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Your lot is the burden of whites?

Bear the burden of whites, -
And the best sons

For hard work send
To the distant seas;
For service to the conquered
Gloomy tribes,
To the service of half-children,
And maybe - devils!
"The burden of a white man" R. Kipling

To begin with, Kipling wrote these lines, referring not only to Britain and the English itself, but also to all those who, by their labor, raise to their level those who still have a low level.

Not so long ago, an article by Ksenia Vdovikina “Penziak visited a non-existent country” was published in the Penza newspaper “Young Leninist” and since the popularity of the VO and ML website is incomparable, I wanted to expand its readership, so to speak, in my own words. It was about how a resident of Penza, Pavel Votchintsev, went to Somaliland as a volunteer. There, as part of the program of American businessman Jonathan Starr, in the country's capital city of Hargeisa needed to open ... a boarding school of high technologies. In the group with my countryman, two more Russians, two Canadians, ten Americans, a Brazilian and an Englishman, went there.

Your lot is the burden of whites?

In his time, the Polish writer Janusz Korczak, who died in the Hitler gas chamber, in his wonderful book “King Matt on the desert island” wrote that there are caring people with a warm and kind heart who believe that their goal is to help others. So, probably, all these people were just like that (and it pleases!), Although it is quite possible that someone went for money or adventure, and ... there is nothing reprehensible in this either. “All works are good, choose for your taste!” Someone selects and treats stray cats, someone teaches blacks - who likes what!

Our volunteer had to not only open the faculty of software there, but also whom not to work - well, well. He went there (as well as others) under the protection of a personal machine gunner with a Kalashnikov. Usually, such security - and in this unrecognized country, as if a non-existent country is impossible for a white person without security with a machine gun, - costs 100 dollars a day, but participants in the program have been given out machine gunners for free. Wherever you go - the guard follows, when you need and how long you have to wait, and that is right if life is dear to you. Well, the wallet too.

Feeding, even according to the American program, was not so easy. Pork is not eaten there - all Muslims. There is no beef, because there is no place to graze cows. Verblyuzhatinu (ugh!) Sent to export (I never thought!). Well, everything else is simply impossible, it’s impossible to buy anything on the market either, because we have a cleaner cleaner in our street closet.

And our dear penzenets ate fresh tortillas with bean paste, flavored with red pepper and pate in tuna cans. Water ... with water is even worse! They pump it from wells, clean it at a Soviet-era cleaning station, then bleach it into the pool and interfere with the stick - “the drink is ready!” But even with bleach it is not allowed to drink it raw. Although the Americans were warming it up a bit and ... drinking! Apparently in school they had bad biology and physics. After all, heat and boil these things are different! So Zadornov in their attitude here as rights!

God forbid getting there in the hospital. Everything is miserable, but stocks of dust-covered packages with syringes sent in humanitarian aid will last long. Treat - as God put on the soul. They can put a cast on an open fracture, without treating the wound! Why? Local and so get away!

Money in this "country" is considered kilograms - this is the level of inflation. And the prices are as follows: for one American dollar you can eat at a diner and buy a cartridge for a Kalashnikov! Since nobody wants to carry purchases for a kilo of money, all payments are made through mobile phones. That's how it is! At home in Russia, we are clearly lagging behind! The seller calls his "ah-di", you enter it into the phone, and the money is debited from the account. Bibicked the phone from the seller - you paid! Even the bus tickets so buy. At the same time, people cannot count in their mind how much 2 + 2 will be. But then all mobile phones. And how they use them our volunteer did not guess this riddle!

However, the locals somehow do not really suffer from this. Moreover, nobody especially works there, and sheer parasitism is the norm of life. Just all run the tribal clans, of which there are eight. And so they divide everything and give every man 40 dollars a month. He receives as much in the form of a salary, that is, he has enough food to eat twice a day, and he doesn’t need more. None of the locals went to 150 dollars for the post of secretary at this very high-tech college. “We have to work!” There was one enthusiast from Saudi Arabia, so how long is it enough for him there? The clan decides everything, supports, so what to strain? Such a mentality there, which these same volunteers - in my opinion, it is not clear why - decided to overcome.

