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Always on guard

Always on guard

The Chinese armed forces consist of the People’s Liberation Army of China (PLA), the People’s Armed Police and the People’s Militia. They occupy an important place and play a key role in ensuring national security and the overall development strategy; they are entrusted with a glorious mission and a sacred duty to protect the interests of the country in the field of national sovereignty, security and development.
The PLA, the leading force of the armed forces of the People's Republic of China, consists of personnel troops and reserve units. Cadre troops are the basis of regular armed forces. They include land, naval, air forces and the Second Artillery Corps.

The main strategic tasks of the Chinese Army include: responding to a variety of emergency situations and military threats, effectively protecting the state’s territory, airspace, sovereignty and security in territorial waters.

On the land ...

Ground forces are mainly responsible for the performance of ground combat missions and are the main forces responsible for the conduct of combat operations on land. They consist of maneuverable combat units, border control and coast guard services, garrison guarding troops, and others.

Maneuverable ground combat forces are divided into 18 army groups and several separate combat divisions (brigades); they total 850 thous. military.

In recent years, great progress has been made in the construction of the army arms.

Armored troops increase the pace of creation of electronic forces, the rate of transformation of motorized infantry into mechanized ones is accelerated, combat systems of assault are continuously improved with the help of heavy and light weapons, amphibious vehicles and airborne assault forces.

Artillery brigades develop weapons with a fairly high degree of informatization and new warheads, as well as form a tactical attack system throughout the depth of the firing line during the operation, which includes integrated combat forces responsible for reconnaissance, deterrence, attack and evaluation.

Anti-aircraft forces are accelerating the development of new radars, command information systems and medium-range missiles of the air-to-air type, thereby creating a new-type interception system based on air defense systems and guided missiles that have sufficient combat capability in combat with the enemy's air force.

Aviation the ground forces accelerates the transformation from aid and support forces to combat assault forces, the structure of combat forces is optimized, in accordance with the needs of the assigned tasks, formations are modularized, armaments, carrying capacity and technical characteristics of service helicopters are improved, which has already improved the capabilities of fire assault, cargo delivery to battlefield, as well as providing support and information support in battle.

The engineering forces direct efforts to create a new type of combat support forces, which are characterized by the unity of the front and rear, responsiveness and versatility, they also strengthen the construction of professional emergency response forces for disaster and emergency situations, resulting in an increase in the integrated capabilities of combat support and non-combat military tasks. character

Anti-chemical defense units are actively promoting the construction of an integration system for protection against nuclear, biological and chemical threats.

... and the sea

The naval forces are entrusted with the main task of conducting combat operations at sea. They are responsible for the protection of national security and sovereignty in the marine area, as well as for ensuring the maritime interests of the country. The naval forces consist of detachments of submarine and surface forces, aviation, amphibious assault, coastal defense detachments, etc.

In accordance with the strategic requirements of the defense of the near seas, the Navy, as a matter of priority, increase the level of modernization of complex combat forces in the near seas, develop advanced submarines, destroyers and corvettes, improve the equipment and equipment of the integrated digital information support, increase the ability to conduct maneuverable combat operations in long-distance development of cooperation in distant seas and countering traditional and non-traditional security threats.

The PRC Navy, whose personnel numbers 235 thousand people, is divided into three parts: North China, East Chinese and South China.

The aircraft carrier "Liaoning" goes to sea for research and sea training. Photo: Zhang Pengyan, Xinhua
Navy submarines are equipped with strategic nuclear missile submarines, strike nuclear submarines, as well as non-nuclear submarines. At their disposal are the base and staff. The surface fleet consists of destroyers, frigates, missile boats, minesweepers, landing ships and auxiliary vessels. In flotilla includes units of destroyers, boats, landing ships, support ships for combat operations and the protection of marine territories. The aviation forces are equipped with fighters, fighter-bombers, bombers, reconnaissance aircraft, patrol aircraft and helicopters, and are also equipped with aviation divisions. The marine corps consists of marines, amphibious armored forces, artillery, engineering troops and amphibious reconnaissance vehicles, the personnel are formed from marines. Coast Guard troops consist of coast-ship missile artillery, anti-aircraft artillery and coast artillery as part of coastal regiments, artillery regiments, etc.

In September, 2012, the first aircraft carrier "Liaoning" entered service with the PLA Navy. In order to create a powerful Chinese Navy and protect the security of the country, the construction of aircraft carriers is given serious attention.

The powers of heaven

The air force responsible for air combat was created on November 11 1949. They are charged with protecting airspace security and ensuring the stability of air defense. The air force consists of aviation, ground defense forces, radar troops, airborne troops, radio electronic countermeasures, and others.

From the beginning of the 90 of the 20 of the 20th century, the PLA Air Force began to develop rapidly. Third-generation combat aircraft, third-generation ground-to-air missiles and advanced information weapons were successively introduced into service. In order to increase the country's defense capability in the context of informatization of military operations, PLA Air Force accelerates the transition from a strategy that implies exclusively "passive" defense of the country's airspace to a combination of defensive-offensive actions, including increasing intelligence capabilities and early warning systems, as well as an air offensive. Thanks to the efforts made in China over the past 60 years, the PLA Air Force has become a form of armed forces, possessing not only air defense capabilities, but also capable of delivering accurate and long-range air strikes, as well as strategic troop movements.

