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There is no end to the revolution

The case of Trotsky lives and wins in the US

Today, neoconservatives have the greatest influence in the US government. It is this narrow elite circle that forms the strategic course of Washington to escalate the war, the main target of which is Russia. The revolution in Ukraine organized by the neocons, followed by the seizure of the country, is only one of the stages of this confrontation.

How did it happen that neocons became the owners of such exceptional power in America? Why can they so easily dislodge and appoint key government officials, including the Secretary of Defense? Why is this political clique pushing the United States onto the path of endless wars?

To answer these questions, we turn first to stories the success of one of the most influential representatives of the neoconservatives Andrew Marshall.

Ideal husband

Marshall is indeed the most obvious example of an American politician with a huge influence, unlimited framework of the Republican or Democratic Party. Former director of the Pentagon Office of the Comprehensive Assessment (SVR) - the generator of the American strategy, he held this post from 1973 to 2015 year. Resigned at the age of 93. All this time, each new US president, regardless of his party affiliation, reassigned Marshall to the position.

“The real name of the big game unfolded in the world is not democracy at all, but a crusade against Russia”
So, we have before us the chief strategist of American foreign policy, defense and national security, one of those who determined the course of the United States, which cannot be called anything other than militaristic, aimed at escalating the war. But the main targets of this policy were the USSR first, and then Russia.

Notable friends of Marshall. He was brought to the Pentagon by Henry Kissinger, a man also of non-partisan influence. After 20 years of work at the American strategic research center of the RAND corporation (Research and Development - “Research and Development”) Marshall was recruited as a consultant, he had to deal with issues of war with the USSR.

Among the stellar protégés of Marshall are also named former Vice President under Bush Jr. and Secretary of Defense under Bush Sr. Dick Cheney, Secretary of Defense in 1975 – 1977 (Gerald Ford Administration) and Deputy Minister of Defense from 2001 to 2005, Paul Wolfowitz.

Marshall's position has always remained unshakable. The only person who tried to remove him from office and liquidate the SVR was Defense Minister Chuck Hagel, who was appointed by Barack Obama at the beginning of 2013. Nobody could explain the reason for this decision of Hagel, since the reports of the SVR to the Secretary of Defense are strictly classified. Several congressional members from both parties sent letters of protest to Heigl. Former Pentagon chief Donald Rumsfeld wrote that closing a SVR would be a serious mistake, describing Marshall himself as a man who had been at the forefront of important transformations for 40 years. “Marshall worked with 13 ministers of defense,” Rumsfeld noted, “and educated generations of national security thinkers.”

There is no end to the revolution

Andrei Sedykh collage

The conflict ended with the fact that in November 2014, US Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel unexpectedly behind the scenes was dismissed. Marshall and his SVR remained in their places.

The well-known American publicist Bob Woodward wrote about the underlying causes of this situation. Back in 2009, Hagel visited the White House and, in a private conversation with Obama, warned that there was a shadow of subversive power inside the Pentagon that was not controlled by the highest American authorities. “We have entered a time called the new world order,” Hagel allegedly told Obama. - We do not control it. But you have to figure out our role. You must ask the military why we use our armed forces. ”

English publicist S. Watson, in connection with the resignation of Hagle from the post of Secretary of Defense, writes: “Heigl lost his position because he joined the fight against the shadow globalist forces inside the US military, which he warned Obama about. It was about neoconservatives. ”

"Weimar Russia"

American journalist M. Rosenberg, who calls Obama the king of the neocons and the military president, writes: “The same people who actively promoted the war in Iraq now want the US to bomb Iran and demand action against Russia. You can call them neo-cons or a gang of Kristol-Lieberman-Dershowitz-Krauthammer-Pearl-Faith-Peretz, who always want the US to be tough. Now these same neo-cons have demanded to go to war with Russia. ”

After Hagl, the post of Secretary of Defense was taken by the neocon Ashton Carter. In 1999, he co-authored with the former head of the Pentagon, William Perry, wrote the book "Preventive Defense", where a list of threats to the United States was presented. In the first place it was, in the words of the authors, "Weimar Russia", which can undertake aggression.

Proof of the fact that the neocons are afraid of the rebirth of Russia as an empire, are the memoirs of the former CIA director and defense minister Robert Gates. In particular, they describe Cheney’s position in this way: “When the USSR collapsed in 1991, Dick wanted to see not only the collapse of the Soviet Union and the Russian Empire, but also Russia itself ...”

