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A new system of training contract servicemen is being introduced into the Ground Forces

A new system of training contract servicemen is being introduced into the Ground Forces

The official website of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation reports that in the Ground Forces (SV), with the November 1 2011, the program of additional training of servicemen serving under contract begins. Commander-in-Chief of the Army Col. Gen. Alexander Postnikov said that the supplementary training course is designed for 4 weeks.

In the future, all contract servicemen will undergo special training in training centers. The program for additional training and retraining of contractors is designed for 3 of the month and starts on 1 in January of 2012. Additional training will be conducted on the basis of annual certification of contract servicemen. A prerequisite will be the training of a soldier once in 2 - 3 of the year before his appointment to a higher position.

Such a large-scale, multi-stage system of training military personnel undergoing military service under contract in the positions of privates and sergeants is introduced in the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation for the first time. General and qualification requirements have been developed for all military posts authorized to be replaced by contract servicemen in the Ground Forces.

On the eve of the High Command of the Main Command, work was completed on an extraordinary certification of about 50 thousand contract servicemen currently serving as soldiers and sergeants. According to the results of this certification, the Commander-in-Chief of the Supreme Court approved the conclusion for each contract soldier with a note on the conformity of the position held and the need to be sent for training or additional training to the training center.
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  1. Demonzz
    Demonzz 1 November 2011 18: 00 New
    yeah ..... another super window dressing and circus. And after all, someone believes that all double basses do nothing and do nothing - they sit and wait, when they will be called for the next retraining and certification (and also the IHC were driven to pass all) ... and while some are prepared in their own way the destination is better than Postnikov himself, ..... 50 thousand certifications personally approved by the commander in chief, for each soldier of the double bass - he has nothing to do? Do not believe the commanders (even districts?) Debilizm ....
    1. itr
      itr 2 November 2011 10: 50 New
      Judging by the photos they make geography! wink
    2. justas-xnumx
      justas-xnumx 26 August 2012 18: 55 New
      If you served under a contract, you should know that ALL military personnel serving under a contract MUST be required to undergo VVK every year! Otherwise, dismissal due to non-compliance with the terms of the contract.
  2. maksim
    maksim 1 November 2011 18: 56 New
    window dressing window dressing but it is necessary to occupy people with something, maybe it will be a good
  3. 443190
    443190 1 November 2011 19: 07 New
    Now, for sure, our enemies will die of laughter !!!
  4. AleksUkr
    AleksUkr 1 November 2011 19: 15 New
    Sense can and will be, but after a specific change in the military leadership of the Defense Ministry .. Serdyukov against the service of contract soldiers for more than 8-9 years. Postnikov does not like our tanks and other weapons. Makarov generally does not like everything. In fact, all reforms in the country began and were carried out in the absence of military doctrine. WHERE, WITH WHOM AND WHAT Serdyukov personally decides when serving Makarov. It seems to me that all the gold medals of Makarov in all educational institutions did not add to his mind and, most importantly, independence, responsibility for his actions. Whether he is a real officer, looking at the results of his stormy activities in the army, it is high time for him to put a bullet at himself high. But do not wait. He does not belong to them. Unless the epaulettes hint at his attitude to the defenders of the Motherland. Retraining, additional training ... Yes, with our urgent service it would be better to start with the basics. There would be more benefit. You look at our glorious TV - the soldier runs, falls, and so that the enemy does not know where he will be at the next moment, he rolls around, raising his legs above bushes, grass, etc. .. Look at the enemy, I hid from you. If in that spirit If they are trained, then the population will have to defend themselves against the enemies with batons, for the enemy will give us equipment, weapons, but before attacking us will forget to send "cartridges ...
  5. matolyan
    matolyan 1 November 2011 20: 54 New
    and who trains officers? too shy to ask...
    1. PSih2097
      PSih2097 1 November 2011 22: 36 New
      the same as sergeants, by the way there was a rumor that in the 12th year there will be no recruitment of cadets ...
  6. Phobia
    Phobia 2 November 2011 03: 30 New
    Will it be useful or not, we'll see. But I don’t like the beginning anymore. At least in our unit they said that there was no money to travel, to go at our own expense (from the Far East to Moscow. Super!), And then to beat out our own money through the court. In plain text.
  7. Krilion
    Krilion 2 November 2011 03: 58 New
    any study always has a positive effect .. over time, the training system will undoubtedly only improve .. and this is good ...
    1. Demonzz
      Demonzz 2 November 2011 09: 07 New
      study is positive when it is organized and all participants understand (commanders, trainers and trainees) understand what needs to be achieved. Contractors are trained in their posts in their units as quickly as possible (who are from the military enlistment offices). They already received general skills for an urgent period, further only improvement. Plus, combat training has never been stopped - they are learning all the time. There will be a huge senseless separation of one and the other (who will teach them? Where, what?). All the requirements and qualifications have long been developed, it is necessary to master them calmly and that's all, but no, the desire to reform does not subside even two madmen - that of Makarov, that of Postnikov, the nourishment of the oak Sibvo.
      To blot out all the rubbish for the townsfolk, screw up and then explain or refute everything became some kind of obsession for the new leadership and press service of the Moscow Region.
  8. scinetifik
    scinetifik 2 November 2011 11: 06 New
    all the same, we’ll be captured if something happens, so all this is pointless :)
  9. starley77
    starley77 2 November 2011 14: 03 New
    In many military schools for several years there is no recruitment
  10. DINATRON1993
    DINATRON1993 2 November 2011 21: 52 New
    Guys, I, myself participate in this training of contract soldiers! Three days of brain removal! Low organization. Constant changes in the schedule. At 7 in the morning I ran out of the house and returned at 20. Uh, it’s good that the children are still on vacation .... What will happen next - we'll see!
  11. prapor
    prapor 7 November 2011 09: 34 New
    Yes, comrade ensigns, the government did not like us. Therefore, I invent everything so that to survive us, and not in order to teach something (I haven’t undergone retraining yet, but the comrades who are currently undergoing retraining say that they are in their first service, you understand what that means) and I’m more than sure that this is not the last test for our brother. Then something else will be invented, for example, the next stage will be the removal of stars from pagons, because the army already does not have the rank of ensign, which means that this is a violation of the rules for wearing a military uniform (well, or something like that, it doesn’t matter). Imagine how many ensigns will disagree with this, but with us everything is like: "do not like to quit." And so they will quietly strangle us.
    And for the public, of course, everything was presented beautifully: “additional training (advanced training) of military personnel under the contract is being carried out”. ha..ha .. in one word. We have lieutenants from schools when they come most of the soldering iron in their hands do not know how to hold, and they are planted to repair cells of air defense systems. Here's who to teach.