The state strengthens control over the funds allocated for the implementation of state defense orders

The need to increase the transparency of transactions within the framework of the state defense order has been under discussion in recent years. And the degree of these discussions is by no means reduced for the reason that “to the left” in the implementation of the GOZ often enormous funds are spent. The system of so-called kickbacks, gray schemes with the presence of affiliated partners and numerous intermediaries causes billions of dollars in damage to the country's economy. And if we are talking about damage in the defense industry, then the entire security system of Russia comes under attack, which, for obvious reasons, is unacceptable.

The state strengthens control over the funds allocated for the implementation of state defense orders

In order to increase transparency in concluding deals within the framework of the state defense order, the government and the Central Bank presented a new initiative, which, according to representatives of the banking sector, will soon begin to be translated into reality. What is the innovation?

The fact is that, starting from 25 in August of the current year, Russian banks participating in financial operations of the state defense order system will have to send notifications to the Federal Financial Monitoring Service of all those operations in which defense enterprises participate in the state defense order. At the same time, the deadline for submitting this kind of notification is very short. It is about submitting documentation containing information on the transfer of finances in the accounts of all contractors and subcontractors within the framework of the state defense order, within one working day.

From 25 August 2015, banks must promptly - within one working day - transfer information to the Rosfinmonitoring on the movement of funds in the accounts of contractors and subcontractors under the state defense order. Reports about it in particular Central Bank of Russia. Its instruction 3731-Y from 15.07.2015 of the year carries the following name:
"On Amendments to Annex 8 to the Regulation of the Bank of Russia 29 August 2008 No. 321-P" On the procedure for submitting to credit institutions to the authorized body information provided for by the Federal Law "On Counteracting Legalization (Laundering) of Criminally Income and Financing of Terrorism "(Comes into force upon the expiration of 10 days after the day of its official publication in the Vestnik of the Bank of Russia).

As the name implies, the instruction has a wide range of applications and concerns not only anti-corruption, including in the implementation of the state defense order, but also setting barriers to financial flows that go to the wallets of terrorist organizations.

It would seem that due to the huge number of various banks and other financial and credit organizations operating in the Russian Federation, the Federal Service for Financial Monitoring will simply not be able to track all those operations involving the transfer of funds in the accounts of banking entities. However, one should not forget that an important rule applies to participants in the state defense order. Participants do not have the right to open accounts for the maintenance of the GOZ in those financial and credit institutions whose capitalization is below the bar in 5 billion rubles. Thus, a company that is ready to assume obligations to fulfill a given volume of a state defense order may open an account, for example, with VTB, Gazprombank, Sberbank or other major financial and credit organizations of the Russian Federation. And it is the movement of funds in the accounts in these banks (if the movement of funds relates to the realization of the GOZ) and must, from 25 August, monitor the Rosfinmonitoring - up to settlements with foreign implementers of a certain segment of the GOZ.

That is, the chain looks like this: if a company is going to participate in the implementation of a state defense order, then it must open an account in a large Russian bank, and a large Russian bank, in turn, must transmit the full range of information about the movement of funds held in this account to the controlling state , specifically - the Federal Financial Monitoring Service. Rosfinmonitoring has the opportunity to control the operations of transferring funds from one account to another, acquiring any securities for these funds, withdrawing and depositing funds into accounts serving the state defense order. Moreover, it should be noted that if, under the current legislation, the Federal Financial Monitoring Service had the ability to directly control financial transactions for the state defense order in the amount of 50 million rubles, the innovations will allow Rosfinmonitoring to “monitor” virtually every ruble. The question immediately arises: why is such an opportunity given to the controlling body only now?

But as they say, better late than never ...

Can these innovations, on which the Russian government and the Central Bank worked, improve the transparency of transactions under the state defense order? If you are guided by the very letter of these innovations, then indisputably. However, there are also its pitfalls that need to be mentioned. This is the transparency of the banking system in the case of the state defense order and the punishment that banks can incur if notifications about operations with companies implementing state defense orders “suddenly” are late or not at all presented to the regulatory authorities. Nothing is known about the punishment yet ... In addition, the responsibility of the controlling bodies themselves grows many times. After all, to be honest, every controlling authority in our country (and not only in ours) often needs to be monitored no-no, yes, and controlled ... And considering that Rosfinmonitoring will have to closely deal with money laundering transactions through offshore funds state defense order, the responsibility and does grows at times.