But analyst Kevin MacDonald’s opinion: “The real name of the big game unfolded in the world is not democracy at all, but the neoconservative crusade against Russia ... The American neo-cons are the“ permanent government ”of the United States.

Publicist Robert Peri believes that this policy extends beyond Russia, including the post-Soviet space: “The American neocons,” Peri writes, “destabilized Ukraine and organized a regime change on the border with Russia. They brought the Nazis to power. They supported al-Qaida in the war against the Soviet troops in Afghanistan. During the Bush presidency, they implemented a policy of aggressively advancing NATO to the east and supported anti-Russian regimes in the post-Soviet space. These same neocons initiated an invasion of Iraq and armed intervention in Libya. ”

The prize fund

In 2007, the neoconservatives created the Center for a New American Security (CNAS). Along with the SVR, he became an influential intellectual force determining the foreign and military policies of the Obama administration. The founders of the center, Kurt Campbell and Michel Flurnoy, were promoted to important posts in the US foreign affairs and military departments. Campbell is appointed US Undersecretary of State for East Asia, and Flurna is Assistant Secretary of State for Political Affairs, and is being appointed to the post of Secretary of Defense after Ashton Carter. After these personnel changes, CNAS was led by retired colonel John Nagle, a renowned expert on irregular warfare, including anti-guerrilla (anti-rebel) actions and punitive operations related to the suppression of the uprisings and political repression.

CNAS gathered the most famous strategists in the field of irregular war with an emphasis on its forms such as the "color revolutions" and subversive actions.

When he was defense minister, Gates, in alliance with the neoconservatives, began to change the orientation of the American military strategy from traditional to irregular. He introduces a new concept - "hybrid war", which is a combination of traditional and irregular.

General David Petraeus made the irregular war the basis of American military strategy. So the Pentagon became the main organizer of the "color revolutions" and other covert operations.

Both Gates and Petraeus were deeply influenced by the neo-conservative Frederick Kagan, Ph.D. in Russian military history and an active supporter of escalating tensions.

His wife, Kimberly Kagan, is the founder and president of the Institute for the Study of War. She is lobbying for the interests of transnational armies. Through its agents, it introduces the idea of ​​creating private military companies (PMCs) in national states in order to turn them into cells of transnational PMCs fighting for the interests of neocons.

Brother Frederick - Neocon Robert Kagan is an adviser on foreign policy issues of such famous Russophobes as John McCain and Mitt Romney. Kagan founded the New American Century project, which formed the basis of the militaristic policies of President Bush Jr. and pushed America to aggression in Afghanistan and Iraq.

He also became an adviser to Obama and Hillary Clinton. Wife and ally of Kagan - the famous Victoria Nuland.

One of the important tools in the conduct of an unconventional war in the form of revolution is the Neocon Fund for the Support of Democracy (NED), which has branches throughout the world.

Here is what Robert Perry writes about the foundation’s activities in Ukraine: “NED with a budget of 100 of millions of dollars financed 65 projects, including training of activists, supporting journalists, stimulating business groups, etc. Thus, a comprehensive and efficient network was created, aimed at destabilization of the government in the name of promoting democracy. "

NED President Karl Gershman in an article published in September 2013 of the Washington Post said: “Ukraine is the biggest prize. The possibilities are enormous. ”

Strauss demarche

The founder of the neoconservatism philosophy can be considered Leo Strauss (1899 – 1973). Headed by Marshall, the Pentagon UVO since its inception has become a base for students of Strauss and supporters of his ideas.

In 1932, Strauss received a Rockefeller Foundation scholarship and was able to leave Germany. After studying in England and in France, he moved to America. The scholarship was organized by Karl Schmitt, a German philosopher and political theorist who was called the crowned lawyer of the Third Reich.

Karl Schmitt was subordinate to the founder and head of the Gestapo Göring. It was Schmitt, whom Hitler ordered to bring all the laws of Germany in line with the theory of Nazism, to justify a total war against those who have the label of an enemy of the Nazi state.

In the book The Partisan Theory, Schmitt argues that a regular war being waged by the armed forces will increasingly give way to the confrontation waged by irregular armies.

Schmitt describes three types (components) of such a war: war-revolution, guerilla war and subversive war, sabotage (secret). As an example, Schmitt leads the revolution in Russia, showing how effective are the actions of irregular underground forces in the overthrow of governments.

Echoes of this very idea we see today in a series of “color revolutions”, with the help of which the American neoconservatives change regimes and sweep away the states from the face of the earth.

