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The company "Boeing" has created a laser unit for the destruction of drones

unmanned aerial vehicles, or drones, are increasingly being used not only by the military, but also by the civilian population. Various quadrocopters have become widespread on the market, which can be purchased by almost anyone. However, the widespread use drones becomes a serious problem for the military and law enforcement agencies of different countries.

Taking this into account, the American corporation Boeing introduced its own development - a laser device designed to combat unmanned aerial vehicles. It is worth noting that Boeing, like the equally well-known American company Lokheed Martin, has been working to create effective laser systems designed to destroy enemy equipment, projectiles and missiles, for a long time. From time to time, companies demonstrate to the public experimental samples of lasers that are able to shoot down missiles, shells and mines, damage flying objects, or simply burn through a rubber boat. However, now the company Boeing introduced a low-power laser installation, which is sharpened for the fight against drones.

Today the widespread distribution of unmanned aerial vehicles among the civilian population takes on the contours of a serious problem. Multicopter flights over highways have already become the cause of road accidents, and once drones, which were controlled by civilians, interfered with the fire extinguishing using airplanes and helicopters. In addition, drones pose a rather serious danger to civil aviation, and in the light of the fact that some craftsmen manage to install a pistol on an ordinary quadrocopter, thus turning it into a combat unit, the issue of protection against such civilian drones is becoming more acute.

The problem today is that the owners of civilian drones often do not follow any rules when using them. Only in the United States, according to the Federal Aviation Administration, since 2015, there have been 650 cases when civilian pilots observed drones in close proximity to their aircraft. Flying such drones near airplanes and helicopters is not only a threat to flight safety, but also illegal. Most likely, in the future, all unmanned vehicles purchased by the public will need to be registered without fail - in order for law enforcement agencies to identify their owner in the event of violations. Probably in the future there may be a special license that will give citizens the right to manage drones. But so far, Boeing has responded to the existing problem with a new development in the defense sphere. This is a portable laser machine CLWS (Compact Laser Weapons System), the main purpose of which is just the fight against unmanned aerial vehicles.

The management of the presented laser setup is carried out using the most common controller from the popular Xbox 360 gaming console (this is made for ease of replacement, low cost and easier training for operators) and a laptop with pre-installed software. The entire laser setup fits easily into four rather impressive, but transportable suitcases. A few people will take just a few minutes to deploy to a combat position. According to one of the developers of the installation, Isaac Neal, the first prototypes of the system weighed 40% more, but the latter option is much easier to transport, and the system began to work faster. Moreover, if you try to track the laser, you will not be able to find which side it is attacking and where its source is, said Isaac Neal.

The system is designed for firing from the ground, but with minimal modifications it can be used from various vehicles. The presented CLWS installation is, in fact, a reduced version (2 kW power) of another Boeing design, known as the High Energy Laser Mobile Demonstrator. The latter is mounted on a larger automobile chassis (cargo) and is able to shoot down enemy missiles and mines right in the air.

The company "Boeing" has created a laser unit for the destruction of drones

Judging by the video, which was published on the official channel of the company Boeing on YouTube, the laser device, which received the designation Compact Laser Weapons System, has successfully passed the stage of field trials. The laser is mounted on an ordinary tripod on the ground or on a moving vehicle, such as a military SUV, helicopter or ship. The operator to control the laser installation does not need anything other than a gamepad from the Xbox 360 and a laptop with the necessary set of programs. In this case, such a set is enough to knock down a drone or quadrocopter literally in 15 seconds. And most of this time will be spent on the process of targeting the installation on the target. After the initial capture of an air target, the installation goes into its independent control and retention mode. Since the laser beam moves at the speed of light, the software does not need to drive the target for a long time and accurately calculate the trajectory - an error of up to 5 centimeters is permissible.