And ... overcome! At first one socket was for the whole class - they made a computer network. They trained 50 students, including 18 girls, which is nonsense by local standards. But in the end everything ended with the fact that 13 graduates of this college received scholarships in universities ... USA. “And their number is growing every year!” The volunteer told the ML happily. Of course, there is a reason for joy, although personally I would prefer to see them in our Penza University, studying for money from their government - at least some of our country had a benefit. But no - they went to study in the United States. There, again, they will feel like second-rate people. With affection, they will remember their childhood in a reed-drenched clay hut, where 20-30 people sleep side by side on the floor, and they will never be more equal than 100% Yankees! “My village is a dream to me, my homeland cannot let go!” - it was written about our people, with the same mentality for Russia, whose age is calculated for more than one hundred years. And what's in there? Clans? "Kalash", vorivshuyusya flesh and blood of parasitism? In the States, this was not achieved in 150 years. Many blacks still do not work today, explaining that their ancestors were slaves. Century sociologists determine the life of three generations. So how many generations ago were the ancestors of this man slaves? And then ... I graduated from the college under the “brain export” program and immediately changed my psychology? It's funny to even talk about it.

With desire and patience, as they say, you can even teach a hare to smoke, but what pleasure will it give him? After all, how many volunteers from around the world have already been to Africa and what have they done well? Were you able to prevent an Ebola outbreak? Not! Were you able to eradicate the custom of male circumcision with a stupid razor or hunting knife and female clitoria in the local tribes? Not! Overcome the custom to knock out teeth when initiating - also not. Finished with wars, hunger, mass illiteracy? Someone will say that they are few and that they are given little. No - they are very many, and give them a lot. So, the local regimes do not take the same “humanitarian aid” in the line of fighting hunger: “Food with GMOs!” Do you want to pick and choose?

Of course, considerations of humanism seem to demand that all people be raised to our level. It is known that only 24% of the adult population of Burkina Faso, for example, can read and write, while the number of literate women is almost two times less than that of men. Well, let's make them all literally polls ?! And they will come to us in gratitude and ... destroy our culture!

We see today the consequences of the civilizing mission of the West on the example of Europe. The masses of migrants with cell phones cross its borders and ... destroy its economy and culture. There are too many migrants and they multiply too quickly compared to the local white population. At the same time retain their own culture. They do not want to adopt the local culture, and they are in their own right. But what is this about the locals? Well, as a result, again an excerpt from Kipling: Bear the burden of whites, -
And let no one wait
No laurels, no rewards
But know, the day will come -
Wait for you from your peers
You are a wise judgment
And weigh it with indifference
He is your feat then.

And the question is: did anyone wait for the “wise judgment” from the inhabitants of the African continent? For the most part, Africans look at Europeans in a consumer, no more. And here's another thought: if I go somewhere as a volunteer, then the best way is to us, to the North, or to the Far East. There, too, there is where to bear the "burden of whites", and there our land!
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  1. strelets
    strelets 7 September 2015 06: 22 New
    Lord, were they taught programming or something? It would be better to teach hands to wash before eating. It’s more useful for them.
    As for volunteering in Russia, I absolutely agree. You don’t even have to travel far. Each city has an orphanage or nursing home. Every region has forgotten villages. Why risk your life and health? It’s better to help your country.
  2. VladimirRG
    VladimirRG 7 September 2015 06: 58 New
    Well, finally, a competent article !!!! and this applies not only to Africa but the Middle East and Central Asia.
    1. RBLip
      RBLip 7 September 2015 10: 50 New
      Quote: VladimirRG
      Well, finally, a competent article !!!! and this applies not only to Africa but the Middle East and Central Asia.

      this entire article can be put in one joke. which is not a joke at all ...
      A black man lies under a palm tree in his homeland, is growing younger. A businessman from Europe passes by. - Here you are a black man, lying idle, but you could climb a palm tree, pick up bananas. Go to the market and sell. - What for? - Well, why? With the money from the sold, you buy a trolley and you get a lot more! - What for? - Yes, you can already buy a truck from a sold one and carry large volumes, then you will hire workers, and you will lie and do nothing! - And in principle, I am lying and do not do anything!
  3. Support
    Support 7 September 2015 07: 14 New
    What is humanism? In relation to whom? To these orcs? What for they surrendered to us? Between white and non-white, I will choose white - so what, that after that I am racist. But I helped my ..... And let the orcs do themselves ...
    1. dmb
      dmb 7 September 2015 13: 01 New
      Well then, do not be surprised that over time you will have orcs in Kamchatka. No, of course, at first they will populate the more settled European part, but if in the Kamchatka region the conditions and standard of living are higher than in Ryazan, then they will come to you. Capitalism sir, he does not give another way. Already wrote, but I repeat. When in Tajikistan, Russia built factories. schools and hospitals, it thus made it possible not only to earn a piece of bread for Tajiks, but also brought up the best of them, so that they would gradually move from terry feudalism to a higher society. Today, we all live in capitalism and are sliding towards feudalism, and humanism has nothing to do with it.
      1. rc56
        rc56 7 September 2015 17: 09 New
        So, dear, you want to say that in today's Tajikistan is not feudalism?

