoboychik" Arseny Kulyavloba and Mikhail Odessa. Many somehow do not attach any importance to this. But an interesting picture emerges. Straight pictures in the style of Kukryniks. Arseny is still in force, but he already understands that he will soon be thrown off the premier’s chair. And only one money "lard" celebrated. I would like the second, and then the third. So the most prominent prime minister is "spinning" to the fullest. As a vacuum cleaner sucks everything in its path.

On the other hand, the Young Ukrainian Odessa. Rating "raises." Tagged into the chair hatched. By the way, in vain, I suppose. The next buttocks that this chair will be warming will be women ... Some of ours speak of a “lady with a slant artificial”, but it seems to me that those fed on American hot dogs are more likely. But more about that later. Now about the slap in the face of Michael. Just quote, and all ... Then we'll see.

"In the statement of the Prime Minister, the reference to my nationality seemed to me inappropriate. My nationality has nothing to do with it. But I have a question - why the Prime Minister is not doing everything possible for the sake of reform? Why does he not deregulate? Why isn’t personnel being replaced, after all, this is in his authority? More than 100 billions of losses a year were brought by state-owned enterprises, while they continue to work, and work, as we understand, in fact, with a profit. Why do not they privatize these state-owned enterprises, why do they continue to accumulate losses? in the face of it - these state-owned enterprises are under the control of managers appointed by oligarchs and bring them income. "

Such is the caring “Novoukrainets” of Mikhailo. Although, I agree, I wrote correctly. "Oborzel" Kulyavlob strongly. But we will continue to quote.

"According to our calculations, only in July-August the machinations at Odessa customs, organized by the officials themselves, caused damage to the budget for 378 million hryvnia. They took energy customs from Odessa, made the highest indicative figures, in fact, began to redirect cargo to other customs.

I informed the president about this, my words are confirmed by the head of customs Likarchuk. Likarchuk - only the deputy head of the fiscal service, he actually does not manage customs. The adviser to the head of the GFS, Gennady Romanenko Nasirova, manages the customs.

The state apparatus in Ukraine really falls apart, reforms are inhibited, and incompetent and corrupt civil servants do not quit. That's the problem. Therefore, I conclude that the government is not going to meet the reforms, but the oligarchs. The state of the state in the next six months will be critical, and all of this is not because the "followers" are to blame, not because the war is going on, but because the reforms are replaced by imaginary achievements. "

They steal it, there it is in the swing, and most importantly, in "one pocket". Do not share. It's a shame. And the shirts torn by the head of the Odessa Regional State Administration on their hairy chest are running out. And the officials of the "Kulyavlobovskys" cannot be moved from warm places. Offend the patriot of Odessa.

“I’m sure that reforms in Ukraine can be successful, I’m sure that we will be able to win. We have so many wonderful people who are able to make changes right now. We already have something to be proud of. But we need to achieve the achievements that there are today, they have become systemic and have affected all key industries. I’m not going to back down, I work on it every day. But I’m really sad that we are so stupidly losing time. "

Odessa cockroaches now sit in the theater. Not a city, but the Roman Coliseum. And the "gladiators" are no longer funny, but grown-up. But I think everything will end peacefully. Mikhailo will get his “share” and calm down. Not time yet to "merge" Kulyavloba. He did not finish his mission, according to overseas puppeteers.

Vyhegrebushchy chief looks even more stupid. The fact that he is at war with Russia is not even commented on. Even in the countries of "Ukrainian" laugh. How many can be considered all idiots?

So, the new “preoccupation” of Gunpowder is an old sentence for the Crimean terrorists. Well, those that seem like filmmakers.

"President Petro Poroshenko appealed to deputies of the European Parliament with a request to consider Russia's violation of international law and the conclusion of the Ukrainian film director Oleg Sentsov and activist Alexander Kolchenko."

Care, it means. How many were these “concerns” along with “inadmissibility” and “international solidarity”. And the Russians took, proved guilt and held a trial. And they didn’t just hold it, but gave journalists the opportunity to see this court. Brought the "political" process in the criminal plane.

