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Goodbye America!

I once read, for a long time, analytical comments about the fact that in the United States the neocons, good conservatives of old conservatives, many of whom were Trotskyists in their youth, who, in fact, remained Trotskyists, established themselves in power in the United States. They were only slightly disguised by democratic and humanistic phraseology, but they still rave about the idea of ​​a “permanent world revolution”, calling it “spreading democracy in the world”. I thought that I still did not need to be taken literally, and I was mistaken.

When the “color revolutions” became commonplace in the world, and the “chaos theory” became the obvious US foreign policy strategy, it became clear how trotskyism was strong in America, somewhat modernized, of course, and it uses the resources of this country to fulfill Leo Trotsky’s dream of “permanent” world revolution. " Therefore, “the more democracy - the better”, and “the best cure for all the diseases of democracy - even more democracy” is the same permanent democracy, which develops from one revolution to another.

A rude and vulgar forgery, the replacement of the “communist permanent revolution” with a “democratic” one was successful, and led to disastrous consequences. What the Trotskyists did not manage to do in the USSR, they implemented in the USA. Putting the export of “color revolutions” instead of “communist” with the ultimate goal of not only establishing some kind of “world democracy”, but also a new culture, in which, however, social social traits of communist reality of 20's — the beginning of 30s — are recognized Soviet Russia.

The sexual revolution and the bringing down of a revolutionary love for the “glass of water”, performances and installations of the new “proletarian culture”, wild social “revolutionary” experiments even on children, from “enlightened humane” considerations - all this was fashionable then in the USSR-Russia and realized today, cosmopolitan postmodern "democracy", primarily in the United States.

However, Obama, and for some reason old man Vice-President Joe Biden, speak not only about the rights of their American homosexual brothers, but promise to fight for LGBT rights all over the world, and those whom they consider to be insufficiently tolerant, “make them pay”. Familiar wording, isn't it?

A little-known, but fact-speaking fact: Stalin’s son (!) Vasily attended an advanced kindergarten for the Soviet nomenclature, in which children were trained according to Dr. Freud’s methods, according to the principle: everything is allowed and nothing is forbidden, for free personal development (or “Mowgli "?), Under the supervision of the Freudian educators ...

Our strange "historiography" infinitely clarifies some "facts" and ignores the essential moments of our stories. The history of atrocities and cooperation with the Nazis Bandera declassified, when the Bandera fire broke out in Ukraine. The initial period of Soviet power, the story of a revolutionary Leon Trotsky, for which he was still expelled from the USSR, and then dealt with him, is still largely ignored, comes down to party squabbles and communist scholasticism. Probably just a shame, because such a debauchery was associated with the era of Trotskyism that you remember the history of the Roman Caesars.

Only in 1929, did Stalin and his “party guard” start a war with the Trotskyists, expelling Trotsky himself abroad, and this saved the country, by and large, from the fate of a bundle of firewood for the world revolution and a cup of water. Repressions hit Trotskyites and homosexuals, 1 April 1934 was criminalized for sodomy. On the other hand, Stalin rehabilitated the concept of “patriotism”, of course, in the “Soviet” form, for the first time speaking from the podium about its meaning in the same 1934 year! Just seven years before the war! Before that, the Fatherland was the World Revolution.

Rustem Vakhitov, a little-known, and it’s understandable why, a philosopher from Ufa, speaks about this period of Soviet power: “Stalin dissolved the Yaroslavsky Society of Militant Atheists, and began to change the state’s attitude to the Orthodox Church, the repressions of 30's destroyed the most odious and cosmopolitan, Russophobic Bolsheviks from the "Leninist Guard" - Trotsky, Bukharin, Kamenev; images and symbols of Russian national history were introduced into Soviet propaganda: princes, generals; wild pedagogical experiments, which flourished in the first years after the revolution, were curtailed, and finally, the Bolshevik program itself was supplemented with the thesis on “building socialism in a single country”.