Boeing doesn’t talk about the damage radius of its new product, noting only that it can reach the drones that can be seen through binoculars. The laser beam destroys the elements of the design of the drone, causing loss of control and its further fall to the ground. Engineers have taken care of the safety of the installation for humans. They made everything possible so that no one was blinded by the laser used in the device. The laser system operates in the infrared range and its beam does not produce visible radiation.

The installation shown by Boeing is also suitable for the needs of military and counterintelligence. The company expects that in the next few years it will be able to receive wide distribution. At the same time installation will easily find application in other areas. For August 2015 of the year news that drones are increasingly being used for criminal purposes. Just at the end of August, American media reported that the police managed to detain two men who were trying to deliver drugs, tobacco products and porn materials to the territory of Maryland with the help of a quadrocopter. To do this, they used the usual unit costing just 1000 dollars. Similar cases were noted in other states. On similar incidents speak in Russia. So at the end of July 2015, the staff of a correctional colony located in Magadan noticed a quadrocopter flying towards one of the blocks for convicts, to which two mobile phones with inserted SIM cards were taped to with the help of scotch tape. So the laser systems to combat drones can be claimed not only by the military.

True, there are a number of difficulties that laser technology is facing today. Lasers lose their effectiveness in conditions of poor visibility - the presence of dust, fog in the air. And their batteries are only enough for a few accurate shots. The laser unit from Boeing, whose power is 2 kW, requires a powerful generator on a nearby vehicle or special batteries. The company has not yet calculated the final cost of its development, but claims that the purchase will be only one and no further costs for its maintenance are foreseen. The only consumable in this case is electrical energy. With the maintenance of the installation, everything is also quite simple. There is only one moving hinge, all other parts of the installation are static. In addition, the use of a laser always removes a very important financial issue - the consumption of fairly expensive modern ammunition.

It is curious that on this kind of installation work in China. In November last year, the Chinese Academy of Engineering Physics, in close cooperation with a number of Chinese corporations, demonstrated a prototype of its own laser facility. In preliminary tests, the 10 kW laser setup successfully hit all 30 drones without even missing. According to the developers, the laser can attack targets that move at speeds up to 180 km / h at altitudes up to 50 meters and are located at a distance of up to two kilometers from the installation. The position of the target and its subsequent capture into the sight is carried out using optical-electronic sensors, and the process itself takes about 5 seconds. Dimensions of the Chinese installation allow you to install it on large army SUVs and trucks. Also important is the fact that Chinese engineers were inspired by exactly the same installation as their American counterparts. This is the Boeing High Energy Laser Mobile Demonstrator.

In any case, we can state the fact that our society is quickly entering a technological age in which the fight against drones can become one of the priorities of the army and law enforcement agencies. While drones are increasingly used in business, journalism, science, analysts of law enforcement agencies of all countries recognize that their use may have a negative side. For example, they can be used to transport drugs across the border or for terrorist purposes, which poses new challenges for law enforcement.

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  1. vodolaz
    vodolaz 2 September 2015 08: 48
    This is much more realistic than shooting down an ICBM with a laser, especially at the take-off stage.
  2. aleks 62 next
    aleks 62 next 2 September 2015 09: 06
    ..... Well, yes ... Compact .... And why won't they show a "battery" in the photo ???? .... The size of a pickup, probably, at least .... Physics cannot be fooled .... lol
    1. The comment was deleted.
    2. gjv
      gjv 2 September 2015 10: 19
      Quote: aleks 62 next
      And why won't they show a "battery" in the photo ???? .... The size of a pickup, probably, at least ....

      In the lower right corner the battery is visible. 2 kW is quite a bit. Here are more battery options. Quite lifting two fighters. For us, for example, a six-man crew is assigned to the Eagles.

      I wonder what they are experiencing. That would be tested on those who were sent to Latvia. The weather is gray there. bully

      Arrival of the American Atomics MQ-1 Predator UAV from the 147th reconnaissance wing of the Texas National Guard Air Force at Lielvard Air Base (Latvia), 24.08.2015/XNUMX/XNUMX (c) Dale Hanson / National Guard Air Force

      And here's another "battery" of the mentioned "anti-rocket" High Energy Laser Mobile Demonstrator.

