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As Zrada with Peremoga ganboy engaged

What Ukrainians have learned to do is to promote show projects. Sometimes even I get the impression that Ukrainians sing better than Russians, Cossacks are all completely Zaporizhzhya. Well, and so on. Who from the famous Russian artists do not touch, Ukrainian roots are found. And in fact, if you look, the great ones are really piece, and more mediocrities. But untwisted.

In the same way, according to the same laws of show business, they announced "historical“a meeting of the Rada of Ukraine on the last day of summer. What didn’t we know a few weeks before ... From traditional harassment and persuasion from politicians to Putin becoming an associate of Lyashko, Svoboda and others. Even Tymoshenko was in the“ Putin henchmen ” For some reason, it was Putin who became the main opponent of the decentralization of the Ukrainian government, and it seems like he didn’t say a year and a half about Russia's desire to preserve a united Ukraine.

Even President Poroshenko noted. Such intrigue let in every interview and just in the speeches at the meetings that I wanted to save the calendar right now from unnecessary, "in vain lived" days.

In short, I decided to watch this show. Not every time "historical" events happen. Not every time you can just “enter” the history like this ... More often, especially in Ukraine, you enter into something else. I confess, I haven’t prepared chips and beer. But in vain. It would be just right. But he looked, because of what is the whole performance. And what is the impetus or zrad coming Ukraine.

Well, firstly, the Ukrainian deputies, like ours, do not really understand everything from the first time. They are the laws that will take, read several times. It is called this - the first reading, the second ... and further down the bill. So far, everyone will not understand what and how. And today's reading is the first. In other words, so far no one and nothing has understood this future law.

And secondly, the law is really interesting. Directly revolutionary such a law. Purely Ukrainian poshiba. Especially for readers, I’ll open this one a bit more ...

According to the explanatory note to the draft law, the document provides for the amendment of certain provisions of the Constitution of Ukraine regarding the administrative and territorial structure. In particular, it is fixed that the territory of Ukraine is divided into communities. The community is the primary unit in the system of administrative and territorial structure of Ukraine.

Also, the draft law stipulates that the division of powers in the system of bodies of local self-government and their executive bodies of different levels is carried out according to the principle of subsidiarity, which corresponds to the European Charter of Local Self-Government.

The creation of executive bodies of local self-government of the community, which are controlled and accountable to the council of the community, is envisaged. At the same time, the chairman of the community chairs the meetings of the council of the community, and heads the executive body of local self-government of the community. In turn, the district council, the regional council, elects from among its members, respectively, the chairman of the district council, the chairman of the regional council, which heads the executive committee of the council.

The material and financial basis of local self-government is fixed. In particular, it is determined that such a basis is land, movable and immovable property, natural resources, other objects that are in the communal ownership of the territorial community; local taxes and fees, part of national taxes and other revenues of local budgets. At the same time, it is proposed to determine that the state ensures the commensurability of financial resources and the scope of authority of local governments, defined by the Constitution and laws of Ukraine.

“At the same time, decentralization does not mean a weakening of the central authority in such matters as defense, foreign policy, national security, the rule of law, respect for human rights and freedoms,” the explanatory note to the draft law emphasizes. That is why, in order to supervise the observance of the Constitution and the laws of Ukraine, local governments are invited to introduce the institution of prefects.

The project stipulates that the prefect appoints and dismisses the position on the proposal of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine President of Ukraine ". (I quote the official message of the Rada.)

I think that readers, having read the text of the explanatory note, were a little taken aback. They think that the author is now exactly "gnawing and chewing." And they are mistaken. To be honest, I do not really understand this "restructuring". It turns out that the current rural head will become a communal head. And everyone who is now in the "heads", will sit on his neck already.

And the answer to the most important question about what is being offered to Donbass, I found the main developer of the new law, Pan Stepan Kubiva.

"With regard to the conditions of Donbass, the project only suggests the possibility of a specific order of implementation, I repeat, local self-government in separate administrative-territorial units of the Donetsk and Lugansk regions, which will be determined by a separate law, and does not provide a special status for Donbass."

