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A letter to Ukraine

Hello, our slightly crazy brothers! You have never expressed so much malice and hatred towards us when we were together, when we were one! Where did you get this from? Oh yeah, I forgot: you have new idols. America has promised democracy to you, but ask any woman, she knows one very subtle wisdom: "To promise is not to marry."

You quickly disowned those who stood side by side with you. Remember the Great Patriotic War, remember the First World War, and you can still remember the Polish yoke, when you, the people of Ukraine, were thought of as cattle ... Although how do you remember: you have new “historians” there who write you stories for “learning”!

I apologize in advance, but in fact it was. You believed in the European Union, but it is not free in your decisions. America controls every European official and the press of Western countries. Do you know what it is called? This is called Neocolonialism. It’s just that every country in the world system that America is building has its own task. Your task is not to strengthen a democratic and well-fed Europe and not to create a strong state; you are the elementary cannon fodder in containing Russia.

Do not allow Russia to develop! You are used to the fullest! Your “free press” performs the task from across the ocean. Not without reason, our 90's stars on television moved to you. As they worked out the American grants in our 90-s, and now they are working out with you!

I also want to write to you about why America is doing this. It's simple: she has a huge external debt. This debt must be repaid, and for this they must increase the output of their products. The best product is weapon; It can be sold worldwide.

By the way, America spreads wars all over the world because war is a very profitable business. They earned more than 11 billion dollars on the First World War. At today's prices it is more than a trillion dollars.

I want to assure you, the “Islamic State” was also created by them. There is such a "theory of controlled chaos." In short, the meaning of this theory is to create a network of regional conflicts that grow from a local into a regional confrontation. These conflicts are needed to contain countries with serious geopolitical ambitions (Russia and China). And at this stage stories they needed YOU. They nursed your “Natsik” and “Pravoseks” for a long time and carefully, holily and cherished, prepared in the NATO camps (mainly in Poland). And now these “Aryans” gladly peck out the “separatists”. In fact, they are your fellow citizens, your miners and metallurgists, your engineers and entrepreneurs.

You will say: why does Russia help them, without it, the “Vatnikov” of the Ukrainian Armed Forces would crush everyone! Because Russia is defending itself! And we need Crimea so that NATO ships do not stand there.

Let's better ask ourselves: why are Americans so angry? No, they are not evil. In fact, I think, there is a change of formation, if it is easier for you, then a change of order (economic order). Feudalism lasted for about 500 years, it was replaced by capitalism, and capitalism already existed for 500 years, and its shift is coming.

In general, I believe that communism and fascism are the attempts of mankind to change the economic formation, and it is quite natural that capitalism resists. And capitalists (transnational corporations) are even ready to plunge half of the world into chaos, just to save their influence, their profit. This is called "controlled regression." They developed the theory of the golden billion, then they reduced the billion to the 500 million people who can exist on our planet. And let's ask ourselves a question: are all Ukrainians included in this golden half-billion? For you, they clear the way to the future? I very much doubt that even 4 million Ukrainians will enter this half a billion, and if you doubt my words, think about the fate of the Indians.

The fact that you now have a puppet government, I think, is understandable to everyone. Just because it will not give up power, will sit until the end. What now? It's simple: even puppets play by certain rules. They can ignore the will of part of the population, but not the overwhelming majority of the population. Come to the polls! Vote for the communists or the forces that you have opposed the current government and advocate a normal dialogue with Russia !! Do not listen to propaganda! Learn to re-think! Learn to analyze the situation in the country! And remember: anyway, we'll be brothers to you!

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  1. vovanpain
    vovanpain 8 September 2015 06: 18
    It’s a good article, it’s all sorted out. But will understand this is a very big question. All thinking Ukrainians are either in the militia or left or sit quieter than the water below the grass. If the outskirts ever come to their senses, a lot of time will pass.
    1. Tanais
      Tanais 8 September 2015 07: 36
      Quote: vovanpain
      Good article, all on the shelves laid out.

      But no more than a number of ORDER ...

      There were already MANY of these, more or less talentedly written.

      But Alas, they do not "penetrate" the hardened, independent-khataskrai mentality that has developed over the past two decades ... One cannot stir up the swamp ...

      Quote: BecmepH
      A meaningless appeal to the mind of brainless ukrobratstva. Life will bring them to their knees. And the best arguments are hunger and cold.