As for the second type of irregular war, that is, the struggle of partisan popular forces in the occupied territory, Schmitt cites the partisan movement in the USSR as an example: “During the Second World War, Russian partisans, according to experts, diverted about twenty German divisions and thereby making a significant contribution to the outcome of the war. "

The idea of ​​developing a strategy to combat the partisans (rebels) who rebel against the conqueror is also reflected in the Strauss philosophy. Guided by it, the American neoconservatives compose the Instruction on the conduct of anti-insurgency operations as an element of the irregular war, which today is being implemented by the Pentagon in Ukraine.

The third component of the irregular war (subversive, subversive or secret) is aimed at undermining the potential and attitudes of the target state with the help of terrorist acts, sabotage, economic, political, spiritual, demographic and other means.

Taking this idea as a guide to action, the neocon and ward of Marshall Donald Rumsfeld, when he was minister of defense, introduces the concepts of “indirect approach” to war and “indirect (secret) actions”. Explaining what it is, Rumsfeld, in particular, stated: "We are trying to determine how to wage war against what is not a nation state, and how to wage war in countries with which we are not at war."

Schmitt in the book “The Partisan Theory” concludes about the relationship between irregular and regular wars in modern strategy: “This practically implies the question of how quantitatively does the battle of the regular army in open war to other fighting methods that are not openly military evaluate. Mao answers this question with clear figures: a nine-tenths revolutionary war is an undiscovered, irregular war and one tenth is an open war of the military. On this basis, the German general Helmut Staedke derived the definition of a partisan: a partisan is a fighter of the aforementioned nine-tenths of the war, which provides only the last tenth of the regular armed forces. Mao Zedong does not lose sight of the fact that this last tenth is decisive for the end of the war. ”

Constructive chaos

Time magazine named Leo Strauss one of the most influential and powerful figures in Washington, who inspired the conservative revolution in Congress and the intellectual godfather of the frankly fascist hard-line program.

The Strauss philosophy highlights a number of key ideas on which it is based.

1. Building a global unipolar world order, establishing the dominance of a world empire under the authority of a tyrant.

2. Imperialist militarism and staking on war, peace through constant war is the fundamental principle of the neoconservatives.

3. The division of society into the elite (higher) and the masses (lower).

4. Hiding the true goals of the elite from the lower, the esotericism of the elite (the highest is the secret elite).

5. Ways of coming to power of the secret elite - revolution, conspiracy of intellectuals, war.

6. A noble lie is a constant deception by the ruling elite of its citizens.

7. The primacy of the free market.

8. Liberalism.

American neoconservatives want to spread liberal democracy to the entire planet. Strauss writes that "the plebeian masses are numerous, prone to freedom" and, because of this, "they cannot be completely ignored." But since these are the masses of the lower plebeians, everything that is being done to establish order among them is legitimate. “If you can use democracy to turn the masses against their own freedom, this will be a great triumph,” Strauss notes.

From these ideas of Strauss, the pentagon concept of war developed by the neocons arises, the center of which is the population of the enemy.

Wars and revolutions are called upon to destroy states and create chaos from which a world empire should grow under the authority of a tyrant. Strauss praised cleansing violence and believed that only the master of slaves was truly humane. By the way, Strauss is the author of the theory of controlled chaos. “The secret elite comes to power through wars and revolutions,” he writes. “To retain and secure its power, it needs constructive (controlled) chaos aimed at suppressing all forms of resistance.”

There is another theorist who has had a tremendous impact on the neoconservatives. This is Leon Trotsky. “The revolutionary ideology of neoconservatism,” writes American journalist Michael Lind, “is in fact a Trotskyist theory of permanent revolution.” The very concept of "red terror" was formulated by Trotsky.

Extreme truth

As for the idea of ​​a noble lie, that is, a constant deception by the ruling elite of its citizens, in this regard, it is appropriate to recall the following remark by the Director of the CIA, William Casey: “We consider our disinformation program successful only when everything that American society believes is instilled them a lie. ”

“The level of 11 September 2001 terrorist attacks was out of reach for Osama bin Laden and his militants”
How can you not remember Orwell: "In times of general lie, telling the truth is extremism."

