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Polish partisans were not

“The underground organizations of the Army of the krai will more likely agree to cooperate with the fascists, rather than begin to fight in the same ranks with us”

After the war, in our country it was considered to be that a network of partisan detachments was successfully operating in the occupied Polish territory even before the approach of the Red Army. This is a myth, as evidenced by radiograms stored in the GRU special archives, which were sent to Moscow by the famous partisan commander, Hero of the Soviet Union, Ivan Nikolaevich Banov.

In the winter of 1943 – 1944, the Red Army was approaching the state border. Ahead went scout saboteurs. One of the tasks assigned to them is to provide the advancing troops with the support of partisans from the enemy rear. But in February 1944, partisan commander Ivan Nikolaevich Banov (alias Cherny), while in Poland in the Lublin area, reported to Moscow: “The Poles are cooperating badly. Across the country, there are 50 of various party groups that are fighting among themselves ... The guerrilla movement is in its infancy here. We create sabotage detachments from Russian prisoners of war. ”

From Bulev to Svaryn

Before moving to Poland by order of Moscow, Cherny manned a mobile maneuverable group of 50 people under the command of his deputy Khadji Britaev. Armed with all the best that was in the squad: machine guns, carbines, light machine guns and even an anti-tank gun.

Polish partisans were not

Commander of the operational center Ivan Banov
1943 year. Photo from the author's archive

A combat mission was received from the Center for the Britaev Group: “By one counting of the cars, the enemy grouping and its intentions not to reveal, serious work is needed to capture documentary data. The Britaev Group organizes systematic raids on cars on the Zhitkovichi – Lakhva dirt track. ”

Soon, Khadzhi radioed to the Center: “11.1.44 of the Fourth Sovereign Group in the Milashevichi District - Lakhva set up a car. Destroyed noncommissioned officer field gendarmerie number 581. Taken lists of personnel. 13.1.44. The tenth group of Suraev attacked a convoy leading from Luninets to Milashevichi. 3 trucks, 2 ambulances and 1 cars are broken. 20 was killed by Germans and captured by corporal Paul Osess from the 127 quartermaster control. Previously, he served in the 77 heavy artillery regiment. 17.1.44. In the area of ​​Lakhva a car was crashed. Documents of the 2 Army and letters were taken. ”

The center was pleased, giving orders to intensify actions to seize documents and officers.

The transition of the operational center under the command of Chernoy itself consisted of two stages. At first it was decided to reach the village of Svaryn, which was located near the Western Bug, then make a throw over the Bug, overcome the Vladava-Chelm railway and the Vladava-Parchev highway. But with a detailed study of the movement, it turned out that there were a huge number of obstacles on the way. Such, for example, as the Baranavichy-Luninets and Brest-Pinsk highways, the Dnieper-Bug Canal and the Western Bug River are an extremely serious obstacle to the crossing of a fairly large operational center along with a wagon train and a communications center. At the same time, Moscow did not cease to repeat that the group should have avoided any clashes with the Nazis, so that the enemy would not know its route.

The partisans crossed the Baranavichy-Luninets railroad at night and went into the forest unnoticed. After a short rest, another passage was made - to the village of Svaryn. This stage was more difficult. Places went unfamiliar, low-inhabited partisans, it was possible to run into both the fascists and the nationalist formations. Therefore, Black often changed routes.

On the approach of the group to the Pinsk-Kobrin railway, the snow stopped, the sky cleared and the moon looked out, illuminating two hundred people with a wagon train. Black decided to continue the movement, but they were stopped by a large-caliber German machine gun. The column lay down, responded with fire, and Black commanded to retreat.

In the afternoon, a German reconnaissance aircraft discovered a convoy on the canal. The guerrillas opened fire. Airplane turned away. Black ordered to climb the steep banks of the channel and drive to the forest. When they reached the forest, the partisans rested and moved further along the forest roads. By Svarin came to the evening. The transition of the operational center from the Bulev Lake to Svaryny took more than a month.

War on two fronts

It was rash to rush over the Bug into Polish territory without thorough intelligence. The decision is made to send ahead experienced scouts - officers of Mikhail Gor and Feodor Steppe. The first radiograms from them didn’t inspire much optimism: there was a political confrontation in the country, the partisans wept enough.

Cherny was especially attentive to the alarm messages from Mikhail Gory, who worked in Poland.

“In these local conditions,” Gore wrote, “there are underground organizations of the Kray Army, whose leadership is asleep and sees how to return past pan-Polish Poland. It incites its subordinates to the Russians ... In my opinion, these types would rather agree to cooperate with the Germans or the Polish fascists, rather than begin to fight in the same ranks with us. ”

In the following radiogram, Gore reported: “I have 215 people. We have to fight on two fronts - with the Polish endeks (the abbreviated name of the members of the National Democratic Party of Poland. - Ed.) And the Germans. There are also people in the Army who, in their own circle, declare that the time will come and they will fight with the Soviets. ”

And here is what Fedor Steppe radioed from his region of residence: “In the Yagodinsky forest there are nationalists who call themselves narodites. They are pro-fascists. The number of 200 people. A guide from Warsaw gives them only hostile instructions. With the Germans do not fight. "

Based on these data, Black reports to Moscow the following: “For Bug, you can send groups of 30 – 40 people. Guerrilla fives will be destroyed by nationalists, and larger groups will be able to stand up for themselves if they are well armed. ”

However, Moscow was disturbed not only by the situation in Poland, but also by intelligence information for the advancing armies of the fronts.