Leon Trotsky, as you know, compared Russia with a bundle of firewood to kindle a “world revolution” fire, today the USA is threatened with such a fate. The neocons use the US just as the Trotskyists wanted to use Russia when they were building their “world communism,” the neocons call it “world democracy.” By and large, the national interests of the United States are alien to them, so the United States itself is decaying, compared to other developed countries, production and jobs are transferred to more “cheaper” countries. This is indicated by independent American politicians, today they are personified by the presidential candidate billionaire Donald Trump. The motto of his election campaign: “Let's make America great again!” This is not surprising: it is difficult for even a superpower to carry out a permanent revolution throughout the world.

Therefore, according to economist Mikhail Khazin, there was a split in the international financial elite between the nationally-oriented American elite (figuratively speaking, “Donald Trump”) and the non-national financial elite, which speaks of America’s abstract leadership, and at the same time a new “nomad civilization” for whom the whole world will be home, not just the USA ...

The idea of ​​world domination is not alien to them both, but there is a difference between the “nomadic civilization” and the “American national civilization”? And it is important who will pay for this global banquet? The American billionaires "Trump" for some time realized that they would have to pay, that they were prepared for the fate of that same "bundle of firewood" for the world "democratic" revolution. “You know, an amazing thing: China does not stand us, but gets richer for us, Japan ... No one likes us, but everyone uses us. We are like a big bully who loses all the time, ”Donald Trump says to the Americans today.

Another watershed occurs in cultural politics: “world democracy” is closely linked to homosexuality, like Soviet Trotskyism, and opposing policies, the conventional “Putin,” advocate conservative moral values.

But the assertion in society of perverted values ​​leads him to disintegration and banal extinction, unmotivated aggression, which we see today in the USA and Europe, and a fall in immunity to external challenges (migration). Therefore, “Putin”, or Russia and her friends, need, in fact, only “stand for the night and hold on for the day,” until the permanent “democratic” neo-Trotsky chimera collapses under its weight.

In a historical perspective, the United States either drowns in the same “glass of water” in which Russia-USSR nearly drowned, or will find its own “Stalin”. "Stalin" is only a cure for Trotskyism, bitter, like any medicine, but apparently the only one. It is no coincidence that the success of the US presidential candidate charismatic Donald Trump - America is intuitively looking for its "Stalin" ...

In any case, in its current form, America will not continue. By the way, this mood is very common in the USA, and in Europe, among the older generation, who everywhere says that “it is losing its country”. So “Goodbye America!”, The world grew out of your worn jeans, as it is sung in a famous song. Yes, you already threw them, dressed in rainbow-colored clothes. But we will help you if you reach out for help.
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  1. Andrey Yuryevich
    Andrey Yuryevich 31 August 2015 06: 56 New
    But we will help you if you lend a hand for help.
    what ??? "control", so as not to suffer only.
    1. ydjin
      ydjin 31 August 2015 14: 13 New
      You’re angry my friend, let him live, torment and drink this cup to the bottom! Well, in fact, because we are not animals. laughing
      1. Starley from the south
        Starley from the south 31 August 2015 23: 01 New
        Quote: ydjin
        because we are not animals.

        We are not animals, we are sadists! laughing But seriously, the pride that has grown in America in one place will not allow her to understand anything! But how long she will suffer or die immediately, by and large, it does not matter if she did not cripple someone in dying agony.
  2. sem-yak
    sem-yak 31 August 2015 06: 59 New
    another article on the theme of "death of America"!
    read good hunting!
    1. anip
      anip 31 August 2015 09: 36 New
      Quote: sem-yak
      another article on the theme of "death of America"!

      Banal distraction of people from problems in their own country. For more than two decades, America and the dollar all promise kirdyk.
      1. Starley from the south
        Starley from the south 31 August 2015 23: 07 New
        Quote: anip
        For more than two decades, America and the dollar all promise kirdyk.

        Kirdyk, of course, will not come tomorrow, but still he is getting closer, agree. Perhaps even longer predicted the collapse of Russia, and we all live and prosper ... and, I hope, we will continue to prosper!
    2. Max otto
      Max otto 31 August 2015 09: 39 New
      Quote: sem-yak
      another article on the theme of "death of America"!
      read good hunting!