Fake-flagged operations based on the neoconservative principle of lies are an important component of the strategy of irregular warfare. As an example of such an operation, organized by the neocons, some people name the terrorist attacks in America in September 2001 of the year. Here is what researcher and publicist Jeffrey Steinberg writes, in particular: “During the past 30 years, the followers of Strauss have acted as an underground network in and around the American government, waiting for the moment to make a coup. They committed their neoconservative putsch on September 11 on 2001. The terrorist attacks in the US 9 / 11 could not have happened without the participation of the leadership of the US national security system, who knew all the vulnerabilities to the point. These attacks were the most complicated operation of the secret irregular war. This level was out of reach for Osama bin Laden and his militants. The statement that bin Laden committed this was perhaps the biggest lie in the style of Goebbels propaganda. To find out who was behind this covert operation, you need to ask the question: who benefits and who benefited from this operation? And the neo-cons benefited from this. ”

The world empire that the neocons are building, originated in the United States in the form of a deep state. Now it is growing and will inevitably swallow up the United States, whose leadership, controlled by the neocons, has actually become citizens of this state acting against its own country. And the world empire of the neocons is turning into a new specific type of global adversary with which Russia will have to deal.

The USA and Ukraine are occupied by one network of the neocon world empire.

As for us, we must again be ready to fight against Trotskyism and fascism, taking into account the new strategic realities.

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  1. Ibrahim Botashev
    Ibrahim Botashev 27 August 2015 14: 52
    Everything is clear: get ready for battle on all fronts! From the Internet to mailboxes! As they say, victory will be ours! And if without sentiment, then the basis of our victory is the morality of our society and people! War is won in the rear, but the information is in the minds and hearts! soldierI note that with morality there is a problem that needs to be solved! angry
    1. tomket
      tomket 27 August 2015 15: 01
      Quote: Ibragim Botashev
      War is won in the rear, and the information is in the minds and hearts!

      Yeah. After Vasilyeva, victory in the rear is not far off! In general, after such spitting, I want to send all this reasoning about neoconservatives, controlled chaos and the morality of our society. Reasoning about a "spherical horse in a vacuum" that has nothing to do with reality.
      1. Dry_T-50
        Dry_T-50 27 August 2015 15: 06
        Quote: tomket
        After Vasilyeva victory in the rear is not far off!

        So what are we waiting for? Take a helmet and go to Maidan on Red Square, the US Embassy staff will feed you cookies there. Just keep in mind that a sniper bullet can fly
        1. tomket
          tomket 27 August 2015 15: 22
          Quote: Sukhoy_T-50
          So what are we waiting for? Take a helmet and go to Maidan on Red Square, the US Embassy staff will feed you cookies there. Just keep in mind that a sniper bullet can fly

          But will I look at you at the end of the Maidan and Ukraine? We will increase gas prices, or do you want in Ukraine? we will increase the osago. What? against? wanted like in Ukraine? Let go of Vasilyev, even this clowning with an otmaz Serdyukov did not finish. Again against? again wanted like in Ukraine?
          1. Svetlana
            Svetlana 27 August 2015 17: 02
            Quote: tomket
            But will I look at you at the end with Maidan and Ukraine?

            Not in this case. In Ukraine, the people rightly demanded change. But you need to fight with the system using not such methods. Maidan in Russia will not solve anything, but will create only chaos and a repetition of the situation in Ukraine. The West needs it to tear Russia apart, as well as Dill, and quickly. Slavic peoples need to unite and together find a way to fight the gangster system. But they made us enemies, they separated us and rule us separately, and we still kill each other.
          2. Vlad5307
            Vlad5307 27 August 2015 21: 51
            Whimpering at VO "Vasilievs" cannot be overcome, join the NOD, to its actions and deeds!
            Here is the NOD site, it is necessary to start somewhere and not trynde how we are robbed by those on whom the neocons have relied - apologists for world fascism! hi
      2. There are a lot of us
        There are a lot of us 27 August 2015 15: 45
        Is it worth it to get hung up on this woman with slippers ...
      3. Asadullah
        Asadullah 27 August 2015 20: 53
        After Vasilyeva

