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New developments of the Russian defense industry will help to more reliably protect combat vehicles.

At the Army-2015 forum in Kubinka, the Steel Research Institute demonstrated its latest developments, which can dramatically improve the performance of Russian armored vehicles, reports Messenger of Mordovia.

New developments of the Russian defense industry will help to more reliably protect combat vehicles.

For example, a ceramic panel to protect light armored vehicles. “Its protective structure consists of flat ceramics based on SIC on a steel or aluminum substrate. According to the agency, “this panel provides protection against small-caliber artillery shells with heavy alloy cores in caliber up to 30 mm.”

This panel is designed to protect armored vehicles. “It consists of roller ceramics based on corundum in a polymer matrix on a steel or aluminum substrate. The level of protection makes it possible to withstand the hit of an X-NUMX B-32 armor-piercing bullet. ”

Another development is a PAS-2B ply aluminum armor, designed for the manufacture of light armored vehicles. “It consists of layers of different strength aluminum alloys ABT-101 and ABT-102. Provides a gain in durability compared to homogeneous aluminum and serial layer alloys on 12-15%. "

And this is foam aluminum. Here is a sample that passed the test on a light armored vehicle by blasting an 6-kilogram explosive. “Foam-aluminum is manufactured using a new powder technology using high-strength aluminum alloy powders and titanium hydride (TIN2). The use of foam aluminum in the structure of the bottom gives a decrease in its weight by 300 kg, ”explains the publication.

“These developments will allow the domestic light armored vehicles not only to effectively fulfill the tasks of ensuring state security, but also to be competitive in the international arms markets,” concludes the Herald of Mordovia.
Photos used:
"Messenger of Mordovia", "Courage2004"
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  1. Byshido_dis
    Byshido_dis 31 August 2015 09: 28 New
    It remains only to put all these developments into streaming production ...
    1. Now we are free
      Now we are free 31 August 2015 09: 42 New
      As the practice of recent military operations around the world shows, in the absence of a full-scale war, the main danger for infantry fighting vehicles and armored personnel carriers remains: mines / warheads, RPGs, machine gun fire from 7,62-14,5 mm in side and rear projections.
      The armor elements + anti-cumulative screens described in the article would not hurt to use the BMP-2 / BMP-3 and BTR-82A to begin with, in order to secure the crew and the assault landing data of the "Workhorses" during the database (here and now). Already in operation, it will be possible to raise the question of their application at Kurganets and Boomerang and Armata.
    2. The comment was deleted.
  2. Dezinto
    Dezinto 31 August 2015 09: 29 New
    We need machines like Siemens or Bosch - there are gaps in this regard!

    1. Byshido_dis
      Byshido_dis 31 August 2015 09: 32 New
      The plant recently opened for the production of CNC machines. I don’t remember where, but in the news, it flickered ...
      1. Isum
        Isum 31 August 2015 09: 42 New
        This was reported here at 1:25 min.
    2. Makk
      Makk 31 August 2015 09: 47 New
      And the tool would not hurt to have one.
    3. Committee
      Committee 31 August 2015 10: 01 New
      Quote: DEZINTO
      We need machines like Siemens or Bosch - there are gaps in this regard!