        I do not know how it is now, but in the 80s. The twentieth century, when the USSR lived "under developed socialism" ... - almost the entire Central Asian and Transcaucasian "backwoods" lived under the very conditions of terry feudalism (and the North Caucasus as well).

        What is it that we returned from the “eve” of communism in the era of the initial accumulation of capital? Because of this, our former suburbs have moved much forward ???
    2. strannik1985
      strannik1985 8 September 2015 21: 12 New
      Hee hee xs ... then don’t be surprised if you are written to the orcs. Margaret Thatcher said words about 15 million people not so long ago.
  4. parusnik
    parusnik 7 September 2015 07: 38 New
    For the most part, Africans look at Europeans as consumers, no more..... Here you have the consumerism .. We, too, have Africans, white, who lack jamon and parmesan ...
  5. Jääkorppi
    Jääkorppi 7 September 2015 08: 11 New
    A man is looking for a way through volunteering to blame the West, and this has nothing to do with charity! We are not Europeans and under the guise of a "white man's duty" we are not engaged in colonization! The resettlement of peoples in Europe has nothing to do with this, this is another project! And if not for the predatory imperial policies of the countries of Europe, then Africa would have lived better!
  6. Free wind
    Free wind 7 September 2015 08: 58 New
    And what's wrong with camel meat? Good meat and nothing to spit. and the Americans are not dead? Well, that means normal water, and they warmed up so that bleach would disappear faster. sometimes at a water station, when drunk, they bleed chlorine into the water, even the flies turn white, and we are still jerking. But we do not need volunteers in Siberia, we can somehow manage without them. In general, feeding blacks is a futile task, feed 100 hungry blacks today, in a year you will receive 200 hungry blacks.
    1. pv1005
      pv1005 7 September 2015 15: 16 New
      feed 100 hungry blacks today, in a year you will receive 200 hungry blacks

      This conclusion is well demonstrated in the children's cartoon "Vacations Boniface." laughing
  7. Fox
    Fox 7 September 2015 09: 20 New
    I didn’t understand the joke. To go to some kind of train, to learn something high technology, at a time when they will climb trees in their native country! Yes, go to the nearest school, teach children what you know, and don’t take a steam bath.
  8. Fotoceva62
    Fotoceva62 7 September 2015 09: 21 New
    There is little sense in this help, if at all. Let the blacks live at home because they are racists wherever there white (I know what I'm writing about). The USSR helped these "brothers", and at that time the people in our villages lived in bestial conditions.
    Maybe there's nothing to do at home? Can we solve all the problems? Weak at home needing help?
    Negroes live at their own level of development and pull them by the ears to a civilization that is alien to them in my opinion is unnecessary. Those more Russia and Russian, we do not need to impose feelings of guilt.
  9. aviator1913
    aviator1913 7 September 2015 09: 43 New
    I have a friend from Somalia. Good man, good civil engineer. I did not notice any inconvenience or African attitude to work or communication. He studied at Russian universities, speaks excellent 3 languages. He is going to go back to his homeland and improve the life of the locals there. Therefore, Somalis are also different.

    The Americans are right in doing what they select the best and bring to their country (except for the Latinos, of course, who come mostly illegally, but they are more cultured than African blacks or Arabs), unlike Europeans who have real mediocrity and idlers in their main mass.
  10. 3HATOK
    3HATOK 7 September 2015 10: 20 New
    He worked in West Africa for several years, sometimes there are normal smart guys, but the total mass is quiet horror ....
    Pity and tolerance for them disappears after 2 weeks, you see - they have what they deserve!
  11. Alekst
    Alekst 7 September 2015 10: 20 New
    Quote: VladimirRG
    Well, finally, a competent article !!!! and this applies not only to Africa but the Middle East and Central Asia.

    yes, millions of migrant workers from Central Asia who go to work, respected earnings, i.e. work, well, very similar ...
    1. VladimirRG
      VladimirRG 8 September 2015 08: 32 New
      Of course, work ... herd. and what do you mean by that?
  12. 3HATOK
    3HATOK 7 September 2015 10: 24 New
    Quote: Alekst
    Quote: VladimirRG
    Well, finally, a competent article !!!! and this applies not only to Africa but the Middle East and Central Asia.

    yes, millions of migrant workers from Central Asia who go to work, respected earnings, i.e. work, well, very similar ...