      But this is already "an element of an integrated approach." But with him, they delayed, "" I can’t do it ”...
      1. elcentauro
        elcentauro 8 September 2015 09: 11
        A drop of stone is hollowing. Maybe this article will be for someone the last straw that will bring down the wall of lies erected in / in Ukraine.
        1. Darkmor
          Darkmor 8 September 2015 12: 20
          People are the same everywhere. I would even say - equally stupid.
          Only habitats and living conditions differ.
          People tend to believe in what they want to believe - regardless of the reasoning of the mind.
          The Ukrainian in essence is no different from the Chinese, Russian or American.
          The only difference is the information around. In what upbringing was, in what were the parents, friends, work colleagues. In what they said from the TV, from the radio, or from the stands.
          The Ukrainians slipped an attractive myth of independence, non-Russianness and Tse-Europeanism - and they joyfully believed in it and galloped into the abyss.

          We, Russians, had something similar in the 90s, we just turned out to be a little stronger ... or maybe we were lucky with Yeltsin’s resignation. Maybe there were simply more of us, and the information propaganda didn’t have the same scale as in Ukraine. Not important.
          When you look at the orgy in Ukraine, remember - the same thing can happen with us. Do not promise.
          The only way to protect against this is to place the mind above fairy tales and desires. As soon as you want to simply believe in something, and not think it over, you are gone.
          It doesn’t matter what you believe - in Europe, Ukraine, democracy or the Russian world.
          1. wadim13
            wadim13 8 September 2015 14: 00
            Plus for a sober thought. But, with all due respect, you really were just plain lucky with Yeltsin’s resignation. And no one is safe from the Maidan. Unfortunately, most users of this site are not aware of this. They think that Russian is already a vaccine from Maidan.
            1. tweezers
              tweezers 8 September 2015 19: 44
              Quote: wadim13
              you really were just plain corny with Yeltsin’s resignation.

              well, suppose it's not really luck and not quite resignation smile
              Quote: wadim13
              They think that Russian is already a vaccine from Maidan.

              here I agree with you - there are enough fools everywhere ...
              but, I dare to hope, observing the attack on the rake also teaches something smile
              I liked the article, thanks to the author!
              it sounded the main thing - THINKING NEEDED!
          2. captain
            captain 8 September 2015 16: 36
            Dear Darkmor, unfortunately you are right, but not entirely, people are not so much stupid as they are too lazy to think. Why, it’s easier to think about money, an apartment, a house, beautiful women (or men, depending on gender and inclinations), a trip to Egypt or Spain. And TV, radio and other media free from this unnecessary action for an ordinary person and quite successfully. I noticed that all political campaigning (and commercial advertising) is based on human vices, not virtues. For example ; on vanity, greed, envy, laziness, etc. and cunning people take advantage of it. Those who are well versed in human psychology, know the history of the people, their mentality can always play on feelings. They played in Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan, Libya, Egypt, Tunisia, Lebanon, etc.
          3. kazak08
            kazak08 9 September 2015 01: 11
            fuck them up to the tonsils, I have been waiting for these creatures (I have amrikosov) for 30 years, let the Afghans come first, then the Czechs taught me how to fight, what kind of experience I gained, and in the Omsk VOKU five years we didn’t beat the thumbs up as expected
        2. Tambov Wolf
          Tambov Wolf 8 September 2015 13: 34
          Only the boot of the Russian soldier will bring down a wall of lies, as comrade Zhirinovsky used to say. And coping and pleading with spells only enrage the enemy.
      2. gladcu2
        gladcu2 8 September 2015 17: 47

        It’s good that you wrote as well as the next correct but meaningless one.

        Ukrainians understand and understand everything. There are a lot of videos on YouTube for which you can bow at the feet of Ukrainians.
        A people without a leader is nothing. And the leaders are knocked out. Remember Olesya Elderberry. And others.
    2. go21zd45few
      go21zd45few 8 September 2015 17: 21
      They will understand very soon when the winter will be spent in cold and hunger. If they, Ukrainians, consider Russia an aggressor, then why should the aggressor supply them with energy, let the European Union supply them
      and the USA.
    3. avdkrd
      avdkrd 8 September 2015 18: 10
      Quote: vovanpain
      It’s a good article, everything is sorted out on the shelves. But whether this will be understood by hoh. There is a very big question

