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Bursting Grenade Effect


In Ukraine, the era of Maidan gone. And forever. And it is natural. Independence is no surprise. And you will not scare anyone. This Yanukovych at the sight of the crowd nervously shook and strove to bang into a swoon. And the current rulers of Ukraine are just quietly packing into Maidans, entangled under their feet Maidan, and then somewhere they are taken out. And no gu-gu. "Democratic public" is silent. And this is understandable. Democracy requires sacrifice.

In general, scooped themselves Maidan. To the very bottom. The Ukrainian authorities are accustomed to them as a drug addict. They do not "torch" it more.

Yes, and difficult to organize all these Maidan. It is no secret that the civil society of barricade type in conditions of chronic lack of money is like a mad paralytic. Only can hysterically moo. And twitching convulsively. Where there is no "bucks", there is no Maidan. And the embassy of the USA no longer delivers notes with the faces of dead American presidents to Kiev by diplomatic containers.

Therefore, the objective prerequisites for the new Maidan seem to be as they are, but the Maidan is not observed. And will not be observed. For what is permitted by Jupiter, it is impossible for the bull.

However, this does not mean that Ukrainian bykovatost, devoid of independence, will find peace in the quiet, inconspicuous life of the vegetable beds. As the Petro Poroshenko and Arseniy Yatsenyuk want now.

Ukrainian Pandora's Box is already open. And this means that it is replaced by something else that has lost its effectiveness, or the virginity of the Maidan. Already, Ukraine is struggling in creative torment, giving rise to new forms of struggle for people's happiness, optimally responding to the new conditions prevailing in the country.

Now in Ukraine, only fools are waiting for the new Maidan. The smart ones have either already left or are packing their bags, realizing that revolutionary creativity does not involve repetition of the old forms of collective suicide. And new forms suggest more effective ways of self-nulling. In Ukraine, the times of a man with a stick are over. The long era of man with a grenade is approaching.

That is why the other day near the Verkhovna Rada, the Ukrainian patriot from VO “Freedom” threw a military grenade. Well, how else can you resist the next "Zrade", which, in the opinion of the patriots, made its nest in the Ukrainian parliament? Do not throw a brick into it, if you have a RGD-5 in your pocket? And not the bricks are already being asked, in the opinion of the Ukrainian patriots, the current great bosses.

I think that of those literate people who still remained in Ukraine, some have heard something about Vera Zasulich. No, this is not a Ukrainian Nazi from the battalion "Azov", famous for the execution of "Colorado". This is just a socialist and populist from the last century. However, what is the socialist and populist of those times now, essentially different from the current social-nationalists? Right. Nothing.

So here. In those days, the young Vera Zasulich came to the office of the St. Petersburg mayor Trepova and selflessly fired at him from a revolver. The cavalry general was naturally sent to intensive care. Zasulich - to court. But the young terrorist has so deeply sunk into the soul of the public with her heroic act that the court, under the weight of the opinion of this public, who saw the Russian Nemesis in the former binder, let her go. The heroine was free. The audience applauded standing with glee.

And after that it began ... In all the major cities of the country, a mass hunt for high-ranking officials, the “bloody regime dogs,” began. They were stabbed with knives, shot from revolvers, exploded with bombs. Even Alexander II became a victim of terror. At the same time, the progressive-minded society continued to applaud this in unison. Then, as now, the idea prevailed that if someone was killed “in the name of justice,” then those for whom “fair” murder was committed will live long, happy and rich.

By this logic, happiness requires sacrifice. Popular happiness requires bloody hecatombs. These are the European values, from which Ukraine is now "dragged". These are the values ​​that Europeans, such as Benito Mussolini, Adolf Hitler and Stefan Bandera, who preached such well-known and very popular Europeans in the country of the victorious Maidan, preached.

Therefore, it is possible that Igor Gumenyuk, who threw a hand grenade into a line of Ukrainian national guardsmen near the Verkhovna Rada, is the social-nationalist Vera Zasulich of our days, which opens the hunting season for Ukraine's zradnykiv. In psychopathized societies, actions that have found a response in the souls of a significant number of people are doomed to repeat. And here even their zomboyaschik will not help the authorities. Ratings of famous Ukrainian politicians do not go beyond statistical errors. The people once again hate the next power with all the fibers of their soul. And this hatred, sooner or later, will find for itself the optimal form of objectification. And it will not maidan.