“The troops of the 1 of the Ukrainian Front broke through the defenses of the Germans,” the Center radioed, “and are successfully moving in the Ternopil and Proskurov directions. The enemy is trying to hastily send reinforcements to the area of ​​the breakthrough. By all available means, establish continuous control over the movement of the enemy to the area of ​​the breakthrough through the points of Lublin, Brest. Capturing prisoners, set the part numbers and target transfer. Lightning the daily result. ”

In response, Chernoy’s radio sent messages one after another on the air: “Under Brest, units of the 2 Infantry Division arrived on the Finnish front ... The units of the 4 Field Army previously stationed on the English Channel arrive in Chelm ...”

But getting intelligence was becoming more difficult. Concentrating troops to inflict counterstrikes, the fascists tried their best to protect themselves from partisan intelligence. They conducted counter-operations, round-ups. In the forest, the fascists feared to poke themselves, but surrounded it with a dense ring, occupying nearby farms and villages, firing Black troops from guns and mortars.

Pull with the transition for the Bug was no longer. It was necessary to leave, to lead people away from the blow.

Start from scratch

12 April 1944 Black sent a radiogram to the Center: “I’m getting out 13 April. Tell Gore that I will be heading to the area of ​​N. Orekhovo. ”

At night, the partisans went to the Western Bug, found guides who began to ship them across the river in boats. The boats were demolished by rapid flow, they returned only after a quarter of an hour and there were few of them. It was necessary for those who swam well, to take horses by the bridles and row in the icy water. In the second half of the night, the detachment finally found itself on the other side of the river. While people counted weapon, property, guides and a trace of a cold - fled.

By order of Moscow, after the transfer to the territory of Poland, the operational center of Chernoy was to operate in the area of ​​Warsaw, Lublin, Chelm, Demblin, Vladava, Lukov.

The tasks are the same - to penetrate into the cities, deploy agents and provide intelligence about the garrisons, airfields, railway stations and other major life objects of the Nazis. The second direction of work - acts of sabotage.

However, in order to successfully operate in the rear of the enemy, especially on foreign territory, it was necessary to clearly understand the political situation in his area. And she was extremely complex and controversial.

In September 1944 of the year, returning to Moscow, Hero of the Soviet Union, head of the GRU operations center, Lieutenant Colonel Nikolai Banov writes in his report: “There were no combat groups of Polish partisans behind the Bug. The Poles did not enter into an open struggle with the Germans. There were groups of Russian partisans, but they mostly lived for themselves. In the area that controlled my opera center, there was only one Polish partisan group of Lieutenant Colonel Metek and that was in a semi-legal position. The local partisan asset lived at home and only occasionally went to combat. ”

Thus, I had to start almost from scratch. Moreover, representatives of the Kraiovoy Army directly opposed the Soviet partisans. One of the partisan commanders in May 1944 reported: “Armed Poles destroy our small groups of 5 – 10 people. The guerrillas disappear without a trace. The shelling of partisan groups on the roads and in the villages forced them to respond with fire. Result: protest from representatives of the Army Krai I report that the national Polish groups have not justified themselves. In Lukovsky forests, except for us, there are no partisans. There is a Polish armed group up to 150 people. This group does not openly fight, but in every way impedes our activities, exerting a negative impact on the local population. ”

In turn, the Center warned the partisans: “The situation beyond the Bug is fundamentally different from the situation and working conditions on our territory. In this connection, it is necessary to change the methods of work. Your farm for a short time has grown tremendously. With such growth, the possibility of penetration of cowards, marauders, spies and provocateurs to you is not excluded. There is evidence that Polish nationalist organizations specifically send their people to you. ”

Underground is activated

Soviet partisans decided to establish contact with Lieutenant Colonel Metek. If in combat matters his people were not strong, then he has a strong connection with the local population - his underground fighters were scattered throughout the Lublin province.

It was necessary to go out to the Russian partisans, to intensify their activities, to help with weapons. Then they organized a meeting with the commander of the largest local detachment, Seraphim Alekseev, a sergeant of the Red Army in the past. Alekseev was surrounded by the summer of forty-first, gathered around himself a hundred people, and since then has been partisan.

Next, Black strikes at a local German administration in rural areas. These police posts, scattered around villages, villages, farms, posed a real danger to his operations center, because they were the ears and eyes of the fascists in the area.

In one night, the Black partisans crushed twelve such posts. The remaining policemen in fear fled to their cities.

After the Allies opened the second front, British planes appeared over Poland. They circled over the forests and swamps and dumped bags of cargo, containers intended for the troops of the kraiova army. Some of these gifts fell into the hands of Soviet partisans. In addition to weapons and food in bales were leaflets calling for the support of the London government and the fight against the Soviets.

Meanwhile, tensions in Poland grew. Red Army drove the enemy. The Nazis retreated. Their rears retreated behind the Bug, and the headquarters of armies and corps moved here.

But the activity of the partisans also grew. Frequent sabotage on railways and highways, attacks on carefully disguised airfields, warehouses, and headquarters.

June 21 scouts reported that Hitler's columns were advancing from Lublin, Helm and Parchev. By the end of the day, the Germans appeared on the distant approaches to the village of Volya Vereshchanskaya. Black warned of the approaching Germans detachment of the Army Kraiowa.

