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The National Interest admired the Russian strategic bomber Tu-95

American Journal The National Interest published a material about the Russian strategic bomber Tu-95, in which it is noted that the aircraft created by 59 years ago will still be able to show itself as a military platform, and as a symbol of Russian power, reports RIA "News".

According to the authors, at first glance a huge bomber may seem an anachronism in the era of “invisible” planes, but it can easily split opponents into pieces.

The Tu-95 (codification of NATO: Bear - "Bear") has an impressive size, it is easily detected by radars, and the noise of its turboprop engines is caught even by submerged submarine systems, journalists say. However, according to them, aviation developer Andrei Tupolev "was not a fool" - the adaptable aircraft he created had a huge bomb bay designed for nuclear weapons, and the bomber can be thousands of kilometers away from Russian military bases.

The Tu-95 was a replacement for the first Soviet nuclear bomber Tu-4, which was created by analogy with the American B-29, which dropped bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. In the bomb bay of modern Tu-95MS 6 can accommodate long-range cruise missiles equipped with nuclear warheads in 200 kilotons, and 10 missiles can be positioned on the wings.

The publication notes that Russia plans to begin testing the next-generation jet bomber in the 2020-s, but the upgraded giant Tu-95 may well hold out until the end of the 2040-s.
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  1. Smoked
    Smoked 24 August 2015 06: 44
    It is necessary to tell The National Interest about the Chinese H-6K, since they are such lovers of rare weapons.
    1. siberalt
      siberalt 24 August 2015 06: 51
      Do not put everything "retro" on the shelf. For the Tu-95, the saying that an old horse does not spoil the furrow does not fit. He is still very well done! good
      1. venzim
        venzim 24 August 2015 07: 01
        Beauty that brings death to our enemies!
        1. self-propelled
          self-propelled 24 August 2015 07: 40
          Quote: venzim
          Beauty that brings death to our enemies!

          the beauty of sheer strength. a kind of primordial power.

          ... According to the authors, at first glance, a huge bomber may seem like an anachronism in the era of invisible aircraft ...

          vis-a-vis "Bear" is still in service and apparently is not going to retire

          and the Tu-95 still looks more elegant than the B-52 (as in my purely amateurish view) feel
          1. Iline
            Iline 24 August 2015 20: 16
            Ha! Yes, this is a photo of 1992. Bucksdale Air Base (Louisiana, 2 U.S. NAC). But I can’t be seen, but I’m there !!!
            When they were showing the planes to the personnel of the airbase and their families, one of them suddenly said in thoughtfulness: “In vain these planes were called“ Bears ”, the name“ Wasp ”would be better suited.
      2. INVESTOR
        INVESTOR 24 August 2015 07: 13
        They probably haven’t seen the White Swan alive, they would be fucked .. winked
        1. avia1991
          avia1991 24 August 2015 08: 16
          Quote: INVESTOR
          They probably haven’t seen the White Swan live,

          laughing laughing !!!
          In general, not a single bomber today is invisible to radar. And what's the difference if, at the time of launch, it is still out of reach for air defense systems?
          Tu-95 on take-off is NOTHING! In my heart pride for domestic aviation flashes! Power, irresistibility, and - BEAUTY! good
      3. edge
        edge 24 August 2015 10: 21
        Quote: siberalt
        Do not put everything "retro" on the shelf.

        but who said that this little animal is retro? ... he has not yet exhausted his potential. While our bear is in the service, he is utterly real. But the Americans began to lift their retro (b-29) into the air, it was worth seeing.
    2. Andrea
      Andrea 24 August 2015 07: 01
      Quote: Smoked

