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Where are our guns?

Army artillery follows the traditions and rules of a century ago

Many people are surprised that Russian artillery systems do not have demand in the world market. Surprise passes when you learn about the attitude to this type of weapons and military equipment in your own defense department.

Events in Ukraine have shown that the effective use of strike fire systems is quite possible without achieving operational superiority over the enemy. These tasks are accomplished by conducting a counter-battery struggle, defeating the reserves that advance from the depths, neutralizing control centers (electronic weapons), and destroying those breaking through into the defenses. tanks, which robs the enemy of the initiative. This is characteristic of both local conflicts and future wars. But success is possible only with the integration of forces and means in the reconnaissance and fire system.

Change goals

First of all, this is about the artillery component of the MTA of the Ground Forces. Recall: organizationally it includes compounds (units, subunits) of howitzer, cannon, reactive, anti-tank artillery, anti-tank missile systems, mortars, as well as reconnaissance, control and support. The structure is branched and rather complex. In order to meet the requirements of time, it must be constantly improved, saturated with new weapons and military equipment.

This requires not only the challenges of the time, but also global trends. The development of technologies has allowed the integration of the management of forces and assets in a single information, intelligence space and move from a rigid centralized management vertically to a network-centric - horizontally. These processes led to a revision of views on the organization and conduct of hostilities, including the use of artillery weapons.

The leading trend, says a senior researcher at the 3 Central Research Institute of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, Candidate of Military Sciences Valery Lozhnikov, is the creation of interspecific groupings of troops, minimizing or completely eliminating the conduct of close firefight with units and units. Emphasis is placed on mobility and maximum activation of the combat potential of small groups based on the new capabilities of reconnaissance, control, destruction and support systems.

Changing priorities and fire destruction. The main efforts are focused on the destruction of critical infrastructure, government and military systems.

Where are our guns?

At the operational level, emphasis is placed on the destruction of objects that determine the functioning of the main combat and support systems of the enemy. The aggression of the United States and other NATO countries against Yugoslavia, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Libya has become a practical test of these conceptual provisions. The results show that the main trends of warfare are:

-expansion of the spatial scope of actions against enemy combat systems and the extent of destruction;
-the shift of the center of military operations in the aerospace sphere;
-use in battle of a single information space;
- the lack of direct contact of the fighting forces;
-the presence of open flanks.

In the end, there is a gradual switching of exposure from manpower and enemy equipment to key control objects. But such an application of MTAs can be carried out only in a single information and intelligence space with maximum maneuverability, which implies the deployment of units and subunits on the move to unprepared firing positions.

“In recent years, problems have arisen in the field of automation of MTA management due to both objective and subjective factors,” said Valery Kezhaev, professor at the automation department of the MFAR management of the Mikhailovsky Artillery Academy. - According to some estimates, commanders of artillery divisions today are forced to make decisions with only 30 percent of necessary information, and sometimes 10 percent of information about the situation. But even for the preparation of the attack of the battalion (division), it is required to solve about 500 various preparatory tasks.

What is the reason for the lack of information?

The scope of tasks for enemy fire engagement has increased dramatically, and the time for making a decision on combat has decreased. In addition, information about the enemy in MFA is suitable if their lag time does not exceed 50 minutes. With the advent of new maneuverability means less and less.

Problems are solved only through the integration of MFA control systems into the reconnaissance-fire system. To understanding this did not come yesterday. But another problem arose related to the introduction of robotic systems in the reconnaissance-fire system, including the subsystems of control, reconnaissance, target designation, support. Not everyone understands the significance of such revolutionary changes.

It’s not for nothing that the leadership of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation and scientific research institutes now even talk about reprinting the dictionary of operational tactical terms. And in the armies of developed countries, the activity of applied scientific research in the field of the use of new forms and methods of military operations has sharply increased.

Change of principles

The concept of network-centricism contributes to the introduction of innovative technologies in the automated management of MTA and that will allow you to successfully implement promising ways to perform fire tasks regardless of the complexity of the combat situation and the nature of the hostilities.