The operations center of Chernoy occupied the all-round defense. Having released several bursts from afar, the fighters of the Army of the kraiovoy ran. Black was left alone with the Germans. Even by the most conservative estimates, the fascists were significantly superior to the partisans in manpower.

The Nazis arrived in the carriages, went to the attack in full growth. A fierce battle lasted about two hours. By the middle of the day, the Germans were struck in the rear by reinforcement. The fire was waning. The fascists hastily loaded onto the chaise. Among the fighters of Cherny there was not one killed, only wounded.

One road - east

The center demanded to go further beyond the Vistula, but the situation has not yet allowed it. 7 June 1944, Black radioed to Moscow: “I sent two reconnaissance groups. No group of the Vistula has reached. Immediately there are mass denunciations to the police about the advancement of groups. The population is exclusively Poles. The influence of nationalists, who claim that the Soviet partisans will not be allowed beyond the Vistula, is very strong. According to my intelligence, it is almost impossible to base partisans, especially Russians. Great is the saturation of the Polish nationalist detachments. They are well armed and not only openly oppose the partisans, but also inform the Germans about ours, help them to destroy them. ”

Nevertheless, the Center insisted on relocating beyond the Vistula.

Despite defeats at the fronts, in the rear the fascists did not intend to put up with the partisan movement. The Black detachment was attempted to be blocked from the north and south, forced to go to the Parchevsky forest and intended to surround and destroy it there.

At the breakthrough, they decided to go to the village of Shchivaverba, closer to the city of Parchev: the Germans hardly expect them there. On the day of the breakthrough, the partisans reached the very highway. With the onset of twilight the road was empty. Black gave the breakthrough team at three in the morning.

The fighters rushed forward and within a few minutes they rushed into the trenches of the German observers. The fascist machine-gunners managed to give only a few turns. But after this, the Germans began shelling. The guerrillas went to the forest when suddenly the buzz of guns began to grow ahead. Shells were already whistling over our heads — our artillery was beating at the Germans.

Now Chernoy's group was left with one road - to the east, to the front. And then the group was again awaited by trouble: Soviet attack aircraft appeared, who took the convoy for the Germans and slashed it out of cannons and machine guns, wounding several soldiers. At this very time, the returning scout from the avant-garde reported: "They went to ours."

In the summer of 1944, the war for Ivan Nikolaevich Banov was over. In October he is sent to study at the Higher Academic Courses. His further fate will be connected with military intelligence.

Guerrillas under the leadership of Banov-Chorny only for the period from December 1942 to November 1943, the enemy trains were blown up - 457, the locomotives were broken - 184, the broken-wheeys, the wreckers, the sows, which had been destroyed; technique - 122, with aircraft - 163.

During the sabotage acts fascists were killed and wounded - 13 783 man, burned bread in warehouses - 898 tons, beaten off German cattle - 537 heads, disarmed the policemen and Cossacks - 153, killed the generals - 5, blasted railway bridges - XNUM.

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  1. Oprychnik
    Oprychnik 23 August 2015 06: 38
    In our concept, these are really not partisans. The Army of Ludov and the Krajin Army are hostile to each other. Although the Warsaw Uprising, they killed so many people. And Joseph Vissarionovich in this matter, as always wise.)))
    1. Oprychnik
      Oprychnik 23 August 2015 06: 46
      I will add. Wise because he defeated the fifth column with the hands of the Germans.
      1. svp67
        svp67 23 August 2015 07: 17
        Quote: Oprychnik
        Mudra because he defeated the fifth column with the hands of the Germans

        and by the hands of people from RONA and ROA ... that is, by the hands of our "fifth column"

        1. sergey100174
          sergey100174 23 August 2015 13: 19
          And what about these female dogs?
          1. svp67
            svp67 23 August 2015 15: 27
            Quote: sergey100174
            And what about these female dogs?

            So it was they who made the maximum contribution to the suppression of the uprising in Warsaw
    2. Comrade Bender
      Comrade Bender 23 August 2015 10: 34
      The Warsaw "uprising" was muddied by the Home Army, without preparation and with full awareness of the doom to defeat. So, don't talk nonsense about Joseph Vissarionovich. He really wanted to help them and offered to start the uprising later, since Soviet troops did not have time to approach Warsaw. But the Home Army was smarter than everyone else, like all Polish lords, and even with ambition. And then, as always, they accused the Soviets of not being helped by the poor Poles. Read the memoirs of Rokosovsky.
      1. sabakina
        sabakina 23 August 2015 16: 01
        comrade Bender, I don’t know why, but the voice of the Polish radio announcer transmitting a call to the Red Army still sounds in my head ... (I don’t remember what newsreel shots they were). We were not ready for such a turn, but Stalin decided to help ... the Slav brothers? ... If he knew then that we do not have brothers ................. .
        1. james
          james 23 August 2015 22: 48
          It was thin. film. In my opinion, in one of the episodes of the epic "Liberation" Film three - "The direction of the main blow"
        2. ZVTSO
          ZVTSO 24 August 2015 00: 03
          Quote: sabakina
          If he knew then that we do not have brothers .........

