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American program J-UCAS


In America, the development of a multi-functional UAV the size of a fighter is in full swing.

Unknown agency of promising developments DARPA sponsors a new program to create multi-purpose drone UAVs J-UCAS.
The program Joint Unmanned Combat Air Systems aims to develop UAVs whose tasks include: reconnaissance, observation and provision of full and maximum up-to-date information about the disposition of enemy troops; the suppression of its anti-aircraft bases, the conduct of electronic attacks, "point-like" destruction of the enemy. The same BLAH must independently make refueling in the air.

On-line requirements of the program:
Fighting radius: 1300 nautical miles (2400 km)
Combat load: 4500 pounds (2 tons)

Program participants:
Boeing X-45A
The first flight made in 2002. 2 UAVs were built for flight tests.

Empty weight: 3600 kg
Fuel reserve: 1200 kg
Payload: 680 kg
Cruising speed: 0,75M
Flight height: 9000 m

Northrop Grumman X-47A
First flight 2003g. An 1 instance was built. The development is supervised by US naval forces. The UAV is developed taking into account the possibility of take-off from the deck of the aircraft carrier.

Boeing X-45C
It is created in conjunction with the US naval forces. The most group of developed. It has an annual weight of about 16 tons.

Northrop Grumman X-47B
The "big" UAV created by Northrop Grumman as a shock deck UAV. Must have weight in 19 tons and with it have 2 tons of payload with the flight range (without refueling) 6000 km (!)


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  1. Honory
    Honory 26 June 2012 19: 48
    Yes, here they are ahead of the rest
  2. dred
    dred 25 July 2012 18: 07
    Quote: Gonoriy
    Yes, here they are ahead of the rest

    Yeah, despite the fact that they have rubber money.
  3. kgbers
    kgbers 2 February 2015 00: 38
    and we are using their electronic warfare wassat