      It's not even a question, at the moment such letters are more a guide for us - how not to pro ... our country. And for the "brothers" - like beads in front of their cult animal, they will not appreciate it anyway.
  2. BecmepH
    BecmepH 8 September 2015 06: 22
    A meaningless appeal to the mind of brainless ukrobratstva. Life will bring them to their knees. And the best arguments are hunger and cold.
    1. rotmistr60
      rotmistr60 8 September 2015 07: 14
      Here you are completely right. Shout, do not shout, and you (the Ukrainians) will no longer shout to them.
    2. gladcu2
      gladcu2 8 September 2015 19: 07

      At the expense of brainlessness. Do not judge, you will not be judged.

      Try to find out the motives before blaming anyone.
      If you were put in the conditions of Ukrainians, you would have behaved the same way. And God forbid you still be an activist. Then you can safely be recorded as criminals.
  3. IGMIT
    IGMIT 8 September 2015 06: 25
    It is a pity that hardly anyone understands in the outskirts.
  4. KBR109
    KBR109 8 September 2015 06: 27
    Damn Khrushchev amnesty Bandera. Tore off the long-term pursuit of these nits. It could have been otherwise.
    1. WKS
      WKS 8 September 2015 11: 23
      Quote: KBR109
      Damn Khrushchev amnesty Bandera. Tore off the long-term pursuit of these nits. It could have been otherwise.

      So you will probably also curse Stalin, who joined Galicia with the undeveloped Banderaites to the Ukrainian SSR, and allowed them to be taught offspring in Soviet universities.
      The past is not changeable. Today's reality must be taken for granted and come only from it.
    2. gladcu2
      gladcu2 8 September 2015 19: 13

      Of course, Khrushchev, and not only that, can be cursed. There is the assassination of Stalin and the assassination of Beria, through the windows of an apartment from machine guns. And Grushevsky liberalism.

      But we were lucky to observe and participate in the era of the struggle of social devices. And the processes involved in this action are much more complicated.
      Damn one Khrushchev, will not be enough.

      Here the bourgeoisie-oligarchs turn the matter over a thousand executions to everyone.
    3. DarthVedro
      DarthVedro 9 September 2015 22: 14
      On the contrary, the amnesty was the most terrible blow, sudden and vile, which deprived ordinary members of motivation - they did not expect gebnya at home, and after so many years they could return to the desired peaceful and comfortable life with the comforts of a warm home. They would have resisted for a long time, had it not been for the amnesty. Today's nationalists are a consequence of the Stagnation in the Union, when the crisis in all spheres became obvious to everyone. People were looking for a way out of the crisis - and this is how, for example, market fundamentalism appeared, which we had the pleasure of observing during the entire "time of Freedom", although the only illiberal government of Primakov in the history of the Russian Federation for the short period of its reign gave the economy a reserve for "Putin's doubling"
  5. B.T.V.
    B.T.V. 8 September 2015 06: 27
    How can they begin to think if the fairy tale "Little Red Riding Hood" has become a Ukrainian folk tale in Ukraine? !!!
    1. Weyland
      Weyland 8 September 2015 16: 22
      Actually, at least this fairy tale 2600 (!) years, and the source could not be precisely determined. But it’s obvious that since the fairy tale is so ancient - the people who wrote it, VERY ancient - in all probability, the one who dug up the Black Sea using dinosaurs as a pulling force laughing
    2. The comment was deleted.
  6. Kos_kalinki9
    Kos_kalinki9 8 September 2015 06: 31
    I'm afraid the article is the voice of one crying in the wilderness.
    1. beer-youk
      beer-youk 8 September 2015 07: 54
      Absolutely right. If in a large family one of the children is given all the best, even to the detriment of the rest, then becoming an adult, he demands the same. He does not even understand that he must work and provide for himself. No, he used to sit on the neck of the whole family, and although the family is no longer there, he still requires that someone support him. And it is irreversible.
  7. isker
    isker 8 September 2015 06: 39
    "And remember: all the same we will be brothers to you! .."