These technologies will become crucial in the near future, which will require appropriate training of specialists, including robotics. According to Professor of the RViA Department of the Mikhailovsky Military Artillery Academy, Doctor of Military Sciences, Associate Professor Colonel Vitaly Lukianov, one of the tasks of the RVAA is to impart interspecific groups of troops to the theater and operational areas of the basic properties of a reconnaissance-fire system operating in a single information space. This is impossible without the full functional integration of forces involved in enemy fire attack, equipping MFA forces with high-precision automated control and reconnaissance systems, missile and artillery systems of the new generation of ASTRON, automated daring-type combat operations such as Zarya-22. The rearmament involves the transition to an IWT on new physical principles.

In order for MFA units to be outside the enemy's fire zone, the range of missile and artillery weapons must be increased by 1,5 – 2 times, and the accuracy reach weapons long-range ground forces - tripled, and even five times.

World tendencies show that the use of forces and means of fire destruction is characterized by a transition from the destruction and destruction of objects to the disruption of their functioning for the time necessary for the troops to accomplish the task. None of the above goals, according to Valery Kezhayev, will be achieved if there are no people who sincerely care for the result, for introducing new methods and technologies into military practice. There are such specialists, but there are still quite a few problems in the way of the implementation of seemingly understandable solutions.

“This is an initiative that was recently shown, in particular, by Colonel-General Vladimir Zaritsky and Lieutenant-General Valery Tsukanov,” Valery Kezhaev said at a conference at the Army-2015 forum. “There are few who would raise such questions in principle, on the solution of which the fate of the kind of troops depends.”

Change of officials

Chief of Staff - First Deputy Chief of the Missile Forces and Artillery of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation (2001 – 2006), Doctor of Military Sciences, Lieutenant-General Valery Tsukanov explained that the analysis of armed conflicts of recent years, and this is Iraq with Afghanistan, and Libya with Syria, and Ukraine , shows: in modern combat, information plays a decisive role, more precisely, the ability to receive it in time and quickly dispose of it. It is important that our scientists were able to anticipate these global trends. They also began to solve the problem under the direction of Colonel-General Vladimir Zaritsky, Chief of the MTA and Land Forces of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation (2001 – 2008). In 2002, work began on the MFA R & D development concept as a reconnaissance-fire system. It contained seven sections, including nuclear support. But unexpected difficulties arose in the way of her statement. And after years of 13 they did not disappear.

The concept worked for two years, it was coordinated with all the central military administration bodies, scientific research institutes, universities, the commander-in-chief of the Ground Forces, and approved by the Chief of General Staff. Documents were sent to 68 organizations, including leading industrial enterprises. And most importantly, research and development work on integrated weapon systems for MFA was carried out. Connected VAGSH, Mikhailovsky Artillery Academy, research institutes, other organizations. There were many publications and scientific papers. But the result is not impressive.

The industry before 2014 mainly completed completed R & D projects and created the basis for the reconnaissance and fire system. But by this time the Ukrainian conflict had flared up, which sharply put on the agenda the question of the significance of the enemy's fire destruction and the role of artillery in the operations of the Ground Forces. It would seem that this should accelerate the development of the established groundwork, but it turned out the opposite.

Since 2013, attempts by the industry and the main consumer of this weapon (the MFA administration) to convince finances managers, first of all, the Main Agrarian University, to order the delivery kit for army divisions of a separate motorized rifle brigade that was almost adopted, did not produce results. The request to the Deputy Minister of Defense for Armaments in April 2013 also did not find understanding. A personal appeal to Lieutenant-General Valery Tsukanov to the GRAU (already as an adviser to the general director of one of the enterprises of the military-industrial complex, which was entrusted with the development of appropriate systems) did not bring results.

After that, Colonel-General Zaritsky made a report at a meeting of the Military Industrial Commission under the government. Members of the NTS, he was adopted with approval. However, the matter did not move again.

