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In Vladivostok, the second stage of the Russian-Chinese exercises "Sea Interaction-2015" starts

Head of Pacific Press Service fleet Russian Federation, 1st Rank Captain Roman Martov said that on Thursday in Vladivostok the second stage of the naval exercises called “Naval interaction-2015” begins, in which ships of the Russian Navy and the Chinese Navy participate.

“On August 20, a detachment of 2015 ships of the PRC Navy led by the destroyer Shenyang arrived at the main base of the Pacific Fleet, the port of Vladivostok, in order to participate in the joint Russian-Chinese exercise Maritime Interaction - 7. The ship-master of the visit will be the Varyag Guards missile cruiser, RIA reports. "News".

The first stage of the exercise took place in the Mediterranean in May and received positive feedback from the command of the Russian and Chinese armed forces. Ships of both countries have worked artillery firing, anti-submarine defense and the fight against pirates.

It is planned that during the second stage of the exercises more than 20 ships and support vessels will be involved, as well as helicopters and marine aircraft aviation. Russian and Chinese military will conduct naval and airborne landing at the Klerk test site.

Earlier, the Ministry of Defense of the People's Republic of China noted that "the exercises are aimed at developing Chinese-Russian relations of comprehensive strategic cooperation and partnership, deepening inter-army practical friendly cooperation, and further strengthening combat capability to jointly counter threats to the sea."
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  1. avvg
    avvg 20 August 2015 07: 54
    I am glad that "Bear" and "Dragons" (the union of a bear and a dragon) have found a common language.
    1. Archon
      Archon 20 August 2015 10: 47
      Here, in the afternoon I photographed how they are standing in the port together with our ship. Interestingly, Chinese ships are lighter. Is this probably somehow connected with the fact that they have warmer and lighter?
  2. arane
    arane 20 August 2015 07: 58
    [quote = avvg] I am glad that "Bear" and "Dragon" have found a common language. [/

    Rather, they have a common enemy!
  3. Doctor Savage
    Doctor Savage 20 August 2015 08: 07
    "Will perform" ... (the cruiser "Varyag").

    Is it on stage?

    Naval exercises are not a booth or a circus.
  4. 205577
    205577 20 August 2015 08: 14
    Only an outspoken idealist will think that China suddenly, like a good fairy, will begin to make us pleasant.
    China, as well as Europe and the United States will act only on the basis of its interests.
    There is even an opinion that China will be downright cynical to "use" Russia, and that we should not turn away from the West. Maybe.
    But China has one critical advantage over the entire "civilized" world - it doesn't teach us how to live!
    Yes, only because of this I would work with them.
    And what about "using" Russia, our liberals are pro-Western from jealousy, for some reason they decided that only the "enlightened" world can do this.
  5. marder4
    marder4 20 August 2015 08: 19
    Japs again howl raise - Mama Do not Cry
  6. donavi49
    donavi49 20 August 2015 08: 29
    Hmm, we decided to send the old man 2006 of the year. Last year, the flagship 052 was then. Now 051C, despite the fact that there were rumors that it would be the flagship in general head 052D.