    Immediately I remember - "I have such relatives on ***, I will remain an orphan!"
    maybe enough already under any pretext, and in any case - forcefully suck in ukro-gene pool ?!
    1. 2С5
      2С5 8 September 2015 06: 58
      "And remember: all the same we will be brothers to you! .."
      ... one more such brother and enemies is not necessary! negative
  8. Neophyte
    Neophyte 8 September 2015 06: 40
    Ruin-ruin for Ukrainians is a way of life? The dream of a sweet life for free is the main priority of an ordinary resident of this failed miserable education donated by Russia
    zemlyah.A therefore, this country has no future! Splitting into many republics with federal government will not decide anything! Yes, and the Western masters will not allow it!
  9. Rigla
    Rigla 8 September 2015 06: 59
    They have always been like that. Is always. And at the turn of the 80s - 90s and a quarter century later. I’m not talking about Western Ukraine now, everything is clear there - slaves who have been washing pots for their masters over the centuries (Poles, Hungarians, Romanians, Austrians, etc.), I’m talking about central Ukraine, they hate us. Sometimes I go to the Kharkov forum, and so there 99% of forum users are frank Nazis, but a city-wide forum with hundreds of thousands of forum users is an ideal sample! IMHO you need:
    1). The wall on the border, so that the mouse does not slip.
    2). Block all roads, no cars, trains, buses, planes, communication only through third countries.
    3). The most severe visa regime. Do you want to communicate with your relatives in Belarus, etc.
    4). Deep relations without ambassadors, only a few diplomats at the embassy and consulate.
    5). FULL RIP of all relations (economic, cultural, social, etc.), leave the pipe only until 2019.
    6). To deport all citizens of Ukraine in a short time, to remove from all gates, to expel all within a month (except for political refugees, refugees from the Donbass, give them Russian citizenship).
    7). All residents of Ukraine who wished to leave for the Russian Federation immediately be granted citizenship of the Russian Federation (!!!!! subject to a full-scale survey, including a lie detector - whether he was on the Maidan, whether he participated in the ATO, if he sympathized with the current authorities and other Bandera people, did he help them, how do you feel about Russia, etc.). Thus, all the normal will leave for the Russian Federation, and the mad Nazis will die in Bandera.
    8). All you can help Donbass.
    1. zombie
      zombie 8 September 2015 07: 20
      There the opposite side is not illuminated (lurking) - there is a "catching of dissidents". And on that forum, the bulk of the "Svidomo" (by no means Kharkovites, but children from kindergarten) - to the main questions the evasive answer "went to ...", "yaku ..."
    2. SPACE59
      SPACE59 8 September 2015 08: 22
      Quote: Rigla
      Sometimes I go to the Kharkov forum, and so there 99% of forum users are outright Nazis, but a city-wide forum with hundreds of thousands of forum users

      If you score "Kharkov forum" in the search engine, then the search engine will display "Kharkov forum" and "unofficial forum of the city of Kharkov". Try reading the "unofficial forum". You will not meet the Nazis, on the contrary, very adequate people live there. And it is better not to read the Kharkiv forum, people who are not burdened with intellect write there, although they are in a row!
    3. oracul
      oracul 8 September 2015 08: 34
      Dear! In my opinion, you are a supporter of Mao Tse Tung: in order to straighten the stick, you need to bend it. All your proposals are a copy of the actions of the ukronatsik (except for clause 8).
    4. elcentauro
      elcentauro 8 September 2015 09: 21
      Napoleon is resting :)
      But seriously:
      - The border on the castle - Yes.
      -Full profile check -Yes.
      -The end of the relationship...? -And I have full relatives in the former Union, so now, because of idiots, to break off relations with them? Or selectively communicate? By principle, you are in / in Ukraine, it means a gangster, and you in Russia mean yours on the board. (Until from the depths of fraternal feelings he does not shine with this very board?)
      -Deportation? - Question: who will be engaged, and, please, voice the amount of kickbacks.
      Strategist ... damn it.
    5. Erg
      Erg 8 September 2015 10: 01
      The Skull and Bones Club performed the operation "Ukraine" splendidly. Fantastic result. Zombie country. This is what it means, the KGB has not worked for 20 years.
    6. CONTROL
      CONTROL 8 September 2015 10: 05
      Quote: Rigla
      IMHO you need:
      1). A wall on the border, so that the mouse does not slip ....