Amused the answer of Europe. The guys there, as you can see, did not miss either. Understand that they are offered to become "clowns." On the one hand, you do not want to, but on the other hand, you need to do something. Then again quote Gunpowder.

"In response to my appeal, the deputies of the European Parliament will hold a special debate regarding the gross violation of the rights of Sentsov and Kolchenko in the Russian Federation."

As my youngest says, Dad, this is rzhaka. Indeed, rzhaka, and even what. And the wolves are fed, and, sort of like, there are still sheep in the flock. I don’t know why all this is done by “Square”, but it seems that some “stimulants” have taken possession of this person’s brain.

And now what awaits ordinary Ukrainians in the near future. So far there are no special speeches, but there will be. Since the Rada spoke. And if the conversation went, we are waiting for a quick solution.

So, soon the Ukrainians will receive a new system of real estate taxation. Proposals have already been developed in the depths of the Ministry of Finance and have already been "issued" on the mountain. " Who needs it, naturally. What we get? By the way, over the last year 14 new taxes and fees, we have already ogrebli.

The tax will now be paid by the owners of all houses, apartments, industrial and warehouse premises. All the benefits and other "social achievements" of the past government on the side. This system will especially appeal to those who own decent housing.

According to the document, apartments of more than 300 square. m and residential buildings area over 500 square. m will be taxed at a fixed rate - 25 thousand UAH per year.

At the same time, for residential properties that have a smaller area, the Ministry of Finance proposes to determine the tax rate for local councils ranging from 0 to 3% of the minimum wage for 1 square meters. m square. In addition, the Ministry proposes to deprive the tax privileges of owners of industrial facilities and storage facilities. The tax rate for them will also be up to 3% of the minimum wage for 1 square meters. m square.

Just remember the great tale of Gianni Rodari. And the way Seminor Tomato and Prince Lemon ended their lives. Something unfortunate for me today. But ... Dilute "merry." Again on a fairy tale. Remember the taxes on rain and air? So, in Ukraine, they have long been there. Ecological tax is called. Mobile pollution, stationary sources, waste disposal, etc. And for the water, too, there is "Zbіr for Viktorastannya Vodi", all in NK with 2011 year.

Well, in order for the Russians to envy the Ukrainians a “white” envy, the last news today.

From 1 next January, the government plans to ensure the process of issuing new ID-cards instead of internal passports.

Notes of the Colorado Cockroach. Return of the prodigal

According to an UNIAN correspondent, Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatsenyuk reported this in a statement to the media.

He recalled that his meeting with the technical mission of the European Union regarding the introduction of a visa-free regime in Ukraine ended.

According to him, the mission consisted of three blocks.

“The first block was a security block in Ukraine ... The main task that we are facing is to ensure the process of issuing new ID-cards instead of internal passports from 1 in January of next year,” said Yatsenyuk.

Envy. We are now such "Europeans" that already captures the spirit. And you are so ... non-Europeans, in short. The fun continues, Panov.

So, dear readers. A lot of thoughts, a lot of events. There are many forebodings. I want to share. But I will not abuse your time. As my new "Ukrainization" will be writing.

Moreover, we have here the elections on the whiskers ...
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  1. Neophyte
    Neophyte 8 September 2015 06: 53 New
    A country of frightened idiots! And you have to be scared for a long time, the main thing is cold and hunger ahead!
    Come on, panovoy! You are waiting for a "pleasant" adventure!
  2. inkass_98
    inkass_98 8 September 2015 07: 21 New
    Wait! I already thought that there would be no more notes, but no, here they are, darlings. Thanks to the author for the work.
    1. lelikas
      lelikas 8 September 2015 10: 58 New
      Welcome back !!! good hi
  3. Shiva83483
    Shiva83483 8 September 2015 07: 22 New
    To make you lose ... continue in the same vein, enlighten us, do not let the dies die. laughing
  4. Volga Cossack
    Volga Cossack 8 September 2015 07: 28 New
    Well - appearing .......... otherwise it was boring. at least a little smile in the morning. Thank!
  5. parusnik
    parusnik 8 September 2015 07: 28 New
    The house is gone. Steam heating is also ...
  6. Vladimirets
    Vladimirets 8 September 2015 07: 55 New
    From 1 next January, the government plans to ensure the process of issuing new ID-cards instead of internal passports.