      It is necessary to tell The National Interest about the Chinese H-6K, since they are such lovers of rare weapons.
      A weapon becomes a rarity when it ceases to fulfill its functions.
      At the moment, the design idea has hit the ceiling and breakthrough ideas are not visible, that in the states, that we have.
      Develop stealth? In my dubious direction.
      To the detriment of flight performance, economy, ammunition loading?
      What is the gain if it is still noticeable even if not enough.
      That the rocket will not be brought in? Experience shows the opposite.
      1. Alexey-74
        Alexey-74 24 August 2015 09: 33
        In the event of a conflict (God forbid), our "Bear" will still show itself and don't care if he is visible on the radar or not, they are all "noticeable", and old Europa will kill her old ass when she hears the bass rumble of TU-95 engines ....
      2. The comment was deleted.
    3. Air Force captain
      Air Force captain 26 August 2015 13: 31
      This story happened during the nuclear friendship of the USSR and Cuba.
      Then our long-range strategic Tu-95 bombers regularly circled around Cuba and did aerial photography of all that was possible. By the way, the Americans in this area kept their warships, including several aircraft carriers.
      So, one Tu-95 flies over the ocean (By the way, who does not know what the Tu-95 is: it is a huge colossus, with a wingspan of about 85 meters - wider than the deck of an aircraft carrier, with 4-healthy engines and 8-th 3-meter screws), flies nobody touches, and an American interceptor flies up to him from the side (just at the Tu-95 course there was a state aircraft carrier).
      The pilot showed the signs “open the bomb gate” (you never know, suddenly there is a bomb near the carcass and he flies to sink his airfield). Our pilots opened him a bomb gate. The pilot flew up from below, seeing that there was nothing there except for the camera, calmed down. Again, catching up with the carcass, he smiled, winked, and then showed the belly of his plane along with air-to-air missiles, to which the carcass menacingly turned its 8 guns (exchange of courtesies, so to speak). But the pilot did not calm down and decided to joke - he showed the command "Sit down!".
      Our asked again:
      “Sit down ?!”
      - “Yes!”
      - “to an aircraft carrier ?!”
      - “Yes!”
      “Ok,” the Russians said, and on approaching the aircraft carrier they went to land ...
      But how did they go on landing ... .. They lowered their altitude and speed ... They extended all their flaps. They lifted their nose .... They even released the chassis !!!
      So the American sailors, seeing that now this colossus will sit on them and leave the deck from the deck, planes, people and buildings, started to jump into the water !! And the height is unpleasant - from about 9-story building. Ours of course did not sit down, and at the last moment turned to the side and flew at the minimum height to hide from enemy locators.
      As eyewitnesses say at the airport, after landing, our pilots literally fell out of the plane from laughter.
  2. kebeskin
    kebeskin 24 August 2015 06: 44
    And we also have the Tu-160. From him in flight mattress covers and to diapers will not save.
    1. kebeskin
      kebeskin 24 August 2015 07: 37
      Here he is handsome by the way (TU-95). I shot it myself last year.
    2. The comment was deleted.
    3. Revolver
      Revolver 24 August 2015 08: 18
      Quote: kebeskin
      And we also have the Tu-160

      By the way, if you put near the B-1 and TU-160, the similarities will be more than that of the B-52 and TU-95. Of course, not siblings like the B-29 and TU-4, but can be mistaken for cousins. That's just TU-160 in the ranks of only 16 (xoxl, cyc, these handsome men were put under a knife), and the B-1 is more than 70.

      Quote: kebeskin
      From it in flight mattress covers and to diapers will not save

      This is another question, who needs diapers. By the way, such planes in flight for not an hour, not two, but with refueling for almost a day. So the pilots can not do without diapers.
      1. your1970
        your1970 24 August 2015 12: 27
        there are toilets and berths for the crew not involved
  3. Mountain shooter
    Mountain shooter 24 August 2015 06: 48
    The bear is a symbol of Russia. And the "bear" is the same symbol, the range is prohibitive, and the load is decent. While there are not many "strategists" in Russia, let everyone who is capable fly.
  4. inkass_98
    inkass_98 24 August 2015 06: 50
    The National Interest admired the Russian strategic bomber Tu-95

