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Indian military ordered brahmos 2 regimental kits

The joint Indian-Russian company BrahMos Aerospace has received an order from the Indian ground forces for the supply of 2-x regimental cruise missile sets BrahMos, the newspaper reported Look with reference to the general director of the company Sudhir Misra.

“We received an order for the supply of two regimental sets of cruise missiles BrahMos for the ground forces of India. We expect that within two months more orders will follow for this type of troops, ”said Mishra.

“They also ordered rockets to equip five squadrons of the Indian Air Force,” he added.

According to the general director, “more than ten ships of the Indian naval forces are equipped with or are equipped with adapted BrahMos versions”.

Mishra recalled that "the government organizations of Russia and India have invested about 3 billion dollars in a joint venture, and now its value has increased to 7 billion."

The general director earlier said at the Zhukovsky air show that the hypersonic missile developed by the company "could be built in about six to seven years."

Help newspaper: “BrahMos is a two-stage cruise missile with a solid-fuel starting first stage, which accelerates it to supersonic speed, after which it is separated. The rocket has a range of up to 290 kilometers and retains a supersonic speed throughout the entire flight. The altitude can be up to 15 kilometers, and the lowest altitude can be up to 10 meters. The rocket carries an ordinary warhead weighing from 200 to 300 kilograms. ”
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  1. dsi
    dsi 28 August 2015 12: 11
    and these are flowers ...
    1. vodolaz
      vodolaz 28 August 2015 12: 35
      Hindus, too, do not want to lag behind in armaments in their region, otherwise it may end in failure. Do it right.
  2. lelikas
    lelikas 28 August 2015 12: 11
    Ontario - one missile and on ships with planes and a ground version.
    1. Inok10
      Inok10 28 August 2015 12: 27
      .. everything is correct .. with their borders, they need 10 such regiments .. sea border 6083 km. .. hi
  3. andrei332809
    andrei332809 28 August 2015 12: 15
    nostalgia feel
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    ;% 20frameborder = "0"> ]
  4. kolkulon
    kolkulon 28 August 2015 12: 31
    Do we have them in service? I look only the Indians order them.
    1. VP
      VP 28 August 2015 12: 41
      This is our redone Onyx
    2. i80186
      i80186 28 August 2015 12: 41
      Yeah, there is, the P-800 "Onyx" is called.
      1. VP
        VP 28 August 2015 12: 46
        Or rather, not even Onyx, but its export version of Yakhont, with a 2 times reduced range
  5. NSerzh
    NSerzh 28 August 2015 12: 32
    Indian and Chinese brothers are definitely arming against Shsha yes
    1. GoHardLikePutin
      GoHardLikePutin 28 August 2015 16: 27
      Hindus against China arms and Pakistan
  6. Ze Kot
    Ze Kot 28 August 2015 12: 33
    Today I watched a report from "MAKS" ... There "Bramos" with a rounded "muzzle" was shown.
    1. lelikas
      lelikas 28 August 2015 13: 13
      Fairing -
      1. Ze Kot
        Ze Kot 29 August 2015 00: 51
        Quote: lelikas
        Fairing -

        Got it. Thank.
  7. Maxim Shilin
    Maxim Shilin 28 August 2015 13: 27
    Good rockets, which for some people were a very unpleasant surprise, since there are no analogues in the world)))
  8. shans2
    shans2 28 August 2015 17: 41
    The Americans in the Stone Age with their subsonic tomahawks so far, this is a very big miscalculation, not being able to create supersonic anti-submarine missiles in 50 years.
    1. hrych
      hrych 28 August 2015 20: 45
      Yes, in general no. It was us who had to bring down their AUG and Co., without going into the air defense zone, PLO, the actions of the air wing and so that they did not have time to come to their senses, but for reliability a vigorous charge. The disadvantage is the large size and shorter range than subsonic missile launchers. The States have other tasks, a different concept, based on the striking power of an air wing, with a radius of more than 700 km, allegedly up to 1000, but one and a half hundred must be dropped on the US exaggeration. Their CR, although slow-moving, but bending around the terrain, or anti-ship missiles flying low above the water, become visible to the radars, jumping out from the horizon just 10 kilometers from the target (therefore, the s-300, the locator on the boom raises in order to see beyond the horizon) , The missile defense system simply does not see them, there is a calculation on the BB, which fly 200 km or more and for Voronezh jump out from the horizon for a couple of thousand km. Given the number of CDs, they can be effective, hence the concept of a global strike was born. The problem with the Russian Federation is that it takes several hours to fly to our centers on subsonic, and if, what, our BBs in Washington land in 20 minutes, the risk is not justified. Moreover, it is necessary to adjust the carriers to our shores very close because of the range of targets from the coast and 1 - 2 thousand Tomahawk range limitation, well, the instability of guidance with electronic warfare. Therefore, they decided to skip supersonic and immediately immerse themselves in hypersound, but ... But their main failure is our OGRLS "Container" and MRIS, which sees at an altitude of 0 meters to 200 km at a distance of 3000 km, with a deviation of meters, here is Tamaghawk loses its only advantage (the ability to sneak up unnoticed as much as possible). Our "Voronezh" will overlap from the BR and high-altitude bomb carriers, and the "Container" and from the KR, Aviation, Fleet, but also duplicate from the BR. Another chip, ZGRLS belay can see the movement of ground vehicles. Conclusion: before the "Container", Tamaghawk was dangerous. We will have 10 of them, each with a 180-degree view.