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India will order more 48 Mi-17В5 helicopters in Russia

The Indian Procurement Board has approved the acquisition of Mi-48B17 helicopters from Russia, according to MIC with reference to the portal

"On Tuesday, the Indian Defense Procurement Council, chaired by Defense Minister Manohar Parrikar, approved the acquisition of X-NUMX Mi-48B17 helicopters in the amount of $ 5 billion," the publication said.

Earlier, at the Aero India 2015 exhibition (in February of this year), Alexander Mikheyev, general director of the Russian Helicopters association, said that “India is considering another option to supply Mi-17В helicopters for the Ministry of Defense, the Ministry of Interior and the government.

According to him, 5 helicopter of the specified modification has been delivered to India for the last 121 years. “The whole grouping in India is more than X-NUMX Mi-300 helicopters,” Mikheev said. - We are ready to deliver any number of helicopters. It all depends on the budget and priorities of the Indian side. ”
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Alexander Mladenov / AERO
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  1. Finches
    Finches 2 September 2015 15: 10 New
    We are waiting for the statement of the US State Department that they are very concerned ....! laughing
    1. The comment was deleted.
    2. The comment was deleted.
    3. Now we are free
      Now we are free 2 September 2015 15: 53 New
      Quote: Finches
      We are waiting for the statement of the US State Department that they are very concerned ....! laughing

      hi Eugene
      Well, then for a start, let them be very worried about themselves, because they had previously purchased it before ... MI-17 for the Afghan army ...

      The USA with their UH-60 smokes on the sidelines and probably will not say anything. (see paragraph above).
      At the choice of the Hindus themselves in favor of Mishka, we can say that this is a helicopter that brought the Hindus victory in the “Kargil war”, since they were the only means of the All-Union Military Institute that could be wiped out by the NURSs at the heights and in mountain crevices of the Kashmir Mujahideen mixed with Pakistani military and then land. The Hindus learned to trust with great blood the simple, tested, multifunctional and formidable Mishka-8/17.
      1. Finches
        Finches 2 September 2015 15: 55 New
        Iskander hi

        A little lower on this thread I explained my idea a little more in detail!
        And you are absolutely right about our helicopter!
    4. kodxnumx
      kodxnumx 2 September 2015 15: 53 New
      India pillow came our MI is definitely!
      1. Stalker.1977
        Stalker.1977 2 September 2015 16: 08 New
        I just flew from the factory above us (I’m working 500 meters from the factory, up to a strip of 1,5 km) the factory is full of orders, if there is still, only +++
        1. Vadim12
          Vadim12 2 September 2015 16: 15 New
          What city do you live in? (if it's not a secret)
          1. Stalker.1977
            Stalker.1977 2 September 2015 22: 37 New
            Kazan however))))
    5. War and Peace
      War and Peace 2 September 2015 17: 21 New
      Th some kind of funny news 1.1mln. of green accha for 48pcs will be 22mil.dollars, which is 1450000000 rubles in rubles - A BILLION OF A BILLION - Wow. This is for helicopters only, and if you recall the Afghan contract, then mi17v for the Pentagon cost 10-19mil.dol.

      Vergess is suspected of corruption and personal ties with one of the leaders of the Aviation Baltic, Pavel Borisov. Investigators are also suspicious of the fact that over the past four years the cost of one Mi-17 helicopter has almost doubled - from $ 10,5 million in 2009 to $ 19 million in 2013. The total amount of contracts since 2011 amounted to 1,1 billion dollars.

      oti-pokupayutsya-slishkom-dorogo /
      Well, as we see by the year 15, the price of mi17 jumped to 22mil.dol.
      1. Ilya77
        Ilya77 2 September 2015 18: 35 New
        Interestingly, for our kind it was worth 250 million rubles in 2012. If we take into account that now military prices are negotiated for 3 years in advance, then in 2015 for ours somewhere in this area should cost.
    6. tronin.maxim
      tronin.maxim 2 September 2015 18: 12 New
      Quote: Finches
      US Department of State

      So tell me that everything is bad with you. I am surprised how long our MI is, selling and not enough for them. winked
      1. marlin1203
        marlin1203 3 September 2015 00: 13 New
        What about the engines? Motor Sich then we will not ship anything in spite of ourselves. request
  2. PQ-18
    PQ-18 2 September 2015 15: 11 New
    NOT BAD ! good
    Well, so .. trunk stood and tusks were! drinks
    1. Air Force captain
      Air Force captain 2 September 2015 15: 24 New
      Znachitstso liked the car!
      1. sir.jonn
        sir.jonn 2 September 2015 15: 36 New
        Quote: Captain Air Force
        Znachitstso liked the car!

        It’s the same run-in to mi-8 holes in an equally run-in modification, what might not like in it?
        1. Sura
          Sura 2 September 2015 16: 07 New
          MI-8, and all of us sharpen immediately on the highlands, because the border is very long (Pamir, Caucasus, etc.), alpine outposts along mountain trails on donkeys do not provide much ...
          1. not main
            not main 2 September 2015 22: 41 New
            Quote: Sura
            MI-8, and all of us sharpen immediately on the highlands, because the border is very long (Pamir, Caucasus, etc.), alpine outposts along mountain trails on donkeys do not provide much ...