Fighters "J-10" in the aerobatic team "Bai" ("First August") during the flight training in the ranks. Photo: Zhang Pengyan, Xinhua

In accordance with the strategic requirements of the simultaneous development of defensive and offensive capabilities of the Air Force, they strengthen the construction of a combat system with an emphasis on intelligence and threat prevention, air attack, air defense and missile defense, strategic redeployment, develop advanced weapons, including ground-based combat aircraft The sky "of the new type and new radar, improve the early warning system, a network of command and communications, raise the level with strategic warning and deterrence, as well as the ability to hit targets at long distances.

The Chinese Air Force has 398 thous. Military personnel.

Rocket on duty

The Second Artillery Corps (Strategic Missile Forces) was officially established on July 1 of the year 1966. The main tasks of the corps: restraining the use of nuclear by other countries weapons with respect to China, delivering a retaliatory nuclear strike if necessary and accurately hitting targets with conventional ballistic missiles. The corps consists of nuclear missile forces armed with nuclear and conventional ballistic missiles, combat support units, etc.

The Second Artillery Corps adheres to the policy of not using nuclear weapons first, the strategy of self-defense and defense, strictly following the orders of the Chinese Central Military Council and considering protecting the country from external nuclear attack as a key task. The PLA Second Artillery nuclear weapons on peaceful days are not aimed at any other countries. Conventional missile forces of the Second Artillery of the PLA are mainly tasked with delivering accurate strikes at important medium-range and long-range strategic operational targets of the enemy.

The corps has at its disposal rocket, training bases, professional support units, military schools, research institutions, etc. The corps is currently armed with the Dongfeng (East Wind) series ballistic missiles and the Changjian (Long Sword) cruise missiles.

Armed Police

Armed police was formed in 1982 year and is the main emergency response team.

The armed police mainly perform the tasks of patrolling and guarding, resolving emergency situations, conducting anti-terrorist struggle, participating in the economic construction of the country, etc. In wartime, armed police assist the PLA in implementing law enforcement and defense tasks.

Armed units consist of internal guard units and police units. The armed police also include troops for the protection of public security in the border areas, fire and security detachments.

The main tasks are: preventing the enemy’s subversive activities, ensuring security, protecting important facilities, important national and international meetings and major cultural and sports events, as well as key sectors of airports, radio stations and enterprises of the national economy, national construction, important bridges and tunnels; their powers include ensuring the security of prisons and pre-trial detention centers, maintaining public order in cities or specific areas.

Detachments of the national militia

The people's militia is an armed organization of the masses, not divorced from production, it serves as the main assistant and serves as a key reserve for the PLA. Militiamen help in maintaining public order, conducting rescue operations and eliminating the consequences of natural disasters. The militia consists of regular and regular militias. Among the personnel militia detachments can be distinguished emergency response teams, joint air defense, intelligence activities, communications, construction, transportation, weapons repair, etc. Reserve militia units include combat and rear support teams.
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  1. Imperialkolorad
    Imperialkolorad 5 September 2015 06: 31 New
    The Chinese want peace so much that they are preparing very hard for war. Everything as the ancient Romans bequeathed.
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    4. bolat19640303
      bolat19640303 5 September 2015 07: 12 New
      If you want peace, get ready for war. A huge army and mobilization resource, strict selection of candidates for service (hence the discipline and prestige of the army), the systematic qualitative comprehensive development of the PLA is the key to the security of the PRC.
      1. palmse
        palmse 5 September 2015 12: 17 New
        I completely agree with you
  2. subaru
    subaru 5 September 2015 07: 47 New
    What is the article!?
    1. zyablik.olga
      zyablik.olga 5 September 2015 13: 48 New
      Quote: subaru
      What is the article!?

      Always on guard
      Like about it. but there is absolutely no specifics in the publication request
  3. Ascetic
    Ascetic 5 September 2015 11: 44 New
    I looked at their PGRK ... the conclusion is, if you do not go into details, the nuclear war will end before they have time to deploy them. For example, ours is not more than five minutes from the moment of receipt of the order, China judging by the external equipment of 40 minutes or more at least. That is, they are not capable of reciprocal-oncoming (this also applies to mines where the heads are stored in warehouses and are not docked). Therefore, Russia’s nuclear umbrella is now more than necessary for them if they want to dictate their conditions.
    1. zyablik.olga
      zyablik.olga 5 September 2015 13: 50 New
      Quote: Ascetic
      I mean, they are not capable of retaliatory meeting (this also applies to mines where heads are stored in warehouses and not docked). Therefore, a nuclear umbrella of Russia is now more than necessary for them if they want to dictate their conditions.