        This Vasilieva surrendered to you .... look at what cars are parked at Novoryazanskaya at the GUEBiPK. And individually, all such lovely people ....
    2. armageddon
      armageddon 27 August 2015 15: 22
      Hmm ... Theory by theory ... Life and the whole History of Mankind says something else ... Personality !!! Example: Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin !!! AND ALL plans and ALL theory in the ass !!! So I’m sure: THE ENEMY WILL NOT PASS — VICTORY WILL BE FOR US !!!
    3. Tambov Wolf
      Tambov Wolf 27 August 2015 19: 43
      First, let our shameless power become moral. And then we’ve heard a song about spirituality and morality for about 50 years.
      1. Vlad5307
        Vlad5307 27 August 2015 21: 53
        I repeat: You can't beat the Vasilyevs by whimpering at VO, join the NOD, to its actions and deeds!
        Here is the NOD site, it is necessary to start somewhere and not trynde how we are robbed by those on whom the neocons have relied - apologists for world fascism! hi
    4. Vega
      Vega 27 August 2015 20: 43
      I agree with the author. The problem is not only with morality, an even bigger problem with conscience. A person with a conscience will not commit crimes, deception, but without it - please. And in order for some to have a conscience cut through, they must be responsible for their actions and words, both morally and materially. Previously, the sentences had a clause "with compensation for material damage," now, unfortunately, no.
  2. voyaka uh
    voyaka uh 27 August 2015 14: 59
    "Today, neoconservatives enjoy the greatest influence in the US government" ////

    Here are those hello!
    Already about six years old - no wink . Today, the greatest influence in the power structures of the United States
    Liberals from the Democratic Party. The last neoconservative president was
    George W. Bush is a Republican.
    1. tomket
      tomket 27 August 2015 15: 03
      Quote: voyaka uh
      George W. Bush is a Republican.

      Was Jord, will become Jeff.
    2. Metallurgist
      Metallurgist 27 August 2015 15: 04
      Today, the greatest influence in the US power structures is the Jews.
      Everything else - from the evil one and FSUs to which wing or party they belong.
      As soon as the Jews on the left agree with the Jews on the right, the movement will go. And so - well, they show some debates, shakes, polls ... Bullshit is all ...
      1. Weyland
        Weyland 27 August 2015 19: 31
        Quote: Metallurg
        Today, Jews are the most influential in US power structures.

        Oh no no no! Don’t you know that Article 282 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation is even worse than Article 228? am
        It was necessary to write politically correct:
        "Today, Kissinger, Wolfowitz, Kagan, Nuland (Nudelman), Lieberman, Dershowitz, Krauthammer, Peretz, Gershman, Strauss, listed in the article, enjoy the greatest influence in the US government structures ... "
        Then - everything will be understood, and you will dig up the figs! laughing
    3. ava09
      ava09 27 August 2015 16: 37
      The author had in mind the supra-party influence on the authorities.
      1. VseDoFeNi
        VseDoFeNi 28 August 2015 05: 14
        Quote: ava09
        The author had in mind the supra-party influence on the authorities.

        And the Rothschilds with the Rockefellers, too, of course. laughing
  3. halzan7
    halzan7 27 August 2015 15: 17
    If in our country the level of general education of the population and patriotic attitude are restored. There can be no talk of any revolution. But at the moment, problems with education are only growing and expanding. Most children do not understand the information they read, and it’s scary to talk about its analysis in general. I very much hope that something breaks in the heads of our ministers and they too begin to think about the future !!!
    1. VseDoFeNi
      VseDoFeNi 28 August 2015 05: 30
      Quote: Halzan7
      I very much hope that something breaks in the heads of our ministers and they too begin to think about the future !!!

      I really hope that something will be fixed in the heads of the parents and they will begin to pay attention to their children, and not just earn money. Teachers also go to work for the loot, and not for raising other people's children. Religion dough, understand.
  4. dmb
    dmb 27 August 2015 15: 19
    Well, I understood everything, except for one thing, from what Budun did Trotsky become a neoconservative? The "girl" clearly did not bother studying the theory much.
  5. red rocket
    red rocket 27 August 2015 15: 37
    I hate the party of crooks and thieves! angry
  6. razzhivin
    razzhivin 27 August 2015 16: 08
    wonderful article ... THANKS TO THE AUTHOR ...
  7. Dr. Bormental
    Dr. Bormental 27 August 2015 16: 11
    It's time to rally, to drop what you like or don't like. It's time to remember that you are Russian (Russian - as you want). This is the time of patriotism, the time of separation of grains from the chaff. We scold ourselves, the government, etc. in satisfying times. Now it's time to get together. Good times are gone. The whole world is against us, nobody needs us. Feeling the elbow is our victory. So it was and will be.
    Yes, and do not buy Roshen sweets and Lvivsk beer)))
    1. VseDoFeNi
      VseDoFeNi 28 August 2015 05: 34
      Quote: Dr. Bormental
      It's time to rally, to drop what you like or don't like.