It should also be noted that among the so-called liberal economists, any control of banking by state institutions is perceived almost as a direct pressure on banks and a blow to banking secrecy. However, the state defense order is the segment of state activity in which to rely on the opinions of liberal economists is the last thing. Moreover, in this situation, the state is one of the parties to the transaction, and therefore has the full right to control how it is going to dispose of its funds. And if someone is going to cover the transfer of public finances “to the left” (to offshore or somewhere else) with “bank secrecy,” then this is not material for discussion in the media, but for investigation by law enforcement agencies.
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  1. +6
    21 August 2015 06: 29
    The state strengthens control over the funds allocated for the implementation of state defense orders.. I would like tighter control not only in this area .. How much money goes into my pockets ..
    1. +5
      21 August 2015 07: 06
      Yeah, monitoring is certainly good, but the punishments for embezzlement here are, to put it mildly, too humane.
      1. +5
        21 August 2015 09: 44
        Ordinary employees of public procurement departments and customers in the regions are constantly shaking. But really big frauds are not carried out according to 44FZ and are not controlled by anyone
        1. +4
          21 August 2015 19: 57
          Quote: gaura
          But really big frauds take place ... and are not controlled by anyone

          Everyday life of Russian capitalism:
          According to the materials of inspections of the construction of the Vostochny cosmodrome, the facts of embezzlement for 7,5 billion rubles were revealed, said Prosecutor General Yury Chaika at a board of the Prosecutor General’s Office dedicated to the results of work in the first half of the 2015 year.
          The Moscow Tagansky Court on July 27 on July 2015 authorized the arrest of the president of the Cosmos NGO Andrei Chernyakov, who is accused of embezzling 11,5 billion rubles. Bank of Moscow loan.
          The Ministry of Internal Affairs reported on the theft of 6,5 billion rubles during the implementation of the GLONASS program.
          Rusnano spent only 4,1 billion rubles to pay interest on loans. And this despite the fact that Rusnano could well have not borrowed money from banks: when the corporation was created, the state supplied it with more than 130 billion rubles.
          In 2009, by order of Chubais and Melamed, Rusnano entered into an investment agreement with the one-day company LLC Novy Kauchuk Group for the development of nanoasphalt for 1,3 billion rubles. 810 million of this money was lost, and the "New Rubber" went bankrupt.
          The territorial bodies of the Federal Tax Service verify information on the unjustified transfer of Rusnano to foreign companies and the theft of 13,5 billion rubles.
          In addition, the miracles of Serdyukov during the sale of the Armed Forces of Russia. Sorry optimization.
          And cute pranks Skrynnik in Rosselkhoz on 39 billion rubles.
          The list goes on and on.

          Actually, it’s time to already organize control with a real measure of responsibility for theft and other cases bordering sometimes on high treason.
          1. +2
            21 August 2015 20: 41
            All this money was stolen by officials and persons close to the authorities, but pensions will freeze from the population. The price tags in stores and in the communal apartment do not touch these freaks, and after all this I am offered to be a patriot and, if necessary, to defend my homeland (along with this thieves' coder). Strange situation, strange and dangerous.
          2. +1
            21 August 2015 22: 43
            According to the level of corruption, the Ministry of Defense is immediately after the housing and communal services. These measures are just right. During the "shortage" of funding, many gray schemes immediately open up.
    2. +4
      21 August 2015 12: 38
      Exactly! With modern means, it is entirely acceptable to transfer the universal control of an independent association of computer specialists with the right of EVERY citizen to check the transparency and accuracy of certain cash flow transactions. And for large and targeted violations to punish so that it is not inconsequential to engage in theft.
    3. +4
      21 August 2015 15: 10
      Any transparency of the budget is babble compared to the return of the death penalty for especially large thefts.
    4. +2
      21 August 2015 15: 26
      "Not everything is so simple" (c) the officer's daughter.

      Those who did not personally encounter the implementation of the state defense order, he does not even imagine the volume of paperwork, approvals and checks. Putting a bolt in the military unit or repairing the unit is easy, but reporting is very, very difficult. the number of approvals, signatures, acts, etc. just rolls over. From the moment the work is completed to its legal and financial execution, it can take from three to six months.
  2. +1
    21 August 2015 07: 04
    This of course is gut, but ... as long as there is money, they will steal. Regardless of the geographical latitude, mentality of the people, and the political system ... alas, this is the harsh prose of life. sad
  3. +2
    21 August 2015 07: 33
    It should also be noted that among the so-called liberal economists, any control of banking activity by state institutions is perceived as almost a direct pressure on banks and a blow to banking secrecy.