      The author meant something completely different. He simply emphasized something that had not been noticed before. And, by the way, he’s absolutely right, somehow everything strangely intersects with that chaos after the 1917 revolution. It seems that someone didn’t succeed in exterminating the person in the 20s and 30s, and now, in the new century, he starts all over again according to the old scheme. In captivity you will become paranoid.
      1. dmb
        dmb 31 August 2015 11: 20 New
        Are you talking about the author? Well, maybe not so harshly, but obsessions that are little compatible with historical facts are present. Perhaps only one fact testifying to Stalin’s great “piety” is quite enough. The Cathedral of Christ the Savior, neither Trotsky, nor his followers can be clearly written off. However, with the methodology used by the author to write articles: "Fell all together, maybe ride." - And this is possible. He asked more than once about the source from which the author and his associates learned about the "bundle of firewood." In response, as a rule, silence follows, or comments deleted by moderators in view of indecentness.
        1. ylsdrm
          ylsdrm 31 August 2015 19: 04 New
          I agree with you, colleague. Kamenev not only sins this, it is his style of work.
        2. Starley from the south
          Starley from the south 31 August 2015 23: 12 New
          Quote: dmb
          He asked more than once about the source from which the author and his associates learned about the "bundle of firewood."

          There is a “knot of firewood” in the writings of Trotsky, I think not one. If you watch several contemporary documentaries (ours) about the October Revolution, you won’t have any questions about where this “bundle” came from.
          1. dmb
            dmb 1 September 2015 08: 09 New
            My young friend. Your thoughts are certainly enduring value, but I asked about a specific source, And here, as the creative generation expresses “sadness”, because it is used, as you rightly noted, to use exclusively modern films about the revolution, which were made on the knee of Svanidze and his associates, in the world called the indecent word "liberalists". As you yourself understand, the reliability of this "source" is akin to a cesspool.
      2. sem-yak
        sem-yak 31 August 2015 12: 38 New
        there is such a saying — what I have, I’ll introduce it!
        want to say - speak clearly, clearly, understandably! I am not a supporter of finding the secret meaning and reading between the lines!

        as for America. as long as this mainland is intact, until certainly it will be intact too!
        as for the dollar. until the whole world gives up on him ... and this will never happen
  3. vovanpain
    vovanpain 31 August 2015 07: 05 New
    Quote: Andrew Y.
    But we will help you if you lend a hand for help.
    what ??? "control", so as not to suffer only.

    And it is desirable for a quick one, because before the grunts themselves, the mattresses will drown the floor of the world in blood.
  4. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 31 August 2015 07: 08 New
    Russia and its friends, in fact, only need to “stand the night and hold out the day”, while the permanent “democratic” neo-Trotskyist chimera collapses under its own weight.

    Maybe so, only “the night to stand and the day to hold out” will drag on for more than one year. Yes, and the United States on the occasion of "their demise" can arrange such a firework that few will not seem to anyone. And today, in no case can you make concessions to the United States and respond to their challenges with your own, more rigid ones.
    1. gladcu2
      gladcu2 31 August 2015 14: 10 New
      Well, how do you imagine the death of the United States?

      Well, the influence of the state will decrease. Redistribution of tax policy between states is possible. There is no sense in advocating independence for the states. The financial system is the same. Economic ties are not broken.
      Perhaps local outbreaks of disobedience motivated by racism. The United States skillfully restores the situation.
      No external intervention is foreseen. Mexico, chtoli?

      Social tension in the US is already tense at the moment. The last execution by a journalist of his colleagues. Most likely revenge for dismissal. And it has nothing to do with mass discrimination, as they want to file.

      The USA is not going anywhere. And glory to God. Since in 10-20 years, they can turn out to be a strategic ally. Everything in the world is changing.
      1. Starley from the south
        Starley from the south 31 August 2015 23: 37 New
        Quote: gladcu2
        Well, how do you imagine the death of the United States?

