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NATO to open 6 headquarters in Eastern Europe

NATO's new headquarters (reference points) in Eastern Europe, where 40 military personnel will be deployed, are designed to plan and coordinate rapid-response force exercises, reports Look with reference to Deutsche Welle.

“The opening of new headquarters is scheduled for the NATO summit in July next year. It is assumed that by this time all six reference points will already be put on full alert, “- said the representative of the alliance.

According to him, "half of the 40 military personnel who will be deployed in each new headquarters will be made up of representatives of the army of the corresponding state - Bulgaria, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania and Estonia."

The representative of the alliance noted that the organization of the headquarters, among other things, would send "an unambiguous signal to Russian President Vladimir Putin that in the post-Soviet Baltic countries they are afraid of Moscow’s attempts to extend its influence to their territory."

However, according to Russian political analyst Yevgeny Krutikov, “headquarters cannot render any practical influence on the potential theater of military operations of this kind.”

“These are not even the headquarters, but, to put it mildly, telephone switches in half with a group of translators who must clearly and quickly convey to two Latvian tanks “run up” command, ”the expert writes.

“This kind of steps, like the creation of headquarters, is an imitation measure rooted in history cold war. Then the USA gradually increased the European grouping of their forces in response to the creation of the USSR grouping in the GDR, Czechoslovakia, Poland and Hungary. Now the creation of headquarters has an exclusively propagandistic character, ”Krutikov believes.

“The trouble is that in the Baltic capitals they sincerely believe that 20 officers with mobile phones are a protective measure. There is no practical benefit from these "call centers", but there is quite a lot of public relations at the local level, ”he adds.

“In general, in the actions of the United States and NATO as a whole with regard to the Baltic states there are too many frankly colonial reactions with notorious beads in their hands. Placement of headquarters is another proof of this. The Baltic political elite are already at the paranoid level busy talking about the "Russian threat", and the headquarters for them is about like an injection of aminazin. It is unlikely that Brussels and Washington look at the world equally inadequately, after all, military professionals should understand that all this is not even half-measures in strengthening the region’s defenses against hypothetical threats, but exhausting into emptiness, ”the political scientist concludes.
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  1. Decathlon
    Decathlon 3 September 2015 13: 44 New
    "... in half with a group of translators ..." good
    All clear! Further reading does not make sense ... repeatThese will "conquer"!
    1. Fidget
      Fidget 3 September 2015 13: 50 New
      no, it’s worth reading to the phrase "There is no practical benefit from these" call centers "=)
      1. alex-s
        alex-s 3 September 2015 13: 55 New
        "... in half with a group of translators ..." good
        All clear! Further reading does not make sense ... feelThese are "conquered"!

        It seems that they at these headquarters want to reverse the demographic situation in Europe! laughing
        1. Decathlon
          Decathlon 3 September 2015 14: 08 New
          I think that the arriving Arabs will reverse the demographic situation for them!
    2. The comment was deleted.
    3. siberalt
      siberalt 3 September 2015 13: 56 New
      If NATO fusses with headquarters in Europe about Russia, then in vain. Headquarters vs. Nothing laughing And near the borders, they do not need a nucleus.
      1. marlin1203
        marlin1203 3 September 2015 14: 13 New
        More enemy headquarters! .. beautiful and different, let them drown in papers soldier
        1. Temples
          Temples 3 September 2015 14: 24 New
          Let them open.

