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Russian military received EW complexes from KRET worth 1 billion rubles

First Deputy General Director of the Radioelectronic Technologies Concern (KRET) Igor Nasenkov said that during the International Aviation and Space Salon MAKS-2015, the Russian military had received a batch of electronic warfare equipment (EW) worth 1 billion rubles, in particular, the system “Rychag-AV , Mercury-2, Krasuha-4.

“KRET transferred to the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation equipment for more than 1 a billion rubles. Each of the transferred complexes, which received the Armed Forces, will significantly increase the combat capability of the whole unit, ”Nasenkova quotes. TASS.

EW systems are used to protect military and civilian facilities from highly accurate weapons, as well as to obtain intelligence on the current situation and to disorient the enemy by influencing his information systems.
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  1. Haettenschweiler
    Haettenschweiler 1 September 2015 09: 22 New
    - There are more such complexes in cities and villages, and then American cruise missiles turn into useless trash. The total amount - 1 billion. Of course, interesting, but still, how many units are it? After all, such "toys" are probably fantastically expensive.
  2. atamankko
    atamankko 1 September 2015 09: 24 New
    EW in the sun was always held in high esteem.
  3. Andrey Yuryevich
    Andrey Yuryevich 1 September 2015 09: 24 New
    it's even nicer than a couple of planes! yes
    1. Penetrator
      Penetrator 1 September 2015 09: 28 New
      Quote: Andrew Y.
      it's even nicer than a couple of planes! yes

      Yes, and in terms of "price-effectiveness" will also be more pleasant good
    2. cherkas.oe
      cherkas.oe 1 September 2015 09: 32 New
      Quote: Andrew Y.
      it's even nicer than a couple of planes!

      Not a couple, but one Su-34 costs a little more than a billion today.
    3. Armax
      Armax 1 September 2015 10: 49 New
      GDP just said that we would not get involved in an expensive arms race, but the answer would be adequate, although not symmetrical.
      It seems his words are turning into a tangible, material state.
    4. VP
      VP 1 September 2015 11: 25 New
      Yes you really?
      Kraukha can strike at the columns or objects of the enemy?
      Can she storm the position?
      Can it intercept the enemy air force hundreds of kilometers along the front?
      Is she reconnaissance in depth?
      Will she make columns of the same cities or tanks or roll up a division of barrel artillery into the soil?
      Can she sink the ships?
      To go nuts, did not know.
      1. VP
        VP 1 September 2015 11: 55 New
        Eh, offended the idler wink
      2. stayer
        stayer 1 September 2015 12: 10 New
        Obviously, it’s not in vain that you are being neglected. EW funds do not cause the damage you wrote about. But they make the enemy’s attack means completely blind. A rocket or plane without modern navigation is an almost useless toy. Moreover, the pilot of the aircraft even at the base will not be able to return without navigation. There is no card in the boot (as at the beginning of the twentieth century).
        PS. I would not be surprised if in the foreseeable future there will be systems that will intercept missile control and send them back to the one who launched them. After all, UAV control is already being taken over, which means that in the future this can also be done with missiles.
  4. kil 31
    kil 31 1 September 2015 09: 25 New
    Such things also need to be delivered to Iran. I do not like the striped love for tomahawks and not the love of Khamenei.
  5. siberalt
    siberalt 1 September 2015 09: 26 New
    1 billion rubles is a lot, but only a quarter of the stolen Vasilyeva. It is more interesting to know the order in pieces.
    1. just exp
      just exp 1 September 2015 10: 10 New
      A billion, even at the old rate, is 30 lyam dollars, and at the current rate it’s generally under 15, so this is not enough, I hope it will be much more.
    2. Vadim237
      Vadim237 1 September 2015 12: 15 New
      With this money they bought 4 electronic warfare systems.
  6. polite people
    polite people 1 September 2015 09: 28 New
    And this is just what is freely available. Imagine what is in the closed. soldier
  7. with
    with 1 September 2015 09: 28 New
    Such news is forcing the "democratic" and "civilized" countries of the West to become aware of their place in the world and squeezing decent behavior from their leaders towards Russia "defeated in the Cold War." Thugs like poppy Cain does not count. These gangsters understand only the language of power.
  8. A1L9E4K9S
    A1L9E4K9S 1 September 2015 09: 29 New
    Quote: Kil 31
    Such things also need to be delivered to Iran.

