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Red Summer 1919 of the year

The events in Ferguson, Missouri, which began after a police officer shot black Michael Brown, show once again that the famous "melting pot" of the American nation is not working too effectively. And if the same black person feels today in the States as “one hundred percent American,” it is not a fact that the same white American considers him to be his “equal”. So, what happened in Ferguson should not surprise anyone! In the words of the Minister of the Interior and the gendarmes chief (1911 - 1912) A. A. Makarov (1857 - 1919): “So it was, and so it will be!” Well, how did they have it, tell the events of “red July 1919

Red Summer 1919 of the year

The Burning of Crowded Will Brown.

The First World War ended and American soldiers, returning home from Europe, faced the problem of housing and work. But first of all these problems were felt by the African-American soldiers. Having gone with the whites all the war, they expected to be able to fully enjoy the rights of citizenship, which had to defend in the fight, defending their homeland. But it was not there! It’s one thing the “front-line brotherhood” of the whites and blacks in the trenches and the other is the relationship in peacetime. “Black does the black work, white does the white!” At that time it was an axiom of American existence.

The reason was not only in the end of the “front-line brotherhood”. These are, above all, economic reasons. The call to the front of a huge number of workers, and besides, the flow of immigrants from Europe has dried up. The industrial North and the farms of the Midwest of America experienced a severe labor shortage. And the owners of the factories of the North had to recruit workers in the South. As a result, a significant outflow of labor migrated from the South to the North. By 1919, there were more than half a million such migrants. This was the beginning of the “great migration”. Blacks occupied white jobs. In some cities they were hired as strikebreakers (the 1917 strike was a vivid example). All this led to an increase in the hostility of the white population. And then there is the rapid demobilization of the military, which gave a sharp increase in cheap labor in the cities. But, alas, no one wanted to deal with their employment. As, however, did not do and control the prices of goods. The result - unemployment, inflation and increased competition for places in the workplace. And then there are negros, ready to work at half price. What else could they do? Families need to be fed! Not surprisingly, in the spring and summer of 1919, racial riots broke out in 22 American cities and towns. The most massive and bloody occurred in Chicago.

On Sunday, July 27, several white bathers attacked young black Americans who swam on Lake Michigan near one of the “white beaches”. As a result, an African American boy died. And so it began ... In the five days were pogroms, during which victims were 23 15 Negro and white, more than 500 injured, many citizens homeless. 2 August, the Chicago Defender newspaper published an article about the beating of "unknowns of a black woman and her child." After that, events began to develop with the speed of a hurricane. Every hour, murders and arsons were committed in the city; many of the wounded did not survive from the 500. The victims lay on every street.

I had to enter into the city 4000 soldiers of the Eighth Regiment of the National Guard. The city’s funeral homes refused to accept the dead whites. White funeral bureaus did not accept black ones. The patrols did not pick up the corpses, because they did not know where to take them. One of the Chicago newspapers wrote that "every hour patrol cars with wounded men arrive at the hospitals." But the "ambulance carriage" was not enough. In the course went trucks, carts, hearses. “It is enough to be out of your area so that your brains flow out onto the dirty sidewalk,” another newspaper lamented. An unknown black man, a young woman and a three-month-old baby were found dead on the street, at the intersection of 47 Street and Wentworth Avenue. The woman tried to get into the car when the crowd grabbed her, cut her with knives, and the baby hit her head on a telegraph pole. All this time there were several policemen in the crowd, but they made no attempt to save this family. In the afternoon, all traffic south of 22 Street and north of 55 Street, west of Cottage Grove Avenue and east of Wentworth Avenue, was stopped. Large groups of whites gathered in this zone. Black people met them with sticks and stones. Even the mounted police could not do anything. The climax of the unrest was the night battle between the whites, the police and the blacks. Crowds of people rushed into the Negro neighborhoods. They shot not only blacks, but also the police. African-Americans, capturing white cars, drove around the streets and fired at rare white passers-by.

Early in the morning, a thirteen-year-old black boy stood on the porch of the house and was shot dead by a white man who tried to leave, but ran into a crowd of blacks ...

In 8 hours, over fifty policemen, horsemen and footmen, attempted to disperse the crowd, opened fire point-blank at African Americans. The wounded were taken to nearby hospitals. Total unrest lasted 13 days. The most active were immigrants from Ireland, since their territory had a common border with the Negro ghetto.

Knoxville (Tennessee). The cause of the riot is the suspicion of the murder of a white race woman by mulatto Maurice Mayes. Then the angry crowd rushed to search for the suspect. With a powerful charge of dynamite, they demolished the doors of the city prison and stormed it. Unable to find the right person for them, the rioters freed white prisoners from the 16 cells and captured weapon. Then the crowd went to the ghetto, where there was a shootout of whites with blacks. The riots lasted all day. Riot suppressed with the help of soldiers of the National Guard.