“After that, guided solely by questions of increasing the state’s defense, the general director of Russian Electronics was decided to address the issue to the Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation, Chairman of the Military-Industrial Committee of the Russian Federation Dmitry Rogozin,” Lieutenant-General Tsukanov said. - It was reported that Rosselectroniya, with the support of the Russian Academy of Rocket and Artillery Sciences, completed the creation of an integrated artillery combat fire system, which in the orders of the Ministry of Defense from 10 June 2014, was found suitable for admission to the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. This is the result of many years of purposeful work of the administration, the State Industrial University, industrial enterprises, the Research Institute of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation ”.

This reconnaissance and fire system increases enemy damage by 2 – 2,5, saves ammunition by 10 – 15 percent, shortens the control cycle in the division by 3 – 3,5 times, and controls the means of reconnaissance by 4 – 5 times. There are other positive characteristics that are given in the act of state tests.

Unfortunately, at present, the means of artillery units that carry out enemy fire engagement are not always integrated with reconnaissance and command complexes. So, in some conditions ineffective. But for the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, the purchase of individual samples of old weapons continues. Not a single unit, artillery formations using the new combat integrated reconnaissance and fire system (except for Iskander) have been formed. As a result, by the 2020 year we can get a completely negative result: MFA units with modern weapons will not be formed, since complete deliveries of such weapons and military equipment are not provided for in the state defense order.

It may turn out that by the year of 2020 we will be left without new system-forming weapons in MTA. Russian Electronics, guided by the interests of the defense of the state, asked to consider this problem with the invitation of interested parties: the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the Ministry of Defense, industrial enterprises, RARAN, universities. Offered:

1. To supplement the NKTsP "Development of artillery weapons" with a paragraph on specific supplies of weapons for equipping reconnaissance and artillery systems.

2. To appoint a system integrator-customer, for whom to assign the tasks of forming the state defense order, equipping the troops, and arranging the coordination of units in one of the training centers; Arms Department - to prepare the relevant documents.

3. To determine the head enterprise of the industry for developing system-wide and special software, to assign scientific support to the appropriate institute and RARAN.

What did Comrade Rogozin say? He referred to the customer - GRAU. The answer, in particular, stated that the equipment of the artillery battalions of the combined arms and military brigades of weapons and military equipment is currently being part of the delivery kits and in accordance with the approved plan. "In connection with the above, there is no need to consider ..." In a word, then everything is clear.

Change of approaches

Maybe this development worthless? What lies in this answer - incompetence, ignorance of the basics of military service and the combat use of MFA? After all, artillery is an armament system functioning in a single program space, the main striking force of the Ground Forces. But such an attitude can also be interpreted as failure to comply with presidential decree No. 603, which dealt with this system. Not to mention the fact that with the knowledge of the customer himself (the state), a lot of time and money was spent on its development.

“In May, I visited 2015 in the Central Military District, where I was once the head of the RViA of the Volga Military District, and made sure that no troops were supplied to the troops in recent years,” Lieutenant-General shared his observations with concern. Valery Tsukanov. - Not to mention some kind of integrated systems. We in Moscow are creating something, inventing, and the troops do not even have information about it. They are preparing in the old manner to go on the attack, leaving thousands of lives on the battlefields ”.

Professor of the Mikhailovsky Academy, Alexander Bogdanov, added that today it was necessary to adjust the shooting rules and training courses for artillery units, which would allow an objective assessment of their training, to reflect the latest changes.

“We are facing the need to revise the practical and theoretical tasks of artillery,” said Bogdanov. “In which there are as many 577 articles and shooting rules.”

What else is needed to support the combat capability of artillery units? According to experts, the current training ground is a small patch where it is extremely difficult to organize high-quality training for the management of fire and strikes by MFA units and subunits. So you have to think about the new site.

A more effective solution also requires the problem of introducing robotic complexes into the reconnaissance-firing system, including the subsystem of control, reconnaissance, target designation and all types of support. Prospective directions are outlined in connection with the strengthening of the role of innovative technologies in the field of the automated control of MFA.