          From constant searches by fellow citizens (scoops, quilted jackets, it’s not the name), brothers can go with their brains. Why are they so not self-sufficient? The whole world is doing fine without brothers. Promoting only your national interests. And only scoops, take out the brothers and put them down.
          However, here is the answer. Scoops need brothers because they hate each other, despise, suspect and envy. They do not like each other, simply put. Therefore, they are not even going to fraternize with each other. And alone, boring. So they are looking for brothers around the world. Absolutely not understanding that simple truth that they will not find.
        3. Basil50
          Basil50 24 August 2015 10: 58
          sabakina. Warsaw was a deep rear, quiet and peaceful place with an helpful population. The Poles began the uprising by cutting out all hospitals with doctors and wounded, German children and women who were at that time in Warsaw. That is why the Germans did not take prisoners of the Poles, and it frightened so much that prayers were rushed, including to the SOVIET ARMY. The rebel commander carried out an entire military operation only to surrender. In general, the lords made a noise and hoped that everything would get away with it.
        4. The comment was deleted.
        5. Aleksander
          Aleksander 25 August 2015 12: 50
          Quote: sabakina
          comrade Bender, I don’t know why, but the voice of the Polish radio announcer transmitting a call to the Red Army still sounds in my head ... (I don’t remember what newsreel shots they were). We were not ready for such a turn, but Stalin decided to help ... the Slav brothers? ... If he knew then that we do not have brothers ................. .

          It was about Prague in May 1945: "Soviet tankmen and pilots, save Zlata Prague! Soviet tankers and pilots, save Zlata Prague!"
      2. The comment was deleted.
      3. Aleksander
        Aleksander 25 August 2015 12: 45
        Quote: Comrade Bender
        . He really wanted to help them and offered to start the uprising later, because Soviet troops did not have time to approach Warsaw.

        Stalin could not invite the Poles to start the rebellion later because he learned about the rebellion after the beginning of the uprising, no one warned him and did not offer coordination of actions.
  2. avia12005
    avia12005 23 August 2015 06: 50
    It was necessary to leave the "honorable role" of fighting in Poland and the Baltic States to England, these are her devoted friends. How many Tommy would she put in there? Ungrateful Poles ...
    1. ViktorrG
      ViktorrG 23 August 2015 19: 01

      Thank you!
  3. silver169
    silver169 23 August 2015 07: 01
    The Poles, as always, in their repertoire. They were enemies, they will remain enemies.
    1. Consul-t
      Consul-t 23 August 2015 08: 55
      Pshek, pshek. It’s not a gentry thing — to partisan ...
    2. ZVTSO
      ZVTSO 23 August 2015 20: 31
      Quote: silver169
      The Poles, as always, in their repertoire. They were enemies, they will remain enemies.

      But genetically Poles, the closest Russian nation. This is what religious hatred does to people.
      1. Basil50
        Basil50 25 August 2015 11: 54
        Genetics claim that the bulk of the Poles have Slavic roots, but * pans * * Slavic * genes have impurities. I once read at BUSHKOV that all * great * Poles, even in the literature of Senkevich, for some reason * were Litvinians *. Even Pilsudski Litvin, but Gryz-Smigly (if correctly written) is a purebred Pole. Maybe this is a joke to the Poles from the RUSSIAN POLE, but it looks like the truth.
        1. ZVTSO
          ZVTSO 25 August 2015 12: 41
          Quote: Vasily50
          Even Pilsuda Litvin

          Do not confuse Litvin with Lithuanians. If I understand you correctly.
          Quote: Vasily50
          that the bulk of the Poles have Slavic roots, but * pans * * Slavic * genes have as impurities.

          Unlike the truth. Even in Russia, with its German emperors, still the bulk of the nobility was of Slavic origin.
          1. Basil50
            Basil50 25 August 2015 18: 10
            1.- On the territory of modern Poland in * the early Middle Ages * there was an invasion of the crusaders. Then the crusaders grind the local population for a long time, destroying even the shadow of resistance. That’s how the Poles appeared, the lower Slavs and the upper ones who came, this is what determines the difference between * pans * and * cattle *. 2.- You are right Lithuanians are not littins.
            1. ZVTSO
              ZVTSO 25 August 2015 18: 41
              Quote: Vasily50
              That’s how the Poles appeared, the lower Slavs and the upper ones who came, this is what determines the difference between * pans * and * cattle *.

              Not certainly in that way. Teutons converted to Christianity all. Those who refused were destroyed. In fact, the Poles are baptized local pagans. To know after baptism often also became knights.
              At least Vost. Prussia for the Order was won not only by the Teutonic, but also by the Polish knights.
              1. Basil50
                Basil50 25 August 2015 21: 45
                * The Germans * with the locals were not * stained * but the future pans did not refuse. This is the * fundamental * difference between the two.
              2. The comment was deleted.
        2. The comment was deleted.
      2. The comment was deleted.
  4. Aleksandr72
    Aleksandr72 23 August 2015 07: 07
    Interestingly, the Psheks fought with the Germans: there was practically no partisan movement, the Guard of Ludov and the Craiov Army butted among themselves, the latter also fought against the Soviet partisans, including hands of supposedly hated Germans. There were no forces for a guerrilla struggle with the Germans, but there were forces and weapons to stir up the uprising in Warsaw. But how is it: the Poles once again expected that a good uncle (in this case, the Red Army) would come and protect them (Poles) of conquest, i.e. the Soviets will hand over power in Poland to the nationalists who settled in London - well, not idiots! And the USSR lost, liberating Poland, about 600 thousand of its fighters, such our sacrifice in the name of freedom and independence of Poland, which has forgotten everything, less than 50 years have passed.
    I have the honor.
    1. sergey100174
      sergey100174 23 August 2015 13: 04
      One of the grandfathers (dad's dad) was called up in the 44th. For Warsaw, for Berlin, Glory 3 degrees is. He said: We went to Poland, expected a stab in the back. In Germany: you can’t get anywhere, they fought with them in the 1418th day, he is the enemy and the enemy. And the Poles, if a fellow soldier with KO-44, if not nearby, are not comfortable. God of war, artillery. Well, the bayonet.
    2. The comment was deleted.
    3. Aleksander
      Aleksander 25 August 2015 13: 10
      Quote: Aleksandr72
      But how is it: the Poles once again expected that a good uncle (in this case, the Red Army) would come and protect them (Poles) of conquest