        Elementary Watson! He will arrange the USA with war (with the wrong hands) in order to regain its former influence (which is now falling), he will get hit on the teeth, the allies will betray, the financial market will fall into the abyss, Americans, along with all the Anglo-Saxons, will be wet all over the world to the last man, because a significant part the planet has very strong feelings for them and is glad to find a way out for them. If in the minds of the American rulers there remains at least a little mind, they will behave relatively quietly, pretending to be friends to everyone and everything, and weaving intrigue. Then he will live longer and, if he dies, then slowly and not soon. If you do not like these options, then geologists come to the conclusion that the planet is developing according to the theory of catastrophes, and not according to evolutionary theory. And ahead of us is a large catastrophe awaiting us. There is no particular need to guess, in order to understand which territories will be the first to go to the bottom of the sea, when the earth's seismic activity will increase sharply: these are Japan, the Kuril Islands, the western coast of the United States ... And there, not far to the Yellowstone volcano.
  5. parusnik
    parusnik 31 August 2015 07: 35 New
    So “Goodbye America!” ..And do not write it off to bury .. Panikovsky, he will still buy and sell everyone ..
    1. fennekRUS
      fennekRUS 31 August 2015 08: 46 New
      Well, what are you so literally? The continent is not going anywhere, people will remain, and even the country will be. In general, the author draws interesting parallels. And the fact that the world will swing back from the current frenzied courage is understandable and expected. The fact of the abundance of "local conflicts" of global players speaks for it. The world is at an impasse, and a way out must be sought. True, searches so far resemble throwing of a decapitated chicken, but that's another story.
  6. RiverVV
    RiverVV 31 August 2015 07: 47 New
    Trotskyists in power in America ??? It is necessary to have a bite.
    1. Victor Kamenev
      31 August 2015 08: 28 New
      Here, eat, and then read Americanists, what they write about the phenomenon of "neocons" in the United States. These are precisely neotrotskisty, the ideas of Trotsky, as they said before, are true!
      1. RiverVV
        RiverVV 31 August 2015 09: 38 New
        I say: you need to eat, and then read Trotsky. Only read the "early" Trotsky. If his article was published after the 30th year - it is better not to bother.
      2. voyaka uh
        voyaka uh 31 August 2015 10: 24 New
        "Another watershed occurs in cultural policy:" world democracy "
        closely related to homosexuality, like Soviet Trotskyism "////

        One dashing guy in the last century also thought so. Having come to power, he first put homosexuals and communists from the Comintern (Trotskyists) in concentration camps.
        To save the "normal" families and moral values ​​of the state, of course.
        And then he began to deal with everyone else who did not fit under
        his wonderful anti-democratic views. And it went very far ...
        1. Volzhanin
          Volzhanin 1 September 2015 10: 30 New
          Less need to read liberalist propaganda, and more to think with the brain, if they are in the head.
        2. Weyland
          Weyland 1 September 2015 21: 22 New
          Quote: voyaka uh
          One dashing guy in the last century also thought so. When he came to power, he first put homosexuals and communists from the Comintern in concentration camps.

          Are you talking about Aloizycha? wink So they had homosexuals around Ryom crowded, and not around Trotsky!
        3. The comment was deleted.
    2. SibSlavRus
      SibSlavRus 31 August 2015 09: 23 New
      RiverVV! Well, why so rude?
      Methods of influence in historical retrospective!
      And the Americans are experimentally strong in that they do not come up with anything new in this area of ​​"working with the masses" and in the information war. Borrow. Of particular interest is the experience of borrowing Soviet methods in various areas of socio-social and national economic activity (this is what the Europeans “sin”).
      Everything was invented before them! Behind them is only work on adaptation and modeling.