Ensure victory on the battlefield mass casualties, as it was in the Great Patriotic War, will not succeed for many reasons. In order not to repeat 1941, officials in uniform and without them should be attentive to every sound thought from the troops and the military-industrial complex, every technical novelty, especially the armament system and the maintenance of hostilities that are born most often thanks to enthusiasts.
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  1. Strashila
    Strashila 22 August 2015 05: 35
    Yes, maybe there is no demand, but she fights in all conflicts.
    This only speaks of its reliability and availability in operation by illiterate personnel ... the equipment delivered by the Soviet Union did not lose its power.
    1. The comment was deleted.
    2. nils
      nils 22 August 2015 05: 40
      Quote: Strashila
      The equipment delivered by the Soviet Union did not lose its power.

      Thanks to the Soviet Union that we still have power.
      “In 2002, work began on the Concept for the development of MFA as a reconnaissance and fire system. But unexpected difficulties arose on the way of its approval. And after 13 years they did not disappear.
      ... For the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, the purchase of certain samples of old weapons continues. Not a single subunit, artillery formations using the new integrated combat reconnaissance and fire system (except for the Iskander) have been formed. As a result, by 2020 we can get a completely negative result. "

      It is hoped that unforeseen difficulties did not time disappear. Question is there enough time?
      1. The comment was deleted.
      2. st25310
        st25310 22 August 2015 05: 51
        “We are preparing for the exhibition such a show that we get a billion views”
        1. AUL
          AUL 22 August 2015 08: 25
          An official remains an official, even if he is in uniform. And the "parquet" generals - even more so. Without an appropriate rollback, not a single innovation will be missed, no matter how necessary.
          1. meriem1
            meriem1 22 August 2015 10: 17
            This does not mean that we are the same! Slowly on bunks sit ub.lyudki. And no one can doubt the Glory of the Russian Arms. The gut is thin.
    3. Vladimir 1964
      Vladimir 1964 22 August 2015 12: 15
      Dear Scarecrow, read the entire article, and not just the first line. The article is not about what you are commenting at all.
      1. T-73
        T-73 23 August 2015 12: 44
        I agree with you. AND
        Quote: Strashila
        about its reliability and availability in operation by uneducated personnel ..

        not serious. I'm about illiterate))) Alas, these are now marshals on sofas.
    4. T-73
      T-73 23 August 2015 12: 39
      Quote: Strashila
      The equipment delivered by the Soviet Union did not lose its power.

      Of course not. The reserves of classical artillery are currently exhausted, I think, completely. Remember Mouses and questions will disappear by themselves. Troop mobility and art back mobility is the cornerstone. Remote fire of the same "Msta" (we omit the indexes) is sufficient for operational fire. More is not necessary. More missile units come into play. There will be target designation - they will get there.
      Unfortunately, at present, the means of artillery units that carry out the engagement of the enemy are far from always integrated with reconnaissance and command and control systems. This means that in some conditions they are ineffective.

      that's where the trouble is, not with artillery systems
    5. Petrik66
      Petrik66 23 August 2015 21: 16
      Marshal again evidence
    6. Black Colonel
      Black Colonel 25 August 2015 17: 17
      This is not about the reliability of technology, but about its optimal use
  2. aszzz888
    aszzz888 22 August 2015 05: 42
    “In May of the 2015 of the year I visited the Central Military District, where I was once the head of the Volunteer Military Aviation and Military Aviation Regiment, and was convinced that no new weapons and control had been supplied to the troops in recent years,

    Far the best example of a war in the Donbass.
    But numerous officials, including the military, are not so easy to convince.
    And although the effectiveness of artifacts has been practically proven, it is almost impossible to raise a bureaucrat's nest. Liberals, to say the least, are there.
    1. T-73
      T-73 23 August 2015 12: 56
      Quote: aszzz888
      Far the best example of a war in the Donbass.