      It wasn’t quite like this: in the 20 of July of the 44, the Germans began to drape from Warsaw, both the administration and the civilians. The Poles hoped that in the conditions of this drape they would painlessly and bloodlessly occupy all government buildings BEFORE our arrival, put up their own, they would not even touch railway stations and bridges so that the Germans would get out faster. BUT ... Hitler gave the order, the city to defend to death, and the SS divisions were transferred, the administration returned. And the uprising has already begun, and the Poles ran into ...
  5. rosarioagro
    rosarioagro 23 August 2015 08: 28
    "... Combat activities [edit | edit wiki text]
    On February 26, 1944, the command of the Army Ludova gave order No. 26 on the transition to the offensive. The main tasks were the destruction of German communications and the creation of an operational base in the Janowski, Bilgoraj and Parczew forests [28].

    In March 1944, the command of the Army Ludova issued an order to establish communications with the Soviet formations entering Poland, establish cooperation with them and assist them [29]. In addition to the actions behind German troops, the units and soldiers of the Army Ludova participated in battles on the front line together with Soviet troops [30].

    During 1944, units of the Army of Ludova conducted 904 military operations (including 120 major battles, 370 operations on railways and 50 operations on roads and road structures); destroyed 79 highway and railway bridges and 55 railway stations [31], organized the collapse of 322 trains; destroyed over 19 thousand German soldiers and officers [32], 24 tanks, 191 cars, 3 aircraft [33], 465 steam locomotives and 4000 carriages [31]. "
    1. sergey100174
      sergey100174 23 August 2015 13: 50
      Ludovoy’s army, normal people who didn’t want to stand in a not-so-comfortable position? that is, unlike the Home Army, which was also the enemy at the moment
  6. Support
    Support 23 August 2015 08: 28
    It seems that the next time Russia comes to release someone somewhere again, one should not give a damn about all sorts of cunning international laws and stay forever where the idiots were freed ...
  7. Gosh
    Gosh 23 August 2015 08: 38
    Won as ... and we were taught to another in the Soviet school - the Poles are brothers forever.
    1. sergey100174
      sergey100174 23 August 2015 13: 07
      It seems they dragged Mnishek with False Dmitry?
      1. Gosh
        Gosh 23 August 2015 14: 36
        And this too, but I meant precisely the joint partisan actions during the Second World War.
    2. sergey100174
      sergey100174 23 August 2015 13: 30
      The brothers, Mnishek, dragged left Dmitry. Susanin did not bring such brothers to the spot!
  8. parusnik
    parusnik 23 August 2015 09: 06
    Only Sidor Artemyevich Kovpak inflicted damage and losses on the Germans, for one Carpathian raid more than all the Polish partisans for all the years of the occupation of Poland.
    1. sergey100174
      sergey100174 23 August 2015 13: 34
      So Sidor Artemievich is the Patriot, Warrior, Man!
  9. Bourgeois
    Bourgeois 23 August 2015 09: 21
    Yes, not only Poles, all of Europe sat quietly under the German. It was only later, after forty-five, they all suddenly began to compose and tell stories about the "resistance" ... French, Polish, Norwegian ... and so on. The bullshit is everything. There was no organized resistance, there were only desperate loners or small groups of people who did not give a damn about the desecrated national pride. But this is not even a drop in the ocean. The list of such people in Europe will easily fit on one A4 page. Nevertheless, honor glory to them, they were real patriots.
    And the rest of the population of Europe quietly sat on the crevices, collaborated with the occupiers and did not buzz)) the same Poles were noted as one of the most brutal capos in concentration camps in Poland, killing Jews, Gypsies, Russians and Ukrainians with pleasure.
    A serious partisan movement is the USSR and Yugoslavia. Greece was still partly at the initial stage of World War II, but they were quickly crushed. But in reality, only ours and the NOAU fought at the rear of the Germans, with real strength and threat of which Hitler's command was always seriously considered, attracting serious forces to fight against partisans, armored vehicles and aviation.
    Our partisans and NOAU-this was a real second front, while premature "allies" in the sand of African Easter cakes cooked until they were 44)))
    1. sergey100174
      sergey100174 23 August 2015 13: 11
      Bourgeois, respect from me! There has recently been a story where these Europeans fought the Reich.
  10. Support
    Support 23 August 2015 10: 00
    Bourgeois - I agree. Jackal Geyropovsky. It's time to put an end to these perverts ....
  11. Reptiloid
    Reptiloid 23 August 2015 11: 11
    I have been rereading the "archive" since 10 years ago. Poles have disgusting and meanness! If only the book came out "miracle plane"
  12. Cap.Morgan
    Cap.Morgan 23 August 2015 11: 45
    Interesting FAA Abduction Story
    The Germans carried out launches at the Blizna training ground; this attracted the attention of the underground. AK search groups were sent to the area of ​​possible fall, and they created a dense network of observers. They bribed a German officer and received a landfill map. The air specialist calculated exactly where the object could fall. In April 44, one of the missiles fell in the swamps near Siedlice. German search teams are late due to bad weather. The rocket was dismantled and sheltered in neighboring villages. For two days the field assistants turned everything around, but there were no more rockets or partisans. The missile was transported in parts to Warsaw where it was examined by Professor Groshkovsky.