    I think you don’t have to bother with these cards, the tatuha with serial number or barcode is more reliable. yes
    1. marlin1203
      marlin1203 8 September 2015 10: 26 New
      What is the difference on what kind of document you will be sent to a "known place" at the border laughing
    2. elcentauro
      elcentauro 8 September 2015 16: 03 New
      Well forehead, like cattle. Or cattle?
    3. Weyland
      Weyland 8 September 2015 17: 20 New
      Quote: Vladimirets
      tatuha with serial number or barcode

      "... on their right hand, or on their forehead" (Rev. 13; 16)
    4. Weyland
      Weyland 8 September 2015 17: 20 New
      Quote: Vladimirets
      tatuha with serial number or barcode

      "... on their right hand, or on their forehead" (Rev. 13; 16)
    5. svd-xnumx
      svd-xnumx 8 September 2015 20: 20 New
      If the photo is the final version of the id-card, then it can be considered invalid, since the image of the country map on it does not correspond to reality.
  7. Egoza
    Egoza 8 September 2015 08: 03 New
    Tarakashechka forgot to mention that "The people were happy" ... they gave an increase from September 1 to salaries, pensions and scholarships ... already enough for a liter of milk per day, if this increase is spread for 30 days, but Senya has a new initiative - instead of 15 % tax, introduce 20% payroll tax. But then what? that's right for you and increase life support. For a blazera in the eyes of Europe, and given, and then shut up already about this standard of living. But given, shown, and now turn back. tongue wassat
  8. anfil
    anfil 8 September 2015 08: 21 New
    ... According to the document, apartments are more than 300 square. m and residential buildings with an area of ​​over 500 sq. m will be taxed at a fixed rate - 25 thousand UAH per year.

    ... So, in Ukraine they have long been. Environmental tax is called. Pollution by mobile, stationary sources, waste disposal, etc. And for water, too, there is a “Zbir for Victory Drive,” all in NK since 2011 of the year.

    The author fell off the sky, which actually wonders who has apartments S> 300 sq. M. That will be quite able to fork out for 25 thousand. We are used to living on a free car.
    And he has had an environmental tax in Russia for a long time, the chief engineers of the enterprises are well informed about this, it is strange that the author is surprised. Another thing is surprising if it was absent in 404.
    Environmental fees are paid for the negative impact on the environment, since according to Article 16 of the Federal Law of 10.01.2002. No. 7-ФЗ “On Environmental Protection”, such an impact is paid.

    The fee should be paid by nature users:

    foreign legal entities and individuals,

    carrying out any types of activities in the Russian Federation related to nature management.

    By the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation of June 12 2003 N 344 "On the standards for payment for emissions of atmospheric pollutants by stationary and mobile sources, discharges of pollutants into surface and underground water bodies, including through centralized wastewater systems, waste disposal and consumption. "

    It turns out that Russia has long become a European state, and Kaklov is all surprised.
    1. Egoza
      Egoza 8 September 2015 09: 46 New
      Quote: anfil
      And he has had an environmental tax in Russia for a long time, the chief engineers of the enterprises are well informed about this, it is strange that the author is surprised.

      In Ukraine, the "environmental tax" on private cars older than 5 years. And enterprises - enterprises, of course. only there are few of them left, enterprises, which means that tax will be paid by citizens.
  9. putnik
    putnik 8 September 2015 08: 21 New
    Sorry, that’s not the topic, but while we are discussing some minor news, the VO website, right above these comments, is the news "Putin ordered a space ship to be shot down over Iran." Who has tasted it? Is it possible for VO admins to watch content on their site? And so regularly. And we talk about the order in the country ... Excuse me again. Inspired laughing
    1. provincial
      provincial 8 September 2015 09: 37 New
      Vladimir Putin once again saved the world and became a shield for all of humanity, British editions write. By order of the President of the Russian Federation, a spaceship was shot down in the sky over Iran. The special operation was carried out jointly with local troops.

