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"Big Donbass" - the big heart of the resistant city


In the last week, Donetsk shelling has intensified. According to the Ministry of Defense of the DPR, only on the night of 15 in August, one civilian was killed and nine were injured. Basically, the Defense Ministry stresses, shelling is carried out at night so that the OSCE observer mission cannot record what is happening. In addition, ukrokrateli continue to beat on Gorlovka - many residents of this city are forced to hide in shelters. Despite the ongoing war, the Grand Donbass Music and Poetry Festival took place in Donetsk.

The prehistory of its holding is as follows: Donetsk bards this year sent a message to the famous Grushinsky festival. They wanted to come and speak. But they were told that the Grushinsky Festival was out of politics. The whole tone of the answer said that the arrival of representatives of the Republic is undesirable.

Then, the bards of Donetsk, headed by Vladimir Skobtsov, decided to revive a long tradition - the festival “Big Donbass”, which was held during the Soviet era, but somewhere in the 90-ies, with the “independent” Ukraine, died away. By the way, the club of the author's song created in the DPR has the same name - “Big Donbass”.

Getting creative people supported in government. The festival was held with the support of the Ministries of Information, Communications, and Foreign Affairs. In particular, guests from Russia came to him. Yes, fortunately, not all Russian artists are such as Makarevich, who actually betrayed his people in these difficult times.

On August 14, the festival included a presentation of the poetic collection “Hour of Courage”, published with the support of the Russkiy Mir Foundation. In early July, this collection was solemnly presented in Moscow, but the book reached Donbass only now - due to the difficult situation there were serious difficulties with delivery. As a result, the book arrived with one of the humanitarian convoys.

To support the poets came the Minister of Information of the DPR, Elena Nikitina.

The head of the Russian World Foundation, Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Education, Vyacheslav Nikonov, sent a special greeting to the participants of the Big Donbass Festival, which said: “The very fact of holding the festival is another evidence of steadfastness, unbending spirit and courage of the people of Donbass. The courage of those who stood up to defend the Motherland, and those who, in the most difficult times, continue to honestly do their work, help children and old people, write songs and write poems. The muses of Donbass did not shut up under the guns, in the unconquered republics works of high artistic and humanistic significance are created, embodying the ideals of peace, justice, mercy. ”

Poets from Donetsk, Lugansk, Krasnodon and other cities of Donbass read their poems, whose works were included in the collection: Vladimir Skobtsov, Vladislav Rusanov, Marina Berezhneva, Gennady Gorelik, Maya Klimova, Yury Yurchenko, Vyacheslav Terkulov, Irina Belokolos, Irina Gorban, Elena Zaslav , Alexander Sigida, Mikhail Afonin and others.

One of the honorary guests of the festival, the famous poet and bard Alexander Mirzayan gave a lecture “Word about the song”. He expressed support for the struggle of Donbass, including for the Russian language. “In the war, everyone was waiting for new songs, new poetry, because this is the very case when a poet calls the spirit of heaven into the hearts of people. The fact that in wartime the people manifest themselves poetically, says that work is directed towards creation. That is the great power of poetry, ”said Mirzayan.

Then there was a creative meeting of poets and bards of Donetsk in the Library for Children and Youth. Young Donetsk residents were able to present their works.

On the same day, other members of the “Big Donbass” - the bands “Zveroboy”, “More”, “Donna Rosa”, poets and performers Victor Pelenyagre and Alexander Turcan, together with local creative teams - held a concert in the shelled Gorlovka. If for some of the Russians the situation was unusual, then not only for the leader of the group “More” Roman Rykalov, the creator of the movement “Russian rock in support of Donbass”. He is not the first time sharing the danger with the inhabitants of the front-line cities. The musician wished the residents of Gorlovka that peace come as soon as possible.

One of the organizers of the concert in Gorlovka the very next day, at a gala concert on Lenin Square in Donetsk, expressed his admiration for Russian artists: “I served in the militia, I know what shelling is, but the guys from Russia went, despite the warning, that the situation in Gorlovka is dangerous. ”

The gala concert itself began from 10 in the morning on August 15 and lasted all day. With two breaks - the first was associated with heavy rain, and the second - in the evening - with a power outage. Despite these interferences, the listeners were satisfied.

The concert featured artists working in various genres: poets, bards, and rock artists.

Bikers from Lugansk, Russia, and Belarus came to the festival to a great interest of the public.

Alexander Mirzayan sang three songs, including this one, which is very suitable to the present moment:

You are the Russian word, you are our basis
You lead again and again,
For the free will, for the best share
On a minefield for a righteous battle.

The musician from the group “Lyube” Pavel Usanov, who arrived at the festival, managed to take part in another noble event - in the children's competition of performers of classical music “Native expanses”. Speaking at Lenin Square, Usanov said that the whole group of Lube was invited to the Donbass, but it could not arrive. As her representative, he expressed solidarity with the struggling people.

Victor Pelenyagre sang his crown “And in the open field - the system“ Grad ”.

There were two lyrical moments at the gala concert. First, the participants and guests congratulated the newlyweds passing by.

And one of the bards made an offer to his lady of the heart right on the stage, to the enthusiastic applause of all those present.

The next day, the participants of the “Big Donbass” visited Saur-Grave, but this will be discussed in the next article.

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  1. Shpagolom
    Shpagolom 17 August 2015 13: 50

    Shostakovich played in besieged Leningrad and this confirmed that the city was alive, he was fighting and would not give up, similarly to the Donbass!
    1. elenagromova
      17 August 2015 14: 20
      Yes, it was strong. In the DPR, of course, it is this experience that takes into account
  2. Loner_53
    Loner_53 17 August 2015 17: 04
    Thank you DONBASS. You showed the whole world that the RUSSIAN WORLD IS ALIVE!
  3. Andrey Draganov
    Andrey Draganov 17 August 2015 22: 21
    Thanks to everyone who confronts the plague of the 21st century.
  4. Flexsus
    Flexsus 17 August 2015 23: 23
    Donetsk bards this year sent a message to the famous Grushinsky festival. They wanted to come and speak. But they were told that, they say, the Grushinsky festival is out of politics. The whole tone of the response said that the arrival of representatives of the Republic was undesirable.

    Grushenka has long turned into a bunch of cosmopolitans who are only occupied with narcissism ...