      On the lining (UVZ) - everything is littered with these machines, columbus, five-coordinate, CNC, a whole area of ​​electrical erosion. And you think what is the problem? FRAMES. On erosion - 2 guys just until recently worked. There is no one to work for them. We have not yet overcome the personnel pit!
      1. Amurets
        Amurets 31 August 2015 10: 45 New
        Not only at UVZ. Everywhere a problem; Personnel frames; personnel; The distortion of education in the nineties and two thousandths gave lawyers and financiers with a low level of training. But the engineers didn’t go out any better. When young people came to practice or after college I talked with them. Studying on posters, teachers of new technology did not see schooling only in books. They come to production and have to put them up as locksmiths to old workers to somehow they have mastered production. I won’t say that they are stupid, but simply under-educated. Not knowing the simplest subjects is the scourge of our technical education. You won’t go to grandfathers. They will help in practical training, but unfortunately they leave and often irrevocably. Unfortunately, I had to quit work. Alas, health does not allow. The newest equipment requires the deepest knowledge. And new young staff, but the Ministry of Education puts the poles in the wheels again, again they came up with new rules for entering technical universities.
      2. Maxom75
        Maxom75 31 August 2015 11: 16 New
        This hole is not overcome by education, but by experience! Experience should be passed on by people already working on equipment, but we don’t have such. Another problem in the cost of contracts, as a rule, there is a clause on training at the manufacturer’s premises (abroad) - this may amount to 40% of the contract value, but our bosses generally refuse training in order to save money or to show their effectiveness as managers. Such a wise guy comes and brings to the head two contracts, one for 12 million dollars with a sub-item on training, the second one for 10 million dollars reports without training: “Well done, I bent two lama”, and then our kulibins look at these machines like rams on a new gate and I don’t know what to do with them. Itself passed this nonsense on "Sibur". Young people who know how to use such equipment want to receive at least 1,5-2 thousand dollars, and our boss does not want to pay. Here we are marking time. It's a shame there is no systematic approach, and the harrow does not tolerate amateurs.
        1. Amurets
          Amurets 31 August 2015 12: 28 New
          In many respects, you are right. In Soviet times, this was the seventies, I already wrote in the comments, we studied warranty mechanics from the Japanese. The Far East was completely closed. Education was conducted on the territory of the USSR. So age requirements are not more than 35 years old, work experience is not less than 5 years of specialty, education is not lower than a technical school in a specialty. I can’t say that higher education prevents nuts from being twisted. When I was a mining company, I worked there recently, I had to create a Service Center.
          to train machine operators, repairmen, the cost of repairing expensive equipment. You don’t have to think that only expensive equipment is used in industry, it came to the mining industry, in agriculture and is not nearly easier than in the defense industry. And you really have to pay with dignity. And you really can’t pay save. The failure, according to not knowing, of an on-board computer on a drilling rig cost the company 40000 euros and was simple for four months. I calculated the profit not received. That's the price of incompetence.
    4. sergeant1986
      sergeant1986 31 August 2015 10: 15 New
      We have almost all of these at VZ!)))
    PROSTEEL 31 August 2015 09: 39 New
    Quote: Byshido_dis
    It remains only to put all these developments into streaming production ...

    You already saw a small series on May 9 wink
    Of course, I would like to see in the troops! good
    1. Alexey M
      Alexey M 31 August 2015 09: 57 New
      We saw what we saw .... And then where did all the samples go? Can you hear nothing about the state tests? About the start of production? And there are many more questions ....
      1. Byshido_dis
        Byshido_dis 31 August 2015 10: 40 New
        So they told us that, where and how much ... this is military secret my friend ...
  4. atamankko
    atamankko 31 August 2015 09: 39 New
    The right thing and everyone understands this.
  5. sq
    sq 31 August 2015 09: 39 New
    It is high time. Ceramics and metal layers, cermets, cermets, metal polymers and so on and on ad infinitum. There is no limit to perfection. But immediately the questions arise: how to add the product from the parts ensuring equal strength of the part and joints, how to repair damage without deterioration of the material. There is still a lot of work, but the walker will be mastered by the walker.
    1. voyaka uh
      voyaka uh 31 August 2015 10: 11 New
      It's not that complicated. Look at Merkava-4. She's like a head of cabbage smile .
      Hinged panels, bolted. The joints overlap with a second layer.
      Damaged panels are not repaired, but replaced with new ones - sometimes it’s really straightforward
      in the field. A techie pulls up, unscrews the bolts, replaces,
      screw the bolts.
      1. Maxom75
        Maxom75 31 August 2015 11: 18 New
        it should be so.
      2. Amurets
        Amurets 31 August 2015 11: 23 New
        Not so simple. Yes, since you described Merkava-4, it seems to be good. Both Israel and Russia have extensive experience in using armored vehicles. So protecting armored vehicles from armor-piercing shells is one thing, but protecting against mines is another. Anti-bottom mine almost completely removes armored vehicles from a standing position. Look at the photos of the Afghan, Chechen, Arab Wars. With the massive use of losses in tanks and especially in crews will be big. And you need to think not only about the frontal and side armor but also the bottom.
  6. starshina pv
    starshina pv 31 August 2015 09: 49 New
    the armor will be strong and the tanks will be fast in every way!
  7. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 31 August 2015 10: 21 New
    not only effectively fulfill the tasks of ensuring state security, but also be competitive in international arms markets