      And Boeings for ships finish three options.
    3. voyaka uh
      voyaka uh 2 September 2015 11: 12
      "And why won't the" battery "be shown in the photo ???? /// ''

      It is possible without a battery. The laser is charged with tape (just like
      machine gun) super-capacitors. Every shot is a powerful boost
      sufficient for a targeted lesion (severe burn) of the target.
      If the goal is optics, GOS, sensors or a living person, then
      shot task completed.
      1. Throw
        Throw 2 September 2015 18: 26
        A reference can be on the tape Conder? laughing
      2. opus
        opus 2 September 2015 22: 53
        Quote: voyaka uh
        The laser is charged with tape (just like
        machine gun) super-capacitors.

        oh plin ..... at the expense of the tape is cool. Immediately Anka remembered the machine gunner

        supercapacitor tape
        for a laser cannon looks like this?

        This is not a problem: the tape from super-duper-capacitors is already supplied charged or needs to be "refilled" on site
        1. voyaka uh
          voyaka uh 3 September 2015 11: 38
          Is that how you understood me? smile No, the capacitors themselves are not
          moving physically. They are connected to the laser in turn
          for a kind of "burst of shots". Imagine some suitcase from the block
    4. opus
      opus 2 September 2015 22: 46
      Quote: aleks 62 next
      . Physics can not be fooled ...

      Quant e-Sportlimousine Concept

      weight 2300 kg with two fully charged two hundred liter tanks (electrolyte).

      four electric motors that produce 925 hp at their peak(680KW) Constant power is more modest - 653 "Horses". But the torque on each motor is 2900 N • m!(limited, more land does not hold)

      Acceleration to 100 km / h takes only 2,8 s, and the maximum speed reaches 380 km / h. The energy reserve will be enough for 400 – 600 km.

      Chip? Nano Flow Cell-streaming battery

      and you about some miserable 2 kW ....
  3. Mother Theresa
    Mother Theresa 2 September 2015 09: 32
    It is a promising commercial development that will find its customers. But it’s easier to jam the EW BPL.
    1. aviator1913
      aviator1913 2 September 2015 10: 28
      A good idea. I hope to find a worthy embodiment in the series. To protect airfields and important nodes and communications will be indispensable.
      1. Throw
        Throw 2 September 2015 18: 37
        We open a company for the production and gluing of UAVs with a polymer foil film.
        Nakrainyak - spray can with aluminum paint. Airbrushing)
        And business then. bully

        But this constantly mentioned here and there power in 2 kilowatts leads me to unscientific thoughts about the electric kettle. Something they do not say .. laughing
  4. The comment was deleted.
  5. VSkilled
    VSkilled 2 September 2015 10: 06
    It is not necessary to shoot down. It is enough to burn out the camera's CCD. A blind drone without independent GPS control, everything is the same - "not a tenant" ...

    And, "with GPS" - will dump home.
    1. rosarioagro
      rosarioagro 2 September 2015 10: 59
      Quote: VSkilled
      Blind drone without independent GPS control,

      And what prevents him from having an ANN?
      1. Throw
        Throw 2 September 2015 18: 44
        You still have to get on the camera ...

        But to put on the drone the simplest IR sensors - two fingers. When detecting - a small maneuver. Shoot until you turn blue)

        And if, as I wrote above, apply a reflective coating, the target will generally be ETERNAL laughing
  6. rosarioagro
    rosarioagro 2 September 2015 10: 58
    And how about ceramics? :-)
    1. opus
      opus 2 September 2015 22: 32
      Quote: rosarioagro
      And how about ceramics? :-)

      November 2014, XNUMX
      At Tomsk State University, scientists created a laser that can cut glass and ceramics with an accuracy of several microns (1 microns - 0,001 millimeters).