      There is, of course, its own specificity. From aviation, only drones, which plays into the hands of the LDNR. By the way, I read on a third-party (seemingly "Eye of the Planet" - please, moderators - do not regard this resource as advertising - you cross-reference materials, the same Kamenev is placed there) that the LDNR artillery is not the most combat-ready artillery at the moment in the world ... Yes?! Soviet school, Soviet artillery systems. A good dinner spoon, as they say. Here is the classic counter-battery fight performed by the masters. Let's leave the officials. We ourselves must have a mustache. And do not piss when the EP drives to the polls.
  3. Barakuda
    Barakuda 22 August 2015 06: 20
    An acquaintance was called to "Rapier", five people were not a complete set, half a year in one dug-in place, and there were no Russian tanks. The ulcer has earned and home .. that's such a damn mobilization. But I met the local rats .. and amerikosovskie rations pohaval, well, not cookies from the Maidan. winked One plus - Russian already knows, although he still doesn’t take off his berets ..
    1. Revolver
      Revolver 22 August 2015 07: 05
      Quote: Barracuda
      I got an ulcer
      Well so understand why -
      Quote: Barracuda
      rations amerikosovsky praised
      They are fresh, newer samples, not edible, and even the earlier samples, but apparently expired - really something with something.
      Quote: Barracuda
      One plus - Russian already knows

      How, in the Armed Forces of Ukraine, instead of the sovereign mob, they use one thousand Muscovites? belay It paramoga zrada! lol
      Quote: Barracuda
      although he still doesn’t take off his berets.
      Well, I suppose it stinks - for six months I didn’t wash my legs and did not change my socks lol
      1. T-73
        T-73 23 August 2015 13: 01
        Quote: Nagan

        took on growth) I think it will be more. And how do you take off your socks? Campaign in the outskirts of soap for windings soon will not remain. How to prosrait such a country - I do not understand. Although all this is Moscow propaganda. Vatniki we erase the truth regularly. So it is got. And they taught the geyropa. Though manually - Obama turned the economy into ruins for us :)
    2. Aqela
      Aqela 24 August 2015 12: 20
      I think that Russian rations will still be better. fellow
      In general, NATO field feed is striking in its frivolity. Everything is entirely some kind of chips or requires an hour of cooking to prepare (as in World War I - cooking on individual bonfires laughing ).
  4. smith7
    smith7 22 August 2015 07: 45
    The article is interesting. I wonder what is the purpose of the publication? But the truth is that the artillery of the ground forces is on the verge of qualitative changes in the approaches to inflicting fire damage. The material is literally permeated with the idea that generals and artillerymen are easier when the word "computer" falls into a stupor. Training specialists at the modern level can eliminate illiteracy and lack of understanding of new approaches to inflicting fire damage. It is important not to overdo it and not to completely abolish the "old school". It is important to find a balance, otherwise it will again be "they wanted the best, but it turned out as always."
    1. mervino2007
      mervino2007 22 August 2015 12: 54
      Quote: smith7
      generals and artillerymen are easier when the word "computer" falls into a stupor.