      - Cover the borders; block gas, fuel, electricity, roads; destroy airfields.
      - fighting - large-scale - from the air; assault groups.
      - "On the ground": pay for information to local "allies"; fuel warehouse - ... thousand bucks, ammunition warehouse - ... thousand bucks ... large warehouse - ... Large enemy leader - ... five grand ...
      - Isolate all potential opponents (in their territory); to intern anyone who wants to cross the border, to keep in camps under guard.
      - Massive invasion: only special forces, volunteers and mercenaries. Complete population filtering; complete disarmament. No financial help. Terror.
      ... Is it familiar? ... from the "plan for the restoration of a united Ukraine" ...
      A standard list of military-administrative measures when the military activity of the "aggressor" bordering on the country is intensified ...
    7. A-Sim
      A-Sim 8 September 2015 10: 38
      Your plan will begin to be implemented from the moment the puppets declare war on Russia. In addition, it will have to be deepened and expanded.
    8. Postscriptum
      Postscriptum 8 September 2015 13: 11
      This is exactly the scenario our overseas "partners" are trying to achieve, so that we turn into chauvinists and suspect everything and everyone, separate, catch, isolate. So it is possible to come to the small-town Nazism.
      Yes, in the territories they are now mocking, spitting, obscene in our direction, but how can you forget your brother with whom you shared the last. you can (and should) exhort him, not give him sweets for dinner, put him in a corner, dunk his head in cold water to enlighten the brain, and in the end - kick him in the face. But giving up kinship is the last thing we can do. So we will become weaker, more flawed, smaller. In this case, we will all lose - both and mos.kali.
    9. TOZ-34
      TOZ-34 9 September 2015 13: 10
      Cool offer. My cousin lives in Lviv. During World War II came to Czechoslovakia. Fell in love, married a Ukrainian.
      Whenever possible (health) he came to his homeland.
      Why punish him for not being able to come directly to his homeland? And how can he tear his children and grandchildren into the Ukrainian and Russian parts?
      This is despite the fact that I specially bought a satellite dish to watch Russian TV channels.
      Be careful with such offers.
    10. TOZ-34
      TOZ-34 9 September 2015 13: 10
      Cool offer. My cousin lives in Lviv. During World War II came to Czechoslovakia. Fell in love, married a Ukrainian.
      Whenever possible (health) he came to his homeland.
      Why punish him for not being able to come directly to his homeland? And how can he tear his children and grandchildren into the Ukrainian and Russian parts?
      This is despite the fact that I specially bought a satellite dish to watch Russian TV channels.
      Be careful with such offers.
  10. Nord2015
    Nord2015 8 September 2015 07: 17
    And remember: all the same, we will be brothers to you!
    Well, how much can we repeat it ourselves! We do not need such brothers. It is time to have our own dignity and our own interests. And Ukrainian guest workers to drive away from here with a broom.
    A small joke in the morning:
    A slightly drunk man gets on a crowded morning bus. Looks around - gloomy passengers are all sitting, crowding, pushing each other.
    A man loudly on the whole bus - GLORY TO UKRAINE! In a friendly response - Went to .....
    A man is joyful - well, all around are around! Dear ones!
  11. mahnabar
    mahnabar 8 September 2015 07: 24
    I put a minus in the article only for the last sentence !!! I personally and my family do not need such a relative Naiuh !!! Let them rest in our country
  12. koksalek
    koksalek 8 September 2015 07: 28
    It was remembered in childhood that Ukrainians came to Ural in winter to earn money, always leaving the most unpleasant impression, mainly from incredible and uncontrollable greed. Local always cleaned their faces but to no avail. nah * r such brothers are needed, let them fall into their geyropu and there along with it they will bend forever
  13. Rigla
    Rigla 8 September 2015 07: 31
    Quote: zombiunian
    There the opposite side is not illuminated (lurking) - there is a "catching of dissidents". And on that forum, the bulk of the "Svidomo" (by no means Kharkovites, but children from kindergarten) - to the main questions the evasive answer "went to ...", "yaku ..."