          Afraid of wolves - do not go to the forest.
      2. -Barbarian-
        -Barbarian- 3 September 2015 21: 09 New
        I do not quite understand this "one-line banter," expressed here by many wits, over NATO activities at our borders.
        1. The headquarters can easily become full-blooded; it will be enough to transfer people at the right time. Headquarters is an organizational unit. And given that NATO officers will certainly not report on this to us, it is likely that this will be a SURPRISE for you and me.
        2. The fact that the enemies are going to formally gain a foothold in neighboring countries says a lot - there’s an arc of tension, Aborigines, who are not sorry for the Americans, will also die here, then automatically (almost immediately) air defense and missile defense and security teams, etc. . and so on.
        3. Given that there is a transfer of armored vehicles, aircraft, ships, as well as an increase in the number of military exercises at our borders, we can conclude that the decision on a "small and victorious war" has long been made and is only calm and protracted (to give the appearance of legitimate and natural events) accumulation of forces.
        4. An economic information war has long been waged against us. Many of us are already accustomed to this, which means that they will not have time to adequately respond at the “hour X”, when it will take extra effort to repel enemy attacks.
        5. Our authorities have long ceased to serve the people, but only their wallets. And frankly and tougher - to their Western masters. And they successfully completed their work, judging by the results of 25 years. And the fact that now they have come to their senses and started frantically looking for a way to defend themselves and try to frighten the world by starting to restore the army and navy, only says that the owners appreciated their work correctly ... Since there is no economy and a strong rear, there are such "sufferers" "it is necessary to remove from the board, destroying to the ground the country of a thousand-year-old enemy.
        But in order to understand this situation it is necessary to force yourself to think ... Unfortunately, the reality is that for many it is easier to neighing "stupid Americans" than to wake up and look around.
  2. 123321
    123321 3 September 2015 13: 45 New
    Large-scale military operation: the Syrian army regains full control over the border with Lebanon

    A large-scale military operation unfolded in the Syrian city of Zabadani, which has been held by Islamists for four years. The government army is trying to drive out the militants and free the village. There were no more civilians there - the city is more like ruins: houses, buildings of state institutions, local hospitals and schools have been destroyed.

    Dilapidated quarters in Zabadan are rocked by explosions of shells. Syrian helicopters strike at houses occupied by Islamists, and artillery strikes.

    The Syrian military uses artillery to keep militant units in the city of Zabadani in firing surroundings. For more than four years, this settlement has been controlled by Islamists and used to control a section of the Lebanese-Syrian border through which food, ammunition and replenishment are received.

    Also, gunners destroy enemy firing points: destroy buildings where sniper positions were noticed, destroy command posts of radical units. Use for this 130-mm guns, large-caliber mortars, high-explosive fragmentation ammunition.

    “We get the coordinates and quickly open fire,” says Ilya Saidi, commander of the artillery crew. “Our fighters are in the immediate vicinity of the enemy, so we have no right to miss. But the guns are near the city, so we can clearly see where to shoot.” .

    This is a logical continuation of a large-scale operation to restore full control of the border with Lebanon by government forces. Zabadani remained the last stronghold of the Islamists. Now the city resembles a ruined anthill. The crowded streets are littered with rubbish and destroyed concrete structures.

    In order to move between houses, they use holes in the walls, and they use both government forces and militants. There were no civilians in the city, there is simply nowhere to live here.

    As a result of hostilities, there was practically nothing left of the city, fierce battles took place here literally for every house, now most of Zabadan is under the control of government forces.
  3. 123321
    123321 3 September 2015 13: 45 New
    Only 300-400 militants are entrenched in the buildings, use underground utilities have large supplies of food and ammunition in order to continue the resistance, but they are completely surrounded. In the ruins, fighting continues. The last day, however, direct contact is becoming less frequent. Our film crew is moving to the forefront.

    In street battles, some areas need to be quickly run in order not to fall under sniper fire.

    The building on the way was taken under control recently. The militants left landmines here. Engineering and engineer units of the Syrian armed forces have not yet had time to remove these charges.

    Militants are members of little-known terrorist cells that have long been active in Syria. Also in Zabadan there are units of the Al-Nusra Front. ISIS radicals simply did not have time to gain a foothold in this sector of the front.

    Forward Zabadani - the enemy behind the wall. "Here, 15-20 meters to the enemy, we hold the point, we have positions on the flanks. Now the situation is under our full control," says the Syrian soldier.