    This does not depend on Russia, but on the desire of the opposite side, Iran wants to have these installations, why not help a good neighbor.
  9. f, hfrjlf, hf
    f, hfrjlf, hf 1 September 2015 09: 43 New
    1 billion is in gold how many kilograms are just by weight of a car or what? , those who steal from the aboronka on a stake! Well, when at least they steal or they think like Serdyukov with their chicks he will
  10. Dobroslav2015
    Dobroslav2015 1 September 2015 09: 44 New
    Electronic warfare. Military reception. On the Star channel I recommend it to everyone.
  11. Gloomy Hedgehog
    Gloomy Hedgehog 1 September 2015 09: 45 New
    This is all excellent, if only we would have learned to return the missiles with these means to the launch point.
    1. Mangel olys
      Mangel olys 1 September 2015 10: 40 New
      And here we’ll let the dipole reflectors go and the rocket will come back laughing
  12. IGMIT
    IGMIT 1 September 2015 09: 50 New
    Good gadgets, now we need to make them more common and cheaper.
  13. BOB044
    BOB044 1 September 2015 09: 51 New
    You don’t have to save on country’s security. It pays twice with a buyout.
  14. tchoni
    tchoni 1 September 2015 10: 02 New
    Damn, today in the news I heard that a new building for a tax office with a bar and VIP rooms will cost 7 BILLION OUBLES .... - next to them the cost of equipping parts and compounds of electronic warfare is a baby talk. But if the tax authorities sit for five years in the old building - the crown will not fall from them and the tax collection, I think, will not suffer much ... but if the "donald cookies" are afraid of stopping - I really don’t even know what will happen.
  15. Kolka82
    Kolka82 1 September 2015 10: 29 New
    From the article "to obtain intelligence on the current situation and disorientation of the enemy by means of influencing his information systems." Campaign, our witty designers will call the next EW system Susanin. lol good
  16. Alexey-74
    Alexey-74 1 September 2015 10: 43 New
    I watched the great news with the Lever complex video - it’s very impressive .... there would be more such pieces at all military facilities and equipment ....
  17. VP
    VP 1 September 2015 13: 49 New
    Quote: VP
    EW funds do not cause the damage you wrote about.

    And I didn’t write. This Mr. Marshal clapping said that several electronic warfare systems are better than a pair of aircraft.
    I was just amazed at such a comparison.
    Believe me, if the SU-25 NURSES nail you, then no electronic warfare will help you.
    For him to sneeze on all electronic warfare combined.
    EWs have specific tasks and are mainly aimed at local counteraction; this is radio engineering and radiolocation protection of some areas or objects.
    A necessary thing, it is indisputable.
    Aviation solves a much wider range of tasks. Moreover, tasks that can seriously change the situation not only in the vicinity.
    Hence the irony - one can so confidently contrast one another only in an unusual state.
    No EW will knock down, for example, F-16. Blinds over the area. And he, having slipped through the line covered by electronic warfare and restored the normal operation of airborne radars, can do business on communications.
    I needed everything, and electronic warfare, and aviation, and air defense, and much more.
    1. tchoni
      tchoni 1 September 2015 14: 21 New
      Quote: VP
      Believe me, if the SU-25 NURSES nail you, then no electronic warfare will help you.

      This is correct, but at the same time, a pair of “soldiers” with whatever “needle” or “arrow” chi “stinger” in their hands can ditch this very attack aircraft (which has been repeatedly proved both in Chechnya, Georgia and New Russia) ... And if he won’t be given a tip where to shoot (and by suppressing communication with electronic warfare means it’s quite possible to achieve just such an effect) he will shoot the ammunition in white light like a pretty penny ... Or he just won’t fly ... because he’ll never know what a given area has a purpose for it ...
      Quote: VP
      Aviation solves a much wider range of tasks. Moreover, tasks that can seriously change the situation not only in the vicinity.

      EW is the same very wide range of tasks ... from radio and radio reconnaissance, issuing target designations to its reconnaissance and destruction means (of the same aviation) to protecting its forces and means (of the same aviation) in basing places and on extension routes.
      And as for who changes what in the area and what, then think that it would be a bomb for the Georgians to rock the tunnel ....
      Quote: VP
      Hence the irony - one can so confidently contrast one another only in an unusual state.
      but I completely agree with these ... one without the other - money down the drain.
  18. zombiunian
    zombiunian 1 September 2015 20: 55 New
    Schaub money is not a breeze, but nuno and beer and vodka are appropriate! consume.