      Modified laser beam itself, which cuts glass or ceramics. For this, a special set of wavelengths is used - a combination of rays in the range from the visible spectrum to the infrared region. Glass treated with a new laser can not be sent for additional polishing, but can be used immediately when creating optical devices, innovative medical products for medicine.
      1. Throw
        Throw 3 September 2015 00: 36
        Opus, again they google it! And pile it up again:
        - industrial stationary lasers with positioning, power and cooling systems weighing the size of a tank, and which have a working "range" in centimeters / decimeters
        -and mobile battle lasers, which are not yet!
  7. DimaT
    DimaT 2 September 2015 11: 27
    So that’s why the UAV Eleron-3SV in Syria came from. Damage is very similar.
  8. Izotovp
    Izotovp 2 September 2015 12: 50
    In our country, at one time there was a huge backlog on laser technology. And now, I think, there is something that cannot be shown yet, but knowing about such work abroad, we have both the means of attack and the means of defense. Yes, and first try to find that UAV! )))
  9. tchoni
    tchoni 2 September 2015 13: 28
    that's interesting. In the video, drones do not maneuver. However, the same quadrocopter is capable of very energetic maneuvers. A laser radiation sensor is not the most difficult thing in the world. The method of protection in the form of intensive rotation and maneuvering logically begs. Even if the installation does not lose its purpose, burning through the casing will still be difficult due to the fact that the radiation will be scattered over a larger area, and not concentrated at one point.
    1. opus
      opus 2 September 2015 22: 30
      Quote: tchoni
      The method of protection in the form of intensive rotation and maneuvering logically begs. Even if the installation does not lose its purpose, burning through the casing will still be difficult due to the fact that the radiation will be scattered over a larger area, and not concentrated at one point.

      SAM with optoelectronic control system and SAM laser guided "Pine"

      The development was carried out at OJSC Design Bureau of Precision Engineering named after A.E. Nudelman, a member of the holding company OAO NPO High Precision Complexes, in close cooperation with OAO Saratov Aggregate Plant.
      High noise immunity of the OESU is achieved through the use of narrow fields of view of information channels and the use of special signal processing algorithms in the gas station using a set of target features, as well as the inability to distort the narrow laser beam of the missile guidance or to illuminate the photodetector of a flying rocket with a similar beam.
      ZUR !!!! laser hunting for maneuvering aircraft (KR, KAB) ...

      and then some UAV
  10. gladcu2
    gladcu2 2 September 2015 18: 40
    These, (checkmate) pilots raised kipish about the laser pointers.

    And if this crap accidentally slaughter a civilian? You never know...
  11. RiverVV
    RiverVV 2 September 2015 21: 05
    If a laser emits two kilowatts, it is not very important whether it will blind a person or not. A beam capable of burning plastic and thin metal, and the skin will burn. But this is so, by the way. The technical solution for the protection of the drone is trivial: a mirror surface. Did you see the reflective at least once? Cheap and cheerful.
    1. opus
      opus 2 September 2015 22: 38
      Quote: RiverVV
      The technical solution for the protection of the drone is trivial: a mirror surface. Did you see the reflective at least once?

      1. Will you cool mirrors and reflectors?
      (the laser uses mirrors, but they are "different" and are cooled)
      2. Now try with that crap (mirrors, reflectors, cooling system) - TAKE OFF.
      Density of the mirror 2500 kg / m3.

      The weight of the mirror 1 sq.m.
      3 mm oooooo 7,5 kg
      4 mm oooooo 10 kg
      5 mm oooooo 12,5 kg
      6 mm oooooo 15 kg
      8 mm oooooo 20 kg
      Oh yes ... forgot.
      A mirror is required 3Д (the surface of the aircraft is not a room mirror)

      3. Bytovuha:

      4. Laser cutting machines cut polished steel (what is a mirror)
      1. RiverVV
        RiverVV 3 September 2015 08: 07
        Do you know how the mirror is arranged? :))) In fact, there is no need for glass. Enough film, or foil in a fraction of a millimeter thick. Glass only protects this film.