    Yes, we ourselves have been admiring it for almost 60 years, not in vain because it is still in service today. All peers are already in circulation, and he flies, as, however, and the B-52. Their advantages and disadvantages are approximately the same.
  5. Wolka
    Wolka 24 August 2015 06: 54
    this is what, if, in addition to the bomb load, for self-defense, we still hang air-to-air, air-to-surface, medium and long-range racket ...
    1. Amurets
      Amurets 24 August 2015 07: 26
      He has such an electronic warfare system that guns are not needed. The same is on the TU-160.
  6. BOB044
    BOB044 24 August 2015 07: 03
    If the Bear Tu-95 did not scare NATO with its power. I would believe that it is retro, but they are afraid of it in NATO. So the Tu-95 Bear is worth something.
  7. Kazakh
    Kazakh 24 August 2015 07: 15
    The National Interest admired the Russian strategic bomber Tu-95
    Praise from outsiders is required only for the weak and insecure, I hope that we are not one of them. Then why these reprints? What could you boast in the company? "OOO even wrote about us The National Interest" so chtol?
    1. Homo
      Homo 24 August 2015 07: 44
      Dear "Kazakh" with the flag of Romania, there is "praise" and there is "respect" and "admiration" for the genius of the designer and the power of the aircraft!
      1. Kazakh
        Kazakh 24 August 2015 08: 40
        Dear "Kazakh" with the flag of Romania, there is "praise" and there is "respect" and "admiration" for the genius of the designer and the power of the aircraft!
        A lot of respected resident of the Soviet Union, with all due respect to the Soviet Union, I want to tell you two unpleasant news. The USSR no longer exists for more than 25 years and where you live. We don’t even know maybe in London. And the second, don’t be so naive when looking at the flags on the avatars. I’m a Russian Citizen. Russian federations by nationality and why I was given the Romanian flag I don’t know. But the presence of the Romanian flag does not make me a patriot of Romania and the avatar of the Kazakh does not automatically make me a Kazakh. Well, I don’t ask you what kind of nickname Homo is and what nation you belong to. Personally, I don’t look at flags and avatars, but I only share my site visitors by moral and ethical criteria. I also do not believe that Israel or Kazakhstan, especially Romania or Ukraine, must be patriots of Russia. Once again, sorry for the presence of the wrong flag hi laughingPS The praise of the enemy is worth little, and even the Englishman is even more so.
  8. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 24 August 2015 07: 16
    Quote: Smoked
    since they are such lovers of rare weapons.

    Well, it's you in vain. Yes, it was created a long time ago, but it regularly performs its functions, including and combat duty on the borders of NATO and will still perform. And they are not afraid of him in vain, and he doesn’t calmly sleep at night. And it already costs a lot.
  9. bmv04636
    bmv04636 24 August 2015 07: 19
    With only one roar that he is heard already on submarines, he reminds the "light elves" that not everything in this world can be done with impunity. And, in principle, an excellent aircraft for reducing the resource of NATO aircraft
  10. dnx70
    dnx70 24 August 2015 07: 38
    Yes! Not Poghosyan's work !!!
  11. cergey51046
    cergey51046 24 August 2015 07: 39
    Know our !!!
  12. afdjhbn67
    afdjhbn67 24 August 2015 07: 40
    In total, it took 60 years to be admired .. the next one .. but - they dug up crap .. rather they scoff ..
    1. afdjhbn67
      afdjhbn67 24 August 2015 10: 50
      again touched the patriots, I’ll turn everything over like Baikonur to slogans, cheers the TU-95 Krymnash is the best aircraft in the world, calm down ...
  13. Pate
    Pate 24 August 2015 07: 47
    If praised, it is not without reason that he received the nickname of the Bear from the NATO generals.
  14. Barakuda
    Barakuda 24 August 2015 07: 50
    Uzin Buzzed in my head around the clock. just did not understand whether it helped?
  15. roskot
    roskot 24 August 2015 08: 03
    This bear still wanders through alien forests. And put things in order where necessary.
  16. Old26
    Old26 24 August 2015 08: 04
    Quote: self-propelled
    and the Tu-95 still looks more elegant than the B-52 (as in my purely amateurish view)

    Each has its own zest. No wonder Tupolev said that beautiful planes fly well

    Quote: Pate
    If praised, it is not without reason that he received the nickname of the Bear from the NATO generals.

    He got this name even before they found out what kind of car
  17. Oman 47
    Oman 47 24 August 2015 08: 05
    When at 5 am the engine is warming up on Engels airport, it works as a free alarm clock for summer residents in a radius of seven kilometers.
    Sound along the Volga goes far.
  18. Old26
    Old26 24 August 2015 08: 19
    Quote: Oman 47
    When at 5 a.m. the engines are warming up on Engels a / b, it works as a free alarm clock for summer residents within a radius of seven kilometers. Sound on the Volga goes far.