In a country where a machine gun can be easily exchanged for a bottle of vodka, and after firing at the police with machine guns and grenade launchers, they completely dissolve into the forest, the Maidan is a vestige of the past. In such a country, the miraculous hatred of power will naturally cast bullets, grenades and mines.

I think that the people of Ukraine noticed how they were running around, how fussing about, how frightened the big Ukrainian chiefs of the exploding grenade “Svobodovets” were. They say that the deputies in a panic left the Verkhovna Rada through underground tunnels. They have no conscience and honor, but they have fear. They fear in the most banal way the people they rule. No wonder that armored personnel carriers instantly appeared on the streets of Kiev.

And this stormy effect caused only one grenade. True, abandoned, in general, not in the National Guard, and in the parliamentary coalition. Most likely it was marked in it.

Now imagine what will happen if the grenades begin to throw, not only on request, but also from an excess of feelings? Well, what is not enough now in Ukraine of individuals with "phase shifts" and hand grenades under the bed? Or is there an acute shortage of paranoid political fanatics who are ready to cut, shoot and blow up for the sake of the nation?

Regulars of social networks well remember the photo of a certain Ukrainian patriot who appeared there, he was happy to aim from a grenade launcher to the building of the Verkhovna Rada. People liked this photo. Pereposty. Witty comments. And anything like that ... The police are already looking for cynical hooligans who have invented such an amusing "joke".

But for the sake of Hochma, the Ukrainian patriots will take aim for a time, for the time being. In order to direct the trunks, they have already decided. And the public has approved this direction. And the recent grenade, which caused the inflexible “Achtung” among the post-Maid leaders, could not but inspire Ukrainian golot.

Of course, it’s impossible to get from a rooftop grenade launcher to the dome of the Verkhovna Rada from the roof of the Ukraine Hotel. Too far. it weapon melee. Intended to destroy armored targets. This is me to the fact that Pyotr Alekseevich and Arseny Petrovich did not have enough militia to protect the routes that their armored “members” ride on. If anything, they will have to remove battalions of valiant ATO heroes from the confrontation line in the Donbas. Although in modern times it is better for the Ukrainian president and prime minister to sit all the time, somewhere in a bunker.

In addition, a grenade launcher is not the only weapon of a true Ukrainian patriot. For example, the building of the Verkhovna Rada is extremely vulnerable to mortar shelling. In a small "minivan" several BM-37 mortars with the required ammunition easily fit. At the same time, it is necessary to understand that there are virtuosos who are able to hit a mortar in the window. Now imagine what "Achtung" will begin in Ukraine after a five-minute mortar shelling of the same Verkhovna Rada.

And imagine how many paranoids are there in the country who understood this after a grenade exploded under the walls of the Ukrainian parliament. None of the Maidan is able to influence the “evil nation” as a torn hand grenade and, moreover, the five-minute work of two BM-37. There are no revolutions that would not devour their heroes. It's unavoidable. Because it is impossible to stop the chaos that broke free without destroying the carriers of this chaos. The Great French Revolution ended with Thermidor, the Great October Revolution - with the Stalinist purges of the so-called. "Lenin's Guard", the Nazi revolution in Germany - "The Night of Long Knives".

Now Poroshenko and Kobko are trying to curb famous neo-Nazi organizations. But this is the same as cutting the heads of the Hydra, in which two new ones grow instead of one felled. It makes no sense to fight with the investigation, ignoring the cause. And the reason for the emergence of neo-Nazi gangs in Ukraine is the current political regime there. Therefore, the growing opposition Poroshenko and K˚ with the so-called. Ukrainian patriots of various stripes are Orobos, a snake devouring its tail.
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  1. sl22277
    sl22277 4 September 2015 14: 24 New
    Thank you, well written! A snake devouring its tail: Ukroboros!
    1. SHILO
      4 September 2015 15: 36 New
      Quote: sl22277

      Class! good hi laughing My +!
      1. Temples
        Temples 4 September 2015 15: 55 New
        And the reason for the emergence of neo-Nazi gangs in Ukraine is the existing political regime there.

        Still the opposite.
        The regime existing there now is the result of the action of neo-Nazi gangs.
        1. Tatyana
          Tatyana 4 September 2015 16: 52 New
          Posted by Andrey Vajra
          The reason for the emergence of neo-Nazi gangs in Ukraine is the current political regime there.
          In general, do not bring the Lord (!) In modern Ukraine to serve in the security bodies of at least some ORDER!
          To the author for the article +
        2. The comment was deleted.
  2. Zomanus
    Zomanus 4 September 2015 14: 34 New
    How am I waiting for this .... What would Kuev really flood with blood.
    What would they feel what people feel in the Donbass.
    1. baltika-18
      baltika-18 4 September 2015 14: 41 New
      Quote: Zomanus
      How am I waiting for this .... What would Kuev really flood with blood.