        There is no need to cool anything either. It is technically impossible to fix the laser beam at one point on a rapidly moving surface. The surface just needs to be heat resistant enough to withstand instantaneous heat without breaking. If it reflects most of the energy, then there are no special problems with the selection of material. The same reflective can be completely stamped on the surface of titanium, or steel.

        Well, an existing drone can simply be painted white with zinc white. Their thermal conductivity is very poor, and the temperature is kept very high.
        1. Throw
          Throw 3 September 2015 09: 47
          Or, as I wrote above, just a silver bottle laughing
          1. RiverVV
            RiverVV 3 September 2015 10: 02
            Serebryanka, unfortunately, will not work. Check for yourself: take three buckets, paint one with black paint, the second with silver and the third cover with a sheet of foil. Put all three in the sun, after an hour, touch the buckets with your hand from the inside. You will be quite surprised.

            The fact is that silverfish only looks shiny. In fact, it absorbs red rays very willingly and even more willingly - ultraviolet. The point is the very high thermal conductivity of aluminum. It is easier for him to give heat in depth than to radiate back.
            1. Throw
              Throw 3 September 2015 15: 13
              You than run around with buckets in the sun, think better. This "experiment" is absolutely incorrect - the third bucket is simply shielded, instead of foil I will put plywood and the result will be the same.

              And in general, in physics, such kitchen definitions as "it is easier to give heat to the depth" and "only looks shiny" - no. there is heat transfer equation и albedo.
              So, silver, does not "look shiny", but has a high albedo and IR radiation (and not "red rays")) reflects perfectly, at the level of the foil, because in fact it is liquid foil. Liquid-based aluminum powder.

              The picture shows a man with foil on his head and right hand. Image in the 8-12 μm range (red rays;))

              By the way, when dried, the liquid base of silverfish forms a protective film that prevents aluminum from oxidizing and retains its high albedo. On the foil, you need to apply a protective polymer coating.
              And out of place, the mentioned thermal conductivity of aluminum plays a significant role for protection, distributing heat along the paint layer and making local heating and burning difficult.

              But, in secret, "silver" with a high albedo in the IR ranges can be made on the basis of fine powders of not only aluminum.
              1. RiverVV
                RiverVV 3 September 2015 15: 54
                Dude, you would have finished school first before arguing with me about heat transfer. :) Although you wrote there about a cap made of foil ... Chota is tormented by vague doubts that you should be allowed to go to heat exchangers.

                Purely to expand the horizons of comrades who do not wear foil caps. Albedo determines the scattering of light by a surface. For a laser beam whose spot occupies thousandths of a square millimeter, this term is incorrect to use. Paint does not lie down evenly. If you shine it with a laser, then in different places the albedo will be completely different, that is, the laser beam will be absorbed more or less, but it will still be. Dispersion is minimal. Therefore, a paint capable of at least somehow protecting against a laser beam must be both heat-resistant and heat-resistant, that is, withstand a very high temperature and at the same time maintain adhesion to the surface.

                "Serebryanka" is by no means only "aluminum powder". There is a lot more added. In the finished paint, the powder contains 20 percent, no more. She has no heat resistance. It keeps only 600 degrees, and it gets dark on them. Albedo is naturally sad at the same time ... :( Her thermal conductivity is also not very different from red lead. It cannot be any "liquid foil", although it can be painted with a cap. Of course, the bucket will not shine in the sun, but at least something then ...

                Speaking of brilliance. Gloss is the ratio of reflected light to diffuse. But for a laser beam, diffuse scattering, again, is minimal. The spot is small and that energy that has not been reflected will be absorbed. That is, you need to reflect the maximum. You need a mirror, but for a mirror the paint is kind of harmful.
                1. Throw
                  Throw 4 September 2015 00: 52
                  I already graduated from the physics department, dude with buckets! bully

                  And from your illiterate opuses and boorish comments (since you started poking like a collective farm), I understand that not only the Unified State Exam has victims of education and upbringing, emitting red rays :)) in heat exchanger hats laughing

                  What did you write there? "a laser beam, the spot of which is thousandths of a square millimeter"? Rave. There are no prototypes of combat energy lasers with such parameters of the output radiation spot.
                  Learn materiel.

