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New phase of the development of flying armored cars

New phase of the development of flying armored cars

"In a first approximation," the US military approved the draft armored vehicles with vertical take-off and set deadlines for the demonstration of functional prototypes. Two companies continue to be involved in designing machines, whose approaches to the task are very different.

According to Aviation Week, the research corporation DARPA considered it to be “more acceptable” to the two designs of flying armored vehicles developed by Lockheed Martin (together with Piasecki Aircraft) and AAI.

Thus, the Transformer (TX) program, which informally carries the name “Flying Humvee”, entered the second phase. And this means that the transition from words to deeds has begun. The construction of demonstration prototypes has begun.

The company "AAI" makes the main bet on the symbiosis of the wings of the aircraft and the rotor of the helicopter. Both of these elements at the "helicopter" can be folded.
The first samples of such machines should be made by 2012 year. After examining the proposed models, DARPA from two companies will choose one for further work, which in the third phase of the program in 2015 will “give out” a truly flying copy of the TX.

The Lockheed Martin's Flying Humvee is two screws in a ring that are located on the wing whose angle of attack changes during flight. And while moving on the ground, the wing will be able to turn around its axis.

As a result, Americans will get something out of the ordinary. It is believed to be this four-seater off-road car. He will be able to resist fire from any kind of rifle weapons and very quickly (literally in a minute) to transform into an aircraft, which will be ready for vertical takeoff and landing. In addition, the driver of such a "hybrid" will not require the skills of a professional pilot. And the car should work as an unmanned aerial vehicle.

In the "DARPA" believe that the cost of such a flying armored car will be about one million dollars. If we compare prices, the cost of a regular “Humvee” is about 400 thousand dollars, and a light helicopter - 4 million dollars.

Note that in the British armed forces, the “flying jeep” served in the 40s of the 20th century, and in the American army, the “flying jeeps” was tested in the 50-60s.

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  1. Joker
    Joker 1 November 2011 08: 58
    , still a flying moped would have done. If there’s nowhere to put money, it would be better if the state debt began to pay. You won’t make these wings and screws on an airplane mobile, a couple of bullets and the whole system broke, again what wings should be in order for an armored car to lift into the air, clear water.
      ESCANDER 1 November 2011 20: 19
      Damn, what are they stupid?
      Well, the USSR flying tank counted back in World War II.
      Well, they said the same - economically UNJUSTED!
      In woodpeckers!
      1. Vadivak
        Vadivak 3 November 2011 21: 55
        Yes, let them play, this crap will cost like F-35, master the loot
    2. Vadivak
      Vadivak 3 November 2011 22: 02

      There is also a screwless model smile
  2. Sergh
    Sergh 1 November 2011 10: 38
    Yes, you can see under the impression left from watching "Fantomas". They are restless, Merikos, Angles, they can't sit without a nail in their ass!
    1. kosmos84
      kosmos84 1 November 2011 20: 28
      not from phantomas but avatar seen enough
  3. Rico1977
    Rico1977 1 November 2011 12: 33
    Yes, they cut money worse than ours - and it’s clear to the hedgehog that at this stage it’s
  4. L. konstantin
    L. konstantin 1 November 2011 12: 52
    happiness for the needle!
  5. datur
    datur 1 November 2011 13: 41
    Yes, the military American wunderwaffle --- stool where you need to learn from the best practices wink
  6. Yves762
    Yves762 1 November 2011 14: 13
    Joker ---> And the aircrafts still fly for the benefit of the troops, though in different qualities and conditions. At the same time, at dawn, they also talked about them, and the lazy laughed at the Bell V-22 Osprey ... fellow
    On the other hand, individual developments, even with an a priori useless project, may come in handy later on. laughing

    PS In Russia, it would be the perfect transport for our roads ... wink
  7. Ion coaelung
    Ion coaelung 1 November 2011 15: 02

    Here you are, Pindos, a flying car, you can file a Kevlar ...

    But on the matter itself, why do helicopters need roads, and all-terrain vehicles have wings?

  8. Glenn witcher
    Glenn witcher 1 November 2011 16: 51
    It seems to me alone that the tiltrotor in such a context is a deliberate failure? Autogyro still all right, but to sculpt a pair of rotors with turning nodes on a jeep ...
  9. Drcoks
    Drcoks 1 November 2011 17: 30
    Not what for? just meaning? how small a helicopter can be assumed but what for a jeep to him? Why ride if you can fly.
  10. APASUS
    APASUS 1 November 2011 20: 46
    I don’t really imagine how it can be, here it is necessary to combine a number of indicators in one machine for different types of equipment! It is necessary to combine an armored, reliable car and the ability to move through the air. Perhaps it would be more logical to invest in new types of helicopters ...
  11. wolverine7778
    wolverine7778 1 November 2011 20: 56
    What the? Who invented this creative, schoolboy ?!
  12. Drcoks
    Drcoks 1 November 2011 20: 59
    In Red Alert 3 played enough =)
  13. Joker
    Joker 1 November 2011 22: 02
    What is a war machine or helicopter for? So that a soldier can be transported to a point and disembark, something will change from the fact that the helicopter will ride from this? Half flies, half rides, sheer. Once a machine gun pulled and he will stop flying.
  14. belarus
    belarus 2 November 2011 22: 05
    Well, the helicopters still need to be delivered to the places of operations + the appropriate infrastructure (refueling, parking maintenance), and these balalaikas themselves will not get to the place with refueling, but the maintenance will be a little harder for the ordinary engineers and mechanics. give out to the mountain something new and prestige. Agree easier to fight when such machines help
  15. Ivan Tarasov
    Ivan Tarasov 3 November 2011 20: 17
    This is all a bluff.
    "Tarantula" is a flying armored car of the Russian Federation, and nothing else should be created.
    Booking the Mi-28 is no worse than the Hammer one, because there are more options.
    Russia needs the Mi-28, as it once needed an IL-2.
    History repeats itself.
    And armored cars should be classic, without exotic.
    For each technique, its own function.
  16. Honory
    Honory 9 November 2014 17: 28
    Really can? In my opinion it’s too difficult to technically raise a heavy armored car. How much can it fly at one gas station?