            And here I do not agree! Mi-8T and Mi-24 were created with a priority of action in the western direction, those in the conditions of flat terrain! But the Afghan has made great adjustments to the TTD of helicopters!
  3. Snake AAA
    Snake AAA 2 September 2015 15: 15 New
    But this is good news !!! Hindus are a good judge of the reliability and unpretentiousness of technology !!!
  4. Nord2015
    Nord2015 2 September 2015 15: 15 New
    I would read and read such news !!! And what about the situation with helicopter engines?
  5. Alexnder
    Alexnder 2 September 2015 15: 16 New
    121 has already been delivered, plus another 48. And we will service them. More such contracts.
  6. tomket
    tomket 2 September 2015 15: 19 New
    But what about the Black Hawks? ) didn’t like it?)
  7. kil 31
    kil 31 2 September 2015 15: 20 New
    The State Department will not be indignant. Even they who are not smart can understand, India has long been purchasing the eight (for export 17), naturally it will continue to buy everything they have prepared for them, and pilots and infrastructure.
    1. Finches
      Finches 2 September 2015 15: 28 New
      The State Department will be indignant, because according to the "lame duck", we are completely isolated, the economy is torn to shreds, etc. ....! And according to one half-witted senator, we are a gas station! This should be reminded to the world once again otherwise the Indians forgot about it! hi

      Although the Americans, when it is beneficial to them, forget about it and ask Russia for help, as an example with rocket engines, our titanium, sending their astronauts to the ISS, and then on the list! laughing
  8. morpogr
    morpogr 2 September 2015 15: 25 New
    Right decision gentlemen Indians. Value for money excellent, plus service and no penalties.
  9. lurk
    lurk 2 September 2015 15: 26 New
    Indians and Russians are brothers!
    Hindi Russ Bhai Bhai
    We remember these slogans from the Soviet times, to this day they have not lost their relevance
    1. Engineer
      Engineer 2 September 2015 15: 49 New
      Not brothers. The brothers would not have thrown us with the Jews in the Navy and the French in aviation. Some kind of friendship, yes. But friendship is friendship, and tobacco is apart.
  10. Mountain shooter
    Mountain shooter 2 September 2015 15: 28 New
    The engines, of course, are already ours. That “Klimovtsy" lucky. Probably, they will work in three shifts.
  11. ilya_oz
    ilya_oz 2 September 2015 15: 29 New
    Well, at least we bought something. And then MAKS disappointed in terms of contracts.
  12. Stas157
    Stas157 2 September 2015 15: 31 New
    And engines, Klimovtsy, will master so much to do?
  13. Sasha75
    Sasha75 2 September 2015 15: 40 New
    And what about motors, who will tell you what is available and what we will buy, and what else to do yourself still live?
  14. Engineer
    Engineer 2 September 2015 15: 46 New
    Why not India want the Mi-38? I would rather go into a series.
  15. zinander
    zinander 2 September 2015 15: 54 New
    Quote: Mountain Shooter
    The engines, of course, are already ours. That “Klimovtsy" lucky. Probably, they will work in three shifts.
    The situation with the engines is not as simple as it seems to you. Count how many helicopters Russia makes per year. And how many engines it takes. It turns out that about 600 a year. And how much Klimovtsy can do ?? That's it .... The news is very good, then there will be orders. And then recently, KVZ began to slow down something, which is not good.
  16. cherkas.oe
    cherkas.oe 2 September 2015 16: 12 New
    Oh, Zarathustra blessed the Indians for the “monetary and financial” feat, in the name of Rosoboronexport. Rejoice. fellow
  17. roskot
    roskot 2 September 2015 16: 16 New
    Once a contract is signed, then there is something to supply.
  18. aviator1913
    aviator1913 2 September 2015 18: 04 New
    Most likely Ukraine will supply engines. Firstly, they have a more developed engine so far, and secondly, cooperation in the supply of engines for helicopters for export has not been curtailed, as the engines for the export contracts of the Russian Ministry of Defense supplied engines and continues. Klimov needs several years to reach large capacities, plus preparing subcontractors and infrastructure; in words, import substitution is easy to do, but in fact many problems come out.

    Definitely good news at VO today, glad for our industry.
  19. Hey
    Hey 2 September 2015 18: 08 New
    With engines, the circuit, I think, is simple. India will buy engines from Motor Sich, deliver them to Russia, here they will put everything together and ship it to the customer.
  20. INF
    INF 2 September 2015 20: 05 New
    Quote: Mountain Shooter
    The engines, of course, are already ours. That “Klimovtsy" lucky. Probably, they will work in three shifts.

    God forbid, worse when there is no work.
  21. lilian
    lilian 2 September 2015 20: 50 New
    What an amazing helicopter. So many years in the ranks and still produced and still have orders.