      The author's approach is interesting.
  7. Tigin
    Tigin 31 August 2015 07: 52 New
    I support the article, except for the last phrase.
    1. Victor Kamenev
      31 August 2015 08: 07 New
      The last phrase about the need to remain human, not to be like banderlog and neo-Trotskyists, besides, the collapse of America can destroy half the world. When a neighbor’s house caught fire, you still need to help extinguish, otherwise you can burn yourself.
      1. Starley from the south
        Starley from the south 31 August 2015 23: 43 New
        Quote: Victor Kamenev
        When a neighbor’s house lights up, you still need to help extinguish, otherwise we ourselves can burn out.

        We often helped others something ... The West does not know gratitude, it does not make sense once again to be convinced of this. Let them burn to the ground, do not cry. Another thing is the East. But to protect yourself from the fire - you need to seriously think about it.
  8. ivanovbg
    ivanovbg 31 August 2015 07: 55 New
    Everything is so obvious and logical that now I don’t even understand how I didn’t notice this obvious parallel before.
    1. Victor Kamenev
      31 August 2015 08: 17 New
      Thank you, but this "parallel" must also be studied and studied, and the search for an antidote ....
      1. ivanovbg
        ivanovbg 31 August 2015 10: 36 New
        The common antidote is to uphold the value system of God-Homeland-family.

        The meaning of God (conscience) is that no matter how sophisticated crimes a person commits, sooner or later he will answer for everything and the later, the more expensive.

        The meaning of the homeland is that the public interest is more expensive than the individual. In the West, it’s just the opposite, and this is a big problem for the “nomads,” because a depraved person will not go to war for his country. Therefore, they come up with UAVs, robots and all sorts of things that can fight without participation, or at least without great risk to humans.

        The meaning of the family in the sustainable development of society.

        Not in vain Trotskyists everywhere and always in the first place attack God, the homeland and the family. Indeed, without these values, a society is defenseless. As long as they hold onto the consciousness of people, any Trotskyist action is doomed.

        Preserving a person’s freedom from surveillance for his location (electronic concentration camp) and freedom to raise his children (juvenile justice) are also important, but the most important is the value system.
  9. bmv04636
    bmv04636 31 August 2015 08: 07 New
    And in the meantime:
    “U.S. indigenous people are even more likely to be abused by African authorities than African Americans,” said Matthew Rand, spokesman for the South Dakota-based human rights organization, on Sunday.
    “Firstly, according to a number of federal agencies, Native Americans are most at risk of dying at the hands of law enforcement officials, and this is reflected in our reports,” TASS quoted him as saying. “Secondly, Native Americans make up only 1,2% of the US population, but their proportion among the country's prison population is disproportionately high.”
    The organization’s latest report, called the Native Lives Matter, clarifies that the chance for a male Indian to go to jail is about four times higher than for a white US citizen. Indian women are six times more likely to be in prison than white Americans.
    “The Native American, who is accused of a crime of the same severity as the white, is likely to face more severe punishment,” Randa emphasized.
    Is it not time for our Lavrov to visit the kingdom of the "light elves" with cookies? laughing
  10. Russian Uzbek
    Russian Uzbek 31 August 2015 08: 08 New
    cool ...
    call the American neocons - "Trotskyists")))
  11. Skalpel
    Skalpel 31 August 2015 08: 17 New
    Urraa !! They will fall! We will rise !! - so what?
    Something history says a little about something else. That the period of "decay-decomposition-reform" in the United States can last for decades, during which they will try to be saved by any means. Moreover, when such a lump collapses, other states will inevitably be dragged into the maelstrom of events. And given the abomination of the current mattress power-they also shit others will try to the maximum !.
    1. SibSlavRus
      SibSlavRus 31 August 2015 09: 44 New
      For a successful confrontation between systems, you need something with which you can make quality comparisons.
      Example: the opposition of capitalist and socialist ideas.
      On the principle of "who is better." Social state programs, state social obligations, and much more in line with the declared benefits.
      Remember that as soon as the socialist bloc collapsed, the socio-economic and political system changed, then the West itself reduced social obligations and programs to a minimum. For there was no more comparative category. Capitalism, as a form of existence, became a dogma.