      Yes, not yet capable. But the question is different, at whom their DF-21 BRSD are aimed?
  4. 31rus
    31rus 5 September 2015 11: 46 New
    People’s militia is a modernized Soviet scheme, which in Russia is virtually ruined and destroyed, and without a ready reserve from a citizen, all of today's doctrines are not very wealthy, we urgently need to change attitudes and work a lot, if we take into account the duration of today's service, the year
  5. Stas57
    Stas57 5 September 2015 14: 01 New
    Speech of Chairman Xi at the parade

    Dear leaders of all countries, heads of government and representatives of the UN and other international organizations,
    Dear guests,
    All the soldiers participating in the parade,
    Ladies and gentlemen, comrades, friends:
    Today is a day worthy of eternal memory throughout the world. 70 years ago, the Chinese people, after 14 years of hard struggle, won a great victory in the Sino-Japanese War, proclaiming a complete victory over world fascism. The peaceful sun once again illuminated the earth.

    Here, on behalf of the Central Committee of the CPC, the NPC, the State Council, the National Committee of the CPPCC, the Central Military Council, I want to express my deep gratitude to the sons and daughters of China who contributed to the victory, the veterans, old comrades, patriots and commanders who participated in the Sino-Japanese War! And also to express heartfelt gratitude to the foreign governments and international friends who helped the Chinese people in the war. My warm greetings to all guests and soldiers who came today!

    Ladies and gentlemen, comrades, friends!
    The war of the Chinese people with Japan, and the world war with fascism is a war of Good and Evil, Light and Darkness, Progress and Reaction. In those formidable years, the war of the Chinese people with Japan began earlier than anyone and lasted longer than anyone. Faced with aggressors, the Chinese people invincibly in a bloody struggle defeated the Japanese militarist aggressor. Defending the fruits of the 5000 summer development of Chinese civilization, defending the cause of the world of mankind, forged a miracle of world military history, a feat of the Chinese people.
    The victory of the Chinese people in the Japanese war is the first complete victory over the foreign aggressor in modern Chinese history. This victory broke the plans of the Japanese militarists about the colonization and enslavement of China, washed away the national shame of the recent repeated conquest by foreign invaders. This great victory once again restored the position of China as a great state. The Chinese people earned respect as a peaceful people. This great victory opened up the radiant prospects for the great rebirth of the Chinese people; China, like the Phoenix, was reborn from the flame.

    In this war, the Chinese people made a huge sacrifice on the eastern field of the battle of world war with fascism and made a huge contribution to the victory in world fascism. The Chinese people also received great support from the world community, the Chinese people will always remember the contribution that the peoples of each country made to the victory of China!

    Ladies and gentlemen, comrades, friends!
    Survivors of the war are much more aware of the value of peace. We celebrate the 70 anniversary of the victory in the Chinese People's Anti-Japanese War and the world anti-fascist war in order to recall history, preserve the memory of the martyrs, cherish the world and create the future.

    1. Stas57
      Stas57 5 September 2015 14: 02 New
      The fire of this war seared Asia, Europe, Africa, the Pacific, more than 100 millions of military and civilian victims, including 35 millions of Chinese, 27 millions of citizens of the Soviet Union. You can not let this tragedy happen again. We must remember well those who in those years defended the freedom of mankind, truth, and sacrificed their souls for peace, all who innocently suffered from genocide.

      War is a mirror that allows people to know the value of the world. Today, peace and development have become the theme of the time, but the world is still far from the world, the sword of war of Damocles is still hanging over the head of humanity. We must learn from a history of determination to keep the peace.

      For peace, we must firmly establish a sense of community of human destiny. Prejudice and discrimination, hatred and war only bring distress and suffering. Mutual respect, equality and peaceful coexistence, peaceful development and common prosperity are the only right way for humanity. All countries of the world must together protect the international order and the international system of goals and principles of the UN Charter as the foundation, and actively build new international relations based on mutually beneficial cooperation in order to jointly promote the noble cause of peace and development.

      For peace, China will always adhere to the path of peaceful development. Chinese people love the world. It doesn’t matter to what extent development will come, China will never strive for hegemony and will not engage in expansion, will never bring other nations a tragedy like the one that he himself suffered. China will maintain friendship with the peoples of the whole world, continue to safeguard the results of the victory in the Chinese People’s Anti-Japanese War and the World War against Fascism, hardworking to make a new, even greater contribution to humanity.

      PLA - these are the sons and brothers of the people, soldiers should keep in mind the main goal of serving the people wholeheartedly, conscientiously defend the security of the Motherland and the sacred duty of the peaceful life of the people, faithfully fulfill the duty of protecting world peace. I announce China will reduce its army by 300 000 people.
      Ladies and gentlemen, comrades, friends!

      “Everything has a beginning, but not everything has an end.” Implementing the great rebirth of the Chinese nation requires more than one generation of labor. The Chinese nation has created a magnificent civilization with more than 5000 summer history, and of course it will be able to create a magnificent Tomorrow.

      On the way forward, all the peoples of our country must go under the leadership of the CCP, guided by Marxism-Leninism, Maoism, the theory of Deng Xiaoping, the important ideology of the "Three Representations", under the direction of scientific development, along the path of Socialism with Chinese characteristics, based on the Four Comprehensive ", To develop the great spirit of patriotism, to develop the great military spirit, unanimously, no matter what, continue to fight and go on the course!

      Let us remember the great truth of History: Good will triumph! The world will triumph! The people will win! "