In short, Donbass will not get anything. And these changes are purely cosmetic properties. For Europe, Pan Poroshenko is trying.

I repent, for the "concert" is not prepared. I lost it somehow from 90 to parliamentary shows. So I watched and listened without additional "pleasures."

On the "warm-up" was the ensemble of Pan Lyashko companions. The deputies, beautifully dressed up in the folk "embroidery", took their places on the tribune of the Rada. In the hands of different "popular" tools. Spoons, mugs, etc. It looked very colorful, I must admit. But all the time I wanted to wait for the bandurists and dancers to come out.

The ensemble began its performance at the same time as Speaker Rada Groisman. An interesting directorial find. Speech of the speaker about the opening of the meeting under the constant monotonous "Ganba". Probably, such a “background” was needed to enhance the “sensual” effect of the phrases of Pan Groysman. But this background had a sleeping effect on me.

And then all the performances in the same style. The only serious emphasis is made for Mr. Shushkevich, the son of the one who does not know. The old man "shook old". Slipped about the betrayal of Ukraine by Europe, compared Ukraine 2015 and Czechoslovakia 1939. He urged not to take the law so necessary for Russia.

Well, after the vote, when the law was passed in the first reading, the director's idea became clear. In the final, the choir performed with a traditional mass question: Even, did Ukraine not die? And the majority of deputies asked about it. Mass "choral" question as the apotheosis of "ganby" ... Impressed.

He sat and thought, why was there so much advertising? Why so much PR? The answer, whose ears stick out so that it is impossible not to stumble, does not suit me. Nonsense with the alleged solution of the problem of Donbass and the implementation of the Minsk agreements, as well as the exact same nonsense about the "Europeanization" of local self-government for the average person. To put it mildly, “shut the throats” of the patriots on both sides of the conflict. Let them digest.

The answer was found an hour and forty-five minutes after the meeting began. Or, 45 minutes after closing. This is anyone. And the answer is traditionally Ukrainian, bloody. One national guard has joined the “heavenly hundred” and more than 80 people with various injuries in hospitals and hospitals.

Poroshenko did not just come to the parliament to discuss such an important issue. It seems that the script was written with exactly the consequences that occurred. The authorities knew that the "atoshniki" would definitely come to the Rada. Even the presence or possible presence of grenades and other weapons counted. So the national guardsmen were set up according to the already “played” scenario. Only then it was "Golden Eagle".

It so happened that this event I saw live. Channel 112 broadcast blocking deputies in the parliament. Speeches of deputies, Tymoshenko’s tears about the fate of Ukraine and so on. Including the explosion. I was struck by the coherence of the actions of the guards. Calm Honestly, I did not expect such professionalism from them.

As a result, the arrests (at the moment more than 30 people), the strengthening of the National Guard soldiers APU. It seems to me Poroshenko made it clear to opponents that he does not intend to joke. And Yanukovych does not look like. He will not allow any ceremonies and other discussions. This means that all these "Tymoshenkos and Lyashka" can say anything, but the 300 votes will be on the next ballot. Or there won't be these very "lyashkov" ...

And for supporters of the new Maidan, the “demonstration” of the capabilities of the National Guard is intended. Poroshenko showed that all these "atoshniki" and "cyborgs" should quietly leave or die in the ATO zone. Their power is not afraid.