                  I see that I googled what "albedo" is and learned a lot of new words, but got confused in them) "Diffuse scattering"generally from another opera.
                  Scattering the beam is appropriate here diffractive - google that this can understand that the spot size of the energy laser radiation at a target at real distances (hundreds of meters / kilometers) is an order of magnitude larger than the output, whatever they say about beam self-focusing in laboratories. Therefore, everything is correct)
                  And for this laser spot, the reflection consists of specular and diffuse. Forage "the size of the dispersion of aluminum powder" and compare with the characteristic wavelength of prototype combat lasers. They are of the same order... This means, "experimenter")), that the main type of reflection in this case is diffuse.

                  And the mirror, of course, is good, but in theory on your stool.
                  You can’t apply it to UAVs, the glider undergoes deformations under loads and will metallize over.
                  And protective coatings (again - we learn to read)) can also be made of titanium dispersion.
        2. opus
          opus 3 September 2015 16: 06
          Quote: RiverVV
          Do you know how the mirror is arranged? :)))

          And you?
          A person who knows the basic laws of optics, laugh heartily at the plotin which the superhero reflects the laser attack of the villain with using a shiny surface.
          and the glass itself and the film, such:

          Quote: RiverVV
          Glass only protects this film.

          glass (medium) reflects 4% incident beam the rest is on tape.

          This one is yours
          Quote: RiverVV
          Enough film
          and will burn if not cooled

          A good mirror reflects 99,9% visible light: 0,1% goes to the absorption of heat (heating). This is enough for the 10 kW laser to melt your film

          Here you are all talking about the visible light (just about the light in fact), not about the coherent, monochromatic, polarized and narrowly directed radiation flux.
          Very high energy density

          when a powerful beam hits, a mirror with insufficient surface quality will either collapse or melt.

          This is a considerable problem for modern specialists in the field of laser optics. They are faced with the need to reflect the laser beam constantly. (opaque mirror No. 3)

          Cool like this:

          Especially for multispectral lasers
          A He-Ne laser has red radiation (633 nm), a cadmium laser emits blue (440 nm, an argon laser emits several lines in the blue-green region of the spectrum (488 nm, 514 nm, etc.), a semiconductor laser has red radiation ( 650 nm) etc.

          The decision of the Fraunhofer Institute: A mirror made of special ceramics and coated with a layer of copper can automatically change its surface.

          1. opus
            opus 3 September 2015 16: 19
            And if not SLM-laser (single-longituidinal mode)?
            And if the infrared laser (quantum cascade lasers, lasers based on lead salts, solid state lasers based on chalcogenide crystals)
            ??? IR radiation the same "mirror" on the UAV?

            Do not be like a dumb, boorish blogger "trepak" (РВ 1891 8 277. Lanza used to dance, play lanchik; first they will go to the cross, and then to each other with a bust, one syudy, another syudy. Karelia. )
            Think more, and not how he pour out his evil excrement (mostly silly), on others ...

            You represent mirrors covering UAVs (mirror density about 2500kg / m3), all 3 surface (at least from the bottom ...
            TAKE OFF?

            Quote: RiverVV
            Fix the laser beam at one point on a rapidly moving surface technically impossible.

            Yes you?
            Laser guidance systems SAM "Sosna", KABA, ATGM and laser-guided projectiles (there and the speed and movement of the object or targets are ALL DIFFERENT than that of the UAV)

            The basis of "Kaira" (MiG-27K,) laid the principles of television tracking of a target with a laser channel for target designation and ranging

            Modern ECO-The third channel is represented by a laser range finder -designator с direction finder laser spotoperating at a vision-safe wavelength of 1,06 and 1,57 microns.
            complex guided artillery armament (KUAV) for 57 mm ZAK with ECO from FSUE TsNII Burevestnik

            1. The comment was deleted.
              1. RiverVV
                RiverVV 3 September 2015 22: 06
                Shkolota touches me. How many bukaff ... That's always the case: you doubt their mental abilities and in response - a mountain of delirium. I read and cried. :)
                Well done boys. You made me laugh for the whole night shift.

