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800 intelligence officers underwent special training at a mountain range in North Ossetia

In 2015, at the Daryal mountain range in North Ossetia, around 800, intelligence officers from the Southern Military District received special training. It is reported by the press service of the Southern Military District. Preparation was carried out in a stream format. In total, there were three flows for mountain training this year - 200-300 military personnel in each.

800 intelligence officers underwent special training at a mountain range in North Ossetia

The training course for each stream lasted about two months. During this time, the scouts acquired the skills of action in the rear of a conditional enemy in the highlands. At the same time, the use of various types of skills weapons, including special firearms and cold. They mastered the units of military equipment, the latest means of conducting mining intelligence.

From the message Press Service of the Southern Military District:
The scouts learned to overcome rocky areas of varying steepness and difficulty using climbing equipment, to make crossings over mountain rivers and canyons during the day and at night in any climatic conditions.
Particular attention was paid to instilling intelligence skills of survival, life support and camouflage while performing combat missions in the mountains of the North Caucasus.

In the final part of the exercise, reconnaissance groups were invited to participate in peculiar duels between the units. In addition, the servicemen climbed Mount Arau (Arauhoh), whose height is 2680 m, and also performed exercises on landing from Mi-8AMTSH helicopters onto a limited area.
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  1. djqnbdjqnb
    djqnbdjqnb 4 September 2015 16: 05
    That's right, you need to learn in the most difficult conditions, in such a way that completing a real task seems like child's play!
    1. twincam
      twincam 4 September 2015 16: 09
      so I agree, but the execution of a combat mission is never "child's play".

      You’re not going to a disco with a chick.
      1. Linkor9s21
        Linkor9s21 4 September 2015 16: 36
        Just think))) "Great Ukrainians" kill 100-200 GRUs every day, they are like seeds lol
  2. Petr1
    Petr1 4 September 2015 16: 13
    800 something is not enough, everyone should be trained ...
    1. Alexey Boukin
      Alexey Boukin 4 September 2015 18: 34
      Very timely special training given the current situation in Tajikistan. Specialists are very necessary on our southern borders.
  3. figwam
    figwam 4 September 2015 16: 18
    That's great, but at that time the wives of the employees of the American Embassy were exposed in Moscow, there is video evidence in the intelligence activities in Russia.
    1. just exp
      just exp 4 September 2015 16: 27
      Is there a link? just wondering .
      1. The comment was deleted.
      2. The comment was deleted.
    2. Mikelanjelo
      Mikelanjelo 4 September 2015 16: 45
      And Navalny burnt, GAD

      1. APASUS
        APASUS 4 September 2015 17: 11
        Quote: Mikelanjelo
        And Navalny burnt, GAD

        I did not understand your indignation, you needed video evidence. This photo you have never met seems
        Yale University Fellowship Program (Yale) is a program aimed at building a network of new world leaders and expanding international understanding. Each year, approximately fifteen gifted people from various countries around the world are selected under this program who are invited to Yale to study for one academic semester, studying major global issues and fostering international dialogue at Yale.

        Yale University's Worldwide Scholarship Program has three main objectives:
        Expanding the knowledge base and strengthening leadership skills of a number of promising leaders from around the world.
        Deepening international dialogue at Yale University's campus, where fellows play the role of catalysts for communication.
        Creation of an international network of decision-making specialists from various fields of knowledge who are associated with Yale University and with each other.
        In other words, this is training for Orange Coup leaders.
    3. figwam
      figwam 4 September 2015 17: 27
      NTV tells ...
      1. AdekvatNICK
        AdekvatNICK 4 September 2015 18: 18
        An interesting video, only incomprehensible. Do the wives of the agents of the American intelligence services do not know that they are all in the databases and they are all "led" if they cross our border, how naive it is for them to stage such a show.
  4. 79807420129
    79807420129 4 September 2015 16: 23
    As grandfather Lenin bequeathed to study, study and study again.
  5. shans2
    shans2 4 September 2015 16: 42
    Syria probably internships now bully
    1. The comment was deleted.
    2. The comment was deleted.
  6. roskot
    roskot 4 September 2015 17: 01
    Guy in the mountains of pull, take it.
    If he was following you, as in a battle.
    At the top stood a hoppy
    and when you fell from the mountains
    he moaned but held ...
    It means to be him a scout of the South-Eastern District.
  7. vlad7777kul
    vlad7777kul 4 September 2015 17: 11
    Technique is produced, troops are taught, offset.
  8. asar
    asar 4 September 2015 17: 12
    Oh, and drove us through the mountains, at one time!
    Mate "stood", the mountains "trembled"!
    And how we drove through our fathers-commanders!
    And then there was Afghanistan, Africa!
    Only then did we, "young green", understand why they were driving us!
    That the guys are being chased in "Darial" is good!
    Hard to learn - easy in battle!
  9. Vladimir 1964
    Vladimir 1964 4 September 2015 18: 06
    And once in the city of Vladikavkaz (formerly Ordzhonikidze), this is the capital of North Ossetia, the Ordzhonikidze Higher Combined Arms Command School was based, and climbing the city of Arauhokh was part of the cadet training program. But during the collapse of the alcoholic EBN army in the 90s, the school was reduced. And an excellent training base, including mountain training, was simply destroyed. I am a graduate of this school, and by the way, after graduation, I served in military intelligence.
    Then the Mining Training Center mentioned in the article was created, but unfortunately its base is not yet available at the school.
    1. asar
      asar 4 September 2015 18: 41
      Vladimir, all the best!
      In the USSR there were two military schools - in Vladikavkaz and in Alma - Ata, "sharpened" for training officers for mountain special forces. And what was the base, just remember ...!
      I was in Alma-Ata, as we called it - the center, we "went" with the cadets to Talgar! (By the way, from there I noticed "Elk"! Good guy, humorous! lybytsya, a sniper from God, on this "exit" he filled up a sniper "from there"!) Then together - for the "river")
      A good mountain, but with a good team - it's just a song!
      But it was a long time ago, in the country of the USSR!
  10. roskot
    roskot 4 September 2015 18: 47
    Only mountains can be above mountains
    Which I haven’t been to yet.
  11. ando_bor
    ando_bor 4 September 2015 19: 00
    They give good mountain training there