On the whole, there was a steady impression that the Ukrainian president had launched an offensive. Anyone who still hopes to change something in the country after the local elections, indicated their place. The soloists were and remain Poroshenko and the company. All the others are nothing more than dancers or background vocals. And the Ukrainian people-the usual wordless extras. From which someone will be lucky to "light up" on a close-up. The rest will be just a crowd ...
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  1. Karasik
    Karasik 1 September 2015 06: 06 New
    Poroshenko strengthens power. And strengthens her with blood! Through the fog of verbiage and outright senility - the vector can be seen quite clearly.
    1. Andrey Yuryevich
      Andrey Yuryevich 1 September 2015 06: 37 New
      As Zrada with Peremoga ganboy engaged
      sounds like p.n.nuha ...
      1. Shiva83483
        Shiva83483 1 September 2015 08: 08 New
        And this is the permanent state of the politicians of this country ...
    2. Ivan Slavyanin
      Ivan Slavyanin 1 September 2015 07: 39 New
      But he was a good uncle, but they called him a tyrant.
    3. Conductor
      Conductor 1 September 2015 08: 51 New
      Damn, so cerada, but I’m going to go look at the censor
      1. marlin1203
        marlin1203 1 September 2015 11: 22 New
        There, unfortunately, due to the Russian (for some reason) mat of Svidomo patriots, the meaning of the statements is lost. So this is useless occupation. In general, I am fluent in this vocabulary, but there are such masterpieces ... that any Russian will envy laughing
    4. Vladimir 1964
      Vladimir 1964 1 September 2015 19: 48 New
      So for me, dear Karasik, for some reason I had the same idea. Become interesting by the way, the author is well done.
      But the situation in Ukraine cannot be called interesting at all; some tension is in the air.
  2. Mikhail m
    Mikhail m 1 September 2015 06: 16 New
    Yeah, a beer would be very useful.
  3. Utlan
    Utlan 1 September 2015 06: 19 New
    The country of the "eternal carnival."
    1. APASUS
      APASUS 1 September 2015 07: 42 New
      Quote: Utlan
      The country of the "eternal carnival."

      Given what ideas, what promises are voiced, this is a country of a never-ending circus
      1. Flexsus
        Flexsus 1 September 2015 22: 17 New
        Quote: APASUS
        Quote: Utlan
        The country of the "eternal carnival."
        Given what ideas, what promises are voiced, this is a country of a never-ending circus

        I would add that the bloody carnival and the circus ...
  4. VNP1958PVN
    VNP1958PVN 1 September 2015 06: 26 New
    As Zrada with Peremoga ganboy engaged
    So how? Jumped request
    1. Alexander 3
      Alexander 3 1 September 2015 06: 44 New
      How did Zrada and Peremogy have sex?
  5. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 1 September 2015 06: 51 New
    The soloists were and remain Poroshenko and the company

    No, this is the backing vocals, and the soloist is one - the United States.
    1. saenara
      saenara 1 September 2015 18: 56 New
      Quote: rotmistr60
      No, this is the backing vocals, and the soloist is one - the United States.

      USA - conductor and music director.
  6. Smoked
    Smoked 1 September 2015 07: 16 New
    It was remembered in yesterday’s video from Sharia, at some square / park, the security forces waved with protesters. It was remembered by the fact that women aged from onlookers yelled at the cordon like "what are you doing? Go to the East, go to the East"
  7. parusnik
    parusnik 1 September 2015 07: 22 New
    Donbass will not get anything.For Europe, Pan Poroshenko is trying...When the amendments to the Constitution come into force .. Europe, it will choke on saliva to prove that the Nazis fully complied with the Minsk agreements .. And the inhabitants of Donbass, ungrateful separas .. will be given the go-ahead for the destruction of Donbass .. They say that we have done everything that they could .. The statements of Russia and the Donbass that this violation of the agreements will not be accepted .. That's why Potroshenko went to the arrow with Merkel and Oland ...
  8. WHG
    WHG 1 September 2015 07: 25 New
    It was immediately clear that there would no longer be any Maidans, they had not come to power to give it away! And Ukrainians just bred ......
  9. Glot
    Glot 1 September 2015 07: 26 New
    It’s boring already, and it’s not interesting to watch and listen about this slurred state formation - Ukraine. As they separated from the Union, there was nothing worthwhile with them. Quietly and listlessly merged into the scrap, and now they are draining and accelerated. Eccentrics on the letter "M".
  10. Aquarius
    Aquarius 1 September 2015 07: 27 New
    Pan Shushkevich, the son of that