    That is yes. In general, any airbase always worked as a free alarm clock. Usually after business trips the first 2-3 days you wake up with the feeling that something is missing. And only then do you realize that the sound of aircraft engines
  19. Engineer
    Engineer 24 August 2015 08: 43
    Do not mock the Tu-95 turboprop for its slowness and noise without knowing the history of its creation. Everyone writes that there simply wasn’t a suitable jet engine for him and therefore Tupolev decided to make it turboprop to achieve such a range, followed by modernization to supersonic blades. This is true only in part, they simply could not write and say before that the plane was designed to clean up the US after a nuclear missile strike was launched on it. And this is exactly so. Those. it was believed that there would be no special resistance from the enemy air defense and air forces at all. Based on this, Tupolev created the Tu-95. He was armed with long-range cruise missiles later, which eliminated the need to enter the air defense coverage area and made a universal cleaner with high-precision weapons out of a clean cleaner.
  20. Albert1
    Albert1 24 August 2015 09: 01
    Terrible handsome ... well, old, so what? We have almost everything old or modernized. To support it, a bunch of other devices are.
    1. Vladimir Pozlnyakov
      Vladimir Pozlnyakov 24 August 2015 10: 02
      The old horse does not spoil the furrow!
  21. atamankko
    atamankko 24 August 2015 09: 40
    Fly, BEAR, in fear of enemies,
    Aviators love and respect you.
  22. Old26
    Old26 24 August 2015 09: 55
    Quote: Engineer
    Everyone writes that there simply wasn’t a suitable jet engine for him and therefore Tupolev decided to make it turboprop to achieve such a range, followed by modernization to supersonic blades.

    This was hardly the main reason. Given that the reactors were more voracious than the turboprops, Tupolev seemed to bet on range at the expense of speed (slightly less than the reactive one)
  23. tomket
    tomket 24 August 2015 10: 22
    However, according to them, the aviation developer Andrei Tupolev “was not” - the adaptable aircraft he created had a huge bomb bay, which is designed for nuclear weapons, and the bomber can be thousands of kilometers away from Russian military bases.
    Tupolev is not, it seems that the publishing house is fools.
  24. kil 31
    kil 31 24 August 2015 10: 44
    In Ukraine, TU 95 disappeared, they are now looking for and the American magazine admires them. Maybe they are quiet in the USA?
  25. Denshik34
    Denshik34 24 August 2015 13: 03
    Tu-95, by the way, is the fastest turboprop aircraft in the world, although there is no need to rush it with other tasks !!! This is a Tu-160 aircraft breakthrough air defense, so he needs supersonic, and Tu-95 is enough to open a bomb bay thousands of kilometers from a conditional enemy, it’s all business.
  26. Proud.
    Proud. 24 August 2015 17: 27
    "According to the authors, at first glance, a huge bomber may seem like an anachronism in the era of stealth aircraft, but it can easily cut opponents to smithereens." - Bears, they are like that. They can do a lot. A little humor about Bears:
  27. Air Force captain
    Air Force captain 26 August 2015 13: 41
    Lieutenant John Falcon waved his comrades one last time and climbed into the cockpit. He was filled with pride. Still, he was entrusted with such an honor! He learned about it from General Break, who said: “You have been entrusted with a great honor, Lieutenant. You will make the first combat sortie in the newest top-secret F-22M aircraft.
    “Does M mean modified?” Falcon asked.
    “M stands for Microsoft,” the general replied. - The plane has been completely re-equipped by these guys. They assure that now anyone can perform combat missions. But we chose you for the first time as one of our best pilots. You will have to destroy the Iraqi nuclear center. "
    “You can send your condolences to Saddam now, sir,” Falcon replied.
    The lieutenant habitually snapped the belts and only then noticed that the dashboard was noticeably different from the standard. There were fewer devices, but a two-button mouse, for some reason a metal one, rested in the vacant place. Falcon shrugged and turned on the general power.
    On the transparent frontal screen, against the background of sky @ with rare clouds opening from the cockpit, the inscription appeared: Microsoft Winwars 2002. Then the engines started working by themselves and the flaps lowered into the take-off position.
    "Congratulations on your purchase of Winwars 2002! - said the screen. - Now the war is going to be much more -
    more convenient, your kill rate will decrease, and your target hit rate will increase! Tip of the day: lower the landing gear before landing. "
    “Eagle-1, take-off is allowed,” came the headset.
    “I haven't asked for it yet,” Falcon said.
    -And you don't need to. Plug "n" Play, ”explained ground control.
    The plane, rapidly gaining speed, rushed along the runway and was soon in the air. "Winwars 2002 will now install your ammunition on a selected target," the system said. "Selected target: Iraqi nuclear center." For fun, Falcon clicked the "edit" button and saw a long list, which, among other objects around the world, featured the White House and the base from which he had just flown. Falcon hurriedly pressed cancel.
    "Select the type of installation:
    Minimum - only bombs will be dropped on the object.
    Normal - bombs and missiles will be dropped on the object.
    Full - the entire plane will be dropped on the object "
    By default, the system offered the second option, and Folkon, glancing apprehensively at the third, decided not to argue with her.
    "Your machine's performance will now be tested. Close your eyes to avoid damage when changing modes."
    Engines roared in the afterburner, and Folkon's eyes really almost jumped out of their sockets from a monstrous overload. The real hell began: the plane was thrown in all directions, it was torn off in steep peaks and laid unthinkable turns ... Finally, the lieutenant regained consciousness; the darkness before his eyes vanished, and he saw the mouse dangling all over the cabin again fell into place.
    “You are using a Lockheed F-22 with two Pratt-Whitney engines,” the system said calmly. “Top speed 1451 mph. Tip of the day: Do not increase the turbine speed above the manufacturer's value. Estimated installation time - 0:34: sixteen."
  28. Air Force captain
    Air Force captain 26 August 2015 13: 42
    Same day, 4: 52. The sky over Iraq.