    In general, they don’t look like Soviet Asians compared to blacks - they work like Germans, so we were lucky incomparably more .....
  13. Hort
    Hort 7 September 2015 10: 55 New
    They also need to block the humanitarian aid. And instead of it to supply tools
    1. marlin1203
      marlin1203 7 September 2015 11: 15 New
      So they will trade them! laughing
      1. Hort
        Hort 7 September 2015 17: 02 New
        start trading, stop supplying. Business then :) And let them further evolve themselves
  14. Mercenary
    Mercenary 7 September 2015 12: 08 New
    They were assured that the border of the Negro Republic of Europe with Russia would soon be!
    And it’s time for the states all blacks to buy tickets for the ship and let these advanced ones raise the culture and economy in their tribes, headed by Obama! laughing
    1. Free wind
      Free wind 7 September 2015 13: 17 New
      Already, soon 200 years will be, as there is a program for the resettlement of blacks in Africa. Progressive blacks created the country of Liberia in Africa, freedom, and blacks who wanted to, wanted to resettle there. Only in almost 200 years, just over 10 thousand blacks have left for Africa. And those who left in speed began to catch their relatives in the jungle, and sell them back.
  15. strannik1985
    strannik1985 8 September 2015 21: 23 New
    Africa’s misfortune is in its wealth. This continent is still a zone of interests of major powers, an independent (and therefore financially, economically, militarily strong regime in such conditions will not appear). For example, France in the 60-70s was not able to directly control the collapsing the colonial empire began to work actively towards the formation of a stable self-reproducing pro-French line in the actions of the newly formed geopolitical objects. Political control was ensured by the accumulated influence during the transfer of power to the new leaders of the colonies, and the subsequent training of representatives of new elites in higher educational institutions of France, creating a kind of francophile layer in the ruling elites and intelligentsia of the young states. Economically, the new states were gradually included in the orbit of the renewed French economy, which was moving from direct pumping of resources from controlled colonies to indirect access to raw materials and labor. At the same time, profit was now accumulated mainly in the hands of transnational corporations, and the costs of maintaining local social infrastructure now fell on the shoulders of local "independent" administrations.

    The war in Mali, where France was on the side of the local government against radical Islamists and the tauregs who joined them, is a typical colonial war to protect its sphere of influence and the economic interests of its companies. The practice of French foreign policy shows that France can cooperate with the same Islamists and sometimes with the same organizations, the war against which is used as a pretext for military intervention in the affairs of Mali. There are typical double standards here, when in some countries the militants of the same Al-Qaeda are considered “freedom fighters”, and in others, where their presence is not profitable, they are labeled “terrorists” and “Islamic radicals,” it is about the same organization operating simultaneously in several countries at once. A wide network of military bases, which are scattered throughout the former colonies, allows you to quickly respond to threats to the established order of things.
    And the African rulers themselves are different, take the same Sankara.
  16. VladimirRG
    VladimirRG 9 September 2015 07: 09 New
    Yes, where does France or Sankara. it's all about that. The fact is that these guys are simply not socially ready for the civilization that Europeans are offering them. and how many do not teach them, they will all the same be ruffled and turned into g .... about.
    1. strannik1985
      strannik1985 9 September 2015 08: 11 New
      In Russia, the peasantry made up the vast majority of the population, in 1913 60% of the peasantry belonged to the poor, in 1927 / 28-70-75% were not socially ready? How then did industrialization and collectivization take place? Is it not otherwise that the commissioners drove the people into the bright future with the Nagans?
      There will be a strong country with a normal economy, army and other things, they will be socially prepared, only Algeria and South Africa from all over the continent are suitable for this role.
  17. Reptiloid
    Reptiloid 9 September 2015 18: 28 New
    Quote: parusnik
    For the most part, Africans look at Europeans as consumers, no more..... Here you have the consumerism .. We, too, have Africans, white, who lack jamon and parmesan ...

    Probably not only with us, but those who whine and beg for the aggressor, trying to stick products unknown as manufactured.
  18. Reptiloid
    Reptiloid 9 September 2015 18: 58 New
    There are proverbs suitable about a log in his eye, a prophet in his Fatherland, could not find poems about what is better to help a loved one than to search in the distant. Well, this volunteer does not see problems around him .... Again --- the world looked .