End of September. Unrest among the white population of Omaha, Nebraska. A huge crowd of "white" demanded that the police issue a black W. Brown. The reason is the same - suspicion of rape of a negro white woman. An attempt by police to disperse the crowd with water cannons did not lead to anything. The courthouse was burned down by a mob, and Lynch’s trial took place over Brown. Weapons captured during the riot, used against the police. Seven were injured during the shootout. Events began to develop rapidly and took a dangerous turn. Mayor E. Smith was captured. Miraculously, the police saved him, otherwise the gallows would be waiting for him. The riot was put down the next day.

The last riot occurred in the city of Elayne (Arkansas). The result of the unrest is the death of 200 blacks. Negroes were accused of trying to create a “socialist” trade union and the threat of a massacre for whites. As a result, 12 black sentenced to death.

The reaction of the newspapers was lightning: articles began to be published with sentimental headlines: “Negres seized in the Arkansas Riots admitted to a widespread conspiracy”, “For today, the slaughter of whites was planned”. FBI agents conducted an investigation and found out that there was no “black conspiracy”.

In the light of past events, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People decides to send a protest to President Wilson, saying: “... shame for the mobs of attackers, including soldiers, sailors, marines who attacked innocent and innocent Negroes in the US capital. Uniformed men attacked Negroes on the streets of the city, and also pulled them out of the trams to beat them. Crowds, reportedly ... purposefully attacked any passing blacks ... The effect of such unrest in the capital will be an increase in cruelty and the danger of outbreaks of unrest elsewhere. The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People urges you, as President and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, to make a statement condemning the violence of the crowd and to ensure the implementation of such military laws as the situation requires.

“The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People asks you how long the Federal Government, with the assistance of your administration, intends to tolerate anarchy in the United States?”

NAPTSN telegram to President V. Wilson

29 August, 1919

And here is the statistics. During the summer-autumn period of 1919, 38 riots were revealed. As a result, 43 Negro suffered lynching. 16 was sentenced to be hanged, the rest were shot. The US government then took a passive policy toward racial riots.

Well, the term “red summer” was introduced by the Negro activist and writer D. Johnson. The secretary of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, he opened many local branches of this association in the USA, organized peaceful protests against racism.

Source: Chicago Defender, 2 September 1929 of the year
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  1. oldav
    oldav 2 September 2015 06: 07 New
    At this time, the Russians chopped Russian (from p. Gr LUBE).
  2. parusnik
    parusnik 2 September 2015 07: 39 New
    What are the joyful faces of the burnt corpse ... type people gathered on the barbecue ..
  3. Basil50
    Basil50 2 September 2015 08: 16 New
    But now the blacks recoup, the stories of grandparents, along with a fairy tale, contribute. And still, our homegrown * Democrats * see in the USA only an ideal. Recently, they wrote a lot about Dovlatov, most of all about the desire for freedom, and he found his ideal * of freedom * in a country where blacks and other colored people were second class, where the indigenous population was almost completely destroyed. But then he was personally paid extra, and * the light of freedom * inspired his work. And how many such * freedom-loving *?
    1. Ingvar 72
      Ingvar 72 2 September 2015 09: 06 New
      Quote: Vasily50
      But now the blacks recoup,

      Even then they were not soft and fluffy. And now even more so. During the flood in New Orleans, almost all the pogroms and killings were committed by Latinos and blacks. That is why the hearings were closed.
      I’m wondering, does anyone feel sorry for the “teenager” Michael Brown killed in Ferguson? Me not. Because this "teenager" (a centner in weight) pushed himself into the store, and he went into a brazen one for free, stopping by the seller in turnips. Failed up - an example to other scumbags, and they are raised from childhood by scumbags, and the color of the skin has nothing to do with it. They have their own ideology. They don’t want to work, the bulk of them live on benefits. Listen to "50 cents," it will become clear that they are preaching. The same as the film "Boomer", that is, antisocial behavior. Parasites in one word.
      1. Aleksandr72
        Aleksandr72 2 September 2015 09: 51 New
        And who taught them to this? The US government, which is much easier and most importantly cheaper to pay benefits to its citizens than to provide them with work. And most importantly - who pays for the welfare, for which American blacks, sorry, of course, African Americans live quite comfortably, they even have enough for drugs? And he feeds and dresses these African-American bros, like so many Latinos in the States, the whole world, including you and me, supporting the American dollar. Directly or indirectly, paying wild interest on mortgages and car loans, thereby supporting the US banking system - the main lender of commercial banks of the second level both in Russia and in Kazakhstan.
        And African-Americans and Latinos, stupefying from idleness and in "gratitude" to the country and people, commit pogroms, looting, etc.
        I have the honor.
        1. voyaka uh
          voyaka uh 2 September 2015 10: 54 New
          In the USA annually and for many years arrive
          immigrants from all over the world. In most
          arriving poor with poor language skills.
          And statistics accumulated on their (and their descendants) successes
          and standard of living.
          So: American blacks overtook EVERYTHING.
          Even Mexicans (descendants of Indians) in recent
          years begin to overtake blacks in terms of education,
          employment and standard of living.
        2. Ingvar 72
          Ingvar 72 2 September 2015 11: 28 New
          Quote: Aleksandr72
          And African-Americans and Latinos, stupefying from idleness

          Why are immigrants from other countries not fooled? request
        3. Papakiko
          Papakiko 2 September 2015 11: 29 New
          Quote: Aleksandr72
          And who taught them to this? US government

          Quote: Ingvar 72
          Parasites in one word.