    At the bottom of the screen a blue percentage bar crept slowly. The system, meanwhile, advertised Winwars for tanks, submarines, and marines, and promised everyone who purchased the aircraft version a free "Kamikaze 1.01" applet. The change of pictures made Falcon sleepy; the sound of a buzzer brought him out of his drowsy state. There was a green dot on the radar.
    "New device discovered: enemy aircraft!" - the system reported happily. Falcon was about to perform a standard combat turn, but then he noticed the "Delete" button and clicked on it with the mouse.
    "Are you sure you want to delete the enemy plane?" the system inquired suspiciously.
    "Still would!" Falcon clicked "Yes." An Iraqi fighter jet has disappeared from radar. "So fast? - the lieutenant was surprised. - Well, Microsoft gives!"
    He even respectfully began to study the Winwars advertisement for disabled pilots that appeared on the screen, but he was distracted from this activity by a rocket flying over the cockpit itself. Folkon turned in disbelief and saw an Iraqi interceptor.
    "What are you, your mother ..." - Falcon exclaimed, and only then he saw that a drawn tail of an airplane was sticking out of an inconspicuous RecycleBin icon in the corner of the screen. The lieutenant fiercely clicked on the icon and pressed clear.
    "Are you sure you want to physically remove the enemy aircraft? Its recovery will be impossible," the system warned.
    "YES!" Falcon barked, pounding the mouse. A Sidewinder escaped from under the wing and, leaving a white fluffy trail, rushed towards the interceptor. A flash of explosion flashed, and the burning debris of the enemy vehicle flew to the ground.
    However, it was too early to calm down. A flashing sound warned of a new danger.
    "New device discovered: surface-to-air missile!" - the system told and fell into thoughtfulness. Falcon pounded on the mouse in vain, watching the ominous dot creep towards the center of the radar. Finally, the system came out of its stupor:
    "I cannot find a driver for this device. Please insert the driver disc and click OK."
    With a curse, Falcon pressed Search.
    "Closest match: hand grenades," the system pleased him. "Apply?"
    Falcon jerked the handle aside in an anti-missile maneuver. Too late. The plane shuddered from the explosion. With some difficulty bringing the damaged car out of the dive, the pilot clicked on the "System" button.
    Yellow triangles with exclamation marks "Aileron" and "Flap" glowed under the left wing stitching, but otherwise it got off cheap. The blue bar, which continued to crawl below, showed 82%, and he still had a chance to complete the task.
    The radar showed two more enemy aircraft, but they got up behind and Folkon was not particularly bothered. He knew that this Iraqi junk just did not catch up with the super-fast F-22.
    However, the planes were approaching. Falcon looked at the speedometer in bewilderment and realized that his speed was rapidly dropping.
  29. Air Force captain
    Air Force captain 26 August 2015 13: 42
    “What the hell ?!” the lieutenant exclaimed. “The engines are fine, and the fuel is full!” The screen, meanwhile, began to fiercely blink the image of the hourglass. The instrument arrows moved in short jerks, freezing in one position for a long time.
    "Not enough free memory, - the system condescended to explain. - Unload unnecessary tasks."
    Folkon called up a list of tasks, trying to understand what names like winppl or v666apl mean and which ones are superfluous. Meanwhile, the engines were almost silent, the speed dropped to critical: just a little more - and the plane would crash down. Stunned by such tactics of aerial combat, the Iraqis whizzed past, one on the left, the other on the right, and, without leaving the stupor, collided in front of Folkon's nose.