    ".... Not far from the ancient city of Tarnów, about 250 km south of Warsaw, an airfield codenamed" Butterfly "was secretly equipped in the forest, surrounded by four hundred partisans of the commander Wlodzidemezh Gedimin. True, in the event of a serious battle, the Poles have practically no chances it was - the areas around the "Butterfly" were swarming with Germans, literally two kilometers from the landing strip there were four thousand SS men and were withdrawn from the Soviet front to reorganize the Wehrmacht subunits.

    On July 25, 1944, the Dakota of the 267th Squadron of the Royal Air Force of Great Britain took off from an airfield in the Allied-occupied southern Italy.

    By that time, the most important parts of the captured "V" had already been delivered from Warsaw to the forest, including the engine and the "brain" - a twenty-kilogram radio-technical pilot device. The plane landed, in just five minutes it was loaded ... but could not take off. On that sutra day, it rained until dark, and the impromptu runway was wet.

    The British lost their nerves, the pilots decided to destroy the car and leave with the partisans, they had already begun to pour gasoline on the plane. However, the soldiers of Gedymin did the impossible: for some hour they cut off the top layer of wet turf from the strip and lined it with a lot of chopped branches. All this - two kilometers from the Germans ...

    This time the Dakota took off safely and managed to return to base before dawn, having flown 1500 km over the German-occupied territory. The rocket parts were safely delivered to London in a roundabout way - through Italy, North Africa and Gibraltar.

    Operation "Bridge" was completed successfully. As for the losses, no matter how other humanists tried to convince them otherwise, no one considered them excessive. War is a cruel thing, and the commander who will take care of the soldier has not yet been born ... "

    So .... But the author claims that there was nothing. Neither partisans, nor underground ... Who to believe? How scary to live ...
    1. Seamaster
      Seamaster 23 August 2015 18: 22
      Excuse me, unclely, but to compromise a missile that itself fell on your head and pass it on to your masters is not to blow up bridges or attack columns.
      Oh yes, they still had to pluck sod.
      Shovels shovels.
    2. Dema46
      Dema46 23 August 2015 19: 20
      The funny thing is, blaming the Poles who have historically never had love for us, forgetting that tens of thousands of our compatriots fought against the Red Army. Some kind of screwed-in logic.
      1. Aleksander
        Aleksander 25 August 2015 13: 21
        Quote: Dema46
        The funny thing is, blaming the Poles who have historically never had love for us, forgetting that tens of thousands of our compatriots fought against the Red Army.

        The funniest thing is mention these of our compatriots in the comments to the article about the Poles. Who else should have been mentioned, about the zouaves, Moroccans, Japanese, eh?
        1. Basil50
          Basil50 26 August 2015 14: 01
          IN THE SOVIET UNION, and now in RUSSIA, thanks to ALL who turned the head of the Nazis the only acceptable attitude. That is why we are indignant when * they * greet * all HEROES .... And the FAA operation was joint, the British and * sensible Nazis * conducted it brilliantly. That is why the FAA flew where it was necessary and the SS did not show activity. And then the * dad * FAA, by the way a convinced Nazi, successfully * merged in ecstasy * with the democrats of the West, and even became * dad * of the American space program.
        2. The comment was deleted.
  13. Reptiloid
    Reptiloid 23 August 2015 13: 18
    Quote: Gosh
    Won as ... and we were taught to another in the Soviet school - the Poles are brothers forever.

    That was. But the Poles then studied and worked with us. Mother says --- they evaded these topics very evasively. But the Yugoslavs were Czechs, Syrians and Africans were glad they came here.
    1. Gosh
      Gosh 23 August 2015 14: 04
      The Warsaw Pact has fallen asleep and the need to maintain the image of "friends" has disappeared. In general, gentlemen, the Panovs and in perestroika times made their contribution to the destruction of our already deplorable economy. They bought literally everything in stores - watches, cameras, leather balls and the like. I remember when we switched from Soviet money to Russian money, near the savings bank, they approached and asked to exchange one hundred-ruble bills, which I did not even hold in my hands at that time.
  14. Reptiloid
    Reptiloid 23 August 2015 13: 51
    Quote: Gosh
    Won as ... and we were taught to another in the Soviet school - the Poles are brothers forever.