      It’s scary that such generals are ubiquitous. Limited thinking, inability to manage a computer - do not allow to introduce this technology. And Rogozin - not delved into this mess, when since 2002. even one fully equipped reconnaissance and artillery system - no. And this, since everything remains as before, is a huge overspending of ammunition, loss of time and people, equipment.
      1. Aqela
        Aqela 24 August 2015 12: 34
        Worse. Much worse. Let the general shy away from the computer, but he basically has a common, operational-tactical leadership, and here the electronic map on the table will fit in with the sensible technical staff at headquarters. The trouble is that senior officers are not friends with computer technology - from the major to the colonel, who drag the solution of the main tasks directly to the battlefield, set the tasks for the battery-divisions and company-battalions mentioned above ... And the military structures are not here alone. The same nonsense is often in production and in other civilian structures ...
    2. max702
      max702 22 August 2015 22: 17
      The article is muddy, but the meaning is simple .. To issue the fastest accurate target designation in order to destroy the target as quickly as possible, but with this problem .. There is no equipment, no personnel and the most insulting desire to change something. I had one friend, I went 15 years ago from the military department to the troops with his laptop, he hammered artillery tables into the "Excel" and became an indispensable person in the shooting, for everything turned out accurately and very quickly. for a long time his leadership persuaded him to continue his military career, but he did not want to, and after serving he returned to civilian life .. Why this example, and what if yesterday's graduate of the university managed to dramatically increase the efficiency of combat work by simply ridiculous cost means, then what do specialized institutions do and thousands of professionals in uniform and without, it's not clear ..
      1. Aqela
        Aqela 24 August 2015 12: 39
        The same garbage. One friend complained: she thinks the statistics for reporting in the district clinic, so the tables are hefty, hammer on the buttons on the calculator, then double-check all the numbers, then enter all this into the final tables - the zapara is still the same ... I suggested that I fix all the basic reports in Excel, so that even if you don’t torture the calculator, even for general calculations, it shied away from me, like hell from incense ... am fellow request
    3. Aqela
      Aqela 24 August 2015 12: 27
      Did Napoleon say that all generals are trying to win past wars? what
      By the way, if you look closely, the weapon itself has been progressing very slightly lately. yes
      Don't believe me? Check out the newest armored personnel carrier in the Browning M2, which celebrated its 100th anniversary at lunchtime. Take a look at the developments to modernize the Mosin rifle as a sniper. Take a look at the active development for the modernization of the T-54/55 (wait a minute ... development of 1948-1955 years? 60 years?). That is, the question is mainly in the renewal of reconnaissance, communications and coordination of actions of combat units. If these tasks are linked, then the good old "Kalash" can be cut in such a way that it will not seem a little ... good fellow
      Something like this! hi
  5. Eragon
    Eragon 22 August 2015 08: 22
    Somehow the title of the article and its content do not agree at all. As I understand there are enough "trunks" - both old are good, and new ones are being developed. The problem is in the organization of their application. But this is the problem of electronics engineers, not the "god of war". The gun will shoot, and shoot well, and without electronic ears and eyes. But where will it go ...
    Although, in my opinion, the author is silent. Back in the late 80s, tests were carried out to guide Uragan rockets with a satellite from space at specific targets. Moreover, each rocket (from one salvo) has its own target. And successful.
  6. kartalovkolya
    kartalovkolya 22 August 2015 08: 24
    The article probably has some meaning and is interesting, but the question immediately arises: why does an official of such a level raise such an important problem in VO, and not at a meeting of the General Staff or at the "worst end" in the Government ??? I don't know about you, but me It seems like something bad smells: either it is the settling of old scores with someone, or a "smoke screen", but it is not clear why ?! Apparently the time is coming when any "military secret" can be learned from the Internet (and there is no need to torture modern Kibalchish Boys, there are so many Bad Boys in the network)!
  7. valokordin
    valokordin 22 August 2015 08: 35
    The article is timely, almost alarmist. In the Donbass, we see the importance of artillery. We see that NATO instructors and the equipment they brought are capable of delivering sensitive blows to the militia and causing significant damage to them and the civilian infrastructure. What you need to wait or help the militia solve this problem.
    1. kartalovkolya
      kartalovkolya 23 August 2015 09: 59
      And what do you think the militias "provide" for the regular supply of the wounded (I will keep quiet about the killed) to the hospitals in Odessa (according to media reports, 103 people from Mariupol in two days) and Kiev (23 people, again from the media). Probably not from slingshots and not without the normal provision of counter battery warfare? And who told you that no one helps the militia, the world is not without good people, and the Kiev "Voentorg" does not waste time in vain!
    2. Aqela
      Aqela 24 August 2015 12: 49
      Of course, I am by no means an expert in these matters, but for me the fact of the low efficiency of the dill art seems wonderful and surprising.
      Volleys are firing, and the results are disproportionate: "50 artillery attacks were made during the night! Three carts, a bicycle and a cat were injured!" fellow
      Threshed in white light, like a pretty penny ... wassat fellow tongue
      At the same time, I remember, they taught that a volley of the Gradov battery (and there, after all, they used something more abruptly than the Gradov) burns several hectares to the devil's grandmother, and a 152-mm howitzer OFS digs a funnel of such dimensions that it is scary to imagine. and throwing fragments up to 500 meters ... belay
      Who is literate and smart, can explain such clumsy things? request
  8. Barakuda
    Barakuda 22 August 2015 09: 14
    Quote: smith7
    I wonder what is the purpose of the publication?

