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Destroying ties with the Russian military-industrial complex Kiev kills its industry

Destroying ties with the Russian military-industrial complex Kiev kills its industryKiev denounced the agreement with Russia on cooperation in the military industry. Thus, the refusal to cooperate is legally formalized, the course to which the Ukrainian authorities took last year. For the Russian military industrial complex, this was undoubtedly a serious blow - but far less than for the Ukrainian industry.

The Ukrainian government has broken an agreement with the Russian government on industrial and scientific-technical cooperation of defense industry enterprises of the two countries.

The agreement with Ukraine (as well as with Belarus) was signed at the beginning of 90-s in order to maintain a single military-industrial complex in the conditions of the emergence of separatist regimes on the Russian borders: “The parties pledge to maintain the existing industrial and scientific-technical cooperation between enterprises of the defense industries development, production of military products and products of national economic purposes, the provision of military services, as well as cooperation in the supply of necessary For this material, semi-finished products, components, training and auxiliary equipment ", - stated in the first article of the document.
In accordance with Art. 5, products supplied according to the lists specified in article 3 of the agreement, were not subject to quotas and licensing, and the goods provided for in the relevant list were exempted from customs duties.

According to the agreement, the sale or transfer to third parties, including foreign individuals, legal entities or international organizations, of military products and information about it without the prior consent of their original owner was prohibited. At the same time, long before the 2014 crisis of the year, the Ukrainian side defiantly violated it, as was the case, for example, with the Zubr air-cushion landing ships. Intellectual rights to this development belong to Russia, while the Ukrainians remained technical documentation (at one time, Russia and Ukraine built ships together on the Greek order). As a result, when Russia negotiated the construction of ships for China, Ukraine behind her back offered a lower price and received an order for, in fact, counterfeit products, and they transferred the technology to the Chinese side. This year, Russia took the contract back.

The agreement concluded in 1993 for the last months remained only a formality, as Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk directly stated this spring. “We are ending the agreement signed in 1993 on military-technical cooperation with Russia,” he said, explaining that “Russia is an aggressor country that is dangerous for the Ukrainian state and its territorial integrity.”
“This is a continuation of the policy of a ban on the supply of weapons and equipment to the Russian Federation,” Vadim Kozyulin, director of the Russian Center for Policy Studies on Conventional Arms Policy, told the VZGLYAD newspaper. - In general, this is the next step. We collaborated in many areas: we developed the An-70, modernized engines for ships and helicopters. This work has already been de facto stopped, and now it has been decided to fix this fact de jure. ”

“Ukraine is firmly on the path of destroying its industry,” stated the expert. - Many states have already passed it. For example, if we take the Czech Republic, it happened to them without any legislative decisions of the authorities. Simply, believing that the industry will survive on its own, that some Western partners will not let it die, the Czechs have lost their defense industry. It was bought for inexpensive European and American companies and subsequently destroyed. And Ukraine is doing it almost consciously: it shoots itself in the leg in order to harm Russia. Of course, this is painful for the Russian industry, but deadly for the Ukrainian one. ”

In his opinion, the denunciation of the Russian-Ukrainian agreement still does not bury the unified military-industrial complex left over from Soviet times, but is a certain milestone in stories its elimination. “Cooperation with Belarus, Armenia, and partly Azerbaijan continues. But Ukraine was the biggest cooperation partner, ”said the expert.

Recall last summer, the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko banned any military-technical cooperation with Russia. In particular, he signed a decree that prohibits the export to the Russian Federation of military and dual-use goods for the purpose of their military end use by Russia, with the exception of space technology, which is used for the exploration and use of outer space for peaceful purposes in international space projects.
In June of this year, Ukrainian Minister Stepan Poltorak said that Kiev denounces an agreement on control over the quality of military products. This agreement between the government of Russia and Ukraine was signed and entered into force for five years in 1997, and is automatically renewed every year if none of the parties announces its intention not to renew it in six months. The agreement involves testing and testing to determine the compliance of products with the requirements, and applies to weapons, military equipment and property, components for them, scientific and technical products, as well as work and services.

Experts said that the refusal to cooperate with Russia in the military-industrial complex would almost completely deprive Kiev of the defense industry, and further developments show that their predictions were not far from the truth. A vivid example is the situation at Yuzhmash, which is on the list of 30 of the largest Ukrainian state-owned companies. After the cooperation with Russia was actually curtailed, the company showed a loss in 1,2 billion hryvnia in the last year. The company has no money, no orders, people are cut and sent to unpaid leave, the plant is on the verge of final liquidation.
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  1. An60
    An60 2 September 2015 05: 05 New
    Ukrooboronprompromeeeeeeee memory!
    1. Tatyana
      Tatyana 2 September 2015 06: 38 New
      When they say that
      Recall, last summer, President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko banned any military-technical cooperation with Russia.
      I would like to ask in response:
      - And what does Poroshenko have to do with it? - Why not Obama?