          It is strange and funny to read your brain outflows on the topic raised in the article.
          You lived in the USA, you’re living, or can you imagine yourself poorly in the place of every African and go all the way from the coast of the “Ivory” to the lashes on plantations in the USA?
          For all the years of slavery, the white United States must wafer with every African-American met on the day. And this is another 7 generations ahead.
          Quote: voyaka uh
          So: American blacks overtook EVERYTHING.

          It is funny to see the statements of a representative of not a large "God-chosen people."
          Your question is: have you been silent for the Holocaust for a long time and are completely satisfied with the received income or constantly demand additional taxes? bully
          1. Aleksandr72
            Aleksandr72 2 September 2015 11: 53 New
            Presumably, you all lived and may even live in the blessed United States and are personally acquainted with a black man, forgive me again - of course, with an African-American who, being a disempowered slave, worked like a damn on cotton plantations in the slave-owning South and therefore the USA is now obliged to him for it’s a lifetime to pay benefits and keep a loafer. wassat Those of the slaves who really deserved such an attitude towards themselves, if only because they did not want to continue living in the state that converted them into slavery, chose to return back to their homeland - to the Black Continent, where they created their own state, the name Liberia is about either says.
            And most modern African-Americans (of course, not all, but many of them) did nothing traveling in their lives, did not hold anything heavier than cigarettes with grass in their hands, and only dishonored the memory of their ancestral slaves, parasitizing on this memory.
            I have the honor.
            1. voyaka uh
              voyaka uh 2 September 2015 14: 03 New
              Liberia was founded by American blacks that
              very commendable (all the best to her!). But moved
              there a handful of educated (and well-off)
              activist enthusiasts and all.
              Beggars preferred the usual unemployment benefits.

              Something - in show business, many forms of art, sports, American
              Blacks have made tremendous strides.
              For example, this descendant of slaves Oprah Winfrey earned honest work
              more than 3 billion dollars. What we wish to the rest of the African Americans fellow
            2. Papakiko
              Papakiko 2 September 2015 16: 09 New
              Quote: Aleksandr72
              the name Liberia tells you something

              He says that one of the offshores of the global economy.
              In this case, Ship!
              Liberia is the second country in the world (after the USA) in the number of registered vessels
              And if you dive into the abysses, I see a "rainbow picture":

              And this is in the non-curious Wikipedia, but in fact ..... questions and miracles are darkness.
              Quote: Aleksandr72
              I have the honor.

              Have the honor on. good
          2. e148305
            e148305 3 September 2015 02: 52 New
            here you come and feed them. why should a Russian / Polish / Chinese / Indian and so on an immigrant, a gerach 12 hours a day from 10 days (with any luck) leave in a year should pay:
            free housing, medicine, education, food and comfortable living in prisons too? over the 20 years of his life I have not seen a single sensible worker among them, including the president.
            1. igorka357
              igorka357 3 September 2015 12: 31 New
              Oh ... about the last one right to the point a ..)))
          3. igorka357
            igorka357 3 September 2015 12: 29 New
            One is fun to read .. another is fun to see, have you been smoked or something? And to be honest, disgusting comment, without sensible, vulgar ... in general nonsense!
      2. xetai9977
        xetai9977 2 September 2015 21: 08 New
        I met a lot of blacks in Europe who behave very brazenly. Our guide said that the Somali Negro is receiving an unknown allowance of 1900 euros per month and does not think to look for work, but has brought to himself numerous relatives who prefer to beg in the streets, sell drugs and generally behave ugly. He himself saw near the Mozart's house-museum in Vienna a crowd of screaming blacks who drank beer and threw bottles right under the feet of passers-by. In one word, the Nobel laureate Watson, who opened the genes, knew what he was saying, publicly doubting the intelligence of blacks.
  4. V.ic
    V.ic 2 September 2015 08: 41 New
    American freedom is to kill or be killed.
  5. Jääkorppi
    Jääkorppi 2 September 2015 10: 04 New
    Only the complete dream to live, as in AI! Only 10 cities of millionaires where liberoid values ​​are preached! While in Russia they are anxious to buy a second car in the family! And there 40% of families get food stamps! The bulk - an evil smug, eaten off fast food mass of "leather faces" with chainsaws!
  6. Leader
    Leader 2 September 2015 10: 17 New
    All of their "united American nation" is the same myth as the "new community - the Soviet people."
    This is all right so far, they seem to be united. But under the husk of civilization - Negro mentality (see how they cut each other in Africa).
    Of the 1,5 million prisoners, 90% are blacks.
    Blacks successfully decompose the United States. We should help them ...
  7. Good cat
    Good cat 2 September 2015 14: 03 New
    And this country teaches others how to live ...
  8. Reptiloid
    Reptiloid 14 October 2015 19: 36 New
    Someone recently saw the plot, how they mocked and killed a black man in 1956 (?). Article needed. Thank .