    The lieutenant, meanwhile, found the line "Tracking the enemy" in the list, next to which in parentheses read: "[Does not answer]", and pressed "OK". The radar screen went out, but the plane began to pick up speed again.
    The blue bar already showed 99% ... and finally, 100. The Falcon looked at the earth in bewilderment: the desert below did not at all resemble satellite photographs of the nuclear center he studied. It seems that the system also understood this, because after the number 100% appeared 101 ... then 102 ...
    On 106 the screen was filled with blue, and the inscription appeared: "Error 000000e caused by the VXD0000 (0) module from the VXD0000 (0) module. Normal flight continuation is possible. You can press Eject to eject, or any other key to continue. Attention: during ejection you will lose all unsaved aircraft. "
    The Folkon has not yet planned to eject, especially since the nuclear center has finally appeared ahead. Realizing that Microsoft should no longer rely on Microsoft, the lieutenant prepared to carry out the bombing manually. He drove the plane down, waiting for the mark of the guidance system to overlap with the target. There is! Falcon pressed a button.
    Something rasped and a new message popped up: "Bomboluk has performed an illegal operation and will be closed." With a curse, Falcon pulled on the handle to steer the car up again. But the plane continued to descend rapidly. The lieutenant frantically rummaged through the menus with his mouse, looking for the reason. "The joystick is not detected," he finally read. Realizing that only a restart can return the system to a working state, Falcon turned off and turned on the power of the console.
    "The last flight was not completed correctly," the system told him.
    “Press any key to start checking the integrity of the plane.” “To hell,” Falcon barked, pressing “Cancel.” The Winwars 2002 splash screen appeared; the system slowly began to load. It was only a few hundred meters to the ground.
    "The system is booted in safe mode," the screen finally said.
    "In this mode, the flight and weapon functions are disabled, you can only drive around the airfield."
    Realizing that he had no time to do anything else, Falcon blasted "Eject", expecting that the cockpit cap would be shot off now, and then a mighty blow from below would throw it into the air. But instead, another question appeared on the screen:
    "Are you sure you really want to eject?"
    "YES!!!" - Falcon yelled heart-rendingly, looking at the land rushing towards him.
    "Wait, preparations are underway for the bailout", - the system calmly informed and plunged into thought ...
  30. Air Force captain
    Air Force captain 26 August 2015 13: 43
    2.04.2002, 13: 20. Baghdad. Palace of Saddam Hussein.

    “Thus,” the general cheerfully reported, “thanks to the selfless efforts of our pilots, who entered into an unequal battle with the American aggressor, they managed to defend the safety of the nuclear center and the latest secret enemy aircraft was destroyed ...
    - Yes? - the dictator’s heavy gaze rested on the speaker’s face, and he hastily lowered his gaze. - In fact, unequal. Three are against one, and their happiness is that they did not survive, since he still flew to the center. If the center has saved, then only the mercy of Allah.
    The general was covered in cold sweat. He understood that now no mercy of Allah would save him.
    “You have 30 seconds to make excuses,” Saddam said lazily.
    - Here! - exclaimed the general, taking out a shiny CD from a sealed container. “They found it among the wreckage of an airplane.” The pinnacle of American computer technology! The latest military equipment control programs!
    “Well, you have a little chance,” the dictator leaned back in his chair. - In three weeks this should be installed on all combat vehicles of our army.
    “It will be done, Mr. President!” - exclaimed the general ...
    After three weeks and one day, Iraq surrendered unconditionally.