    Probably Shukhevych. And then I already thought of a famous Belarusian leader ...
  11. Egoza
    Egoza 1 September 2015 07: 41 New
    True remark. Shukhevych, who even quoted Lenin in Russian with anger.
    It should be noted that the Svobodovs were blamed for everything, they threw a grenade, and in general ... Tyagnibok is already boiling water.
    note that the PS was not affected, BUT ... the "voice" of the Right Sector - "pan" Skoropadsky - is a citizen of Russia, well, it will certainly be possible to turn the Kremlin’s hand later on. laughing
  12. revnagan
    revnagan 1 September 2015 07: 53 New
    “Communities ...” Ecker bibiy, well, now you have to live in a primitive communal system?
    1. Egoza
      Egoza 1 September 2015 08: 02 New
      Quote: revnagan
      Have come ....

      They didn’t come, but ran ... while the battle was going upstairs, the deputies urgently evacuated from the Rada through the underpass! No, to go out to the people! Rats! But the stands for speeches dragged in advance.
  13. vladek64
    vladek64 1 September 2015 08: 06 New
    Article plus for only one title !!!
  14. press officer
    press officer 1 September 2015 08: 08 New
    Quote: Smoked
    It was remembered in yesterday’s video from Sharia, at some square / park, the security forces waved with protesters. It was remembered by the fact that women aged from onlookers yelled at the cordon like "what are you doing? Go to the East, go to the East" they are aged women! they live well and calmly in Kuev, but it is necessary that they have it as in the Donbass! Brains will appear immediately! or maybe they won’t appear ..
  15. Egoza
    Egoza 1 September 2015 08: 14 New
    Struck by the coherence of the guards. Calm Honestly, I did not expect such professionalism from them.

    I just did not see professionalism. A law was passed prohibiting going to rallies and generally in cities in balaclavas, to immediately detain them - why didn’t they react immediately? They were waiting for the explosion in them. The packets will fly. And so many wounded ... This is not professionalism, it means that there was an order not to react, and only then ....
  16. chelovektapok
    chelovektapok 1 September 2015 08: 30 New
    "Ukraine - tseeuropa!" (c) only the times of Neanderthals.
  17. Batia
    Batia 1 September 2015 09: 22 New
    Now they will whisper to the whole world that they "have constructively resolved the issue of reforms." And the damned "" did not appreciate the titanic work and Donbass will be outlawed. The wicks of the cannons had already been set on fire.
  18. Reptiloid
    Reptiloid 1 September 2015 09: 48 New
    Quote: Andrew Y.
    As Zrada with Peremoga ganboy engaged
    sounds like p.n.nuha ...

    I, too, rye. Now THIS is called so! CE - Europopp! About women-Ukrainians. VISIBLY they sobbed a year ago, that their children are fighting for their homeland, but they don’t get paid.
  19. Dragon-y
    Dragon-y 1 September 2015 10: 59 New
    Right "Zradomoga" some ...
  20. atos_kin
    atos_kin 1 September 2015 12: 14 New
    It is time to put this "ganba" in them in the "zrada" by the very "overpower".
  21. Stiks881
    Stiks881 1 September 2015 13: 46 New
    Are you what ATOshniks are peaceful demonstrators with grenades wink.
    In fact, some LGBT people are sawing the country, while other LGBT people are trying to grab something from the pie, while the rest of the population either runs abroad or sits with a TV popcorn.
  22. Vega
    Vega 1 September 2015 13: 50 New
    A comedy that looks like a farce !!!
  23. xomaNN
    xomaNN 1 September 2015 18: 50 New
    And the theme "ONE PEACE" about the Swolot with grenades and explosive packets is now in uk. Media will be voiced ???
  24. 16112014nk
    16112014nk 1 September 2015 21: 46 New
    "A grenade was thrown into Rada,
    Receive, fascist, a reward! "

    From another fascist.
  25. AdekvatNICK
    AdekvatNICK 4 September 2015 08: 12 New
    so when to Europe then?