      British media also claim that the alien ship arrived to observe the apocalypse that will happen on Earth. The cause of the end of the world will be an asteroid that will fall on the planet and provoke a world earthquake.

      In turn, NASA said that the data of British newspapers are nonsense. According to scientists, the danger of a collision of the Earth with an asteroid in the current century is not threatened.
      1. Egoza
        Egoza 8 September 2015 09: 49 New
        Quote: provincial
        In turn, NASA said that the data of British newspapers are nonsense.

        Thu! An excerpt from the new book of the series "Space Wars" was printed, but all were led! wassat
  10. Alekseev-Orsk
    Alekseev-Orsk 8 September 2015 08: 58 New
    Multipassport ... Circus by God ...
    1. 2С5
      2С5 8 September 2015 10: 11 New
      ... it will be cheaper to chip out the remaining population ... and the grave will be held as it should and other "entertainment" events ...
    2. Lt. Air Force stock
      Lt. Air Force stock 8 September 2015 13: 17 New
      Quote: Alekseev-Orsk
      Multipassport ... Circus by God ...

      If such a system is not mistaken in the USA, instead of an internal passport, such an ID card, if you received a driver’s license, it replaces the ID card, the Driver’s License is called, and if you are going abroad you get a foreign passport (the same type as in our booklet).
      In Russia, they decided to go even further with a single card and replace a bank card, driver’s license, internal passport, pension insurance card, and a single social card will be called. You will lose this immediately, not one, but 4 problems will appear.
  11. shinobi
    shinobi 8 September 2015 09: 53 New
    The northern fox came to Ruin for a long time, but after the new year the Yankees will no longer be extreme, however they still have the election of a new talking head.
  12. atamankko
    atamankko 8 September 2015 10: 36 New
    Thanks, cockroach, read and smiled.
  13. apolenkov
    apolenkov 8 September 2015 10: 44 New
    All this is sad, the country disappeared ((((
    1. YGV-97219
      YGV-97219 8 September 2015 16: 57 New
      But was she at all ?!
  14. Jääkorppi
    Jääkorppi 8 September 2015 15: 05 New
    I propose a radical solution to the question! All Ukrainians should take an example from the Syrians and other refugees! Everyone who wants lace panties and the EU (30 million) collect everything they need and go to Germany, if they feed the Arabs, too. Let the Germans work and feed everyone! They will expel, strong fists let them defend the right to live in Europe, not in vain did they feed their cookies! The remaining Little Russians along with the territory join Russia! And all to each senka a hat !! fellow
  15. pts-m
    pts-m 8 September 2015 15: 05 New
    but at least something needs to be distinguished from other countries of the world. the news of the construction of Egyptian pyramids by kahlyah is already outdated and does not surprise the rest of the world.
  16. Leeder
    Leeder 8 September 2015 15: 51 New
    Quote: Vladimirets
    I think you don’t have to bother with these cards, the tatuha with serial number or barcode is more reliable.

    Such a plan?
    It has been tested for a long time, but I think the barcode will not hurt ...
  17. Starik72
    Starik72 8 September 2015 16: 56 New
    Thank you cockroach for the article !!! I neighing with pleasure, it’s a pity only ordinary Ukrainians who don’t want to think. And for the rest of the rabble I propose a new rope: We roll down the mountain into the abyss, and no one will stop us.
  18. gammipapa
    gammipapa 8 September 2015 20: 44 New
    watching such throwings I immediately recall 90 years, we were just as stupid and too smart, it’s ridiculous to just remember. But they fell ill and changed for the better. And the Ukrainians have remained with the brains in our 90, sorry for them humanly. They thought that they were smarter than everyone, they were trying to teach everyone the mind of reason, but after looking in the mirror and soon their sorrowful things would begin to reach - they should not advise others, but ask for advice on how to get out of their pit of pride themselves.
  19. AKS-U
    AKS-U 9 September 2015 05: 49 New
    nice to read how the "Lyceum" strangle the "Svidomo."
    well, "every nation is worthy of its ruler." (purely Chinese folk wisdom)
  20. Naum
    Naum 9 September 2015 11: 03 New
    Do not wait for a miracle in this world! According to the people and leaders!