      Now the whole world (many by inertia) sees in Russia a different matrix of social structure, traditional values ​​and culture, worldview.
      And this is the world role of Russia at this stage of the development of world history. If you want, then this is based on the methods of "soft power" in foreign policy.
  12. dk
    dk 31 August 2015 08: 30 New
    even the famous song was remembered:
    Goodbye, America, oh
    Where never been
    Goodbye forever
    Take a banjo, play me goodbye ...
  13. Vladimir 1964
    Vladimir 1964 31 August 2015 09: 47 New
    And I liked the article, I think that the author, even if he was somewhat “heavy”, was able to convey his point of view to the reader. I do not fully agree with her, but the very essence of becoming interesting to me. And much more than unsigned publications about the next nonsense of Ukrainian politicians.
  14. v.yegorov
    v.yegorov 31 August 2015 09: 47 New
    The United States got it all with its "democracy", the whole world, including itself. But after the sharp one is always drawn to the fresh, so you need to wait for the rollback. There will be a number when they rush from the planting of love for LGBT people to the construction of concentration camps for them! Necessary justification for this smart politicians always
    will find.
  15. Uncle Joe
    Uncle Joe 31 August 2015 09: 52 New
    Once I read, for a long time, analytical comments that the US established itself in power in place of the good old conservatives neocons, many of whom were Trotskyists in their youth, who, in fact, remained Trotskyists. They were only slightly masked by democratic and humanistic phraseology, but they still rave about the idea of ​​a “permanent world revolution”
    If you read such nonsense, then there is nothing surprising in the fact that you write the same nonsense.

    Trotskyism - ideological and political petty-bourgeois current hostile to Marxism-Leninism and the international communist movement, covering up its opportunist (Opportunism (French opportunisme, from Latin opportunus - convenient, profitable) in the labor movement, theory and practice, contrary to the real interests of the working class, pushing the labor movement on a path advantageous to the bourgeoisie. O. directly or indirectly, by means of conciliation and open surrender or through unjustified and provocative actions, adapts and subordinates the labor movement to the interests of its class opponents) сущность left radical phrases.
  16. Sergejluf
    Sergejluf 31 August 2015 10: 18 New
    And what is the socio-economic and political system in our country?
    The top lives under capitalism !! ??
    Mid-level administration - still under socialism !! ??
    And where are the people ??????????
    1. 6 inches
      6 inches 31 August 2015 21: 53 New
      And where is the people ?????????? a strange question ... if the top is at the top of the administration in the middle ... then the people understand where ...
  17. unknown
    unknown 31 August 2015 10: 21 New
    According to the Theoretical History of Gregory Kvasha, Russia is the Empire, which is in the Ideological period. It will continue until 2025. Then, the Imperial era for Russia will end and it will switch to the Western path of development. The USA and China, according to this concept, are the Totalitarian Doubles of Russia. Their greatness is associated with the imperial development of Russia. With the end of the Imperial cycle, the need for the Doubles will disappear. In 2017, the United States entered the Ideological Period, respectively, relations with Russia escalated, Shadow always wants to take the place of the Master, but always loses. In 2021, China enters the Ideological period, the Shadow struggle will intensify at the throne of the Empire. in 2017, Germany enters the Ideological period, Liberation awaits it, from the Jewish (European) Union and NATO.
    After 2025, the Empire will remain, this is Iran. He will have his Shadows, Totalitarian counterparts.
    1. smith7
      smith7 31 August 2015 14: 12 New
      Gregory is burning! There is still not enough "... and then the planet will hit the Earth’s axis, there will be a big split ..." lol
    2. ivanovbg
      ivanovbg 31 August 2015 19: 32 New
      This Gregory just has Kvasha in his head :)
    3. 6 inches
      6 inches 31 August 2015 21: 54 New
      you are not mistaken site? Occultists on another page ..
  18. Abracadabrus
    Abracadabrus 2 September 2015 23: 41 New
    I do not presume to judge particulars, but in general, the article leaves some kind of abominable feeling. It seems that the author for a long time accumulated bile in half with sewage, and today burst out a stormy stream, meaningless and merciless.