      Aren't you afraid of a boomerang, bloodthirsty Alyosha? winked
      1. Andrew
        Andrew 4 September 2015 14: 57 New
        Alyosha didn’t throw a boomerang ... And they already get ...
      2. aleks_29296
        aleks_29296 4 September 2015 15: 10 New
        To be honest, it’s already boring: Ukraine will freeze ... Ukraine will flood with blood ... the power of the junta will collapse, etc. Analysts and prophets divorced, like dogs, but what's the point? While the junta is not in a hurry to give up, ours also help: either a discount on gas, or something else.
        1. mult-65
          mult-65 4 September 2015 15: 31 New
          That's it, you need to deal with your "log in the eye".
        2. Vladimir 1964
          Vladimir 1964 4 September 2015 16: 40 New
          Yes, Alexei, the topic is already clogged, but extremely popular among those who want to publish something on the site. And the topic is a win-win, patriotism is not over yet, there is enough hatred, and even our alligators, together with the leadership of the oil, add discounts and all kinds of help to the fire. So Alexey, for a long time we have to read more forecasts for Ukraine, for a long time.
        3. go21zd45few
          go21zd45few 4 September 2015 17: 22 New
          Yes, Ukrainians will not freeze, gazprom is already going to give them a discount on gas in the fourth quarter, our government is acting according to the commandments of the gospel - beat the left cheek on the right cheek. This is despite the fact that three skins are being torn from the Russian consumer, Ukraine considers Russia an aggressor, and we are in the place of declaring a complete economic blockade of Ukrainians, supplying them with energy resources. It's just a madhouse.
    2. rassel0889
      rassel0889 4 September 2015 17: 23 New
      While we were watching Ukraine, interesting events are unfolding in Syria, I really hope that it is not fake, but Syrian troops write in Russian in spring along with our troops, launched a major attack on the militants, and beat off important areas one after another. Someone who heard about this, confirm or deny the Old. very interesting
      1. Dilshat
        Dilshat 4 September 2015 21: 07 New
        I confirm. Officially, the Buryat light cavalry is involved from our side.
  3. plotnikov561956
    plotnikov561956 4 September 2015 14: 39 New
    Still to come ... rat fights will be tough ..
  4. Oleg14774
    Oleg14774 4 September 2015 14: 40 New
    One hatred of Poroshenko and his company, but the biggest hatred of those who organized it all, and this is not even the Americans with the British.
  5. olimpiada15
    olimpiada15 4 September 2015 14: 41 New
    Using the radical terrorist forces of the junta to come to power, she did not realize how this could end. but in vain. In vain did not remember the persons who organized the coup that Bandera is very serious and nobody can dispose of them as used garbage. If you recall the story: the Nazis used Bandera to destroy the population, but, seeing their methods, they took preventive measures — they sent them to concentration camps. The victorious USSR condemned the criminals, found and fought them, but until the 50s, these scumbags continued to terrorize and kill the population. Having elevated Bandera to the rank of heroes, the Ukrainian rulers did not understand that Bandera terrorism would become the country's lot for a long time and they would not be able to deal with it.
  6. Mainbeam
    Mainbeam 4 September 2015 15: 17 New
    The Great French Revolution ended with Thermidor, the Great October Revolution with Stalinist purges of the so-called "Leninist Guard", the Nazi revolution in Germany - "Night of the Long Knives."

    only Perestroika didn’t end with anything like that
    1. i80186
      i80186 4 September 2015 15: 23 New
      Quote: MainBeam
      only Perestroika didn’t end with anything like that