    While experts predicted the imminent fall of the Bashar al-Assad administration and almost the capture of Damascus by the militants, the Syrian army found reserves in order to stabilize the front and solve the problem of eliminating black holes on at least one border.

    Statistically, the country's government lost more territory than it returned to its control, primarily due to the spring offensive of ISIS militants. But the terrorists of this organization captured mainly areas in the desert. The military, on the other hand, concentrated their forces on strengthening their positions west and north of Damascus. And here is one important figure - now government forces control the territory where more than 80 percent of the country's population lives.
    1. 123321
      123321 3 September 2015 13: 51 New
      Large-scale military operation: the Syrian army regains full control over the border with Lebanon
  4. kil 31
    kil 31 3 September 2015 13: 46 New
    In the Pole photo next to MG, the Pshek forgot how they were shot from these machine guns.
    1. bobby
      bobby 3 September 2015 17: 04 New
      Do you think that Soviet soldiers did not use German weapons?
  5. sever.56
    sever.56 3 September 2015 13: 47 New
  6. andrei332809
    andrei332809 3 September 2015 13: 48 New
    half of the 40 troops to be deployed at each new headquarters will be representatives of the army of the respective state
    well, right, not the Yankees should wash the floors, wear coffee, change the water in the cooler ... there are aborigines for this, who consider it lucky to serve the lord
  7. Wolka
    Wolka 3 September 2015 13: 48 New
    all this fuss does not otherwise create the appearance of development and progress completely rotten NATO ...
  8. hydrox
    hydrox 3 September 2015 13: 49 New
    This decision cannot be called reasonable: no headquarters will replace the old equipment and give courage to warriors accustomed to remote wars with an almost unarmed enemy, but it will significantly weaken the country in whose territory it is created, since additional governing bodies are paid for by the host government parties (NATO does not have its own budget, the military budget consists of contributions from member countries).
  9. Same lech
    Same lech 3 September 2015 13: 58 New
    all this is not even half measures in strengthening the region’s defense against hypothetical threats, but exhaust into the void ”,

    And there is.
  10. morpogr
    morpogr 3 September 2015 14: 00 New
    And why only six, let's in each country. And each president of NATO countries in Europe will imagine himself the supreme commander. laughing
    1. Sergey-8848
      Sergey-8848 4 September 2015 00: 13 New
      It is in each country and pieces of six (or even seven to ten) brigade, division, and even army headquarters. What do they, staffers feel sorry for? What a blessing for the host of the near-Baltic superpower, whose entire army will immediately become a warm place!
      Although they will have a smoke break in Brussels when parasites crawl through manors, gmines and places (and all those who have suffered so much from their previous service in Africa and Asia are already striving for them, to Brussels, in the middle of the mess). )
  11. 44 World
    44 World 3 September 2015 14: 03 New
    laughing laughing laughing funny article
  12. provincial
    provincial 3 September 2015 14: 03 New
  13. Abbra
    Abbra 3 September 2015 14: 11 New
    Unerals want to eat ...
    RUSIVAN 3 September 2015 14: 15 New
    NATO will open 6 headquarters in Eastern Europe.
    Before death, do not breathe ...
  15. roskot
    roskot 3 September 2015 14: 17 New
    I said how cockroaches climb into all the cracks in Europe. Notice battle cockroaches with ambition.
    Obama seems to be in control of nothing.
  16. gladysheff2010
    gladysheff2010 3 September 2015 14: 22 New
    As many as six headquarters! We must get down early from work, strengthen the defense of the apartment from the side of the courtyard, otherwise it’s not enough what .
  17. Vega
    Vega 3 September 2015 15: 19 New
    We have nowhere to go to the Baltic states, but we have NATO headquarters for ambition, ambition.
  18. dr.star75
    dr.star75 3 September 2015 16: 11 New
    Everything is clear! They have decided on the country for a long time, but now the date has been set: summer 2016.