    Money however.
    If 20 comments are correct, for example, the topic has died out. Site zero attendants. We need a troll provocateur, then with a new force of discussion the rod.
  9. dropout
    dropout 22 August 2015 09: 42
    the army is finally created only during the war.
  10. wild
    wild 22 August 2015 09: 54
    In the presence of aircraft, opponents of art will be destroyed instantly, guns are good in wars like Donbass, Chechnya where nothing flies from the opposite side. I think the rest of the world also shoots from the good of the Cold War.
    1. roskot
      roskot 22 August 2015 11: 00
      Artillery in all wars was the god of war. And aviation / So in all areas both poison and antidote are being developed.
    2. Aqela
      Aqela 24 August 2015 12: 57
      I will allow myself to quote a good old saying: "On a cunning zh.o.pu and with a screw ..."
      The APU clearly had aviation for itself. And where is she? Part - sold, part -
      By the way, artillery can be either barreled or rocket-propelled, and air defense systems, if properly managed, pilots can really ruin their appetite.
      I believe that it is the competent interaction of different structures that is important. For example: if a man has very strong hands, but sciatica has broken his lower back, it won't hurt, but if he also has a splinter in both paws or even a bear trap, and even sprinkled his eyes with pepper, then - "take away the ready-made" ...
      By the way, I think that they are trying to put this very problem in full growth in the article ...
  11. Oslyabya
    Oslyabya 22 August 2015 10: 37
    As I understand it, we are talking about installing new "eyes and brains" on old trunks. This alone increases the effectiveness of artillery at times.

    "... This reconnaissance and fire system increases the infliction of damage to the enemy by 2-2,5 times, provides savings of ammunition by 10-15 percent, reduces the command cycle in a division by 3-3,5 times, and reconnaissance control by 4- Five times. "
    In a simple way: instead of an exact hit 1, we get 2 + save every 10 projectile and carry out the fire mission three times faster. And this is either to cover a group of tanks, or to slam a column, or to put the enemy’s attacking orders.
    And having completed the task, abruptly change the position in order to avoid reciprocal gifts!

    This is EVERYTHING - our fighters who have survived, our children and friends ...
  12. Wheel
    Wheel 22 August 2015 10: 41
    Quote: wild
    In the presence of aviation, opponents of art will be destroyed instantly

    Yeah, schaz!
    Air defense somewhere gone?
    Do not forget that modern aviation is difficult to complete and will quickly end.
    Therefore, in the presence of normal air defense, the use of aviation becomes an unprofitable event.
    1. marlin1203
      marlin1203 22 August 2015 13: 00
      By the way, with the calculation hidden, it’s almost impossible to damage the gun if there is no direct hit. And if necessary, direct-fire craftsmen manage to shoot even without a sight. By the way, the effectiveness of these weapons in terms of cost-damage to the enemy is one of the highest. And in the warehouses of guns with ammunition there are so many that last for a long time.
    2. Aqela
      Aqela 24 August 2015 12: 59
      Yes. I also noted something like that good
  13. Vadim237
    Vadim237 22 August 2015 10: 45
    It is bad that we do not develop artillery of special power.
    1. Olegovi4
      Olegovi4 22 August 2015 12: 00
      Quote: Vadim237
      artillery of special power.

      Now these tasks are carried out by missile weapons.
  14. huntsman650
    huntsman650 22 August 2015 12: 45
    A missile can be shot down ... SRZO-theme. Artillery more precisely, the main thing in the war is to curl up.
    1. gjv
      gjv 22 August 2015 13: 52
      Quote: huntsman650
      A missile can be shot down ... SRZO-theme. Artillery more precisely, the main thing in the war is to curl up.

      As the Saudi offensive in Yemen stalls, the Saudi Defense Ministry is analyzing the reasons for the setbacks. Details are reported by the French newsletter "Intelligence online".
      First of all, it turned out that the Saudi army radar serif firing positions are ineffective on rough terrain. In addition, they have too short a range, while the Hussites have a Grad MLRS with a firing range of more than 30 km. The firing rails are mounted on Toyota all-wheel drive vehicles, they can take a position, shoot ammunition and leave it within two minutes.