    Do not. See the posts there until 22.02.2014/XNUMX/XNUMX., It will be the same. I’m talking about the Kharkov forum. What can we say about Cherkassky for example? But Kharkov is eastern Ukraine, Cherkasy is the center ...
  14. as150505
    as150505 8 September 2015 07: 41
    Somehow on this site I read a joke, I repeat
    -Healthy Mykola
    -Healthy Mikhas
    -Glory to Ukraine!
    - Fuck, I’ve been living in St. Petersburg for six months
    - Krasava Kolyan, and I live in Moscow.
  15. 79807420129
    79807420129 8 September 2015 07: 48
    They answered themselves. We will never be brothers with banderlogs.
  16. Chulman
    Chulman 8 September 2015 08: 17
    Good article. But ... only for normal people! And not for the Nazis!
  17. Zomanus
    Zomanus 8 September 2015 08: 27
    I agree with the article in everything except the last paragraph.
    It is useless to choose rulers from among Ukrainians; they will always be against Russia.
    Communists, nationalists, liberals, regionals, business executives.
    They are always at someone’s expense and always against Russia.
    Even if Russia feeds them in three throats, they will still be against us.
    So no liberation of Ukraine and its abandonment within its current borders is impossible and unreasonable.
    All liberated areas automatically become part of the Russian Federation, subject to its laws.
    Look, see how the Crimean authorities are still cleaning.
    This is really the nature of Ukrainians, greed and ingratitude.
  18. Alexandr2637
    Alexandr2637 8 September 2015 08: 53
    Fuck us such "brothers"!
  19. Erg
    Erg 8 September 2015 10: 06
    The article is good. Only, behold, the last offers have been twisted.
  20. iouris
    iouris 8 September 2015 11: 05
    A letter to nowhere. Pressure on consciousness is useless. Show the growth of well-being of citizens and a high quality of life and everything will fall into place.
  21. Just
    Just 8 September 2015 11: 29
    Fascism is an integral part of capitalism used by the Western elite against the main enemy - the communist idea that preaches the equality of people. Real, not declared equality.
    The civilization of planet Earth has reached such a technical level and population that now only two options for the future are possible - either a world military fire or the socially oriented development of mankind.
    No middle ground.
  22. Mihail55
    Mihail55 8 September 2015 11: 47
    Vote for the Communists? And why are their leader Simonenko not in the Donbass? Stage completed
  23. vladimirw
    vladimirw 8 September 2015 12: 35
    it is useless, ukrofashists cannot read, but to us everything is clear!
  24. YGV-97219
    YGV-97219 8 September 2015 13: 49
    It’s not entirely clear to whom the appeal is addressed. It’s not good for thinking people to explain that we are one kind of tribe, but to get to the zombie Nazis it’s a dumb thing, and it turns out that the article is a voice crying in the desert!
  25. manguest
    manguest 8 September 2015 15: 51
    Positive, plus the author for his goodwill and impartiality to the neighbors. only IMHO it’s like peas against a wall, rational argument is useless. Unless cold and hunger will make you hear and think.
  26. AlexSam
    AlexSam 8 September 2015 19: 15
    I look, write healing letters to schizophrenics, scum and geeks is very patriotic, a sign of good form and a great deal ... I wonder if they are already cured there? as I have never written a single one to my painfully family classmates in Lviv, by the will of fate left to live there after leaving school ... to whom, like me, they expressed the contempt, hatred, etc. that are filled with the descendants of the Bandera SS men, and who now they’re yelling that my country is killing their compatriots, depriving them of European happiness, and I’m a donkey and a barbarian and insignificant ... but I’m sick of writing to them today, it’s better if they remain in my memory those Russian, painfully native. ..
  27. Old warrior
    Old warrior 8 September 2015 20: 09
    Communism and fascism can only be compared with a scoundrel-intellectual. Sir, do you really think that our non-brothers do not know any of this? A naive Chukchi youth. They just want to enter Paradise on someone else's hump!
  28. gammipapa
    gammipapa 8 September 2015 21: 09
    Yes, not only in wars, Russia has always been around. You can recall Chernobyl. Horseradish, they alone could extinguish the reactor, if not for hundreds of thousands of volunteers from all over Russia. Would die out like mammoths. A lot of our men then from the factory where I worked went as liquidators. Strong healthy men from the Urals, today 90 percent have all died from radiation.
    They just rode and saved, not for medals, not for liver.
  29. Victor-M
    Victor-M 9 September 2015 11: 42
    The fact that you now have a puppet government, I think, is clear to everyone.

    And from this they are even more offended. They perfectly understand that Russia and Putin do not wish them harm, but from their black envy and anger to their Russian brothers who did not go about Washington puppeteers and from the understanding that all the chaos on the earth where they (Ukrainians) live, made with their own hands, they become even more aggressive. Svidomo - a mean, arrogant, artificial nation of dependents, grabbers, freeloaders, capable of only greedy raking the stranger and betrayal.