      It would be more correct to write - "... Obama forbade ..."
    2. Starover_Z
      Starover_Z 2 September 2015 09: 54 New
      Destroying ties with the Russian military-industrial complex Kiev kills its industry

      And what, not everything is killed in those parts?
      In June this year, Ukrainian Minister Stepan Poltorak said that Kiev will denounce an agreement on the control of the quality of military products.

      And they will have "Grenades of the wrong system"

      And just krajina flies out of all contracts!
      1. WKS
        WKS 2 September 2015 10: 12 New
        Destroying ties with the Russian military-industrial complex Kiev kills its industry

        This is the case when "in spite of the mother, the boy froze his ears."
    3. Air Force captain
      Air Force captain 2 September 2015 11: 12 New
      First, just dry facts.

      Russia has become the largest supplier of diesel fuel to Ukraine.

      Belarus used to be a leader in this area, but now the export of oil products from Belarus has declined, while Russia, on the contrary, has increased supplies (182 thousand tons of diesel fuel last month).

      In addition, Russia is the main supplier of coal to Ukraine.

      Last month, $ 54 million was imported from Russia.

      But there is also gas - without the Russian gas, the Kiev regime simply has nowhere to go, no European reverse of the country's needs.

      And also - support for the Ukrainian banking system through investments in Ukrainian subsidiaries of Russian state banks in Ukraine.

      And yet - the import of food into Russia from Ukraine, which is still ongoing, and will continue for almost six months, although Kiev has already joined the anti-Russian sanctions.

      And also - the fate of the loan given to Yanukovych, which Kiev, it seems, is not going to return, since there is nothing to pay him.

      But these are not just numbers. This is the price of the survival of the Kiev regime, the energy and infrastructure ration necessary to extend its power, which, unfortunately, is provided to it primarily by Russia.

      After all, if all these supplies were arranged on the part of Russia with harsh political conditions, Kiev would have faced a simple choice: to meet the requirements of federalization of the country, a neutral military status, release of political prisoners, official bilingualism - or to face the truly massive, where is the Maidan protests, after which the power would collapse, and no “terror battles” and “good battles” would save it.

      But these conditions are not set forth - and the Nazi authorities behave arrogantly, being confident in their impunity.

      But America will not feed Kiev. And Europe will not feed Kiev. They - America and Europe - save every penny (dollar, euro cent) in their interests, and sacrifice their success in the election, tell voters that they should give their money somewhere to Kiev - no, Western politicians will never do that.

      And this means that all the support plans for Ukraine that exist in the elites of the EU and the United States are clearly stated: the financial burden of maintaining the Nazi regime should be borne by Russia.

      What for?

      Most likely, in vain hope to “rewind” the conflict with the West and achieve the lifting of sanctions.

      But if in the case of gas and coal supplies it can be said that this problem has an important humanitarian side - it is immoral to fight even the current Kiev regime at the cost of freezing the homes of millions of people, then the situation with diesel supplies is somewhat different.

      After all, this fuel is most likely intended for the needs of the ATO.

      It’s hard to even think about it.

      It was probably hard to look at the echelons that left the Soviet Union to Germany until June 1941, when the German army was kept, including through Soviet exports, under the non-aggression pact.

      But history has already taught us how such pacts and such “non-aggression” end.

      And therefore it is necessary to say definitely: stop feeding the junta.

      After eating, she will start the war with renewed vigor.

      But starting to starve to her now will be useful.
    4. The comment was deleted.
    5. Ordynec1
      Ordynec1 4 September 2015 23: 34 New
      Let the specialists come to us.
  2. with
    with 2 September 2015 05: 15 New
    There is essentially nothing to rejoice about. American puppets destroy what the whole Soviet people built, what they have been and are still afraid of. And the Soviet people cost all this for their money. And the crowds of hungry people deceived by the ethnic leaders after the destruction of the "independent" economy will come to their long-standing "donors".
    1. evil partisan
      evil partisan 2 September 2015 05: 25 New
      Quote: met
      American puppets destroy what the whole Soviet people built,

      The Americans only incite, and yet destroy themselves hahly. Well, let them destroy it. As a result, we will be forced to replace Ukrainian products with our relatives. Many things will have to be built for a separate production, but because it will be modern production, then the quality of the products will be higher, and the price will be lower, and the potential for development will remain. They do not want to work in factories - they will work in European toilets. And then: these are only those who are lucky. And steel - exclusively in their gardens ...
      1. Kos_kalinki9
        Kos_kalinki9 2 September 2015 06: 43 New
        Quote: wicked partisan
        They do not want to work in factories - they will work in European toilets. And then: these are only those who are lucky. And steel - exclusively in their gardens ...

