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77-year-old writer Forsyth admitted to his work at MI-6

British novelist Frederick Forsyth, who wrote "The Day of the Jackal", "The Day of Odessa" and other novels, admitted that for about 20 years he worked for intelligence MI-6, the newspaper said Look with reference to the BBC.

"Many have long suspected that 77-year-old Forsyth was involved with intelligence, as his spy novels were extremely realistic," the British edition writes.

The writer said that "he began to cooperate with MI-6 during the war for the independence of Biafra in Nigeria (the war in Biafra lasted from 1967 to 1970 of the year)." It all started with the fact that one of the British intelligence officers asked him to tell about the events in Nigeria.

“Despite the fact that after the publication of the Day of the Jackal in 1971, Forsythe became a famous person, he continued to supply information to MI-6 from then-Rhodesia, South Africa, and also from East Germany,” BBC said.

The publication reminds that in August the documents of the National Archive of Great Britain on the case of film critic Cedric Belfrage, who was recruited by MI-6 for rapprochement with the Russians in the USA, were also declassified. However, later it turned out that Belfrage was a double agent who transferred many secret documents to the USSR during World War II.
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  1. jjj
    jjj 31 August 2015 13: 08 New
    Ever since Daniel Defoe, author of Robinson Crusoe, British writers have been working on intelligence
    1. milann
      milann 31 August 2015 13: 11 New
      Quote: jjj
      Ever since Daniel Defoe, author of Robinson Crusoe, British writers have been working on intelligence

      And Bernard Shaw is a prime example.
      1. nils
        nils 31 August 2015 13: 19 New
        Quote: milann
        "Robinson Crusoe"

        I recommend reading Forsyth’s political detective “Jackal Day” to everyone. Have fun. It is the book, the film is weak.
        I’m silent about Robinson Crusoe. Book - books!
        1. northern
          northern 31 August 2015 15: 17 New
          There are two films of 72 and 97 years. Are both weak?
        2. total commander
          total commander 31 August 2015 15: 31 New
          Fred Zinneman's Jackal Day is a splendid movie. Did you definitely watch it?
        3. The comment was deleted.
        4. oldzek
          oldzek 31 August 2015 16: 01 New
          There were two films: the first, closer to the book, the second with Bruce Willis is an ordinary Hollywood craft.
          1. I do not care
            I do not care 31 August 2015 18: 18 New
            Quote: oldzek
            There were two films: closer to the book first

            and I thought about the helicopter first (
      2. Altona
        Altona 31 August 2015 17: 18 New
        Quote: milann
        And Bernard Shaw is a prime example.

        Yes, there is probably everything - and Graham Green, and Ian Fleming ... All sorts of detectives and action novelists ...
    2. Sasha 19871987
      Sasha 19871987 31 August 2015 13: 14 New
      I think MI 6 recruited all famous British, nothing surprising, because they are spinning in such circles, not for everyone ...
    3. Now we are free
      Now we are free 31 August 2015 13: 18 New
      The 77-year-old writer Frederick Forsyth admitted his work on MI-6.
      Hmm, well this is not news, or rather news, but it did not cause any surprise for me personally. I think over time we will all learn about the work of Ian Fleming on MI-6 and Tom Clancy on the CIA / NSA. Although taking into account the level of Russophobia in the books of these authors, it seems to me that there is a World Organization of Russophobia -"THIEF" and which aims: -The destruction of Russia as well as all that is connected with it, first ideologically and then physically.
      1. vladimirw
        vladimirw 31 August 2015 13: 58 New
        About Jan Fleming it has long been known that he was a staff worker
    4. The comment was deleted.
    5. twincam
      twincam 31 August 2015 13: 21 New
      ))))) from the time of King Arthur)))))
  2. Tor5
    Tor5 31 August 2015 13: 09 New
    He is not the first, he is not the last, far more famous collaborated.
  3. Uncle VasyaSayapin
    Uncle VasyaSayapin 31 August 2015 13: 10 New
    So he seems to have written an opera.
  4. kil 31
    kil 31 31 August 2015 13: 11 New
    Yes, they are all writers working for intelligence. Graham Green, Kipling and many others.
  5. flSergius
    flSergius 31 August 2015 13: 20 New
    Also news to me. Also write what turns out !!!!! smartphones send copies of our correspondence to NSA servers.
  6. lukke
    lukke 31 August 2015 13: 24 New
    just opened now (the time is short) - I didn’t do anything serious ... Write grandfather yet ... read the boom at your leisure)
  7. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 31 August 2015 13: 28 New
    There is nothing surprising in this. Such people have a huge circle of friends in different countries, many admirers and colleagues. So that all the cards are in hand. There is nothing shameful here.
  8. evil partisan
    evil partisan 31 August 2015 13: 40 New
    77-year-old writer Forsyth admitted to his work at MI-6
    And what? Now, if he admitted that he, bugger, God forgive me, then maybe he would have sold another hundred or two of his "creations." And so ... They there D. Bond and Snowden - for the eyes. yes
  9. roskot
    roskot 31 August 2015 13: 40 New
    Who would doubt that English writers do not work for intelligence. And they have such a tradition.
  10. Aaron Zawi
    Aaron Zawi 31 August 2015 13: 42 New
    His books are really good.
  11. wadim13
    wadim13 31 August 2015 14: 29 New
    Forsyth, Graham Green, Fleming are primarily writers and very good. Where they worked is a secondary question. Trueism is great. But when the "Great Terror" and "Harvest of Sorrow ..." Robert Conquest is read and taken at face value, then this is not at all fun ...
  12. oldzek
    oldzek 31 August 2015 16: 04 New
    we also had such for example Lyubimov, so this is not news.
  13. Old26
    Old26 31 August 2015 22: 18 New
    In any country, writers became scouts, or vice versa, scouts began to write over time
  14. gladcu2
    gladcu2 1 September 2015 19: 15 New
    That this fact doesn’t bother me much.