      155mm towed M198 howitzers of the Saudi army fire at Yemenite Hussites, 13.04.2015/XNUMX/XNUMX (c) AFP

      Despite its accuracy and power, the CAESAR 155-mm / 52 self-propelled howitzers, armed with the National Guard of Saudi Arabia (SANG), were completely blinded. An additional drawback is the fact that border radars acquired by the Saudis as part of the Saudi Border Guard Development (SBGDP, former Miksa contract) have a short detection range. The ground forces of the kingdom are looking for new opportunities for reconnaissance, surveillance and target designation: balloons will be based along the border with Yemen, which together with the UAV will monitor the mountainous areas.
      Since the Saudi armed forces are faced with the task of more accurately targeting Hussite units that are highly mobile, the Saudi army and navy plan to purchase long-range laser-guided missiles [perhaps referring to the American GMLRS + - bmpd]. In addition, the Vulcano family of guided and unguided shells for naval and land artillery manufactured by the Italian company Oto Melara (part of the Finmeccanica association) with a range of up to 120 km can be the solution to all the problems posed.
  15. shinobi
    shinobi 22 August 2015 17: 54
    Our guns are not in demand? Who said? We do not sell modern art systems, yes, there is such a thing. But they are not in demand, complete nonsense.
  16. Ze Kot
    Ze Kot 23 August 2015 01: 12
    "Rearmament provides for a transition to weapons and military equipment based on new physical principles."

    They write this phrase all the time. What are the "new physical principles" then? Explain someone ... winked
    1. Bayonet
      Bayonet 23 August 2015 06: 57
      Quote: The Cat
      What are the "new physical principles" then? Explain someone ...

      Teleportation of a projectile (bypassing a cannon) directly from the box to the target! smile
      1. Ze Kot
        Ze Kot 23 August 2015 11: 41
        Quote: Bayonet
        Quote: The Cat
        What are the "new physical principles" then? Explain someone ...

        Teleportation of a projectile (bypassing a cannon) directly from the box to the target! smile

        So maybe it’s easier to teleport the United States to the whole of the air somewhere?
        1. Bayonet
          Bayonet 23 August 2015 17: 52
          Quote: The Cat
          So maybe it’s easier to teleport the United States to the whole of the air somewhere?

          But what about "Do the Russians want wars?" We are the most peaceful ... smile
      2. T-73
        T-73 23 August 2015 13: 08
        Quote: Bayonet
        straight from the box

        lies and misinformation. Directly from the factory floor with a teleport (what is what is to hide)
  17. Corsair5912
    Corsair5912 23 August 2015 18: 51
    The author is a complete layman in modern artillery.
    The modern Russian electronic fire control system allows to detect enemy firing points with 100% accuracy, within a radius of 30 km, and hit them with an accuracy of 5 m at a distance of 20-25 km with conventional shells and up to 35-45 km with active rockets.
  18. Corsair5912
    Corsair5912 23 August 2015 19: 02
    In Russia they are armed with self-propelled guns MSTA - S, 600 vehicles with 152 mm howitzers.
  19. NordUral
    NordUral 23 August 2015 22: 19
    I am increasingly convinced that if a big war happens, then we all will not be up to guns. Everything will be decided in a matter of hours.
  20. Aqela
    Aqela 24 August 2015 13: 09
    When analyzing the state of cannon artillery, I am especially interested in this question. Why is it always indicated the firing range of specially prepared active-rocket projectiles, but practically no artillery systems indicate the range, accuracy, and effectiveness of firing with conventional OFS? It's the same as specifying the acceleration and speed parameters of a Mercedes from Formula 1, but selling the usual E300 ... Some kind of nonsense. Again, this is the same as mentioning a bullet's flight range of 3500 meters about the Kalashnikov assault rifle, without mentioning that the aiming range is up to 1000 meters, and the effective fire is within 500 ... It turns out that modern artillery should just throw the shell away, and does it hit somewhere - doesn’t it matter?
  21. Ze Kot
    Ze Kot 24 August 2015 20: 13
    Quote: Bayonet
    Quote: The Cat
    So maybe it’s easier to teleport the United States to the whole of the air somewhere?

    But what about "Do the Russians want wars?" We are the most peaceful ... smile

    So we teleport them peacefully laughing

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