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US media published a report on the suicides of the army of the US Central Bank

US media published a report on the suicides of the army of the US Central Bank

US media published a report by the US Security Center. It says that the number of suicides in the army has sharply increased. In the past year alone, more soldiers have committed suicide than have died in Iraq and Afghanistan. Such data seriously disturbed the Pentagon.
He is 29 years old, he is a recruit-private that did not fit into the army life - such is the portrait of a suicide in the American armed forces. Just like in this propaganda film, that Pentagon experts shot at 1958 and showed before the rebound at military bases. Here he is, nervous and unsure of himself, often turning to a doctor soldier, who is too dreamy at the training ground when he holds a hand grenade without checks. The painful topic has not exhausted itself in half a century; on the contrary, the increase in the number of suicides in the US armed forces has reached a peak in the last two years. Last year, 468 was deprived of the lives of military personnel.

"We are not sure that there is a connection between the number of trips to hot spots, but there is definitely a connection with the stressful situations that the military faces," said Jan Camp, director of the Center for the Study of Mental Illness.
What pushes them into the loop? The doctor will explain, almost every time - an individual case. For example, a soldier, whose trip was dragged out in Afghanistan, is at risk, but it will also include a pilot who stayed at the military base of the house and did not make a single sortie.
General Peter Chiarelli promises that he will soon cure suicides, as if we are talking about patients with the flu. A high-ranking Pentagon official brags that in military laboratories they are very close to determining from a blood test who can shoot a bullet in the forehead.

"The most difficult thing is to determine - a person has conceived something. And the problem with post-traumatic stress and brain damage, which is always caused by obsessive thoughts about suicide, their manifestations in different people are the same. If you suspect that someone is carrying thoughts of suicide, it is very important what will be the treatment and interaction with others. This is a breakthrough. And not only for the military ", - said Peter Chiarelli, deputy commander of the US Army.

The diagram presented by the American Security Center at the conference is striking how the number of suicides in the US military has increased many times since 200, then the invasion of Afghanistan begins. To compare the statistics of suicides with the schedule of hostilities, the military did not dare.

Losses in this war, where there is no front line, and the enemy is invisible, looks like this: from 2005 to 2010, the American military commits suicide every 36 hours, a veteran who returns from the battlefield, deprives himself of 80 life every minute. The Pentagon admits that the United States is losing this war. Indeed, in 2010, as a result of suicides, soldiers died more than in hot spots in Iraq and Afghanistan.
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  1. SIA
    SIA 2 November 2011 10: 26
    a soldier who is too dreamy at the training ground when there is a grenade in his hand without a check.
    Let him dream in the toilet, not at the training ground.
    1. Vadivak
      Vadivak 2 November 2011 11: 01
      And we also have loss figures

      According to the Pentagon on July 31, 2011, 151 US Army personnel committed suicide this year. At the same time, according to CNN, this figure reaches 163 people.
      The US Army is the only type of troops that openly publishes such statistics. The remaining three types of troops report the number of suicides only upon special request. However, CNN was able to find out that for the current year, 28 cases of suicide were registered in the Air Force, 21 cases in the Marine Corps, and 33 in the Navy.
  2. Dart weyder
    Dart weyder 2 November 2011 10: 37
    and this is the vaunted pendos army contract!
    1. Russian Man
      Russian Man 2 November 2011 13: 08
      ignoramus, compare with the data on the Russian army.
      and mind you, the U.S. Army is constantly in war.
      how many dumb-dick painful are you ...
  3. itr
    itr 2 November 2011 10: 40
    And what would you like if you take homosexuals into the army
    here you’ll shoot yourself (from such a saddle)
    Estimate stand in the ranks and hold hands! the beauty
    1. esaul
      esaul 2 November 2011 18: 54
      itr, And what, the version is quite viable ... These guys, really, on the basis of ardent love for the ass of a colleague, are capable of anything! Now some Rambo is dreaming about tender hugs and forgets to throw the "bonba" with the check removed, then on the basis of sharing a friend of the heart, some Bill "solders" a bullet into his head ... Other concerns are, for them, a second time ... In a word - "Army of Lovers" ...
      1. sirToad
        sirToad 4 November 2011 08: 28
        At the beginning of the year I read an article about sexual harassment in the Amer army - in general, you can get it. and where did the Nashen jokes of the type get to hem the collar or clean the boots. Now, I wanted to find the topic, but it does not work.
  4. Cross
    Cross 2 November 2011 10: 58
    By the way, by the way, about suicides in the army.
    there are statistics on ours, for comparison? And then some "individuals" who like to blame for hazing and suicide in our country, to put it mildly, "tired".
    ESCANDER 2 November 2011 11: 27
    So they all have nishtyaki around there?
    Imagine if these gavriks yes in my regiment for two weeks "fit into army life." If they had statistics ...
    1. sirToad
      sirToad 4 November 2011 08: 45
      but, by the way, an interesting stsylochka, especially for the "local" and other "NOT Russian people" - there is just about the relationship in the Pindos army
  6. Motherland
    Motherland 2 November 2011 11: 39
    I think they understand that all the same they are not killing the "enemy" but people who are simply defending themselves from them from here and mental anguish.
    1. Alexei
      Alexei 2 November 2011 18: 32
      I agree, I thought so too. They plunged into dermocracy, and realized that they were just murderers, oil and drug hunters. What they sacredly believed turned out to be false. A decent person can get a roof. Count suicides and it will be possible to identify the percentage of decent people in the US Army at the moment ...
    2. esaul
      esaul 3 November 2011 08: 50
      motherlad, made fun! wink These deeply humane, of the finest moral disposition, the guys are so worried about the murdered that "They can't eat directly ...!" Do not forget that for them the enemy is an impersonal mass, unworthy to exist and which is ordered to be destroyed while looking at the monitor ... Now they are very worried about the victims of the bloody dictator in Libya. The dictator in Libya was removed (think, a trailer, several tens of thousands of "peaceful people" were taken - is it worth talking about it!), Now is the time to think about other oppressed - in Iran or in Syria. Maybe you too, a lawyer, are at their fingertips - they also know how you take care of them ...
      1. Motherland
        Motherland 3 November 2011 10: 27
        Yes, I didn’t care, well, they don’t have so many suicides, there are those who all the same understand that the person was killed and realized that this is not some kind of game in the hero but life.
        We don’t know from what they are being killed, maybe from conscience, or maybe they just played with weapons and periubil each other who knows.
        1. sirToad
          sirToad 4 November 2011 08: 29
          do not overdo it in understanding the "subtle body movements of someone else's soul"
          1. Motherland
            Motherland 4 November 2011 08: 31
            I thought they had at least some kind of morality.
            1. sirToad
              sirToad 4 November 2011 09: 12
              the Germans also had morality. So what? you can kill the enemy and brush away a mean tear with a lace handkerchief. what will change?
              1. Motherland
                Motherland 4 November 2011 10: 43
                I guess I was of a higher opinion
  7. Ion coaelung
    Ion coaelung 2 November 2011 12: 07
    Why publish? Because they are dying, and it is becoming known that relatives in such a democratic country will not be silent because their relatives are dying in the service. But I don’t really believe that they all shoot themselves, maybe they knew too much?
  8. svvaulsh
    svvaulsh 2 November 2011 14: 42
    What is the point of contracting suicide? So, either the psychological selection of candidates is absent in the US Army, or the suicide rate does not exceed the average statistical level, or the article is yellow.
  9. raf
    raf 2 November 2011 15: 37
    Yes, even if they all were shot dead there!
    1. vitvit123
      vitvit123 2 November 2011 18: 52
      Precisely and let them not delay ...