      Our people have a wealth of experience in social life. This is the Russian community, and the Russian artel, and the zemstvo. In Russians there is a strong sense of justice, which allowed us to be caught in Mraxism.
  8. loaln
    loaln 27 August 2015 17: 04
    The story is beautiful, logical and seems to be true. But, most importantly, not new. In this regard, the question arises. Knowing all this, for what purpose did the special services miss or lead the USSR to this situation?
    And everything else is nonsense.
  9. Urri
    Urri 27 August 2015 17: 13
    More and more I see the work of media groups, on the old, time-tested, slogan:
    - autocracy;
    - Orthodoxy;
    - nationality.
    Is Konstantin Malofeev trying to restore the monarchy in Russia with money from the Romanovs? Well, Surkov to help him.
    1. rosarioagro
      rosarioagro 27 August 2015 19: 06
      Quote: Urri
      More and more I see the work of media groups, on the old, time-tested, slogan:
      - autocracy;
      - Orthodoxy;
      - nationality.

      Well, you can continue the chain of events - Poklonskaya launched a trial ball about the Romanovs, information flashed in the media that Dmitry Romanov wants to move to the Crimea, Zhirik blurted out in the open ... in my opinion, this is not the goal, that’s the canonization of it forever when to exaggerate the prophecy of Baba Vanga, which means that will go
  10. mad
    mad 27 August 2015 17: 37
    All of these people are covered in blood up to their waist !!! Hundreds of thousands of people laid down for their "wishlist" why are they alive ??? Why are they not shot like mad dogs ?! Sometimes I remember with a kind word MOSSAD ...
  11. Urri
    Urri 27 August 2015 17: 43
    Quote: mad
    Sometimes I remember with the kind word Mossad ...

    Then rather Mivtsah Elohim
  12. Volzhanin
    Volzhanin 27 August 2015 17: 47
    In the not too distant future, the arrogant Zionists will ask for mercy.
    Here it will be necessary to step on our mentality, not give in to pity and destroy these nonhumans at the root.
  13. Oman 47
    Oman 47 27 August 2015 17: 50
    The same fascist theories in action.
    Dividing people into grades.
    And the SURNAMES of the main characters are EIGHT TALKING.
  14. Urri
    Urri 27 August 2015 18: 12
    Quote: Oman 47
    And the SURNAMES of the main characters are EIGHT TALKING.

    The real surname specified in the article by Victoria Nuland is Nudelman. And in Russia there is one organization useful to the people named after Nudelman, for example. There is no need to go down to measure skulls. But the fact that power in the United States belongs to a small group of Orthodox Jews, pushing everyone else out of this power in every way - yes. Americans, they are like children. They may cry looking at their mattress on a flagpole. But they will never understand that Kagan drove them into the Iraqi desert and the Afghan mountains to put their loot through the Fed into his pocket.
  15. Vlad5307
    Vlad5307 27 August 2015 22: 00
    Here is the NOD site, people who want to really make changes in the country are registered on it - they gather people to organize a referendum on amendments to the Constitution. Interested visitors to VO go to this site, get acquainted with the goals of the GCD! it is necessary to start with something, and not trynit how we are robbed by those on whom the neocons have relied - apologists for world fascism! hi
    1. VseDoFeNi
      VseDoFeNi 28 August 2015 05: 38
      Quote: Vlad5307
      Here is the NOD site, people who want to really make changes in the country are registered on it - they gather people to organize a referendum on amendments to the Constitution. Interested visitors to VO go to this site, get acquainted with the goals of the GCD! it is necessary to start with something, and not trynit how we are robbed by those on whom the neocons have relied - apologists for world fascism! hi

      So I say what I need nationalize the banking system, starting with the Central Bank, mineral resources, strategic industries, including energy and transport.
  16. unknown
    unknown 28 August 2015 09: 43
    Regarding the independence of Stalin. Yes, he was able to exchange the gold dime for Trotsky, but remained in the American game. The West worked out two options at once: Hitler and Stalin. Germany was revived by Great Britain and the USA for the final destruction of Europe. The USSR relied on US assistance in rebuilding industry. In fact, both Germany and the USSR were preparing for a clash. The USSR not only defeated Nazi Germany by its feat, but also helped the United States destroy the British Empire. They split up only after the war, over the dollar. But not for long. And given the version that Stalin was killed during the Tukhachevsky conspiracy in 1937, it will become even more fun.