                No, seriously: what is the diameter of the laser spot? What is the speed of the UAV? What is "laser power" in general? Shkolota does not think about it. Meanwhile, lasers with a power of 500 watts or more are used for metal cutting. For example, we have a machine at our factory that is used for cutting fluoroplastic. It contains a kilowatt laser. Cutting speed (ATTENTION!) 2 meters per minute.

                But here - two kilowatts ... Shkolota rejoices: "Wow! Let's burn the drone!" In fact, plastic is cut with a laser not just by vaporizing the material. It is also necessary to supply inert gas to the cutting zone. And the plate itself does not fly anywhere. And she is three centimeters away. And if the UAV's speed is at least 10 meters per second and the distance to it is at least a kilometer, you need immeasurable focusing accuracy, and even so ... well, in short, you understand?

                So wear the foil caps guys. :) Will help. At school, they will put one five.
                1. Throw
                  Throw 4 September 2015 01: 04
                  This is written to whom in response, a man-heat exchanger in a hat? :))
                  To me?
                  So I wrote about this ...

                  But .. read the answer above wink
                  1. RiverVV
                    RiverVV 4 September 2015 07: 39
                    I had read. I know, of course, that our universities have degraded, but to such an extent ... Maybe you should go to political scientists? The Chinese will come to you and talk about the prototypes of their combat lasers and the diameter of their spots, and you will write smart articles.

                    No, seriously: well, who told you what diameter the spot of a Chinese combat laser is? Millimeter? Three? Half a meter? Probably everyone told about the wavelength, and about the mirrors ... You take care of yourself, otherwise you’ll burn China to the office. Spies will not forgive this. :)))
  12. TOR2
    TOR2 2 September 2015 22: 02
    Apparently this development is for the destruction of civilian versions of UAVs. As soon as such a threat arises for the military versions, a counteraction system will be developed. Of course, these will not be simple cataphotics, but gadgets are more expensive and more efficient. For use against military UAVs, I consider this direction unpromising.
    1. opus
      opus 2 September 2015 22: 58
      Quote: TOR2
      for military versions, a counteraction system will be developed

      Quote: TOR2
      For use against military UAVs, I consider this direction unpromising.

      laser perspective is absolute.
      1.It, unlike SAM or ZAK "brings" the striking element to the target INSTANTLY (on a ground scale)
      Compare 300 000 km / s and 3,4km / s (SM-3 1A unit)
      There is a difference? almost 5 (!) orders.
      2. It, unlike ZUR CHEAP.
      This means "striking element", only energy is spent (albeit with an efficiency of about 20%), everything else remains intact.
      According to Pentagon data, a laser shot will cost 25 $ or less.
      Compare with the same CM-3 (FY12- 11.000.00,0 $)
      Is there a difference? 4x 5 (!) Orders)
      Do you think this direction
      Quote: TOR2
      direction unpromising.

  13. 31rus
    31rus 2 September 2015 22: 03
    This is not the first, but the second question, namely, to detect a UAV, this is a task, but you can shoot down with standard weapons, UAVs are developing very quickly, they are already divided into classes, classes are specialized and it’s more difficult to find them, and the same weapon is used on UAVs , that’s where the main problem is, who quickly discovered-reported or discovered-destroyed
  14. matros lom
    matros lom 2 September 2015 23: 34
    Very promising for the protection of buildings within the city. It is easier to shoot down a drone "in the field" with a machine gun or electronic warfare means, but in the city center this will not work, except, of course, in extreme cases. Moreover, if I am not mistaken, there has already been a case when a quadrocopter, profaned by guards, flew into the territory of the White House.
  15. IAlex
    IAlex 3 September 2015 02: 53
    Again, I recall how the academicians of the USSR and the Russian Federation with foam at the mouth proved that lasers are an American scam, heresy and useless crap ... Nu-nu ...
  16. Mentat
    Mentat 3 September 2015 17: 58
    Quote: voyaka uh
    "And why won't the" battery "be shown in the photo ???? /// ''