        While more on Russian construction sites. Something did not hurt them geyropa opened its doors. There is no visa-free regime with the EU (as well as lace panties)
        1. Buffalo
          Buffalo 2 September 2015 09: 08 New
          And who said they DO NOT WANT ?!
          - People are simply not allowed to work there. It’s Yuzhmash, it’s Kharkov Aviation ...
          1. NordUral
            NordUral 2 September 2015 09: 47 New
            And who is talking about ordinary people, we are talking about the vile "power" of the outskirts.
      2. NordUral
        NordUral 2 September 2015 09: 46 New
        Sorry for the work of grandfathers and fathers! But nothing can be done, we will build it ourselves. If only they had not blabbed everything in liberal frenzy.
    2. NordUral
      NordUral 2 September 2015 09: 42 New
      Yes, an impressive table! Everyone would now, independent, look into it in the mornings and start thinking.
    3. WKS
      WKS 2 September 2015 10: 14 New
      Quote: met
      There is essentially nothing to rejoice about. American puppets destroy what the whole Soviet people built, what they have been and are still afraid of.

      So this is the goal of US policy, to destroy the economy and wreak havoc in a country neighboring Russia, populated by the same people.
    4. Arikkhab
      Arikkhab 2 September 2015 14: 06 New
      noticed the data in the table? who was at the forefront in the times (in terms of production / consumption) of the USSR? Georgia, the Baltic states, the Transcaucasian republics ... those who shout louder about the "Russian occupiers" ....
  3. Uncle lee
    Uncle lee 2 September 2015 05: 52 New
    Sadly all this! Politicians destroy, and people suffer.
  4. Vasily
    Vasily 2 September 2015 06: 27 New
    Scared a woman the size of ...
  5. Buffalo
    Buffalo 2 September 2015 07: 50 New
    The problem is that the leaders of the Kiev junta are neither Ukrainians nor Russians. They do not obey the people of Ukraine, but obey London and Washington. And therefore, they do not care about the military-industrial complex and the people of Ukraine.
  6. Old26
    Old26 2 September 2015 08: 10 New
    Destroying ties with the Russian military-industrial complex Kiev kills its industry

    Perhaps it would be more accurate to write does not kill. but killed.
    Yes, such a gap has created problems for us, and it will take years to solve them. It was not clear why questions about import substitution did not arise about 15 years ago. There is no need to talk about earlier dates, the EBN was in power
    1. NordUral
      NordUral 2 September 2015 09: 49 New
      Once this power was thinking about Russia, there was only enough time to saw and steal. Now, it seems, they have come to their senses, and even then doubts are gnawing.
  7. koralvit
    koralvit 2 September 2015 10: 31 New
    What they wanted, that was achieved, overpowered.
  8. Geser
    Geser 2 September 2015 10: 52 New
    The denunciation of the agreement with Ukraine is certainly a heavy blow to our defense industry, but not fatal. For example, Yuzhmash began to replace the Voronezh Mechanical Plant. He began not only to produce products that were previously supplied from Yuzhmash but also launched a new production line. Frankly, our military-industrial complex should have had independent production for a long time, now this problem is poorly solved poorly.
    1. marlin1203
      marlin1203 2 September 2015 11: 28 New
      Slowly, with a creak and matyugs, import substitution began to crank - the thing, by definition, was necessary and useful. In other circumstances, we would definitely not budge!
      1. Geser
        Geser 2 September 2015 12: 51 New
        It would be nice to get out of the WTO. Something does not reach the West that Russia needs to be excluded from the WTO. Such an exception will only play into our hands: it will be possible to properly support our manufacturer and annul our unfavorable agreements and contracts.
  9. castle
    castle 2 September 2015 12: 05 New
    As always in life, hope dies last.
    The severance of ties with the Russian military-industrial complex (on the part of Ukraine or Russia, is not the point) will bring problems to Ukraine and Russia. Both Ukraine and Russia hope to be temporary. Yes, Russia, now it feels a certain discomfort from breaking up relations, but, within a few years, on its own capacities, it will establish the necessary production (it will not be cheap, but what can you do, you will again have to tighten the belts due to the fact that it’s always on the oil and gas needle We have to ask the management here) or will find new partners - suppliers. Only it is necessary to search wisely, and not at any price, to evil enemies. And then Russia itself will remain without port, and it will fall into bondage (not only China dreams of it).
    Ukraine is also dreaming. She dreams that European concerns like Krauss-Maffei Wegmann, or BAE Systems, will give her orders, they’ll heal! BUT!
    There are enough unemployed in Europe, but will we transfer production to Ukraine? This means creating new unemployed at home! No, pipes! Governments will go to hell, however!
    1. Tatyana
      Tatyana 2 September 2015 13: 32 New
      will have to tighten the belts again due to the fact that constantly on an oil and gas needle sat.
      There are two economically “narcotic” needles in the Russian Federation: 1) oil and 2) low-skilled foreign-labor migration.
      1. Arikkhab
        Arikkhab 2 September 2015 14: 09 New
        Sorry, but you work as a "highly qualified" janitor? or are your neighbors standing in line for washing the porches?
  10. roskot
    roskot 2 September 2015 12: 55 New
    What a government, such and Somalia. It remains to go into the sea to rob caravans.
  11. Celmz
    Celmz 2 September 2015 14: 42 New
    "Kills" - and knowingly, then they were appointed rulers in order to destroy production and they cope very successfully.
  12. EFRSTR
    EFRSTR 2 September 2015 15: 30 New
    They will sow corn from Monsanto. Why make some sort of spaceships and aircraft carriers.