    So they taught. Apparently they wanted to be friends with us, as with those who are now called "raguli". Forcibly we are not "nice" to them.
    1. Gosh
      Gosh 23 August 2015 16: 52
      We were not nice to them even non-violently, I mean western Ukraine, I worked for 19 years with purebred Ukrainians in the Far East, with them both relatives and parents lived and live in / in Ukraine. So after all their vacation trips, they "shared" news about the political situation, everything was not so "rosy" in the territory of the Square and before the coup.
  15. xomaNN
    xomaNN 23 August 2015 16: 42
    Poles fueled hostility to everything Russian two centuries ago. History Ros. The empire on the Polish question is replete with not fraternal friendship. So (especially after the Soviet-Polish war of 1920) one could hardly expect a mass "military Soviet-Polish brotherhood."
    The example of front-line participation of Polish units on the Soviet fronts (together with the Red Army!) Slightly brightens this trend.
    And the current Polish anti-Russian, alas, for good reason ....
  16. timyr
    timyr 23 August 2015 16: 47
    Russophobia of the Poles is easily explained. There was a time in Poland there were more people and she argued for superiority with Russia and safely blew through. Now they have an inferiority complex and all the problems of Poland are explained by one, that Russia is stopping them.
    1. Dema46
      Dema46 23 August 2015 19: 22
      Yes, they can just as well reason about our Poleophophobia. We are alone white and fluffy.
      1. timyr
        timyr 23 August 2015 20: 30
        Che did not notice polecophobia in Russia. But I hear the statements of the Poles or their films about wild Russians.
    2. ZVTSO
      ZVTSO 23 August 2015 20: 36
      Quote: timyr
      Russophobia of the Poles is easily explained

      The usual religious discord of the same people. Genetically, Poles and Rusichs are one and the same. You can observe exactly the same thing between the Serbs and the Croats.
  17. Jääkorppi
    Jääkorppi 23 August 2015 17: 04
    The Nazi army only officially served 450 Poles !!! So with whom did they fight? What to say about these gay men !! Both under Napoleon, in Crimea, and under Hitler, we fought with the entire European Union! They always hated us! Those people are funny who believe in a united Europe before Vladivostok !! At least, if it happens, then there will be no Russian in it !!
  18. Seamaster
    Seamaster 23 August 2015 18: 28
    By the way, the most heroic that the Poles have is the Warsaw Uprising.
    And you read the "accounting" of this event and you are crazy.
    The German soldiers died - 1587 (perhaps a little more: they could not clarify how many Germans were in Warsaw when traveling on vacation, etc.).
    The rebels died - 17 THOUSAND.
    The rebels surrendered - 70 THOUSAND. Including - ALL the top.
    Killed lively people - 200 THOUSAND ..
    Warsaw was rolled along logs, Mos-Kali then it was restored completely in the photo.
  19. Seamaster
    Seamaster 23 August 2015 18: 32
    By the way, how many "heroes of Westerplatte" died in battle?
    For the Poles this is how we have the Brest Fortress.
    Something about 45 people.
    The rest surrendered.
    Something like a collective fight near the pub.
  20. Seamaster
    Seamaster 23 August 2015 18: 35
    And what about the war in September 1939?
    The Germans killed 7600 people.
    The Polish military died - 17 thousand.
    Surrendered: Germans - 1 million 300 thousand, Russians - 400 thousand.
    1. Cap.Morgan
      Cap.Morgan 24 August 2015 00: 00
      Well, the Poles then fought against fascism. I wonder what the Red Army was doing then.
  21. serge siberian
    serge siberian 23 August 2015 20: 15
    psheki from the 15th century wanted to rule Russia. that's all the "relish".
    in the 88th comrade was in Germany. "We are sitting in a cafe, German relatives and I talk, a man comes up and mumbles in broken Russian, they say, brothers Slavs, hello, I’m a Pole, we’ll drink friendship. And his relatives in German went out to a prostitute. I was" explained "that they are whores, and yours and ours are given leshba not beaten and paid. "
  22. ZVTSO
    ZVTSO 23 August 2015 20: 28
    The partisan movement is in its infancy. We create sabotage squads from Russian prisoners of war
    For each soldier, the Germans killed from 100 to 500 hostages from the local population. For an officer, the "rates" were higher. These rules were the same for all occupied territories. Therefore, nowhere in the rest of Europe (except for Yugoslavia) the so-called. there were no partisans. There were all sorts of underground workers who were ONLY engaged in intelligence.
    1. Seamaster
      Seamaster 23 August 2015 22: 11
      Is this some kind of alternative fiction or something?
      Or from the magazine "Atheist" in 1942?
      I'm talking about the price of killing hostages.
      Soviet partisans knocked out about a million German troops.
      So 1 million x 500 = 500 million Soviet citizens were shot?
      1. ZVTSO
        ZVTSO 23 August 2015 22: 48
        Quote: Seamaster
        I'm talking about the price of killing hostages.

        I do not understand what you want to challenge? That the Germans used the hostage system? Do you think that in Nuremberg, including and for this they condemned in vain?
        Quote: Seamaster
        Soviet partisans knocked out about a million German troops