    It is possible without a battery. The laser is charged with tape (just like
    machine gun) super-capacitors. Every shot is a powerful boost
    sufficient for a targeted lesion (severe burn) of the target.
    If the goal is optics, GOS, sensors or a living person, then
    shot task completed.

    In this case, it is about incapacitating an aircraft, it is fundamentally impossible to create such a laser, because protection against laser radiation is primitive, and its physical properties do not allow the target to transmit all the energy of a super-powerful “shot”.

    Demonstrations on plastic toys are wonderful, but these models will not reach practical use by the enemy’s means. Although guidance systems can be worked out.
    1. voyaka uh
      voyaka uh 7 September 2015 17: 51
      "and its physical properties do not allow the target to transfer all the energy of a super-powerful" shot "." ///

      I want to upset you. This physical property - the inability to increase the power of the beam - the engineers "meanly cheated" smile . Many low-power rays are simultaneously emitted and they, uniting at a given point,
      reach a high power sufficient to burn metal (shell shell, Grad rocket or mortar mine). One laser system manages to set fire to 5 from a salvo of 8 Grad missiles in flight.
  17. Mentat
    Mentat 3 September 2015 17: 59
    Quote: IAlex
    Again, I recall how the academicians of the USSR and the Russian Federation with foam at the mouth proved that lasers are an American scam, heresy and useless crap ... Nu-nu ...

    You wouldn’t sniff, but understand the topic, then you would understand the depth of your ignorance and why “academics proved”.
  18. Mentat
    Mentat 3 September 2015 18: 02
    Quote: opus
    laser perspective is absolute.

    How long will this go on, interesting? Can't you afford 15 minutes of searches in a search engine?

    The futility of laser radiation as a powerful damaging factor was shown back in the 80s of the last century.
    1. opus
      opus 4 September 2015 19: 58
      [quote = Mentat] Can't you afford 15 minutes of queries in a search engine? [/ quote]
      And you?
      [quote = Mentat] The futility of laser radiation as a powerful damaging factor was shown back in the 80 of the last century. [/ Quote]
      Yes Yes Yes.
      By whom? when? (in a note to the Central Committee of the CPSU on the futility of SDI?)
      Of course "unpromising"

      of course
      [quote = RiverVV] No, seriously: what is the diameter of the laser spot? What is the speed of the UAV? [/ quote]
      [quote = RiverVV] Shkolota rejoices: "Wow !!! Let's burn the drone!" [/ quote]
      [quote = RiverVV] It is technically impossible to fix the laser beam at one point on a rapidly moving surface. [/ quote]
      [quote = Lance] I already graduated from the Faculty of Physics, [/ quote]

      Oh yeah ... but this is "Hoollywood". Right?

      She’s more .. don’t be compared to people of UO who have a small intestine in their head, they spoil everything around with waste products and their thoughts are the same ...
      So for "reference" until the XNUMXth century it was "proved" that the Sun revolves around the Earth (well, there Copernicus, Galileo, remember?
      In the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, the English naval commanders [quote = Mentat] The futility [/ quote] of the PL [quote = Mentat] was shown how the forces capable of withstanding the fleet are the same.
      Adolf, who Hitler did not "believe in the promise" of the atomic bomb and also "proved" this.
      And in the XX century, we in the USSR showed / proved that:
      Cybernetics is Western cosmopolitanism, and it is unpromising, and genetics is eugenics, the legacy of Essa executioners.
      The same is all reasonable and "convincing".
      Well, you know the result? ali how?