    The goal of being competitive is pushing technical thought. The presence of orders, including foreign ones, makes it possible for defense industry enterprises not only to exist, but also to develop.
  8. roskot
    roskot 31 August 2015 10: 47 New
    Monitor sales markets and per flow. There are buyers.
  9. 31rus
    31rus 31 August 2015 11: 08 New
    Or is it enough? To look for foreign buyers, where it’s time to really engage in your army, and not drive any foreign buyer, with your army, maybe it's time to measure not with money, but with conscience? Then we are surprised that our equipment is 5- 8 years old is being adopted and already obsolete and again we need money already for modernization
    1. Maxom75
      Maxom75 31 August 2015 11: 25 New
      But we don’t have money for our army. We must keep domestic energy prices at the European level (WTO), and negotiators have forgotten that we have cold winters and heating costs for our grief. Also with farmers, they were not mentioned either (state support is not more than 10%, and in Europe 40%), and then why is our food expensive? It’s just that our sorrow economists from the HSE have found Russia's only competitive resource (cheap labor), i.e. we are all cattle, and they are smart. This is how the country lives, no development plan, no strategy. I'm certainly not a pessimist, but state. a plan would not hurt us. By the way, there were fewer officials in the USSR, and their work efficiency was higher.
    PROSTEEL 31 August 2015 12: 28 New
    Quote: Alexey M
    We saw what we saw .... And then where did all the samples go? Can you hear nothing about the state tests? About the start of production? And there are many more questions ....

    The state is still far away. The equipment went back to the manufacturers for factory tests. After the factory will be finalized and after military tests. Allotted 1,5 years.
  11. cuzmin.mihail2013
    cuzmin.mihail2013 31 August 2015 12: 31 New
    With developments, it was always excellent in Russia. That's just bringing them to practical use, which do not take the time, caused problems. Current problems caused by 90s are the lack of qualified personnel. The rest is not so significant. Designing and building plants is not difficult and will take a long time. If you have money, buying equipment is not a problem, no sanctions will hinder. But with the frames - the problem. And the point here is not even that the young do not want to go to work in production. This could be achieved if the country's leadership were actually interested in this. For the most peak case, you can apply the methods of Peter the Great. It’s all about “if”. To address such issues, management should not only stupidly do the work, in this case, it comes down to instructions to local authorities and, accordingly, their formal replies about implementation. It is necessary to strive, for whatever reason (moral, political, economic, personal, etc.), to do this better and better, reaching maximum efficiency. Of course, at the same time, (real, not ostentatious) responsibility for bad work should be provided. Then all problems are solved.
    Poor knowledge of workers - abolish the exam. At the same time, the question of admitting “ballast” to institutes will immediately disappear, at least the competition will be revived upon admission, the choice of training in a profession, by interest, and not where they will accept (sending out the results of the Unified State Examination), the possibility of applying for real knowledge. And the workers will know basic scientific knowledge, or at least have an idea of ​​physics and chemistry, and other sciences will not interfere.
    Low salaries, which prevents priority and major industries from taking on additional state funding.
    There is no place for workers to live — there are so many built up in any city that it will be enough for its doubled population. Another thing - it is for sale. But this is the business of the government. And it should not be decided by the mortgage method (the method of "financial" enslavement).
    All social, economic, legal issues can be resolved if there is a desire. But he, it seems in the foreseeable future, will not be. And you all know why !!!
  12. Leader
    Leader 31 August 2015 12: 34 New
    Quote: Committee
    We have not yet overcome the personnel pit!

    (Not to you reproach) with this approach - and we will not overcome.
    You have to pay with dignity! That’s the whole secret. And no commission "to enhance the prestige of working professions" with Dimon at the head will not help if the hard worker will receive 20t.r., and the secret - 50t.r.
    In our area people who want to work on a construction site or in the workshop cannot be found - for 15-20t.r. waving sledgehammers in the cold ...
    And they’re doing it right! Let the Russian bourgeois think.
    And do not think - it will be their new "1917" year!
  13. gladysheff2010
    gladysheff2010 31 August 2015 16: 35 New
    There should be a state program for retraining personnel with subsequent employment and a control system, but so far this measure has no state-scale.
  14. Absurdidat
    Absurdidat 31 August 2015 23: 59 New
    Titanium hydride and titanium nitride are slightly different things, the mistake in the article is not weak :)