      Tell it to Berezovsky and the company. winked
  7. pts-m
    pts-m 4 September 2015 15: 19 New
    it’s not for nothing that people say ... everything new is well forgotten old ... history develops according to the radial scenario, but only in its modern form. Here and the followers of the revolutionaries have appeared. There will still be.
    1. RiverVV
      RiverVV 4 September 2015 15: 25 New
      The author bury Poroshenko early. In the end, a pomegranate is a trifle. You can call the army brigade from the front, who have long-standing scores with the nationals and say: "Guys, put things in order." And they will lead, not counting the cartridges.
      Unfortunately, fascism is not overthrown from within. History, at least, has not been recorded. External force and support from the rebels is needed.
  8. mult-65
    mult-65 4 September 2015 15: 28 New
    I immediately remembered 1993, Moscow and tanks pounding direct fire in their own parliament. So who would the cow mumble ...
  9. victorrat
    victorrat 4 September 2015 15: 48 New
    Terrific, one article next to it is complete nonsense of the same author. The second (this) I want to applaud while standing.
    Another question is what will actually be there. While this is a fortune-telling on coffee grounds, no more. Assumptions of what will or will not be.
    Do not underestimate the enemy (USA), creative Russians are sitting there, but with a twist. They can come up with another move, send the masses to another goal. For this, there is technology. Now the blind mass of stupid people choked with chants and the media hates Russia and sees in it the root of evil. They have achieved this!
    You all read how the 11-grader from Moscow went to them and became a sniper. This is also a reality.
  10. mamont5
    mamont5 4 September 2015 16: 13 New
    "In Ukraine, the Maidan era is over. And it is irrevocable. And this is natural. Maidan will not surprise anyone. And you will not scare anyone."

    Yes, that’s not the point. On the Maidan, funds are needed and not small. Maidan will not work out of nothing, but now there is no one on the Ruin who wants to pay for a new mess. The one that would stop.
  11. 31rus
    31rus 4 September 2015 16: 35 New
    Grenades have been flying for a long time, for the first time in the Rada, only you forget the very important component, the people are the people who begin to support the radicals, seeing in them (again the radicals) a real force that can at least change something and again without thinking what will happen later, “hungry” Maidan is much more destructive than with American "pies", it will be difficult to keep (if at all possible) Maidan was the one that destroyed Ukraine, all the rest was redistribution of power and property, so we'll wait and see
  12. asar
    asar 4 September 2015 17: 02 New
    Dill, 21st century, autumn.
    Steam engine "Kirdyk dill" is gaining momentum! And in front of the bridge was dismantled ...

    I am writing from the “other side”, we walk, wander, “minus”!
  13. Azovian
    Azovian 4 September 2015 19: 48 New
    I give two bottles of vodka, let the author -> author -> author exchange Kalash. Chatter of the lowest sample. Free weapons are not for sale. And the people are not destitute. As we lived, we live. Safety margin is great. Kirdyk will not come soon. For a couple of years, everything will practically be so. Next - we'll see.
  14. 16112014nk
    16112014nk 4 September 2015 21: 37 New
    "There are no revolutions that would not devour their heroes."
    Here are the rats in the aviary. Next to another is empty. Open the door to it. The first to go explore the territory of the "scouts". Then they return home, and already with the group move to a new place - "pioneers". And then about half of the pack moves to a new space surveyed by the "pioneers" and clearly suitable for housing.
    And the first thing that the “leaders” do of those who switched over with this half is to kill the “scouts”.
    In Ukraine, the situation is very similar.
    1. docentbay
      docentbay 10 September 2015 20: 34 New
      The principles of evolution have not been canceled. Your approach to events in Ukraine is very clear. And the fact that rats are able to swim very well in your mine is taken into account in your message. When the EU will fall apart, where do the rats go? That's right, sail to the statesmen who ensured the defeat of the "Square". However ... (as they say in Odessa) - further according to the scenario you have indicated ...
  15. sergei_zap
    sergei_zap 4 September 2015 23: 22 New
    We worked in Melitopol, there’s some sort of Svidomo battalion, so for 0.5 vodka you can exchange TTs of the 40s, Kalash is 900 UAH.
  16. MESS
    MESS 5 September 2015 04: 23 New
    Quote: baltika-18
    Quote: Zomanus
    How am I waiting for this .... What would Kuev really flood with blood.

    Aren't you afraid of a boomerang, bloodthirsty Alyosha? winked

    after the election, blood will begin to flow. if someone doesn’t like the results
  17. cap54
    cap54 5 September 2015 19: 57 New
    Found on the net ...

    The representative of the CIA was asked: Why did the United States choose Ukraine to destabilize the region?
    And here is the shocking answer itself: After our studies from the beginning of the 90s and analysis of the results, we came to the conclusion that only the Ukrainian people, from all countries of the former USSR, are 98% prone to betrayal. No other country matched the criterion of betrayal like Ukraine.

    Or else it will be, oh, oh, oh !!!