        Then you immediately write, 100 million. For greater reliability. In fact, the Germans on all fronts for all the years (since 1939), 5,3 million people died. So don't fantasize so much. And get carried away with Krivosheev. In fact, all the "revelations" of Krivosheev are from here - Ponomarenko, P.K. The nationwide struggle in the rear of the German fascist invaders. 1941-1945. M., 1982, p. 442-443.
        Read Klaus Jochen Arnold: Die Wehrmacht und die Besatzungspolitik in den besetzten Gebieten der Sowjetunion. Kriegführung und Radikalisierung im "Unternehmen Barbarossa" [The Wehrmacht and the occupation policy in the occupied territory of the USSR. Waging war and radicalizing "Operation Barbarossa"]. Berlin 2005.
        This study in this context is interesting in that the author makes an attempt to quantify the losses of the German and Soviet sides during the guerrilla war for June 1941 - June 1944 (p. 462 - 480). According to his preliminary and incomplete estimates, in the rear of the Army Group Center (covering, as I understood, primarily the territory of Belarus and the central regions of Russia), the German side lost 39.568 people killed, wounded and missing. It takes into account German, Hungarian and French formations (?), Plus local collaborators (police, law enforcement, burgomaster, officials).
        1. ZVTSO
          ZVTSO 23 August 2015 23: 18
          Moreover, in the publication Sowjetische Partisanen in Weißrußland. Innenansichten aus dem Gebiet Baranoviči. 1941-1944. Eine Dokumentation. [Soviet partisans in Belarus. An inside view of the Baranavichy region 1941.1944 Collection of documents]. München 2004, S. 22 states that total in Belarus "From the hands of Soviet partisans, between 35.000 and 40.000 people died, about half of which were German soldiers."
          So up to a million is very far.
        2. Seamaster
          Seamaster 24 August 2015 00: 32
          The source, of course, is valuable.
          Such a source will never lie.
          Like all German propaganda.
          And 2 lost "tigers" on the Kursk Bulge, but destroyed 560 tanks, and Rudel, who also destroyed 600 tanks and one battleship and the best ace of the Reich, who shot down 11 Soviet planes in one working day, using 108 machine-gun cartridges of 7.92 mm.
          Py.Sy. By the way, pure arithmetic. Even if you take your data - 40000 killed invaders, the hostages were shot:
          40000 x 500 = 20 million.
          Not too much?
          1. The comment was deleted.
          2. Basil50
            Basil50 26 August 2015 14: 28
            To believe, after Dr. Goebels, German sources are weird, right? I had to somehow read the statistics on combat losses, so much lying is no longer talent, but ordinary * work *. By the way, German propaganda is grown entirely by Americans and with American money. Goebels was * invited * to an already prepared structure, as the most * dexterous * and obedient. That is why it is so similar to Reich No. 3 that everything is voiced by the Western media, and lying and trifles should not go deeper.
            1. Loki-Ryngard
              Loki-Ryngard 29 August 2015 12: 15
              Well, to trust the Soviet sources of that time is also a dubious undertaking ...
  23. 1536
    1536 23 August 2015 20: 35
    That's when you regret that the attempt on Hitler, organized by German anti-fascists and the military, failed in 1944. They could have reconciled with Germany even then, and there would have been no Poland now. It would be one of the lands of Germany, a friendly country. The British then interfered, the Gestapo informed the time and place of the bombing of Hitler, thereby saving him, and the war lasted another seven months.
    1. Seamaster
      Seamaster 23 August 2015 22: 07
      It doesn’t matter for the USSR that the attempt on Hitler failed, but happiness.
      The conspirators did not intend to put up with us, but with the USA and England and the whole company together to collide on the USSR.
      Look, WHO was at the head of the conspiracy - not Ernst Thalmann, but the highest generals and industrialists. With an English agent, Admiral Canaris, I don’t even speak.
      That is why Stalin forbade Soviet agents (Miklashevsky, Olga Chekhova) to bring Hitler down in 1943.
      As long as Hitler led Germany, no one in England or the United States would have made an alliance with Germany.
  24. unsinkable
    unsinkable 23 August 2015 20: 50
    Quote: sabakina
    that we don’t have brothers ..................

    At one time I served at the training ground of the Internal Affairs Directorate (Warsaw Treaty Countries) with Poles, Germans, Czechs, Bulgarians, etc. The relations with the Poles were the most strained, then with the Germans. The best with the Bulgarians. With the rest, neither of these. So we draw conclusions about the brothers.
  25. Cap.Morgan
    Cap.Morgan 23 August 2015 23: 57
    Quote: 1536
    That's when you regret that the attempt on Hitler, organized by German anti-fascists and the military, failed in 1944. They could have reconciled with Germany even then, and there would have been no Poland now. It would be one of the lands of Germany, a friendly country. The British then interfered, the Gestapo informed the time and place of the bombing of Hitler, thereby saving him, and the war lasted another seven months.

    And we would not be there. Friendly Germans by the 46th year would have made the same dozen atomic bombs and jet Messers would have dropped them on us ...
  26. Coboklo
    Coboklo 24 August 2015 04: 06
    So much for Four Tankmen and a Dog. They fed us bullshit for the sake of maintaining a false sense of elbow. Why do these undersides hate the Russians so much?
  27. elenagromova
    elenagromova 24 August 2015 05: 24
    Thanks for the article, I wonder, but I would not agree with the title. Not that the Polish partisans were not. It was just that there weren't as many as we would like.
  28. szeptun
    szeptun 24 August 2015 11: 37

    a feee....
  29. Hagreebarg
    Hagreebarg 24 August 2015 11: 49
    As one of the formans said, the Poles hate us because we did not let them control our country and drove them out of Russia in troubled times, and they did not realize their dream of a great Commonwealth. that they were part of the so hated by the Russian Empire. After all, Poland was divided by Catherine and King Frederick, if I don’t confuse anything. Here they won’t see us. Rossi and silently sit on the fifth point. They are arrogant and honorable, and you poke them with your finger, immediately blown away.
    1. Loki-Ryngard
      Loki-Ryngard 29 August 2015 12: 19
      And the Commonwealth included both Belarus and part of Ukraine. So whose country is this is another question.