    Go to the toilet in a big way, on these "so-called liberal economists"!
    Chapaeva V.I. not on them, with a sword bare!
  4. +1
    21 August 2015 07: 53
    According to unverified data, Chirkin was identified as the top five, exactly for refusing to make a deal in the field of defense order.
  5. +2
    21 August 2015 10: 17
    Timid, small steps nevertheless begins a sort of screening and re-education of all this banking and other camarilla. And this cannot but rejoice.
    1. +1
      21 August 2015 20: 43
      So it seems there’s nothing more to steal.
  6. +4
    21 August 2015 12: 16
    Yes, all this is rubbish, another fraud. We have strict laws compensated for by the non-bindingness of them. Well, it was a good thing to do for a long time, and now you make noise to the public. And the child knows if you give money for something, you need to control their consumption, it’s It seems to me that elementary things, and not so much gave money, stolen, now we will strengthen control (exclusively loud statements) kindergarten
  7. +2
    21 August 2015 12: 39
    It is necessary to strengthen control not only in the defense sector, but in everything that concerns the state, otherwise the thief in the thief and the bribe taker in the bribe taker.
  8. +2
    21 August 2015 15: 29
    What do you want to say? There was only a turn in the right direction. It will bring little practical benefit. Correctly noted, and what if the data is not transmitted or is late? But that's not the point. The main thing is that the GOZ remains a "feeding trough" for pseudo-executors. Well, the contractors transferred 100 million to the Horn and Hoof company, just formed, about which there is no information in Finmonitoring yet. Yes, if they were. Where are his powers in this regard spelled out? The next day, the company does with the money what it needs and disappears. She's a one-day firm. Or some other, not the essence. Yes, and the consequences of this will be revealed only when the next workers revolt due to non-payment of wages.
    So everything offered is another profanity.
  9. +1
    21 August 2015 15: 30
    Read more.

    Those who do not want the authorities to switch to market relations. Why should any government contract be prepaid? And why banks? Only for submitting information to Finmonitoring? Here, therefore, firms do not have a credit history with banks. Banks do not bear the risk of issuing loans anyhow to anyone, including swindlers. Firms do not have to fight for prestige, the possibility of obtaining loans. The main thing is to win the tender and stick to the prepayment with the transition to surcharges and final payment.
  10. +2
    21 August 2015 15: 32
    Read more.

    Wouldn't it have been better for the state to give only guarantees for payment of the state order, which could be used as banking assets, but could not be included in turnover until the completion of the contract? With verification of documents upon completion of contracts. Banks would begin to take risks using their own funds, rather than state ones. So how do they make people fill out kilometer-long paperwork with information when receiving loans? Then the penalties for delay and non-fulfillment in full would "play". And banks would start keeping a dossier on all firms. And one-day firms would immediately disappear.
    No, no. It’s better to cover ourselves with the next fig leaflet of reporting.
    Yes, not everyone at the top has scooped out of the trough !!!
  11. 0
    21 August 2015 15: 35
    The system has learned to forgive
  12. +3
    21 August 2015 15: 52
    I remind forum users that the other day Mademoiselle Vasilyeva and her defense filed a petition for parole. The administration of the institution SUPPORTED. The prisoner is characterized as an active social activist and an advanced worker. MO opposed. Each of us is able to guess that in a couple of months this lady will get what she is looking for and by the day of reconciliation (4.11) she will be ready to take up another bread position. If something happens, then the law on control over state defense orders can wipe a certain place.
  13. 0
    21 August 2015 19: 33
    The state strengthens control over the funds allocated for the implementation of state defense orders

    At the sight of such reports, the former decisions of the next Plenum of the Central Committee of the CPSU on reinforcing the leading and guiding role of the party are recalled .... It is known how much they were reinforced.
    But what does the state look like when it strengthens control? State faces of Medvedev, Nabiullina, Ulyukaev, Chaika, etc. immediately emerge. Who prevented these "amplifiers" from controlling and stopping theft? After all, this money is not transported to bags from bank to bank and then manually recounted. Payments and the movement of finances are carried out electronically. The control of each ruble can be automatic in real time. What else is there to strengthen?
  14. +4
    21 August 2015 19: 42
    It's time not to cut the police and state employees, but bureaucrats at all levels. The "vertical of power" with a garland of idlers sitting on it with state reports and a "recoil mechanism" has grown to the size of a tsunami. Russia will be defeated not by an external enemy, but by its ghoul official, coupled with a domestic banker-usurer. The fish has already ROTT from the head ...
    1. 0
      30 August 2015 21: 48
      I support comments for all 1000% !!!

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